Thursday, January 12, 2017

Just Imagine Such a Situation -- Communication with Benjamin, Kislev

Here we meet again. What is there to say? First, we see, if you are interested, that the world is falling apart in all directions. World shaking from giant earthquakes that are occurring all kinds of countries including the United States. And the weather, cold, something very cold, and it's going to be colder, including countries that usually are not so cold. Volcanoes are exploding, and a fear that Yellowstone at the Old-geyser (the Old Faithful Geyser) might explode, Hashem forbid. It is a giant volcano within the earth, Yellowstone National park, USA. That alone could erase three-quarters of the US.

There are the harshest floods in the world including in the US. On the other hand, not far from the floods there are very dry areas; it is so dry that some of the fires have claimed the lives of quite a few people. Anyway, the Arctic continues to melt, and the oceans are filled, rising and overflowing. The world mess is quite out of the ordinary. This week in Russia's the ambassador to Turkey was killed. When world War I started, it was something similar.

Most people in the world are not relaxed. They are afraid of what will come any minute. Most people are confident that the end of the world is coming, maybe not today but probably not much longer. There are villains who give us all sorts of reasons. Most of it is a lie to make us afraid. They think they are living in a fantasy life and they are just players. They invent all sorts of fantasies to attract the world and confuse the people. Like the stories that there are alien creatures who live outside the Earth. They believe that they found such a life force lives outside the Earth. They think that we have to even fight against it. It is all nonsense; everything is a lie. Hollywood would have us believe it is coming.

They themselves control Hollywood and spend much for such films, the stories they tell us now! But those films are a fantasy, they do not say it's real. But now try to present it as true. They have learned that if the person hears and sees something enough times, even if he knows that somebody wrote it out of his imagination, they still would believe it. It becomes part of our essence. We fantasize the it I real and going to happen. Indeed there are those who believe it, but every person with some sense, even an Xtian who believes in the Ten-Commandments cannot believe it. Jews certainly cannot believe in such nonsense.

We are more confused every day. If we are not close to Hashem, Hashem forbid, then the person enters more and more into depression, and lack of will to live, that is no longer so what. If the person feels so happy now that he can do all the things that were forbidden, and even made laws with the government giving permission, it's allowed! It's your right! You can do whatever you want! But, it also brings the depression. Anything that goes against Torah, against the essence of the person, against nature, will not succeed and cause disaster.

Nature also is changing lately. There are all kinds of strange things in nature. They are very much influenced by the star that is coming to us. Planet Earth is being pulled by the great magnetic force. The star even when it was far away was very strong and magnetic. It also affects our moods, our health and everything. Look at the effects of the disasters of nature as we mentioned are having on us. Not only that, but there are sinkholes that open everywhere, swallowing homes even buildings of several floors. We also have an area like that near the Dead Sea road to Ein Gedi.

But, people do not want to know. They want to continue their ways, and do not want to see the truth. But, it's my job to tell the truth and try to relieve all the souls of the true Jews that were at Mount Sinai. You will be saved, no-matter what; but if you go on your own with Hashem, He will make you have everything easier. There is no doubt that the near future will be the most difficult situation everywhere. Exactly how it will be, I do not know. I know it will be difficult, and it will 'shock' the world over. Finally people will take notice.

In America, the United States, there are many people who are preparing for it. They have made for themselves a possibility to grow their own food. They also prepared food that can hold a few years. They know how high is where they live compared to sea level to avoid the danger of flooding from a tsunami. There are reports that a tsunami could reach six hundred meters, Hashem forbid. They have weapons so that no one would bother them. Not only that, they organized themselves in groups so that they are not alone; that they can fight against everyone, no matter whom. And their women can shoot with rifles, and the kids are already experts in 'How to get clean water, how to purify water and anything they need without electricity.’ They know what to do. Even though they believe that Hashem created the world, they do not understand the truth of Hashem. That's what they do. They are making sure that everyone will be ready with everything they need to live without electricity and without anything, gasoline and the like. Really ready for it.

In most nations, the Jews abroad, they do not want to know what is happening. They want to continue with their lives as they are. And it is also the religious, the ultra-Orthodox and the secular, who would just rather not know. There are those who do know, and some even got up and came to Israel already, but most they simply do not want to know, or they say: "what can I do? What will I do? I have all my married children in America; how can I bring them? I have no money. "And it's true, but if they really are Jewish souls, and really try to finish by drawing close to Hashem and the truth, they have nothing to fear.
The remainder of Benjamin’s message is information that he has said before. I do not have the time to go through it all.

There are about ten pages of questions and answers that I hope to review and post sometime next week, B”N.


  1. DEAR RACHEL, Show your relatives this link that Rav. Menachem Robinson
    provided at as well
    Only Hashem can do this. Also discuss in detail as well as examples to your relatives
    (Athiests or some) regarding ELS codes in the Torah, that all, past present and future is in the TORAH, encoded and on the surface of the text in Hebrew letters,,you have all the wisdom and knowledge contained in Torah itself.
    A Rabbi once said that it is easier so climb Mount Everest with ease than for a person
    to change something, there character and who they are for the better. A person needs some courage to look at them selves and to make these changes. I am sure as you show your relatives, there will be one that will change.

    DOVID B.

    1. I found that talking about ELS doesn't get you anywhere. Because of cognitive dissonance, we humans have a natural barrier against information that we are not ready to accept, even if it is the absolute truth.

      The better thing is to be much more subtle. Talk about the weather, the crazy weather, the great increases in earthquakes, sink holes, etc. Then work into the conversation how none of this is a mystery; we were told this was going to happen thousands of years ago. Of course you need references to show. Nobody believes that this was prophesied, they usually believe that we just looked for wording in scriptures that sounds close, like they do with Nostradamus.

      I am not saying that this is an easy approach, just one that may help shalom bayis more.

      I once had a Jewish fellow at work that I started to talk about Torah codes. After about 5 minutes, he put his fingers in his ears. I asked him: what's the problem? He responded: I think you are telling me truths that I don't know if I am ready for yet. That was the most honest answer I ever receive; most people just try to change the subject.

    2. Yes, RAV, You are absolutely correct. I have experienced conversations with a great many from my youth through the years
      and now, and I articulate the conversations in such a way, from my heart and soul regarding the Torah and it's wonders. that even though it may or may not make a difference in that individual, I planted the SEED., it is a Mitzvah, written in the Book of Life, what a beautiful day. If everyone truly new that they write in there Book of Life everyday, in Heaven.,,,,,,,,!..To All remember, the best Mitzvahs
      are the one's that you do not want to do for others..When you are tested that is when you stop and and help others, I remember a time when I did not have much, a couple needed help in the Jewish community,, I was presented with this opportunity to help this couple, but I did not have money to give., but I did have a credit card...!!! So everyone if you are presented with the opportunity to help someone, Hashem would not do this unless you were able to.,
      and that is HASHEM GIVING YOU A GIFT, the gift of doing a Mitzvah.
      and the look up to Hashem and say, thank you.

      DOVID B.

    3. You are correct, but as every salesperson can tell you: there is an effective way to sell a product, and an ineffective way to get a door slammed in your face.

      Let us have a fighting chance to help a fellow Jew by making it easier for them to accept what we have to offer. If Hashem wanted this to be so easy, it would have been.

      We are judged on everything we do, and our true feelings about how much we want to help others, even when it is extremely difficult, is the way Hashem judges us. Everyone can do "easy." How many have the Kavanah to keep going when it is difficult, especially when it is fulfilling Hashem's will?

  2. Toda Rabah, Rav Menachem..

    Will await the next .. and thanks again.

    WIll wish you and your family, and all readers who come to your blog:

    A Peaceful and relaxing Shabbat Shalom.


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