Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Beshalach, 9 Shvat 5777 (5.2.17)

Almighty Creator of the world, our Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy, Who sees all, every spot on Earth, Who sees all, every star and all worlds, every Angels, every person, every beast, all the animals, birds and fish, trees and all types of weather. There is Someone watching after this world - the Creator. Only a higher power can change types of animals. The Creator is involved in everything and anything a person does; the choice is done by man, for better or worse.

Jews have no business looking for tellers of fortunes, we Jews are our future. There is a possibility of a good or a bad future. We will choose a good future, which means following the 613 Commandments, praying and 'loving thy neighbor as thyself. '

After every plague, Pharaoh, and his magicians and idolaters who spoke with their idols, and to the power of the other side to remove it without any success. It continued until they kneeled and cried to Moses, who stopped the plague in one instant. So they understood and knew there's a higher power above everything, the Holy Blessed One, Who is running the world and not the forces of impurity, pagan idolatry, reading Tarot cards and tellers of fortunes.

Israel's Government must make all government decisions secretly without publishing it! Everything which is hidden is blessed. No need to brag, publish and be proud; we should act with humility and in secret.

Israel's Government needs to decide on every new law, not letting outside factors interfere with the decisions of the Government.

As much as they vilify the Prime Minister of Israel, he didn't give up. He is a smart guy and understands. He is not panicked by all the allegations, calumny and slander. He is fixing everything, but it is a pity that this hurts all the government. The left does everything to try to make him quit, while he wants to move forward. If he quits, this Government will fall; there will new elections and the right will succeed again.

Israel is the best for medicine, economics, agriculture and is the leader for science in the world. The people of Israel, the Jews are the best, compassionate and sons of mercy, an exception from all Nations because of their right path, and therefore people hate them. In Israel there is a good winter with good rains. All is good in Israel!

It is forbidden for the Israeli Jews to leave Israel, it is forbidden! They will return with 1 shekel in their pockets. They will come back the way they left and even worst. It is forbidden for the Jews to lie.

In the Holy Land of Israel, all is holy and consecrated. There is great pain in Heaven and on Earth because of the dismantlement of settlements. If the right and left were together, as one heart, no damage could be caused to the land of Israel.

Army of defense in Israel, should not publish any operation they do. Operate quietly, not in public; this is the way for successful missions. The Arabs now are not the Arabs of the six day war; they were without understanding. The Arabs of today are sophisticated, educated and wise and have courage and confidence.

In the Gaza Strip, the tunnels are prepared and organized, villas and cottages. They are full of missiles and want to surprise in any moment the land of Israel, the center of the country.

Egypt, Sisi is a man who understands the situation; he is not taking risks; he is alert and full of anxiety. He fears ISIS and radical Islam and does not believe anyone. Sisi must not underestimate anyone; he must do his work with confidence and courage, and must not believe anyone. He must keep the peace with Israel; it is better for him.

Turkey, Erdogan, is also afraid of ISIS and his opponents, who are making hard moves and difficult problems and who want to hurt him.

Iraq is without a base, falling apart every day.

Iran is testing the United States to check the power of Trump and his control. After all the tests they do, they will know who Trump is and how to deal with him. They will know whether to deal or withdraw.

Trump likes to work quietly, and mostly he does not like vanity. He began the cleaning; there are many enemies and Muslims throughout the world that Trump is cleaning. He's not afraid of anyone and eventually Europe and the leaders will go his way to save their skins and their countries from the Muslims and the infiltrators who came to eat them.

Russia, The main thing for them is to sell guns and ammo, it's their control.

Jordan full of refugees is alive and dead. It is waiting to establish, Heaven forbid, Palestine.

Lebanon doesn’t know who's against whom, what the future holds.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are missing quantities of weapons, ammunition and soldiers; they are extremely scared

Syria is destroyed, without any hope of recovery, and nothing will help.

Europe becomes entangled strongly and badly with the Muslims; they eat it alive.

Anti-Semitism is growing, growing in Europe and in the USA. Anywhere in the world where there are Muslims, refugees and infiltrators, they chase the Jews.

Jewish men or women who assimilated with Gentiles will find their souls leaving them, and hung between Heaven and Earth.

All the bribers, bribe-takers, thieves and crooks living on the backs of poor Jews, lecherous men, looking for interest and using flattery, all will be revealed.

In Israel all is good! Outside the land of Israel there are natural disasters and rain, floods, bad winds and earthquakes.

All the stories about the stars in the sky – the land of Israel is protected and safe! The land of Israel is ready to accept all the tens of millions of Jews; Israel exists forever! There will be no World War III, not a third intifada, and no star will fall. On the contrary, there is salvation, Messiah and the Third Temple with only Jewish work.

The Messiah acts, works and protects all boundaries of Israel. A cloud fire shields and protects the Israeli borders; every Jew must try to protect himself. If the Messiah were not in this time in this generation, the world would not exist. The Messiah hovers over the whole world and Israel from midnight to sunrise. His soul is not sleeping; it is fully awake and it encompasses all the borders of Israel. The Creator created the Messiah with endless mercy. The Messiah is full of endless mercy, and is in great pain that he is not out in the public.

The Messiah’s role is to fix men, Israel and the entire world. The Messiah comes to break and destroy the power of the impurity in the world, to redeem the Jews and to save them for eternal life!

Courtesy of the site: "Tarneri”


  1. Yes! Now you're saying some sense!

  2. Hayom yom Shlishi bifnei BESHALAH!! Yom Segula Parnassa. Parasha HaMan 2x be ivrit
    1x be aramit

  3. Parsha Manna in any language - sure, lashon kodesh preferred - but most like me have almost no Hebrew...yet. Hashem understands all languages and loves us for showing the effort with a heart filled with gratitude. Ms. AP

  4. The kochav is showing itself ? Nibiru today Sunday Feb 5 17


  5. This about Nibiru

    1. I haven't commented on all the videos that you have been sending about Nibiru, mostly because I am not sure exactly what is being seen in the sky. It is obvious that the amateurs who are posting this don't have a clue either.

      This article with its accompanying video seems to be the most credible information that we have seen. I believe that the Vatican knows that Nibiru is the Star of Jacob (Numbers 24:17) and the announcement of the real Moshiach. They also probably are aware that with the coming of Nibiru it means the end of Xtianity (the prophet Ovadiah). To this evil Pope, Nibiru means a great loss of money and power, which seems to be his biggest concern. We have seen him throw away many of the beliefs of the church -- the beliefs that match the commandments of Hashem.

      I believe the Vatican to be part of the global elite. I have other verified information about it that I have not disclosed (and will not).

      Once again, it is all good news and coming from Hashem. I also believe that we could be very close to "the great and awesome day of Hashem" (the end of the prophet Malachi).

      Thank you Torah seeker and your friend Greater Monsey for all the videos, which have kept us very curious and has given hints about Hashem's plan.