Thursday, February 2, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parshat Bo, 2 Shvat 5777 (29.1.17)

The Holy Blessed One is delighted to bring good rain to the Holy Land, so it will have plenty of water, to fill out the Lake of Tiberius and remove all diseases from Israel.

The land of Israel is the only place in the world that does not lack anything; there is plenty of food and of water, fruits and vegetables are in abundance. The best patents creators in the world are Jews in the land of Israel, and the world will need and will want the help of the Jews from the land of Israel, only from the Jews living in Israel, and this will happen in this generation. The Creator of the world is happy with his Jewish children in the land of Israel; He protects and keeps them safe; there is a cloud of fire around Israel's borders. The Jews should be attentive and protect themselves "and you will be highly protected."

Most accidents are caused by carelessness and disregard during driving. There is a need to teach the Jews to be considerate of others, especially on the roads. This will raise the Jews to a higher level of spirituality. What is prohibited to renounce? The commandments of the Holy Blessed One to protect the Holy Land.

"Innocence is a virtue to have with the Holy One your L-rd," which means honesty and truth. Then the Creator will help you. If you don't act honestly, but go around without the Creator in mind, He will not help you. Acting with honesty is the only way to be.

The President of the US Trump is honest and truthful and will improve order in the world. He has help from Heaven, and he will affect the whole world and bring them to peace with Israel. All that he promised, he will do. There are some things he ignores and rejects, because he knows that all hidden things are blessed. When Trump will be stronger and aware of all matters, he will work harder and will keep all the promises. Why will all his promises be kept? Because they were done honestly, and their goal is for peace and love; and good things receive help from Heaven.

Russia is selling arms and ammunition to support itself and its citizens, this is one way it is keeping the economy going; there are other things, but this is what matters.

Syria continues to be erased and it will continue. Anyone who gets involved with Syria will be erased.

Israel must not play the gentile soul; take care of the needy and the sick in Israel and don’t be the gentile soul for other places. Israel is less than 1% in the world, and the Holy One loves the Jews in Eretz Israel and hears them. The Gentiles he might hear only if they respect the Jews in Israel.

All countries that want bad events to happen to us "may their swords pierce their hearts and their bows be broken."

France, England, Germany and all of Europe, millions of refugees, Muslims, Arabs and ISIS will continue to invade. Millions are running to Europe, want to conquer it and no one can stop them because this is the Hand of the Holy One. Europe is mostly flooded by refugees, who want to seize it and bring them all to Europe.

Dear Jews living abroad: immigrate urgently to Israel and do not invest abroad. Dear Jews: all overseas investments will go down the drain. Jews abroad are exposed and are not protected; do not say 'it won't happen to me,' it is written on your forehead that you are Jews. The goyim are destroying the businesses, houses and property of the Jews and are hurting them. Anti-Semitism is rising, rising and rising every day. They want to hurt Jews abroad and make them run away! And the whole world wants to nourish itself from the Jews in Israel.

Egypt, Sissi is thinking he is strong and opens the checkpoints. Nothing will help him; they will not have peace with him. Radical Islam, Isis and Hamas want to topple him and Egypt. There is famine there and this provokes unrest.

Turkey, ISIS wants to destroy all Turkey.

Jordan, its King is waiting for 2 countries. The Palestinians don't want two states; they want all the land of Israel. Nothing will help them.

Iran is on the lookout because of Trump. Complications are starting to develop between the two large parties, they will have complications and it will be a mess.

Lebanon is afraid of Nasrallah and Hezbollah.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are missing a lot of weapons, ammunition and soldiers. Fifty percent of them fell apart and continue to deteriorate.

Iraq is cursed with the curse of the 'Tower of Babel.'

On the northern border they continue to dig tunnels. Hamas in Gaza is digging tunnels. There are many tunnels in direction of the major cities, and everybody's waiting for what the US President will say and do, and act accordingly. For the Arabs the Obama feast is over.

Hamas is keeping busy with tunnels and Abu Mazen is working on how to hurt Jews.

In East Jerusalem, Ramallah and Hebron, there are plenty of conspiracies. Under the houses they have ammunition, they are training and taking orders from Abu Mazen on how to operate.

Jews, invest only in Israel, in real estate. Settle the Negev, the Galilee, the Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria and Benjamin, and fill them in with Jews.

It is forbidden for Jews to assimilate; his or her soul leaves during assimilation. If Heaven forbid, a Jewish man lives with a non-Jewish woman, or a Jewish woman lives with a non-Jewish man and does not want to leave him or her, they must be converted.

There will be severe earthquakes around the world, chaos, complications and conflicts continue. In Israel there will be nothing. Right and left must be united! Arabs hate both the left and the right.

All thieves, scammers and those doing conspiracy, taking bribes from the smallest to the biggest, everyone will be caught. If they repent, the Creator will pardon them from Heaven.

All the rich, that the Creator gave them very good gifts, and don't give the Maaser and charity, to any Yeshivah or Kollel, to students of the Torah, to ritual baths, synagogues, needy and hospitals, the Creator will take from them the money and the blessings. They will be out of business and into bankruptcy. Who has wealth and takes it for himself and does not give to the people of Israel, the wealth will be against him and he will crash. He must take what he deserve and will give away much more than Maaser as Zebulon and Issachar.

Messiah is acting and operating, with great powers he is protecting Israel. The Mothers are ready, the Yechidah is linked to the Lower Messiah, and all are ready for the revelation in public! Everything that happens in Israel is not obvious, for Messiah has a higher power to protect the land of Israel! The Creator will speak very soon through the King Messiah in public through his throat. Instead of the Holy One talking and allowing the whole world to hear Him, which can bring destruction, the Creator of the universe will speak to the world through the Messiah!

The whole world will be subject to the land of Israel and Messiah. From the land of Israel and Messiah, all the world will live!

Courtesy of the site: "Tairneri"


  1. Why the Chemtrails?
    The pilot passed away,also the copilot....rare form of cancer
    see his other vids

    1. Chemtrails are part of the global elite agenda to kill many people for the New World Order. They have been very effective in bringing suffering and death to many.

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