Thursday, February 23, 2017

Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet?

I am still getting a daily request for information about what is happening in the world and if I have connected all the dots to determine how close to the worldwide redemption we are. It reminds me of the question we get from our children when we are on a long road trip: Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet? What we always tried to do was tell the children the truth which was: “soon,” or “getting close,” or “stop asking, just keep yourself busy and you will know when we are there.”

I have worked for weeks trying to come up with an answer for you, my children. What I have been finding is that Hashem is answering: “stop asking, just keep yourself busy (with repentance, prayer, Torah study, charity, helping others and doing the commandments) and you will know when we are there.” The more important part of the answer is “we are not there yet, because we are not trying hard enough to get us there.” Everyone wants all his or her problems to just miraculously go away and it looks like the easiest answer is: MOSHIACH. Once he is introduced to the world, all our problems will go away.

First let me tell you what Hashem is doing to send us a very strong message. He is making it impossible to connect the dots and predict the end. How so? What I see happening in the world is mass confusion; nobody agrees with anyone. As an example I recently saw a YouTube video which said:

MINI-ICE AGE/Arctic Vortex Warning/Extreme Weather/Northern Hemisphere.

Then I see absolute proof of Global Warming:

Of course I ask the question: are we going towards a global cooling or a mini-ice age or a global warming? We really can’t have it both ways.

Then there is the predictions of asteroid 2016WF9 hitting the Earth on 16 Feb, or passing by on 24 Feb or passing by on 25 Feb at 33 million miles or 11,000 miles or hitting the Earth next week, or ???? The dot-connecting business is very difficult to impossible when we rely on amateur scientists who don’t have a clue.

More confusion comes from reports of Massive Heat Under Yellowstone/NOT MAGMA!

Or trying to get the truth about the Oroville Dam in California. There are predictions of tremendous rains that will make all the efforts being done useless. There are predictions of a possible earthquake in the area that will devastate the area. The problem is that there are many possibilities, but nothing is for sure.

The coming of Nibiru is another anomaly that has eluded the world. No one agrees about what it is, where it is and when we could expect it.

There are so many other phenomena occurring worldwide that I could spend many hours researching and coming up with almost nothing substantial.

So what is the answer? What is happening and when will it all come to the end? Are we there yet? A very interesting subject that I have been reviewing sheds some light on all of this and gives the only correct answer that I could find. It is all an allusion from Hashem, Who is waiting for us. I have mentioned that it is brought down that if all the Jews would do Teshuvah, Moshiach would instantly be announced. That isn’t happening since most Jews aren’t even paying attention. But, I have also mentioned that the world is getting so scary that all the Jews and all righteous non-Jews will look up very soon and say one word of Teshuvah: HELP!!!!!! That is the worldwide Teshuvah needed since it is everyone turning to Hashem for the answer, for the help. When that happens, it is done and “we are there.”

So, how close are we to worldwide Teshuvah? I have several very good sources that I am reviewing that seem to be pointing to an answer. I am still reviewing these sources and others, and hope to report my findings early next week (it is not completed yet), B"N.

I do have a very curious source to bring to your attention. On the Dani.18 webpage there is an announcement in Hebrew of a huge conference not to be missed. My translation says:

Rabbi Yuval Ovadia Removes all doubts
The star is approaching (it says on the screen, which I would imagine means that he will be presenting): All the latest discoveries and photographs
With the participation of Rabbi Yehudah Yosef Shlit.
Chen Palaces, King Solomon, 29, of Bnei Brak
Saturday night 02/25/17, At 20:20 I NIS 7 entry fee, to cover expenses.
Men and women, will be with complete separation of seating
Rabbi Ovadia who has been talking about Nibiru for a while, so here is hoping that his presentation this Saturday evening has good possible answers. It will most likely be in Hebrew, but I am hoping they make a YouTube video with English subtitles that I can post here. However, if any of my dear readers who live in Israel are available and could attend, and take some good notes, it would be appreciated. Either way, we hope to have something substantial to report early next week.

I have several other sources to talk about and hope to combine all the information for my post early next week, B”N. I do believe that we are very close, which is why I am doing this presentation.


  1. Purple rain in Houston

  2. San Jose California 14000 forced out of houses because
    flooding Yesterday

  3. Thank you Rav Menachem.
    I have been feeling like the child asking exactly this question!!
    Even without having "answers" just having the chizzuk and reminder that yes it's all from Hashem and He is running the whole program and our part is just to do Teshuva! More specifically we just need to live our daily life following the path of Hashem.

    Yes it can be difficult- or better said - it IS difficult. But the rewards are goodness that is beyond our imagination!!

    So I imagine that the people here reading the blog and blogs like this are taking steps to align their lives more and more with what Hashem wants from us.
    Torah mitzvos doing kindness for others and working to correct our character flaws.
    It is a gift from Hashem that we have regular reminders from wonderful hard working honest people like Rav Menachem that our job in the world is to keep on going. Never to give u, to strengthen ourselves and each other when we get weary, and to keep going along the good path.
    We keep walking the right way and we know Hashem is sending moshiach to meet us one day soon.
    The only way we'll get there is if we keep moving forward.
    Thank you all and especially Rav Menachem for encouraging us along!

    Let's keep going and bezras Hashem we'll soon see "we are there!"

    With much gratitude and wishes for continued Hatzlacha

    1. Thank you for your kind and inspiring words.

      The one thing that we can rely on is that Hashem sees what we will be accomplishing and knows exactly the best moment for our trip to end. It is all good news, even the gift of extra time for us to do more and get better. We are all anxious and even impatient, but when the time comes we will be so grateful for the extra time; it is all for us.

  4. Binyamin said the earth's core was heating up, as in OVERHEATING. massive lake of carbon. CARBON! Can you explain that? And it's under Yellowstone and at least half of the US. I show a map. Shabbat Shalom!

    1. This did not come from Binyamin, but from a video that I posted above made by BP Earth Watch (whoever that is):

      I have not done any research into the matter, but like everything else that is being posted on the web, it appears that Hashem is sending more messages. There is no doubt that the world, outside of Israel is in deep trouble. All the craziness is setting up the fulfillment of the prophecy of Zechariah 13:8, telling us that 2/3rd of the world population will be gone soon.

      It is good news since it is the elimination of the evil of the world, leaving only the good people to welcome Moshiach and the worldwide redemption.

  5. Another interesting sign post: Last week's "Google Doodle" pointed to a web site with the caption: "NASA releases statement of discovery of dwarf sun with 7 planets orbiting it". I could not tell if it was a hoax, however Google Doodle does not usually post such things. Usually something historic but true....Could it be "our" Nibiru? Maybe, maybe not. Just get prepared and stay ready. Thanks Rav! Shabbat Shalom. ~ Miryam

    1. It is not Nibiru, it is a star called Trappist-1 and it is forty light-years away. They came out with it at this time as a deception to confuse everyone. They need to tell us where Nibiru and its seven planets are, not a system that is so far away it means nothing to us.

      By the way a light-year is about 5.88 trillion miles. 40 light-years is 235.2 trillion miles away. Who cares about Trappist-1?