Thursday, February 16, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Yitro, 16 Shvat 5777 (5.2.17)

The Holy One, King of Kings, our Father in Heaven and on Earth, Father of mercy, feels compassion for all His creatures. The Holy One is with mercy and judgment.

When He created Adam the first man and gave him free will, Adam went the wrong way!

Since then, He is waiting for thousands of years for this moment of salvation and for the Messiah, to anoint publicly the Messiah King! The Creator will never retreat back.

The Holy One alerts and warns all states in the world, all countries, all Presidents and Heads of Governments: If you go against the Holy land, if you want to harm Israel and the Jews in Israel, or take parts of the land of Israel: the Creator, under oath, will hit them immediately, within a few days, with severe blows that did not exist until now from the time of Egypt to now, because free will in the world has been decreased and the Creator wants to install his reign on this earth. And when The Holy One wants to crown His reign, this world should be pure and holy, without any stain or spot not in the land of Israel nor in the Jews, and not in all humans on the world, and not in the animals, fishes and birds; all will repent. All will be clean, clear and pure, death for Jews will disappear and evil inclination will not exist in the world. It begins now with strength, and the whole world will feel it!

King David was a warrior and fought. Abraham was a warrior and fought. Jacob's sons were warriors and fought like soldiers of the IDF. Moses also fought with the Amalekites and the Egyptians. Even King Solomon fought for peace. The greats in Israel fought wars like the soldiers of the IDF!

France, the Holy One is giving it severe blows and will continue.

Europe is getting severe blows all over.

The Creator will never forgive Europe, He will hit them hard, because they interfere with the land of Israel and they need to expel the Jews from Europe to the land of Israel; they will be banished eventually.

Even the Jews will be banished soon from the United States.

Jews living outside the land of Israel they have no sanctity, no temple and no pure land; on the contrary their place is in the land of Israel! Anti-Semitism is increasing and growing in tremendous dimensions till "the big boom" to all Jews worldwide. Every Jew is smart and wise, understands and knows that his place is in the Holy Land, the land of Israel!

Turkey, ISIS is eating it, their economy is falling apart and they want the help of the State of Israel.

Iran lives in illusions; they think they can play with Trump.

Trump is smart, intelligent and witty. He doesn't give up to anyone, not even to Iran.

He knows exactly what he wants and will take care of everything twisted and distorted.

He will succeed in all his lawful efforts with truth and righteousness. Trump is a strong man and he will succeed, he has help from Heaven and he is working quietly.

The President of the US, Trump, is requesting from the Government of Israel to work quietly and without talking. When they talk it causes problems, interferences and things go wrong.

The State of Israel, the Holy land must develop and grow. In Israel there is everything, the best in medicine, economics, agriculture and science. The Jews in Israel are very merciful, unusual different from the people of all the nations. In Israel there are good winters, good rain, good fruits and vegetables, the most powerful army in the world and the Holy One is with us in the land of Israel!

In the Gaza Strip, they continue to dig tunnels. There is no recession in the Gaza Strip, there's a new profession: one who digs illegal tunnels. All Gaza's economy lives on digging tunnels. There is no need for a certificate, no need for a degrees and education; everyone works from age three to 100 - everyone has a job - digger. May their swords pierce their hearts!

Hamas, Mahmoud Abbas, Isis and Jihad are all working together. The IDF should be alert in the north. Hezbollah is warming the northern area through Syria, so the place will flare up against Israel, G-d forbid.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are swelling like a peacock. The Holy One will hit them hard.

The IDF is very alert and will not let the arms and ammunition reach Hezbollah and Nasrallah.

Egypt, May G-d help Sissi so that Egypt will not be destroyed in his hands. Sissi attacks and works to prevent a revolution. He gives gifts all the time gifts, so they will not disturb him.

Jordan, the refugees eat it. If a Palestinian State will be created, G-d forbid, it will be the worst of the worst.

Syria, they think and say there is calm - it is a lie. No peace and quiet; all is like usual. They are killing, murdering and destroying each other.

Iraq continues to deteriorate and be erased.

China and Japan want to be connected with the United States.

Russia wants to sell weapons and ammunition; it is its lucrative business. Putin loves the land of Israel; he will not bother or disturb it although he is selling weapons to the goyim!

All the left are doing a big mistake about the Palestinians and Hamas; it must be proven to them they are wrong! They don't know with whom they're dealing. They must not live in illusions that the Arabs want peace and love them; Arabs hate them too.

Assimilation is forbidden; it divides the Jewish people and angers very much the Holy One.

We Jews are the chosen people. The angels of Hashem.

All the thieves and crooks, those who live on the backs of others, the lecherous men and those who take bribery will be caught! Everyone should repent, if so, Heaven will have mercy on them.

Hard rains will fall on the world, floods, earthquakes, fire, natural disasters, accidents with trains and airplanes, cars, buses and ships.

Tall buildings will disappear from the face of the earth. They will be swallowed by the earth.

There are natural disasters and there are calamities that the Holy One is making to confuse people, and so they're feuding and fighting amongst themselves.

The holy land of Israel is protected and secure; nothing will happen; it's all good.

We need to open our eyes and be alert all the time and we must not say 'it won't happen to me.'

All the stories about stars that fall from the sky are just stories; Israel is protected and secured.

The Messiah, son of David, is working, acting and protecting the land of Israel.

Over sixty percent of all is known.

In Israel and in the entire world people are aware that there is salvation and the Messiah. In the Sea of Reeds they finally found parts of the chariots of Pharaoh, and it strengthens the people of Israel and the salvation.

The Messiah cares and protects all the people of Israel, doing wonders and miracles that the Holy One in Heaven transfers, through him, the Messiah, a man of Hashem.

The Mothers are waiting; the Messiah from above is connected to the Messiah from below. The Messiah came into awareness of the public and must be revealed in public step by step. Every day is another step, until he will be revealed in public at 100%.
It is not much longer, in a short time!
Courtesy of the site: "Tairneri"


  1. What??? "In the Sea of Reeds they finally found parts of the chariots of Pharaoh" I would love to see a link to this news if you can find one! That is majorly exciting!!!

    1. This is actually not new information. I posted pictures on APRIL 30, 2012 in my post "Mythinformation (continued)."

  2. "All the stories about stars that fall from the sky are just stories; Israel is protected and secured."
    Now i am confused...We understand that Eretz Yisroel will be protected from the Nibiru system's devastation but not the rest of the world. Can anybody clarify this please?
    Much Thanks, Ms. AP

    1. I have mentioned that I requested information from the Rav about Nibiru. He answered with: he is aware of it, but he has very little information about it, and unlike Binyamin, he doesn't connect it to the Star of Jacob in the Torah.

      Technically there are no stars that are going to fall; there is great devastation that is happening due to another star system, Nibiru, in our solar system. The Rav is aware of the Tenach talking about fire and brimstone, but he is not aware that the prophecy will be fulfilled by the debris accompanying Nibiru.

      Don't look to the Rav for technical and scientific accuracy, it is not his forte.

  3. Glazerson, Purim 5776/5777

  4. Orville Dam Mess

  5. Moose acting strangely,Why?

    1. Thank you again for these interesting videos of the craziness in the world. This is a good example of how amateurish the sources are for these videos. We have heard so much about the tremendous magnetic effect that Nibiru and its planets are having on the Earth, yet they are ignoring that fact and scratching their heads about why these phenomena are occurring.

      Hashem is definitely sending us signs, but making sure that no one understands the signs except for those who follow Hashem completely. In other words, it is obviously not obvious to the amateurs reporting it, but very meaningful to Hashem's faithful followers.