Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi Shlita, Parashat Shemot, 17 Tevet 5777 (15.1.17)


The Creator of the world, Leader of the world, the whole world belongs to Him, He created it for His glory. If someone doesn’t understand the meaning of the Creator creating us for His glory, I will explain: a person will do what the Creator wants; all the best wanted by this person, he will receive easily and without effort. If we don't do the will of Hashem, He will not do what we want, we will have difficult times and we will have to suffer a lot for all our demands. To succeed in marriage, income, health and every good thing a person wants to have, he must first try 100% to keep the commandments.

The existence of the commandments, is a key part of every Jew (man and woman), this is the redemption of men in this world. This is incredible abundance of wealth. We need to teach our children to observe the commandments, to grow to be clean and pure, without any doubt. No matter within what school they are learning, religious or not, no Jewish mother and father want their children to go the wrong way. Therefore, following the commandments is for everyone; it's an opening to all salvation, miracles and successes.

We Jews pray the Shemoneh Esreh three times a day, and pray grace and mention in each the names of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In the first blessing of the Shmoney Esreh we say their names! Please bring wisdom, intelligence and understanding dear Jews, if we pray and mention Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, three times a day, so why are you not going to the tomb of the Patriarchs? That's what the Holy One is asking you. Come to the tomb of the Patriarchs; meet the Holy fathers and the Holy One from close. Jacob made Joseph promise him that he will bury him in the tomb of the Patriarchs and not in the impure land of the goyim, and Joseph made the sons of Israel promise that they will submerge his coffin and that they will take it back to the land of Israel.

The whole world, except for the land of Israel, is in a big confusion, chaos and Gog and Magog. One kills the other, one destroys the other, one dominates the other, one wants to take the other's job-like this is the end of the world and there is no tomorrow. Seven and a half billion people in the world don't trust each other, except the Jews in the Land of Israel. Creator did this so they will leave in peace, and join the Jews living in the Holy Land, so they will stop bothering the people Israel, and will stop their plans to take parts of the land of Israel. Woe the spirit and the soul of a person, state or country who would want to take parts of Israel; Heaven will not have pity on them; they will see how the Creator will take care of them. If people don't understand there's redemption and that the Messiah is acting and working, let them understand now.

Unfortunately, some small part in Israel is learning from the goyim. The Creator is asking to never disturb Him in the courts of the land of Israel. The Creator controls all the judges in the land of Israel; show to the judges what's true and what's false.

The Jews, who live abroad, go without a yarmulke so to not be recognized. They prefer to go without yarmulkes, with earrings and costumes, than to come to the land of Israel.

The Creator tells them: '' I will continue to bring refugees, Isis and anti-Semitism in Europe, North and South America and all over the world, to expel you from the foreign soil, to bring you to the land of Israel and to build the third Temple. After the first and second temples were destroyed, I dispersed you all over the world and now I am calling you. Like it or not, I will bring you to the land of Israel. Anti-Semitism will reject you. It will not stop, only grow and grow and you will run away without a single Euro in your pocket! Don’t mess with the Holy One, better not, you will not win.

There are 120 members in the Knesset and they are fighting for chairs in Parliament. Instead of dealing with the State problems, the economy and education, they are looking to bring down each other.

The assimilation of Jews must stop immediately! There are some that are really converting and others that are not. Those who are not really converting are against the Holy Land, and because of them there are problems in the land of Israel.

In the land of Israel all is good and nothing is missing. Real estate will continue to be active, lots and buildings, nothing will stop for ever. They settle the Negev, the Galilee and the Golan Heights, the West Bank, Benjamin and Judah. Millions of Jews will arrive to the land of Israel; the goyim will help them and banish them from the lands outside of Israel. The people of Israel are stubborn, the Holy One is more stubborn.

The new President of the USA, Trump has a lot of work to make peace in the world. The President leaving made a lot of problems and troubles to obstruct Trump. Hillary and Obama received the shock of their lives when Trump was elected; they are hurting in a way that will not leave them for many years, and this is the hand of the Holy One. For the new President Trump, it will be difficult in the first six months, then everything will flow. The great miracle that he believes in the Holy One with closed eyes! He is doing all the things that are right and true.

Syria Will continue to be destroyed and destroyed, until infinity.

Iraq Same thing.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah Collapse, every day will collapse more. The IDF must be very vigilant so they will not receive arms from Iran, because these are dangerous weapon.

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas and Isis are killing each other, everybody wants to control. They get a lot of money. There are power failures and problem with rain, because they continue to dig. They have lots of missiles in tunnels in the direction of the center of Israel. Their plan is to surprise G-d forbid.

Egypt, if Sissi will not be serious, radical Islam will hurt him. Sissi needs to worry only about Egypt and not about other countries.

In the Sinai desert many clans and groups are involved with everyone wanting control. Tons of contraband and a lot of money are involved there, a lot of ammunition and rockets. Isis lives and grows in the desert of Sinai.

Jordan, everything there is like a big mess with the refugees. There is support for Abbas and hope that he will establish a Palestinian State.

Mahmoud Abbas is speaking as if he were innocent, compassionate and kind. But he advocates harming Jews and sending murderers to kill Jews.

The Holy One says to the Jews, watch your lives, and from Heaven I will watch you. The Holy One says to the Jews not to believe Arabs and Abu Mazen, they don't want peace; they want you to be their slaves.

France is making a conference to establish a Palestinian state. Their plans are to put there all refugees and infiltrators. The Creator says: "I will destroy France!” They are dealing with the Creator of the world. All Jews run away, don't wait!

Turkey, Isis destroys, destroys and they ruin it.

Putin, Russia's President is not taking anyone in account; he has respect and esteem for Jews in the land of Israel and for the land. Putin knows that in Israel is the power of survival, that we are strong, smart and scientists.

Europe wants a Palestinian State to send Isis, the Muslims, the Palestinians and the infiltrators. They will have problems with the Creator.

Iran plays the role of cute, innocent and kindhearted. They go as if by law, and they are laughing at the world. They are afraid that Trump will disclose that their agreement is fake.

Jews, try not to travel for pleasure abroad. Anywhere in the world, vermin is waiting to harm you.

In the entire world there will be severe winds, heavy rains, floods and mud. Anyone who hurts Israel and the Jews in the Land of Israel, Heaven will hurt.

Creator hates people who plot and take bribery, corruption and prejudice, crooks and thieves, religious, non-religious or fake religious — all will be discovered, so the people of Israel will see and fear and would be worthy of salvation and of the Messiah. This is the purpose of the Holy One.

Jews of Israel, reinforce the real estate and be not afraid to build. Jews are the most important in the world and the world needs Jews in the Holy land of Israel.

Jews must protect Jerusalem! There will be the Temple there to which we will go three times a year; the Holy One selected it thousands of years ago; this is where His house is, the Temple in Jerusalem! He lives in Jerusalem and all over the world. No one can change the Creator's wishes. Every country that wants their embassy in Jerusalem, may blessings be with it.

Jews in all parts of the world, from small to great, know the signs of the King Messiah. The Holy One discloses the signs of him piece by piece and very quickly - so the world and the land of Israel will be familiar with it, and not panic. Suddenly will arrive the day to anoint the King Messiah in public! All know all the signs, in Israel and abroad; and many know who the King Messiah is; some secretly and some openly. King Messiah is a man of G-d; he doesn't belong to anyone, only to G-d Almighty. He came to purify the world and renew it, to give life forever to the Jews and to build the third Temple; he has all the plans.

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  1. In this sentence, "Joseph made the sons of Israel promise that they will submerge his coffin and that they will take it back to the land of Israel.” Perhaps the word 'submerge' should be ‘raise up' or something similar of your choice.

    1. At the time Joseph was looking to have his his coffin hidden, and told them to submerge it in the Nile when he departed. The raising up was probably more than 150 years later by those who left Egypt. The future generation had the message to "take it back to the land of Israel."

  2. BH
    "For the new President Trump, it will be difficult in the first six months, then everything will flow".
    Then from the point of view of the Rab, the Moshiach will not be publicly announced at least not in 6 months?

    Sara (from Mexico City)

    1. Do you think you are getting information from prophets? Please, don't believe anything you read, even from me. Just continue to do what we are supposed to do (Teshuvah, Tefillah, Learning Torah, Mitzvot, helping each other, etc, etc, etc) and Hashem will work His plan that is most beneficial for us.

      We are going to find that when Moshiach is introduced, we will say: I wish I had more time. Let us trust Hashem that He knows what is best for us, not Rav Ben Artzi, not Rav Glazerson and definitely not ME.

      The latest message from Benjamin and Rav Ben Artzi is that this will all be by surprise. Moshiach will come to us suddenly when we least expect him. For us to analyze and try to read into what everyone is saying doesn't work. In fact Hashem is sending us the message to stop trying to figure out the timing and just do what He wants us to do. If we figure out a date, Hashem will change it just to send us the message.

      Pay attention to the messages from Hashem but only to spark us to do more for ourselves to prepare. The person who sits back and waits, is at a great disadvantage. We should all be doing such intense preparations for the rest of our eternity.