Monday, February 6, 2017

Don't Fool Yourself, Go the Extra Mile

Another excellent message from Harry Rothenberg:
Both videos stress a message that is so important to our lives. It is not just doing Hashem's will that is the key to happiness and success, it is the degree with which we perform. We should go out of our way to help others, not just because Hashem commended us to do so, but because it is the only way we want to be.

We don't study Torah just to get instructions on how to make life wonderful, we also get the message of trying to do more and more to make it as wonderful as can be. Fulfilling Hashem's commandment is the secret to everything tremendous; fulfilling Hashem's commandment with great enthusiasm will give us a life on Earth and for all eternity, beyond our wildest imagination. That is true love of Hashem.
Another very interesting find by Rav Glazerson:
Nibiru 20 Shvat (16 Feb) 5777
I thought I would add one more video sent to us by our dear friend, SC.  I really enjoy this video; it made me get up and dance:
Thank you Benny Friedman, and thank you SC for sharing it with us.


  1. Dear rav, I need to ask you something. Even though I listen three or four shiurim per day, sometimes even more, I also spend a lot of time researching about the world's situation and listening to conservative speakers in America who expose the crimes of the international left and the liberal establishment. I'm talking about great speakers such as Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, the Rebel Media, Kraut and Tea, Mark Dice who talks about the illuminati, and other pro-Trump and anti-SJW activists. Usually they sympathize with Israel and respect the Jewish people, but not always (unfortunately many of their followers belong to the antisemitic alt-right, while many others are normal conservatives). My question is, could be this considered bitul Torah or there's a kosher way to justify it? After all, we fight against the same enemy: radical Islam and their neo-communist allies in the West, including the Erev Rav Jews (Soros groupies and cia). Thanks.

    1. Everything is from Hashem. It is interesting to listen to commentators about many subjects, I do it myself; but, if you see a slight difference between a human message and Hashem's message, you can use that to gauge the accuracy and validity of the commentator. This is another reason to study the word of Hashem, to be able to distinguish fact from fantasy.

      What is happening and what is coming up will all play into the plan of Hashem. The results will be positive for those who follow Hashem, and not so good for those who follow the evil ones.

      In the same way that I gauge individuals by comparing them to the word of Hashem, I also gauge organizations, religions, political groups, countries, leaders, etc, etc, etc. Hashem is the only source of truth and goodness, everyone else is less (and in many cases opposite). We have nothing to fear, since Hashem is completely in charge. Just make sure you are on the winning side.

  2. Huge fire ball Feb 6 2017 seen flying over many States last night see:
    Not a day passing without startling revelations !