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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Terumah, 30 Shevat 5777 (26.2.17)

The King of Kings, the Holy One, is judging all the world now. The Creator is the only one who judges and guides the entire world, who decides who will live and who will die, who will be poor and who will be rich, who will develop and who will be destroyed. He punishes whoever should be punished and enhances who should be enhanced. Usually the Holy One judges the world at Rosh Hashanah, as we read in the Musaf service of Rosh Hashanah: "and it will be decided for the countries, which for starvation and which for abondance, which for peace and which for war."But now, the Creator is judging the world at any moment. Tough and stronger floods, erupting volcanoes, fires and heat, winds, storms and earthquakes will continue. Buildings will disappear under the ground - the Earth will open and swallow parts of the world. Airplanes will get confused and crash and ships will be confused and drown, the time of games is finished! The Creator judges righteously, wanting a world that starts from the land of Israel, of free love, grace and mercy, Torah study, prayers, and of the most important of all: the observance of the Commandments.

Jews who will not come to Israel, the Holy One will not wait for them! Messiah will go out in public in the land of Israel and the Jews who remain abroad will suffer from heartache. They will be despised, debased and worthless worldwide. Anti-Semitism and hate will surface everywhere, they will be hurt badly. From eyes, ears and mouth, evil and hatred of Gentiles against Jews living abroad will be shown, because all the goyim in the world know that it's the end, the end to evil. They know that only the Jews are the chosen people, they know that the Holy One wants the Jews to control the world and the Creator will decide when to stop death in the world. The Jews will live forever when the Messiah will be known publicly.

The Creator is looking from Heaven how Jews are fighting against all goyim for foreign soil, impure, vapid and empty. The Creator says to Jews abroad: 'please wake up! Come to live in the land of Israel and fight for the holy land where I am, what are you doing fighting for foreign soil that doesn't belong to you? The land that belongs to the other side. What are you doing there anyway? Get away!' At the time of the destruction of the second temple, the Creator removed most of the Jews from the land of Israel and scattered them in most countries of the world. Because they are Jews, the chosen people, they maintained their religion and their Judaism strongly. If this had happened to another people, they would have been dismantled a long time ago and extinct. Nobody likes the Jews because they are different and it is painful for the goyim to see them succeed. The Holy Land of Israel is a world leader in every good thing.

The Palestinians and Hamas don't want peace. It is signed in their hearts to harm the Jews and expel them from the land of Israel, pure hatred. Palestinians can live in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, in Egypt there are 90 million people, so another million or two Palestinians, won't disturb them at all, but they want to harm Israel.

The Holy One says to the Palestinians and Hamas, to all States, Prime Ministers and Presidents in the world: "If you touch the Holy Land of Israel and my children who are living in the Holy Land Israel, I will hurt you in a most severe way. Jews, remember these words, and see how it will happen!

ISIS will not be erased; the Holy One doesn't want it erased. In every country in the world there is ISIS and in every country they are making troubles and complications so they will leave Eretz Israel in peace. ISIS and the Muslims hate Christians more than they hate Jews.

In Syria, there will be no truce. The media talks about a ceasefire; in reality they are fighting as usual. The Holy One will not let a ceasefire happen in Syria, so that Hezbollah will renew their attacks to fight with each other and so that they will not be able to bring arms and ammunition from Iran into Syria.

Iraq, there will never be a truce, ISIS is there also.

Turkey, nothing will help Erdogan, a revolution will be; a revolution will be in Turkey! Erdogan killed lots of persons and his people will not forgive him and give up, they are planning a surprise for him.

Jordan waits. The Jordan King gives to others to do the work of Jordan.

Egypt, authorizes from time to time to destroy tunnels in order to have calm; there is no belief in them. Nothing will help; starvation will blow up Egypt.

Who, talks improperly, speaks badly or threatens the Holy Land, the Creator will hurt them deeply. The Holy One will take care of any country that wants to harm the Holy Land and will hurt it badly.

Hezbollah has tunnels. It's hard for them to dig in rocks, but they are digging.

In the Gaza strip, there are plenty of tunnels because theis is sandy soil. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, are tunneling; they make this the most wanted activity. All are digging, old, young, wives and their children; there is work for everyone. Instead of building residential buildings looking for peace, they dig tunnels to hurt the Holy land.

The Holy One embraces and protects Israel's borders, and asks IDF to not be complacent and to do its best to protect Israel.

The Government of Israel should develop real estate and build houses, roads and shops in a large amount. Without caring about and being frighten by any state. The land of Israel is the land of honesty and truth. The Jewish right parties and the real Jewish left parties should be united and be partners in building the holy land. There is no one state which loves the Jews, so we must protect the Holy Land. The Mission of the Jews is to be in the Land of Israel, where they are protected and safeguarded. Abroad, there is no Almighty protection – zero! Only for the security and Mossad staff sent to work abroad.

President Trump does his job quietly to fix all wrongs. He doesn't like to publicize his effort; and if he hasn't accomplished something yet that he promised, he will.

The USA needs to press hard and discover documents and contract with the Iranians to smash and destroy Iran's factories.

Russia is interested only in the sale of arms and ammunition; it needs food and lots of it. Russia needs the United States and the United States needs Russia.

Iran continues to produce nuclear bombs, and is not stopping at all.

Israel must have no fear of Iran's Atomic Energy, all the world is afraid. If Iran will have bombs ready, there will be a strong threat on the world, not on Israel. Nothing will happen in Israel.

Jews in Israel and abroad need to respect and support IDF soldiers. They must not disrespect them; they are sacred for the Creator; they protect for the Creator the Holy Land! No one must know what is happening in the IDF, these are military secrets of Israel.

Parents, keep your children away from assimilation. Who is living with a goy must convert him or her urgently.

All the thieves and con artists, those living on others, and taking bribes will continue to be caught and made known. All the rich who do not do charity and kindness with the needy and don't give 10 percent, to yeshivot, mikvot and synagogues will be broke. The money doesn't belong to them; they received the money to save the Jews.

Although the Holy One took over jurisdiction, He has in Israel a man of G-d, the Messiah, who receives instructions from Him, and carries them out down here on Earth. The Messiah is doing his job based on orders from the Holy One, with humility in front of Him, without boasting and in simplicity. The Messiah's soul is working twenty-four hours a day.

We are in the final stages and we are in a time just before his being discovered in public. The Holy One wants all Jews to join him and repent. The Creator is developing and preparing the Messiah to be worthy to receive the Crown of the Messiah!

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A special request for a Refuah Shlema for Rochel Faiga bas Sharnetta Eita Shendel

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