Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Something For Everyone

Another excellent message from Harry Rothenberg:
The next message from Binyamin has been posted in English.  This message has more information in it than most of his past messages.  He is telling us exactly what is wrong, why we are still waiting for Moshiach and the Geula and even hinting to how much longer.  Take what he is saying very seriously, because he is talking to all of us.  Listen to the entire audio and don't skip around thinking that you have heard it before.  After you are finished listening, listen to it again and ask questions of yourself. Ask exactly where you fit into the picture, both now and the near future when the world will not be the same:


  1. Hello Rav.
    Is it possible to update us with the latest goings on and the development resulting in Geula Shelaima?....things feel kind of slow...
    Thank you. Ms. H

    1. It so happens that I have been working on a blog post for a couple of weeks trying to connect more dots. We have been getting very interesting tidbits of information (from Hashem, of course), but not so easily understandable.

      Hashem works in mysterious ways; understanding the upcoming Geula is definitely one of them. Hopefully I will post my results by the end of the week, B"N.