Thursday, February 9, 2017

Prophet Elijah Visits Mystic Rabbi With Message: “Four Gates of Mercy Are Closed, But One is Open”

A very interesting article from Breaking Israel News. Please read:

I don't have any additional information other than what you read in the article, but it does hint to the end being here, and that the long awaited message of Eliyahu Hanavi about the Moshiach is very close, B"H.


  1. Yes, it is a very intersting article and should give us a boost to beef up our prayers. The only issue that I have with Breaking Israel News is why they open the comments area to all. Most comments glorify JC. Will not send or share with my network because people will innocently visit the comments area and see all that avodah zara. Too bad... Ms. AP

    1. I agree. I have talked to the people at BIN about their liberal policy. They said that they would do something about it, but they didn't. It is a shame since they have some very interesting articles from good sources.

      I also know that they read my blog, which means if I copied their article and left off their name, it would be copyright infringement.

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