Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parshat Mishpatim, 23 Shvat 5777 19/2/2017

The Creator of the world, the Holy One, our Father in Heaven and Earth, Father of mercy, loves all his creations, without forgetting anyone in the world, He checks heart and kidney of everyone and does not let the righteous Jews fail.

Eventually, the innocence of the Jewish person will win. People think crookedness wins. Crookedness requires a crooked way to reach the goal; but, when a Jew is working innocently with honesty and truth, the Creator will open for him the way with the power of faith. The Creator gives the possibility to the Jews to walk on the right path; and, he who stumbles, He will be tormented. If a Jew keeps the Commandments, the Creator will give force, strength, health and livelihood, protection and preservation and a life happy and full of joy. The Holy One does not like when Jewish people are complaining and are bitter, asking: why I do not have money and why it happened to me? The Holy One ignores him. The Holy One wants that all Jews will be strong and accept with joy and love the suffering and life, even if it is difficult. The Holy One is helping Jews that are happy with what they have without complaining, with their mouth, their heart and their mind. He opens for them abundance from Heaven to answer all their requests.

If a Jew doesn't follow the Commandments and does not repent, he loses his strength and spirit, his future will not be the best possible, and he will suffer problems and complications.

The Prime Minister of Israel represents the land of Israel and went on a mission for the State of Israel; it was not a private matter. He went to see Trump on behalf of the State of Israel. A very wise man, Trump, a man of honesty and truth. Israel's Government should listen and analyze all of Trump's words. Every word he says is full of wisdom because he is guided from above. What Trump promised, he will do. If he changes things that he promised, it is only temporary because he likes working alone and in secret; he doesn’t like when people are talking and published by the media. So please people, Jewish members of the Knesset, give to the Holy One to direct the best way without speaking. Trump is acting based on this sentence; we do and then speak. He does not like publicity and pride, he likes to solve problems.

All countries of the world will be subject to the State of Israel in the Holy Land, step-by-step. There is anti-Semitism in Europe and in the United States, everywhere in the world where the Jews are living; so that they will immigrate urgently to Israel. From 5708 (1948) the Creator declared to the Jews: the Diaspora is done, the salvation begun - go to the Holy Land! The delays and their waiting are making havoc in the world, outside of Israel.

Anti-Semitism is growing increasingly; Isis is everywhere and can't be destroyed. Jews from around the world, it is better to escape than to wait for the blow. Jews in Eretz Israel, the Holy land, do not invest abroad. Jews abroad, invest in the land of Israel.

Iran is Terrified of Trump. The previous Government had made inaccurate agreements, and Iran is worried that Trump will find out the forgery.

Although Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, two former Presidents, and a woman that all were sure that she will be the next president worked hard to convince all the people of the United States, they failed to convince anyone and Trump was elected against all odds. Obama and Hillary wanted to leave all the wrong things hidden in the White House and Trump came to fix them.

Jews in the land of Israel, do not agree to annex the Palestinians to the State of Israel, and also it is forbidden to agree to the idea of two States, because the Arabs will multiply in great numbers and hundreds of thousands of refugees from Arab countries will arrive. Jews will be a minority, and then will be wiped out of the Land of Israel, G-d forbid.

ISIS destroys the Muslims, who aren't going doing things their way; anyone who disturbs their effort will be beheaded. It is impossible to erase ISIS, it is steadily expanding.

Hamas, Mahmoud Abbas, his deputy and the Palestinians are acting as one hand.

Cursed rains fell in Gaza and severely damaged the tunnels; Hamas is renovating them. This is an opportunity for the IDF to clearly see the position of the tunnels. Hamas is not innocent.

Some of the Arabs in Israel, with blue identity cards are the hardest enemies of Israel, harder than those outside Israel's borders.

In East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Hebron, there are plenty of factories building weapons and ammunition; they're not resting at all.

Egypt, although Sisi fights to eliminate ISIS and extreme Muslims that are disturbing, he cannot eliminate them definitely. Sisi, do not play both ways; be frank with Israel and connect honestly and truly; they will help you, decide your direction! Egypt is already suffering from famine with many disturbances; Egypt is in danger.

Jordan, the refugees are not working and are bored so they eat each other, there's severe hunger. They are a nervous wreck, ready to blow up and are blowing up.

Turkey, ISIS is giving troubles to Erdogan and is destroying all of Turkey. Erdogan is seeking help from Israel in commerce and industry. The secret is that he wants Israeli help.

Iraq, destruction upon destruction.

Syria, killing is going on every second, there is no ceasefire and there will not be. There's something resembling a cease-fire.

Russia, Putin does what he wants, and does not care about anyone in the world. He loves the Jews.

Russia and the United States, there are misunderstandings and complications between them for many years. Trump wants to do well.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah, talk, talk. IDF, open your eyes don't let them get arms and ammunition from Iran. Syria cannot help them.

Jews, they do not like you in any country in the world. When you will come to live in Eretz Israel, the whole world will like the Holy Land and the Jews, because it is the Mission of all Jews in the world to live in the holy land of Israel - then all the world will be peaceful.

All assimilated: convert your spouse and repent.

In most countries of the world, citizens are fighting one another - a terrible confusion. In the Holy Land of Israel there are blessed rains, fresh air and complete recovery.

The refugees and the infiltrators are fleeing to Europe and to the United States to destroy, corrupt and expel the Jews. Natural disasters will continue such as many fires, many volcanoes, earthquakes, eruptions, floods and tornados.

Any person who gives or takes bribes, all thieves, scammers and people living on others, everyone from known to unknown, will be discovered religious or not.

The Holy One wants that all the people of Israel will thank Him for anything He is giving them.

A cloud of fire surrounds Israel's borders and the Holy One in Heaven surrounds Israel's borders with a large blue dome that covers all boundaries of Israel.

The Messiah is going from place to place and prays to cancel decrees with the people of Israel, so that no Jews will be hurt in the Holy land. The Creator reveals publicly the Messiah King step by step so that every Jew will have the time to purify himself, to repent and to be part of the first circuit. It takes a lot of restraint and patience. The Holy One has endless patience. Jews pray to receive the Messiah. All is set, only Bat-Kol (a Devine voice) is missing that needs to come out and declare our righteous Messiah!

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  1. When he says ''convert your spouse and repent'' - I am a bit confused. How can a nonJew convert just for the sake of marriage?

    1. You are absolutely correct, if that is the only reason. Since the Rav is not saying a reason, hopefully it includes a love of Hashem, a love of Judaism, a love of Torah, a love of Israel, etc.

      Consider that the audience that is listening to him should include all of the above, otherwise why are they paying attention to this Rav?

  2. The Chofeitz Chayim states something astounding:
    “All the many troubles that have fallen upon us, from which we have still not been saved, are because we don’t scream and increase our prayers in response to them. If we had prayed (properly), we would not have returned empty-handed. And it is not enough that (one) prays the Shemoneh Esrei prayer three times each day; several times daily he must pour out his requests in solitude, in his house, from the depths of his heart.

    The three regular prayers are so routine that one does not really concentrate during them – which is not the case if each person would contemplate in solitude his own plight... then he would pour out his heart like water to Hashem. Such a prayer would emerge with very deep intent with a broken heart and with great humility. Such a prayer will certainly not go unanswered...!” (Kuntrus Likutei Amarim, chapter 10).

    Just as Hashem listened to the groaning voices of Bnei Yisroel in Egypt, so will Hashem listen to our cries today. In the merit of that prayer and crying, Hashem will speedily bring the Redemption, as is written (Zohar volume 2, page 12b), “Rav Yitzchak said that the salvation of Israel depends only on crying... as it is written (Yirmiyahu 31:8.) ‘... with crying they will come, and with lamentations I will lead them.’”

    1. Absolutely correct. I have talked about the fact that prayer works. The problem is we do not do it correctly, but give it lip-service. If we would all cry out to Hashem, Moshiach would be introduced immediately.

      One word that you said that I would like to qualify. The word scream has a connotation of loud. The same Chofetz Chaim writes in his Mishnah Berurah (101), that we should not be heard in all our prayers. Why? One reason is not to disturb those praying around us, but I learn a long time ago, Hashem is not hard-of-hearing and even knows our thoughts before we have them. We therefore say our prayers very silently; just between us and Hashem.

  3. Amazing report on Nibiru

  4. NASA just announced the discovery of 7 Earth-like planets around a single star. FOX news app.

    1. Do you have a URL for the announcement? Nibiru is a star that has 7 planets, but they are not Earth-like. Is it talking about something so far away to throw us off again, totally meaningless information?
      Since NASA stands for: Never Announces Something Accurately, is this anything that means something to us to help us, or more time wasting rhetoric to keep us in harm's way?

      You will have to pardon my cynical attitude towards NASA and for that matter most things that are on the web. There is such a tremendous amount of nonsense being posted these days that it is extremely difficult to learn the truth, more importantly, information that is helpful to us.

      I believe Hashem is trying to get us off the web and into the real Absolute Truth, HIS WORD!!!!

    2. Yes, though they said it's 40 light years away. Rav, do you think this could be a clever cover up on their end?

      We understand Nibiru has 7 stars, and is also very close. I find the timing to be interesting how they basically now confirm there's exactly "7" planets out there, but to avoid panic (since many already now know about Nibiru), they claim it to be so far away.

    3. This is definitely a deception from those who want us dead. I couldn't be more blunt about it. Nibiru has 7 planets (not 7 stars), and is very close as proven by all the craziness happening on Earth, and even all the changes that have happened throughout our solar system, to the other planets, our moon, the asteroid belt and our sun.

      They have talked about not causing panic, yet to a Jew it is hiding what Hashem is telling us. The only safe place on Earth is Israel. For those who want to believe that Hashem will protect us no matter where we are on Earth, you may be correct. But, Hashem has also mentioned that you will have great difficulty such as losing everything you own, your home and all your possessions. There is a big difference between something devastating effecting you with great difficulty, or being in a place where you may not even know of the great suffering that is happening in the world.

      We already are seeing this difference since the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, crazy weather and much, much more are happening all over the world, except Israel. I just looked at the weather for my area for the next few days, and it says blue skies with temperatures in the upper 60's (upper teens for those on the Celsius system). Winter in Israel.

      We are always looking for messages from Hashem, but it is hard to believe how many ignore these messages when they come.

      NASA is more than a cover-up, it is the work of Amalek.

      One more note: there still are Rabbis saying that being outside Israel is not a problem. They sound exactly like the Rabbis in Germany in the 1930's who said: don't worry, how bad can it get? Listen to Hashem not people. I don't care if you even listen to me, even if I am trying to save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

  5. Dear Rav Menachem Robinson. Did you get my post last yesterday. I hope I did not make any errors or mistakes in the post., or put a wrong url. Please let me know.

    DOVID B.

    1. Nothing personal but I am getting many comments and private Emails with videos to watch and articles to read that I know contain incorrect information. The video that you sent is not something that I want to pass on to my readers; my apology.

  6. NASA press conference

    1. This is more deception from NASA. Who cares about a star 40 light-years away when we have a star within our own solar system that is causing unbelievable devastation on Earth. They talk about this as though it means something, while I see it as an evil deception to take our minds off of an imminent threat. NASA should be helping people around the world instead of keeping us in the dark about the truth. NASA also stands for Never A Straight Answer. May Hashem help us.

  7. Dear Mordechai Lewis, your comment refers us to a blog post that has so much incorrect information that I can not in good conscience recommend it. Sorry.

  8. I forgive you.

    Based on the words of Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi shlita, Moshiach will for sure reveal himself this year 5777 in the Galil? (see Zohar, Shemos 7b 'רבי שמעון זקף')

    1. You are correct, and I am happy to say that the sources for 5777 being the year are many, including messages from Hashem, my favorite source.

  9. Here from bbc.. regarding the 7 planets.


  10. I agree with Anonymous @ 2:58pm in that I think this is a clever deception/cover up. Those seven planets look exactly like Nibiru's ''moons'', and this fact is pointed out by Steve Olson at this link

  11. Another very interesting video:

  12. nibiru