Monday, February 20, 2017

A Solution for Jew Hatred

This essay was sent to me by one of our dear readers, Rabbi Yosef Stern. Although the term anti-Semitism is used throughout the essay, I like to point out that the compound word antisemite was popularized in Germany in 1879 as a scientific-sounding term for Judenhass "Jew-hatred," and that has been its common use since then. It is ironic that we play into the hands of the worst Jew-haters by toning down this horror with a more acceptable term anti-Semite. After all we wouldn’t want to offend those who hate us the most.

The essay:

Bila’am prophesized that, “We are a nation that dwells alone and among the nations, we will not be recognized.”[1] [2]

How right he was! What do I mean? Look at the United Nations. They have condemned us[3] more times than any other country![4] When will we experience this the most? In the period leading up to Moshiach.[5] For we see that the UN are ganging up against us. In the words of Dovid HaMelech, “All the nations surround me… they encircle me…”[6] As the Novi tells us, “I will gather the nations to Yerushalayim for war…”[7] However, this is materializing in our times! Only liberals, leftists or irreligious Jews - who have no Torah in their life[8] - can’t see that it’s the ‘hand’ of G-d running the show and not their own efforts.

Rashi[9] says, “It is a law that Eisav[10] hates Yaakov.[11] Some of our brethren just don’t seem to understand that when our Creator makes a law, we can’t fight it, only obey it. For He told us, “Amongst the nations you will not be tranquil…[12] Yet, there are people within our nation who ‘think’ they can eliminate anti-Semitism altogether. Someone once commented on a website with a solution regarding anti-Semitism:

“If we teach our children to respect non-Jews, then Hashem, will, in turn, instill into them to have mercy on us and there will be no more assaults or stabbings etc. ever again.”

The reason we must respect non-Jews and teach our children to do the same has nothing to do with acting civilized. It’s for a higher cause: to sanctify our Creator’s Name. As the Novi informs us, “You are My servant, Yisrael, through whom I am glorified!”[13] This means we have an awesome responsibility on our shoulders!

Yet, for him to say that Hashem will, in turn, instill into them to have mercy on us and there will be no more assaults or stabbings etc. ever again, is complete and utter nonsense! It’s like Theodore Herzl, who claimed that the establishment of a “Jewish” state would cure anti-Semitism.[14] When Dovid HaMelech said, “Do not rely on nobles or on a human being, for he holds no salvation,”[15] he was referring to people like “Theodore Herzl”.

Does the Torah contain a SOLUTION for anti-Semitism? In Parshas Kedoshim, Hashem warns us, “Do not follow the traditions of the nations that I expel from before you, for they did all of these [abominations] and I was disgusted with them… I am Hashem, your G-d, Who has separated you from the peoples.”[16]

Where else do, we find similar words “do not follow the customs of the nations”? In Achrei Mos the verse[17] says, “… do not perform the practices of the land of Canaan to which I bring you and do not follow their customs.”

On the words, “do not follow their customs,” Rashi[18] says, “… Matters that are etched for them in their ways as if they were laws, such as theaters and stadiums i.e., (days set aside for) attendance at theaters or stadiums…”

The Gemara[19] says, “Whenever it is stated in the Torah ‘do not,’ it is nothing other than a negative commandment.” Rashi is telling us, “Do not go to a Movie Theater[20] or a Sport Stadium.”[21] [22]

Our Creator signs off, “You shall be holy for Me,[23] for I Hashem am holy and I have separated you from among the peoples to be Mine.”[24]

What does this verse sound like? Marriage! Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan zt”l[25] says, “The groom gives his bride a circular ring, which has no beginning and no end. This parallels Hashem giving Klal Yisrael the Torah, which is endless.[26] [27] The words the groom says, ‘…הרי את מקודשת לי,’ begin with the letter hei, which has the numerical value of five, alluding to the five books of the Torah – the wedding ring of the marriage between Hashem and Klal Yisrael.’”[28] [29]

The Even Ezra[30] says, “I took you out of Egypt only to be your G-d; if you will not be holy I will not be your G-d. If you wish that I be your G-d, be holy.”

How does one stay holy? Rashi explains that the only way for us to be holy to Hashem is by separating ourselves from arayos.[31] What is arayos? Intimate relationships[32] which are forbidden by prohibitions in the Torah.

We need to ask ourselves, “Are we still wearing the wedding ring[33] that He gave us?[34] “Have we forsaken it,[35] in exchange, to develop a relationship[36] with the nations that surround us?”

G-d ‘knows’ very well if we are living by our ‘marriage contract’: “If you are separated from [the other peoples], see, then, you are Mine. But if not, see then, you belong to Nevuchadnetzer and his colleagues, i.e. your enemies [who exiled you from the Holy Land].”[37]

For instance, Rav Chaim Volozhin used to say, “If Jews make themselves holy, then – as this posuk[38]guarantees – G-d will separate us from the nations to be His. What will happen if we do not sanctify ourselves? Then the nations will separate us from their midst – for persecution and expulsion, G-d forbid!”[39] This explains the Sifsei Chachamim,[40] which states, “The only way it’s possible for us to achieve holiness, is by separating ourselves from the nations,[41] with our actions. For example: wearing tzitzis, donning tefillin and doing other positive mitzvos…”[42] [43] the Ba’al HaTurim[44] says, “There are seventy mitzvos in Parshas Kedoshim, reflecting the seventy nations from whom I have separated you.”

Here’s Albert Einstein’s theory of anti-Semitism:

Separation = Holiness[45] I Assimilation ≠ Holiness I No Separation = Assimilation I Assimilation = anti-Semitism I anti-Semitism = Annihilation of our nation - Hitler = the Holocaust.

G-d spread us across the globe[46] with one mission specifically: To be a light unto the nations[47] and not to learn from their ways.[48]

When one buys an electronic item, it will say “batteries not included.” However, when the Creator presented us with the Torah, “batteries” were included. Those “batteries” were the sword. As the Medrash[49]says, “A sword and the book came down from heaven bound together. He said to them: ‘If you observe what is written in this book, you will be spared from this sword; if you do not; you will be killed by this sword.’”

The more we stick to our way of life and not theirs, the more they will respect us and the fewer problems we will have with them. In the words of Rav Shamshon Raphael Hirsch: “If you are an authentic Jew, you will be respected because of this, not in spite of it.”

With Hashem’s help, by fulfilling and upholding His Torah, we should soon merit to SEE and witness the day when:

“I will bring you out from the nations and gather you out of the lands to which you were scattered, with a strong hand and with an outstretched arm and with out-poured wrath…”[50]

[1] See Bamidbar 23:9. Roy Neuberger says, “Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner referred to the United Nations as the place where the seventy wolves were gathering to plan their strategy on how to eat up the Jewish People, G-d forbid” ( As Dovid HaMelech said, “He turned their hearts to hate His nation, to plot against His servants” (Tehillim 105:25).

[2] See Why Us? Reflections on the Cause of Anti-Semitism by Rabbi Finkel, page 25, who explains this posuk.

[3] I.e. Israel.

[4] Israel is the target of at least 77 UN Resolutions and the Palestinians are the target of 1 (

[5] See Ba’al HaTurim to Bamidbar 23:9 “לבדד” and “לבדד ישכן”.

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[8] As the Gemara says, “Those who are bereft of Torah knowledge become more foolish with age” (Shabbos 152a). Conversely, “Whoever engages in Torah study, the Torah makes him great and exalts him above all things” (Avos 6:1).

[9] Bereishis 33:4 “אמר רבי שמעון”. See also Sifrei, Beha’aloscha 69; Tanchuma, Parshas Shemos #27; Bereishis Rabbah 84:6; and Igros Moshe, Choshen Mishpat 2:77. For an actual example of this, see Shemos Rabbah 1:8.

[10] I.e. the progenitor of the Western Nations.

[11] I.e. the Children of Israel.

[12] Devarim 28:65. See also Artscroll Stone Edition Chumash, page 1083, note 66 and Rashi to Devarim 28:66 “חייך תלאים לך”.

[13] Yeshayahu 49:3. To understand this principle, see Yuma 86a. In addition, Rav Eliyahu Dessler says, “A person should first sanctify Hashem’s Name before other Jews by teaching them the proper way and from there he should proceed to the next level, to sanctify His Name before the nations” (See Michtav Me’Eliyahu volume 3, page 118). Each one of us is an ambassador onto our fellow Jew(s) and the world at large.

[14] See link -

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[21] I.e. Yankee Stadium; Ralph Wilson Stadium - i.e. football (; Brooklyn Nets - i.e. basketball; New York Rangers - I.e. hockey ( and Red Bull Arena - I.e. soccer (

[22] Why not? The Gemara (Sanhedrin 107a) says that a person should never put himself into a situation of nisayon, a test [with his yeitzer hara]. What test is there? Regarding the IMAX Theater, one has to walk through the mall. This means passing or entering certain stores that display things which are completely immodest for one to see, thereby transgressing, “… You shall guard yourself against any evil matter” [(Devarim 23:10) See Artscroll Avodah Zarah 20b, note 24]. The same Gemara applies to attending a sport stadium. Because one is subjecting himself to a place where there is a lack of modesty. Even if one buys box seats - so that there won’t be women sitting in front of him - the stadium screen shows advertisements that are completely immodest for one to see. Besides transgressing, “…You shall guard yourself against any evil matter,” he also transgresses, “Yisrael do not rejoice like the rejoicing of the nations” (Hoshea 9:1). See also B’Mechitzos Rabbeinu by Rabbi Reuven Amar, page 92 “קרקסאות בזמננו” and

*It is also important to realize that when one has the opportunity to sin, but refrains from doing so because G-d forbade it, there is no mitzvah greater than that (Rashi, Kiddushin 39b) and he draws onto himself a light of holiness greater than anyone can imagine (Karyana D’Igarta volume 1, page 22. See also Artscroll Avodah Zarah 20b, note 35).

[23] Our Creator tells us, “You are a holy nation (Shemos 19:6) and ‘a holy people… that is treasured from all the peoples that are on the face of the earth.” (Devarim 7:6)

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[30] Mikra’os Gedolos Vayikra 11:45 “וטעם כי אני ה'”.

[31] See Rashi to Vayikra 19:2 “קדשים תהיו” and Vayikra Rabbah 24:6.

[32] I.e. having a relationship with someone else other than one’s wife.

[33] As Mishlei (7:3) says, “Tie them [i.e. words of Torah] to your finger; write them on the slate of your heart.”

[34] I.e. which allows us to maintain a relationship with Him.

[35] I.e. the Torah (see Mishlei 4:2).

[36] To follow their customs, i.e. values and culture. The Novi tells us, “Do not learn from the ways of the nations.” (Yirmiyahu 10:2).

[37] Rashi to Vayikra 20:26 “ואבדל אתכם מן העמים להיות לי”.

[38] Which is, “and I have separated you from among the peoples to be Mine.”(Vayikra 20:26).

[39] The Netziv says, “When a Jew claims to be “a Jew at heart” but is ashamed to practice Judaism, then the gentiles regard him with contempt and treat him like a useless vessel, to be discarded and thrown away” (see Why Us? Reflections on the Cause of Anti-Semitism by Rabbi Finkel, page 35). In the words of Rav Shamshon Raphael Hirsch zt”l, “If you are an authentic Jew, you will be respected because of this, not in spite of it.” [As for why the nations of the world hate us, see Artscroll Shabbos 89a, note 41]. Remember, “Who is like Your people Yisrael, one nation on earth” (Shmuel II 7:23).

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  1. Excellent essay with the timeless reminder that we were taken out of Egypt to serve Hashem. I am just not sure how we can remain holy to Him when we have to go to the office and interact with men and women in a professional but friendly maner. Outside Eretz Yisroel there is not much of a choice. How do we interact with bosses and colleagues without being sociable? There is an expectation that you will chat about last night's ball game, action movie or tv show. Or...the latest Trump debacle by the water cooler. I understand about guarding my eyes, wearing modest clothing and only eating kosher food. However, where do you draw the line? Ms. AP

    1. You are absolutely correct. It is not always easy on a daily basis to socialize.

      With my last employment I had some very nice Xtians that only wanted to debate with me. They were always respectful, but all I could see was Esav trying to kiss Yaakov. In the same way Yaakov ran, it became a big reason we moved to Israel.

      Even after I moved they still kept in touch though Email constantly asking me: have you met the Messiah yet? When I became aware of who the Messiah is, I wrote to them and told them that the two thousand year old debate is over, it is not JC. I never heard from them again.

      They were so friendly that I even had a woman two offices over who used to come to me for advice and inspiration. I mentioned to her: you are Catholic, why don't you go see your Priest? She answered that she preferred to talk to me, better answers. That was the female Esav scaring me off.

      The only solution is: move to Israel.