Sunday, February 5, 2017

Why do Experts Disagree?

We have received Emails recently telling us that there are posts appearing on The Absolute Truth that don’t agree with excellent videos from very respected Rabbis and Torah scholars. Who do we believe if we get different sources saying different information?

Good question, I am glad you asked it. The answer is that Hashem is sending you a message not to believe anyone, but to open up the books and see what Hashem has to say about the subject. When I present an analysis on a subject such as Moshiach, Geula, Nibiru, the end of days, etc, etc, etc, it should all be interesting information, but it should prompt you to want to check it out for yourself. Not by hearing other people’s take on the subject, but by digging into scriptures; in other words, you researching the Absolute Truth from Hashem for yourself.

I have said that when I cover an interesting subject, you read my post and it’s nice, you may have learned something new and interesting. But, when you discover interesting information all by yourself, you internalize it and have it for life to guide you.

I remember in the 1990’s a secular Jew wrote a book called the Bible Code. It was so successful that he wrote a second and a third book on the same subject. Even though there were definite problems with the material being presented, it started a worldwide debate about the validity of Bible Codes. I saw even in Japan where The Bible Codes became the second best seller (yes, Japan), the debate raged on. There were television and radio talk shows about the subject.

What was happening? Who would have ever thought that this subject would become so popular? Hashem, the One Who created the excitement. With the Baal Teshuvah movement happening, Hashem knew exactly when to spark the thoughts of secular Jews around the world (and even the members of the lost tribes who didn’t know their destiny). Hashem sparked debate and arguing about the subject, that still continues today.

I know Jews who became much more observant when they studied the codes and saw this miraculous subject in our Torah. I admit, I was one of them. For years I had studied scriptures, but when I saw for the first time absolute proof that no person could have written the Torah, my life along with my family members’ lives changed forever. Hashem knows exactly what He is doing, and I am here to testify to the ways of Hashem being irrefutable and the only way to live.

We have another good example in the Talmud. When the Rabbis disagree and argue about everything under the sun, they do it to solidify the subject and make it real. It is never someone’s opinion, but always arguments that have been brought down for thousands of years. Like a court case that puts out all the evidence to allow a jury to decide the truth, the Talmud presents all the possibilities to come to the truth.  Jewish law is not codified in the Talmud, but the basis for codification is there and is solid.

I truly believe that Hashem wants so-called experts to disagree, just to encourage you to dig deeper; after all you want to know the truth. Even your comments and questions on a subject, spark dialog to get to deeper meanings. It is all from Hashem and it is all to give us Tikun, which is correction and perfection of our souls; our mission on planet Earth. Thank you Hashem.


  1. Rabbi Menachem,
    Thank you for this.

    We just read during this Shabbat what BEN ISH CHAI had to say on Parashat BO.
    My ears where twinkling when the words SHEMESH TZEDAKA came up.

    Then piece of Mussar on Zohar on Shabbat.
    Why, how to do Havdala.
    How we start the Shabbat of the next week already with the right steps during HAWDALA by keeping the left out.

    Deep explanations of the blessings.
    Coincidence? In ORA ORAITA?
    I never saw one!
    Everything is super logical in the higher level.
    I thank Hashem for this richdom.
    May it be a blessed Shavuah chadasha with a mount of Lichvod Shabbat in Joy.

  2. Nibiru today new