Monday, January 2, 2017

Very Interesting Prophecy Happening

This week’s parshah Vayigash and Haftarah contain some very interesting prophecies that are happening now. Let me start with the commentary for the Haftarah as written in the Artscroll Chumash:

Haftaras Vayigash – Ezekiel 37:15 - 28
A Parshah that tells of the reunification of Jacob's sons is followed by a Haftarah that prophecies the eventual unification of the twelve tribes of Israel. The prophet Ezekiel, like Jeremiah, was one of the main prophets of the Destruction, and he actually joined his exiled brethren in Babylonia. The destruction of the Temple took place 140 years after the exile of the twelve tribes, so that the prophecy of this Haftarah was a source of great comfort to the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, for if even their long-lost comrades of the Northern Kingdom were assured that they would again become part of the nation, surely the two southern tribes could be certain that Hashem was not forsaking them.

According to Maharal (Gur Aryeh, Genesis 45:14), the tears that accompanied the embrace of Joseph and Benjamin when Joseph revealed himself in Egypt were tears of joy, because the long-separated brothers foresaw the prophecy of Ezekiel. Joseph was the father of Ephraim, leader of the Ten Tribes, and Benjamin's descendants remained loyal to the Davidic dynasty of Judah; thus their reunion in Egypt was a precursor of that foretold by Ezekiel.

The Haftarah goes on to make clear what sort of unified nation the twelve tribes of the future would be. The prophecy speaks not of a mere political union, free from the wars and rivalry that marred the era of the First Temple. Rather, it speaks of an era under a king from the House of David, who will be a servant of Hashem and who will unify the people in allegiance to the Torah. Idolatry will be gone and the Temple will stand; the standard of life will be obedience to the laws of the Torah and the result will be that the entire world will know that HASHEM is G-d.
I have mentioned several times that the survival rate from the prophecy of Zechariah 13:8 will be about 2.5 billion people. That means all the Jews and over 2 billion righteous non-Jews. I believe that the rate of population increase over the millennia means that the lost tribes could be over two billion, the surviving group.

The great interest that I get from my non-Jewish readers leads me to believe that all the Bnei Noach and others who have abandoned the idolatry of the many false religions of the world are actually the lost tribes. Since I see so much these days about non-Jews who have a deep love for Hashem, for Torah, for the Jewish people and for Israel, I see this all as another sign that we are close to the end and Hashem is sorting out the world population. I am seeing the prophecy of Ezekiel talked about this week happening in the world, B”H.

There is an even deeper prophecy that comes from the Parshah itself that I call one of my favorite prophecies in the Torah. I will discuss that tomorrow, B”N, since it is too detailed to continue here (my blog posts have a way of getting very long).


  1. "That means all the Jews and over 2 billion righteous non-Jews. I believe that the rate of population increase over the millennia means that the lost tribes could be over two billion, the surviving group."

    Excuse me, dear rav, are you saying that all Jews and descendants of the ten lost tribes are necessarily righteous and deserve the world to come??? Because I've always read in our holy scriptures that a person is not going to be saved based on their lineage, but only their actions. Not every Jew is going to be saved, and not every gentile. It only matters if you are righteous or wicked in the eyes of Hashem, not who is your mother, who are your ancestors, what's your skin color or what you have in your bank account. Being righteous is what the Torah says, meaning observing the commandments for the Jews (no Shabbat... you can forget about Olam Haba, Judaism, world to come, Gan Eden, redemption, so goodbye to 80% of Am Israel) and the seven noachide laws for the non-Jews (goodbye to 99% of humanity). In addition, some prophecies say that most of the Jews in the last generation are going to be erev rav, but I don't want to get into that.

    1. I am saying just that, the 2.5 billion are the righteous. How is that possible? It is Hashem's plan that I have been saying all along. If a Jew is secular now, in the near future when the star is overhead, he will become observant. He will receive whatever purification he needs to complete his Tikun. After Moshiach is here, our Yetzer Harah will be removed and all remaining people on Earth will be totally observant and only following the ways of Hashem. All the members of the lost tribes of Israel will also become total servants of Hashem. Hashem has ordained it and it will happen. There will be more details in tomorrow's blog post.

      Be aware that there is nothing in this world that is random. Who were the souls who were the tribes of Israel? Those who accepted the Torah thousands of years ago, the children of Israel, and were destined to return now. They have returned, and there offspring have the same privilege to be part of the returned people to Israel in the end. Hashem has always known, person for person, who will return. Each individual has the ability now to get to a higher spiritual level before the return, but who will return is fixed.

      If a plane crashes and two hundred perish, chas v'shalom, was it accidental who just happened to be on that plane? Absolutely not!!!! Hashem knew exactly who was to leave this world and when, and arranged before they were even born that they would leave this world by being on that plane at that time. That doesn't mean that they all have the same eternity. That is measure for measure the result of each person's behavior in life. Some go on to Heaven, some to the other place, many come back to Earth for another life, etc. But each person is according to the design from Hashem, with the person's personal accomplishments in life determining the spiritual level. No matter what the situation, those who stood at Mount Sinai (and their progeny who observed in Heaven) have a reservation to come back in the end and live in the world of truth and goodness.

      This was an oversimplification, but you should get the idea.

    2. Thank you Rav Menachem.
      Even in this simple manner we get the point!
      Which is (if I do get the point) that those of us standing here in this earth today have the opportunity (perhaps even the responsibility) to turn toward our Heavenly Father and do His Will.
      Either as a Jew or a Non Jew.
      To do His will is to be righteous
      Will we perfect ourselves? Only Hashem can make that happen, but we must do out part, to correct whatever we can and to ask Hashem to help us make our actions everlasting.
      Our intentions (kavana- ratzon) matter so very very much and we much act on those Torah truths to the best of our abilities.

      And keep on davening (praying) that Hashem help us and help all our brothers and bring this galus to an end, and reveal and crown Melech hamoshiach b'meheira b'yamenu b'rachamim rabbim.

      Thank you so much for your tremendous efforts to do the will of Hashem and to help others do the same. May Hashem bless you to witness the grand arrival of moshiach immediately!

    3. Very well said. I agree wholeheartedly. One addition that I would add is the thought that "Hashem will give us the perfection" should not make us lax in any way and think that we don't have to do as much Teshuvah.

      Human beings look for every excuse to not work hard and get the job done, we look for shortcuts. Let us not have any excuse for not doing our ultimate when we have such a short time. The results of that short time will be with us forever.

  2. So exciting! Looking forward to the continuation!

  3. So the star is a bit like the mountain that Hashem held over our head. ;-)

    1. Except that the star is about 11 times the size of the earth and will cause the entire earth to shake and go crazy. Also, the debris, the meteors, asteroids, rocks, etc that will accompany it. The wicked are in for a rough time.

  4. BH
    Goog night for you haRav.
    And how is possible that in front of that so terrifying vision all mankind will not make teshuba?

    Sara from Mexico City

    1. Just about everyone in the world believes in luck, and if one is lucky enough, he won't get hurt.

      Knowing the about doing Teshuvah doesn't help if one does not believe it. Or if one belongs to a religion that says that some guy died a couple of thousand years ago for our sins; we can sin all we want and not have to worry about it. Why repent if there was a human sacrifice for us?

      There are thousand other excuses for no Teshuvah, and being terrified doesn't help the wicked.

  5. What will help the hopelessly uninformed? And the relatives who don't want to hear it and think they know better? Are many of these "Jews," even in our own families, really Erev Rav?

    1. I have three answers to your very good questions.

      What will help the hopelessly uninformed? Number 1 (and I do mean number 1) HASHEM!!!! His plan to hang a star over our head, shake the ground under our feet and cause chaos in the world will ensure that "there are not atheists in foxholes."

      2. When the Yetzer Harah is removed from each of us, there will be only one choice that everyone will crave: Serve Hashem with joy.

      3. Only Hashem knows for sure who is Erev Rav, who is a true Jew, who is a righteous non-Jew, who is a member of a lost tribe, etc, but we are definitely getting hints to that now. When we see Jews who want nothing to do with Judaism change and start to get involved, when we see non-Jews who show such a display of love for Hashem and Torah, when we see people totally confused with the world and its madness and looking up for help, this sentence is getting too long, but we do see indications of progress.

      Trust Hashem that His plan is perfect and completely for our benefit (but not the wicked of the world).