Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Real Truth versus the Truth that Most of the World Follows

Recently, I have been getting comments from Christians and Muslims quoting verses from the New Testament and the Quran about the Messiah and the redemption in the end of days. I also have received quotes from the Bible (what non-Jews like to call the Old Testament) supporting their claim. Since I have studied scriptures for about 70 years, including the New Testament and the Quran, I have heard nothing new that I haven’t heard before. The most important part of this is that I am hearing nothing that is true.

The belief of much of the world is that JC (who I call Yushka) or the Imam Mahdi or the 12th Imam is imminent and the messiah. I have stated on my blog that the real Messiah is already here in Israel and will be introduced worldwide soon. The two thousand year old debate (or the 1400 year debate for the Muslims) is over; they are not possible designated messiahs of the world.

How do I know for sure? Hashem has given me so many signs that it is beyond question. First of all, I know who he is and the fact that he meets all the requirements in Jewish scriptures designated by Hashem that the Messiah will meet. He is definitely a descendent of King David and he already has the soul of the Messiah. The second soul that the Messiah gets has already been combined with his soul, meaning that the announcement will be soon (his actual crowning as the King Messiah). There are many other reasons that I know he is the one including many Rabbis who know him, and know he will be announced soon. I have also heard him say years ago that he is the one to be crowned the Messiah. I have also found his name encode in the Jewish Bible hundreds of significant places where it talks about the Messiah or Geula.

Without going into a very long list of reasons, the one you are waiting for (JC or the Mahdi) does not qualify to be the Messiah according to our Creator. There false qualifications are only brought down in books written by people who made it all up.

I recently have had conversations with several non-Jews about their misinformation in scriptures. The Bible is the most difficult text in the world to discuss. If we were to discuss Quantum Physics or Law or Brain surgery, these would be much easier subjects than the Bible. Most people would say to me: “I have never studied those subjects; I could not contribute to the conversation.” Yet, the Bible which is infinitely more complex since it comes from a source of Infinite Intelligence, everyone claims to be an expert and knows it all. I can tell you after 70 years of studying scriptures, I am just scratching the surface and always let people know how much more I need to learn.

Why is our Bible so difficult? For one thing, we have a very definite problem. Unless you are reading the Hebrew Bible in its original language, you are missing most of its meaning and all of its hidden deeper meanings. As an example: The King James Version, which was a translation from Hebrew to Greek, to Latin, to English has about 20,000 differences from the Hebrew Bible that is used today. Most of the differences are due to language incompatibility, but many, many are changes that the Church added to add prophecies that are not there.

The Hebrew Bible has not changed in thousands of years, so we have a very good comparison to see the deception that came from the Church, not from Hashem. How do I know that the Bible hasn't changed? Actually many sources, but the easiest to understand is the Dead Sea Scrolls that were discovered in 1947 and are dated at about 2300 years ago. The portions of the Bible that are in the scrolls are letter for letter what we read today.

The Torah itself has had many studies over thousands of years from all over the world. We know that the 304,805 letters that we have today are exactly what Moses received on Mount Sinai 3329 years ago. There is only one country that letter variations were found. A Torah from Yemen has 9 letters different. It is not because of different words, just different spelling of words, such as we have in English; honor in America, honour in England. Another source is the Torah codes. Many codes would disappear if there was one letter different in our copy. There are many books on codes that verify that fact.

How do I know the Hebrew Bible is 100% correct and the New Testament or the Quran is not? Thousands of years of prophecy that has come true that could only have come from an Omnipotent, Omnipresent Deity. We have a test in the Torah for prophecy (in Parashat Shoftim), if what was said came true, than it came from Hashem. I have yet to see one prophecy in the New Testament or the Quran, that is not copied from the Hebrew scriptures, that has come true. That means that both JC and Muhammad have never said anything that was not already said by Hashem in Jewish scriptures that has come true. They were not even prophets, let alone possible messiahs. I have given this challenge to non-Jews for decades: show me one prophecy that has come true that is only in your book and is not in Jewish scriptures. No one has ever responded with an answer, except telling me that there are things yet to happen, such as Yushka returning. I always like to ask, if that were true, then why is it not in the Jewish Bible – that is an extremely major prophecy and everything is in Jewish scriptures? No answer.

I am told about coded information being in the Torah that points to false Messiahs. The fact is I can show you where your false messiahs are definitely pointed out in codes, saying that they are false messiahs. Here as an example are two videos from Rav Glazerson about JC:

The most important message of these videos is that Yeshua ישוע was a reincarnation of Esauעשו , the evil brother of Jacob, the letters are the same in both names. This was told to us by the Arizal, a mystical Rabbi who told us about many reincarnations throughout history. This also is the prophecy that I have talked about how Esau wanted to kill his brother Jacob and how that has been seen throughout history, the Xtians trying to kill the Jews (the Inquisition, the Crusades, the many massacres, the Pogroms, the Holocaust, etc). 

There are an infinite number of examples about prophecy in the Hebrew text, and a very long list of examples of how the text is distorted to fabricate prophecy that is not there. I thought I would give some examples since that is what many have been sending me who have no idea of the absolute truth.

Xtianity claims the Yushka was of virgin birth. Virgin birth was a pagan concept that the Romans, like all the Xmas customs, did not want to give up when Xtianity was formed. But it creates a very big problem, since it is brought down that two of the requirements for the messiah is that he is born of normal parents and is a descendent of King David. The descendancy of a king comes from the lineage of the father to son. If Hashem is his Father, which is silly since Hashem is the Father of all of us, does that mean the Hashem was descended from King David, chas v’shalom? Yes, you can’t have it both ways that Yushka is in line from King David, but he didn’t have a human father. The NT answers it in two places, that don’t agree with each other, by saying he is descendent from King David thru his mother, in one place and through his step father in another place. Neither one is valid since neither his mother nor his step-father was a king.

But what proof is there that he was of virgin birth? The church answers that question with a made-up prophecy found in the King James Version of the Bible. In the KJV Isaiah 7:14 says: “Therefore the L-rd himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name.” Wow that sounds like a prophecy to me, but what does it say in our Hebrew Bible? 7:14 “Therefore the L-rd himself will give you a sign. Look, the young woman will become pregnant and bear a son, and will name him Immanuel.”

The prophecy disappeared. But, in all fairness what is actually being said. In the previous verses Isaiah is talking to King Ahaz who is about to go into battle. Isaiah is giving the King a prophecy that he will be successful, and that Hashem will give him a sign of that success. What is the sign? Isaiah points to a woman and tells the King that the woman he is pointing to will become pregnant and have a son, and that will be the sign from Hashem that he need not fear the threat of Rezin and Pekah, who King Ahaz will confront.

What is wrong with the KJV wording? First of all, Isaiah is pointing at the woman and not telling him that some woman who will live 700 years from now and will become pregnant. What kind of reassuring sign would it be to tell him if you could wait 700 years there will be a sign, just hold off the battle for… I know I am getting silly, but the facts are the facts. How do I know that he is pointing to the woman? Because, the verse has the definite article “the.” It does not say “a woman,” it says “the woman.” It is brought down that Isaiah was actually pointing to the King’s wife to give the sign. That is much more reassuring than just any woman.

The other change that the KJV had to do was change the translation. The word in Hebrew is ha’almah, the young woman or maiden. It is not bethulah, the Hebrew word for virgin. Is it possible to translate almah as virgin? The word maiden appears 7 other times in the KJV and in each case the Hebrew is almah. So even the KJV agrees that almah is a young woman or a maiden, except here where it needed a virgin. Sorry, the false prophecy is so obvious, that all it takes is over a billion Xtians, who don’t read Hebrew, to perpetuate such fraud.

I have many, many other examples of prophecies in the Xtian Bible that don’t really exist, but I will leave it at that, since this blog post is getting very long and I am not finished. I will say that I have had examples of such prophecies sent to me by Xtians who love to tell me that the proof of Yushka is in my Bible. I have answered each one accordingly.

Another problem is that every word, even every letter, in the Torah has hidden meaning. The possibility of understanding the Torah or even the Hebrew Bible in any other language than Hebrew is impossible. Since I have already covered this subject in previous blog posts, I thought I would save a lot of typing and/or copying by just sending you to a previous post. Go to my post of 3 Jul 2013, entitled: More Flawed Logic, and you will get what I mean by how much one is missing when reading scriptures in English, and how easy it is to make up prophecies that are not there. I thank you for saving me all that typing.

An interesting reversal occurs in the Quran.  There are truths in the Quran that modern day Muslims don't want to accept.  Once again to save me typing, go to my post of 29 November 2015 entitled: 

One last subject is how flawed the NT really is. Simple mistakes such as the number of people who went down to Egypt with Jacob was 70 as seen in Gen 46:26-7, Ex 1:5 and Deut 10:22. Yet in the NT we find in Acts 7:14 it tells of 75. Is that a typo error; was the NT not proofread? Another example is that Abraham is buried in Hebron at the Cave of Machpelah, as told to us in Genesis 49: 29-32; 50:13 (buried along with his wife Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah and Adam and Eve). Yet, once again in the NT Abraham is buried in Shechem (which is where Joseph is buried). The two places are 142 kilometers apart, so it is not like they are even close. How do I know for sure that Abraham is in Hebron? I happen to live about a half hour from there, and I have been to the cave of the four couples many times (it is a very holy place to pray). Is this another sign of a lack of proofreading, or did Hashem make sure that such obvious mistakes would be in this false addition of a bible?

There are actually books written with a myriad of questionable verses in the NT, but it only lets us know for sure that our Bible comes from Hashem, and their bible is from flawed people.

Years ago, I would always respectfully avoid such a subject as this, and let my devout Xtian friends talk. But now when we are at the end of history as we know it and it is time for all the good people of the Earth to be living the Absolute Truth, I cannot sit by and say that me, my family, the Jews and righteous non-Jews have the truth, and who cares about those who are living a lie? I must say that I have had very pleasant and respectful friendships with non-Jews in the past who wanted me to see the so-called truth that they were living. Out of respect and a desire to avoid conflict I let them talk, as they let me talk about my Absolute Truth. My thoughts now are that good people have gone astray, and that it is time for them to be helped. Eternity is a long time, and the thought of past friends losing it all because of poor lifelong indoctrination gives me a desire to help. I know that I am very limited in doing so, but since I am getting so many readers who obviously are misguided, I hope that with Hashem’s help, I can do something. The 2/3rd group that Zechariah 13:8 tells us will be gone, totals about 5 billion people. Are there any within that group who just need some friendly persuasion to seek out the truth? Only Hashem knows, but until I know for sure, I still feel an obligation to help.

Of course this also goes for every Jew on the planet, who should be seeking out the Absolute Truth before it is too late.


  1. Great article and message! There is also another code about JC and Islam in the two verses of Deuteronomy 4:27-28, where YHWH warns of worshiping the gods of mans handiwork of wood and stone.

    By exact skips of 50 letters there is encoded 'yeshu', and then read from bottom to top by exact 50 letter skips is 'Mecca'.

    Amazing that in these two verses specifically mentioning worshiping false gods of wood and stone, therein is encoded the Christians represented by wood for the cross which they worship and bow before. And Islam by the stone in Mecca, of which they have a shrine to and make pilgrimages to, and circle around to touch and kiss the stone.

    I am not able to highlight the letters to show you easily, but if you start at the second letter in, and then count 50 skips you'll have mecca in reverse.. And if you start at the forth letter in you'll have yeshu by 50 skips.

    והפיץ יהוה אתכם בעמים ונשארתם מתי מספר בגוים אשר ינהג יהוה אתכם שמה׃

    ועבדתם־שם אלהים מעשה ידי אדם עץ ואבן אשר לא־יראון ולא ישמעון ולא יאכלון ולא יריחן׃

    Deuteronomy 4:27-28
    27. And YHWH will scatter you among the peoples, and you will remain few in number among the nations to where YHWH will lead you. 28. And there you will worship gods, man's handiwork, wood and stone, which neither see, hear, eat, nor smell.

    Blessings and Shalom.

    1. You are correct and I completely forgot about those codes. There are two places in the Torah with the reference to wood and stone, and both have references to Xtianity and Islam encoded. I actually saw those codes in 1993 and used them when I was dealing with individuals who were interested in Jews for J (Yushka).

      Thank you for the reminder. I had a senior moment forgetting such important codes.

    2. Thank you! I didn't realize the other verses referencing wood and stone also have codes about xtianity and Islam in them as well, awesome! הללויה

      lol :) I have senior moments all the time and I'm not even a senior yet. I could only hope to have the knowledge you've acquired over the years and remember even a fraction of it. I can't even remember what I had for dinner sometimes just hours after having it lol ..

      Blessings and Shalom.

    3. When I studied Psychology I was fascinated by the difference between long and short term memory. Most of us remember trivia which sticks in the long term memory, but find something like yesterday's dinner which only is in short term memory gone. Things that we find fascinating remain.

      I believe that the one wood and stone has Yushka and Mecca encoded and the other has cross and Kaaba.

      I have a request: would you change your username? It is a name of Hashem and is a violation of the commandment to not take His name in vain. Even when we say that word we say Hallelukah.

    4. Yes so true. I can remember things going way back to when I was two or three years old, and then on the flip side what did i eat for breakfast today? lol.

      I use the phrase as written in psalms as HalleluYah. The Y is capitalized to show reverence instead of a small j used as most spell Hallelujah etc. No j sound in Hebrew, so no j. If it would be better I could change it over in Hebrew to ? הללויה

      Blessings and Shalom

    5. The Y version is the violation of the Mitzvah and putting it in Hebrew is worse. If you spelled it with a J it would be much better. It is only to be used in prayer or Torah study, not as a comment on a blog.

  2. If anyone might be interested, I have a series of classes presented by Dr. Uri Yosef regarding countering x-tian missionaries. The courses were not designed to convert anyone to any religion, only to give ammunition to those who are targeted by those who wish to steal souls for their version of religion. If anyone is interested, you can see the courses at Each lesson is about an hour or so long.

  3. Sorry I didn't mean to offend. I've changed it to having a lower case y instead of a j. I hope that is okay?, and if not I will just continue reading as before instead of posting.

    Blessings and Shalom.

    1. It is worse. J or K is what you could use. The last three letters with the y is Hashem's name. It is not that it offends me, it is Hashem that is offended. Why don't you change it altogether; call yourself Fred or Frank and let Hashem have His name back.

  4. Stephen (and dear readers), my daughter has taught the "Twisted Scripture" course for many years and has published the textbook which is available to anyone for cost. She can give a live presentation for any group as well. She lives in Israel and does international lectures also. I do not wish to impinge on the gracious Rav's "space and time" so if anyone is interested in finding out more, contact me privately. She was immersed in xtianity for 17 years and when she came out, she became a spokeswoman for Jews for JUDAISM!

    1. More power to her. We are here to help people. If she has something very positive to offer, I wish to help.

  5. I'm curious how you are aware of the identity of Mashiach; If I recall correctly, the Gemarah in Sanhedrin states 3 things are hidden from man until: the day of his death, what others think of him and the identity of mashiach

    1. You are not reading my blog and the comments; I have explained it several times.

      I believe it started on 9 Marcheshvan 5764 (Nov 2003) when Rav Yitzchak Kaduri, zt"l, interviewed him. This was the fulfillment of a prediction from the Rav Kaduri's Rebbe the Ben Ish Chai about 90 years before that. The Rebbe told Rav Kaduri three predictions the last of which was "you will meet the Moshiach." I believe it was 2006, Rav Kaduri had a note released that he gave to his son, with the name of the Moshiach on it in code. There were many Rabbis who understood the note and then knew who it is, especially since Rav Kaduri told us that it is someone well known already.

      I personally know some of the Rabbis who know him, and meet him on a regular basis. I suspected that this famous Rabbi might be the one, since I knew years ago that he is a descendant of King David. But the real proof for me was when I saw his name encoded in the Tenach hundreds of times in verses that pertain to Moshiach and Geula. There were other indications that I had that I can't talk about since we are not supposed to tell his name before Eliyahu Hanavi makes the official announcement.

    2. Is it permissible to write "Eliyahu" seeing that it contains elements of the shem Hameforash?

    3. Absolutely! You might want to ask: how about Israel, or the names in the Bible, such as many of the prophets, the Angels or the name Obikiel? Yes, a proper name for a person or a place, that originated from Hashem, is not the same thing as an actual name of Hashem, that we use in prayer. Very good question.


    1. This looks very interesting, but I haven't read it yet to verify its contents. I will try later today.

  7. Shalom to all,

    Quick question, what is the definition of a Christian to you? I have read that Judaism (or some authorities in Judaism) have given Christianity the status shituf, that it is ok for Gentiles but not for Jews. I know that in some cases its not shitnuf but plain old avodah zarah but in other cases of which I have witnessed there is not idolatry.

    1. Any one of the approximate 4200 religions in the world is made up by people. Xtianity took Judaism and greatly distorted it and called itself a religion of Hashem. It is completely idolatry to say the Hashem came down to Earth as His son, died for our sins, and will return as the messiah. That is all against Torah, in other words, totally against Hashem and is idolatry, which is praying to Hashem through another source.

      Yushka is an idol; we can't pray to him. Hashem tells us throughout scriptures to pray directly to Him, which is Judaism (Shema Yisroel, Hashem is One).

    2. The Absolute Truth,

      Thank you for your reply. I agree with your statement:

      "It is completely idolatry to say the Hashem came down to Earth as His son, died for our sins, and will return as the messiah. That is all against Torah, in other words, totally against Hashem and is idolatry, which is praying to Hashem through another source."

      - I agree that HaShem has no part in physicality. Any image of Him would be by definition (idol worship).

      - I agree that HaShem has no son in a ontological sense, that would be lunach.

      - I agree that praying or worshipping Jesus is also idoloatry.

      With that being said, i agree that many denominations within Christiandom are by definition (knowingly or unknowingly) avodah zarah.

      But lets say (because i know that these miniority groups exist), let's say that there are some Christians who:

      - Do not worship Jesus.
      - Pray to the Creator (Father) only.
      - Do not believe that he is divine, a demi-god, or any other such power. That he is only a man.
      - They do not believe that G-d has any image or physicality.
      - They beleive that the the Torah (Tanakh) is the eternal holy Word of G-d.
      - That Israel are His chosen people
      - That the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people forever. etc.
      - They believe the Jews have an eternal Covenant with G-d hence they are saved.
      -They do not missionize Jews.

      What would you think about these kinds of Christians? They greatly support the Jewish people in various different forms. They believe in a Jewish Rabbi who has brought them to the knowledge of the one true G-d whom they believe is the Messiah. Is there any harm in something like this?

    3. They are not called Xtians, they are called B'Nei Noach.

    4. Thank you very much!

      Shalom and peace and blessings to you and all Am Yisrael!

  8. israel propheecies com Shabat Shalom Rab Menahem I coudnt find your mail. mayby you this short documentary is of interes of your readers.

    1. Very well done video, even though there were some mistakes made. I do like the idea that the source of the prophecies was directly from Hashem (the Torah and the rest of the Bible).

      GR -- Poland was very assimilated, as the rest of Europe. 2/3rd of Jewish children were in public schools. Most of the Jews throughout history were not observant which is why we had so much trouble in every country we entered.

  9. You are right. Two foolish human errors in one single paragraph. The New Testament is full of crap:

    "Now a famine came over all Egypt and Canaan, and great affliction with it, and our fathers could find no food. But when Jacob heard that there was grain in Egypt, he sent our fathers there the first time. On the second visit Joseph made himself known to his brothers, and Joseph's family was disclosed to Pharaoh. Then Joseph sent word and invited Jacob his father and all his relatives to come to him, SEVENTY-FIVE persons in all. And Jacob went down to Egypt and there he and our fathers died. From there they were removed to SHECHEM [Nablus] and laid in the tomb which Abraham had purchased for a sum of money from the sons of Hamor in Shechem." (Acts 7:11-16)

    I can't believe how come 2 billion people believe this thing!! The ignorant who wrote that fake book is confusing the tomb of Yosef Hatzadik with the cave of the patriarchs. If I told you that the twin towers fell in Chicago instead of New York, would you take me seriously? At the very least you wouldn't consider me a divine prophet, since God doesn't make such a stupid mistake, right? Even an Israeli five year-old wouldn't make such a mistake.

    1. Avrohom (Abraham)bought the cave of Machpelah from Efron Be tzohar Hachiti as related in Torah in Parshas Chaya Soroh at length!!!

      Not from Shechm Sons of Chamor!
      the new Testament is false. Fake

    2. The church forbade study of the Bible by the people until about two hundred years ago. There was very little scholarship amongst the majority of the population.

      The Jews had very intense scholarship of scriptures, but by very few Jews. All people are gullible and believe what they are indoctrinated with for centuries. These days very few people have any true grasp of reality, and very little education. The dumbing down of society by the global elite has been very effective.

      Look at how many people voted for Hillary, who along with her husband, Obama, Kerry, Gog Jr and others are part of the Gog Bush, Sr cabal. They are all trying to institute the New World Order. That means Hillary wants to try to eliminate 93% of the world population. How many people would argue with me on that point, and tell me I don't know what I am talking about. After thousands of hours of research including classified documents, when I was in the military and under government employment, I have no doubt about what I am saying. But how many people, who are only running on flawed human logic, still voted for Obama in 2008, again in 2012 and then Hillary in 2016?

      How many people believe that a friend of the Bush family, who was hiding in the Toro Boro Mountains in Afghanistan, pulled off the most sophisticated controlled demolition in history using hijacked aircraft? He knocked down the three buildings, which defied Hashem's Laws of Physics, using his band of terrorists with box cutters (this band of 19 terrorists all survived the air crashes -- interviewed on TV after the event)?

      The world is ignorant, and believes what their lying leaders tell them. So believing the NT and all the changes in the so-called Old Testament is very easy. Of course, throw some Jew-hatred into the picture, and it's a breeze.

  10. To All non-Jews who are seeking the Truth, in addition Rav Menachem Robinson, profound work and Wisdom, and what is to come, Here is a link to TOVIA SINGER debate is just a great example, that all truth is in the TORAH.
    There are many debates and Q&A with TOVIA SINGER, start with the below.

    DOVID B.

    1. Even though I have quoted him, I never mentioned that Rabbi Tovia Singer is my mentor in dealing with missionary pukes. I once attended a lecture by the Rabbi and had a chance to talk to him. I was very impressed and ordered his audio tape series "Let's Get Biblical." I listened to the series several times, about 20 years ago, and continued to build on my knowledge of combating missionaries with the help of Rabbi Singer.

      It not only helps to subdue the evil ones who want to take away your most precious gift in this world, the true word of Hashem, but it is also something that brings one closer to Hashem by comparing the absolute truth of Torah to the nonsense that the idolaters follow.

      All good Jews and righteous non-Jews could learn from Rabbi Tovia Singer.

    2. Though I have never met Tovia Singer, I have watched many of his debates and lectures on his site, He is a sweet and kind man, a gentle soul, and caring for others. I have posted your site in the comment sections of his videos, lectures and debates., because each Jewish person in this world has wisdom to share with another.
      See the first link debate that I posted earlier with TOVIA SINGER.
      He posts new debates, lectures and Wisdom every week.,and I have borrowed one of his great saying, in which I mention TOVIA,
      QUOTE,,"Let us see what G-d says in the Torah, What is G-d's opinion on that matter. What does G=d say.? Not my opinion, not your opinion, but what does G-d say in the TORAH.?"

      AND there is where we will find the Truth for all Eternity.
      GOOD SHABBOS TO ALL, Pray with your heart and Soul, and be kind
      and give Tzedakah, because all your deeds are written in the book
      of Life, and we want a Great book for eternity.

      DOVID B.

    3. Thank you so much. Your description of Rabbi Singer was perfect; he is as pleasant and gentle a person as one would want to be. I believe it is a big part of his success. It is so much easier to want to learn from someone you like and want to be with. I also know that Hashem is always there with Rabbi Singer, and that is the true help.

  11. What? The 19 terrorists survived the air crashes? What do you mean?

    1. There were no people on the two planes that hit the twin towers. Those planes were remote control Air Force E-8 transports. I know since I worked for 11 years doing research and development on the radio that was used on those planes to triangulate the signal for remote flying.

      At least 7 of the so-called hijackers were interviewed on BBC withing months of 911. There are so many lies that the government of the US of Magog perpetuated, books have been written about it. Also, there have been many witnesses who tried to tell the truth about 911, who have disappeared.

      Flight 93 as an example that supposedly crashed in Shanksville, PA, never crashed, but landed in Cleveland. There were about 20 on board who were forced to make false cell phone calls about the hijack. They were all killed to complete the fake story of a crash. There was never a plane or passengers or luggage ever found in Shanksville, just a dug out ditch with trash burning pretending a plane went down.

      It would take me many hours to tell you all that I know about 911, starting with the fact that I knew on 11 Sep 2001 that it was fake; I worked at an Engineering firm in central New Jersey and was able to see the smoke pouring into the sky from the window next to my desk. All the details in the news were fishy and let me know that 911 was a government hoax.

      The Pentagon was hit by a missile not a plane. Nobody died since the wing that was hit just happened to be under construction; nobody was in that section of the Pentagon.

  12. Reb Menachem,

    RE: 9-11, you could write a book just about that!

    But, if you want to save yourself typing and emails, I wanted to suggest that you create a page on this blog for frequently-asked questions - if it's possible in the format you have. You don't have to wait until it's all done to post it; every time you complete one, post the page with the added Q&A. The answer to every question should be: See this post...and a link. With every one you can complete you will save typing and emails. How does this sound to you?

    Shabbat shalom.

    1. There are many books written about it, especially from the 911 Truth Movement.

      I have had many private Emails about such subjects as 911. I don't find people are as interested; they are more interested in "when is Moshiach and who is he."

  13. So where are they keeping the people who supposedly died on those planes? Do their relatives know they are alive somewhere or are rhey still mourning likenYaakov was for Yosef?

    1. Nobody died in any plane. In fact they came out with a bogus list of something like 123 people who died at the Pentagon. When I was in the Army, I had gone to the Pentagon for about 50 different meetings and work projects. I knew many people there. The list of those killed included two of my friends. I was happy to talk to both of them after 911 to find out the list was bogus.

      There is almost nothing the government said that wasn't a lie. One example was that Osama Bin Laden was on the FBI most wanted list, but not for 911 (I had a copy of his report). When asked about him, the FBI said they didn't have enough information.

      The Bin Laden family are great friends with the Bush family. Bin Laden had kidney disease and needed dialysis. No problem, the US secretly brought him to military medical facilities for treatment. He actually died of kidney failure in Dec 2001. The entire episode of Obama capturing Osama was made up.

      As I said I have hours of stories about 911 proving it was all from the US Government in an effort to try to help the New World Order agenda (an attempt at starting WW3). Iraq and Afghanistan had nothing to do with 911, why did we attack them?

    2. Yes you would think more people would have been in an outrage over the 911 events and demanded answers and truth.. From the airliner that they said crashed into the Pentagon, with no debris from said airliner to be found anywhere at the scene. Then there's building 7 that just decides on it's own to fall down. I remember watching the 911 events live on TV that day. When building 7 just magically started to fall, it was a dead giveaway among other things that something was very wrong with this scenario.

      From the air force being delayed, the twin towers collapsing, the Bush and the Bin Laden actions during and following this event. In the aftermath all the debris of the twin towers and building 7 were whisked away, before it could all be forensically investigated etc.

      It is very evident years later that all three buildings collapsed by controlled demolition, with Thermite (sp?) being the most likely explosive agent used.. This would have taken months and months of very secret preparation..

      It was probably known by all that worked in those buildings, that there was to be ongoing trades work for quite sometime and ongoing. That was most likely the cover of illusion used to plant all the Thermite in all three buildings.

      It's quite a scary thing that the US government has gotten away with an act like that on it's own citizens, and it's even worse in a sense that the majority of the public seems to accept the investigation outcomes that are reeking with lies, deception, and corruption..

      It will be interesting to see if the Trump team ever reopens the 911 investigations, but I imagine doing so could very well end up with your name on the dirt-nap list, as with many others before who knew too much etc...

    3. Dear Rachel, Perhaps this video can help you understand
      the deception of Sep. 911, There are many videos on you tube and witnesses, that discuss the deception, no wreckage found from fight 93, many topics of interest regarding this subject, on you tube, Perhaps we should focus on what is to come, regarding Nibiru and to be prepared., for the coming of Moshiach., and to prepare ourselves,

      And it shall come to pass throughout all the land, says the Lord, two parts of it shall be cut off. They shall perish, and the third shall remain therein.
      הָיָה בְכָל הָאָרֶץ נְאֻם יְהֹוָה פִּי שְׁנַיִם בָּהּ יִכָּרְתוּ יִגְוָעוּ וְהַשְּׁלִשִׁית יִוָּתֶר בָּהּ:

      Dovid B.

    4. HY: It is believed that more than half the population of the US don't trust the government explanation (I believe it is closer to 70%). The problem is the US uses the Nazi Germany approach, you either agree with them or you may not have a future. Be aware that the 800 concentration camps (the so-called FEMA camps) are well in operation. There are people disappearing all the time and not being heard from ever again.

      If there really is a Trump administration, it will be like President Kennedy's attempt to expose corruption and the evil ones.

      Are you aware that the security for those buildings was run by Marvin Bush, the brother of Pres. Bush? What a coincidence.

  14. Maybe you misunderstood my question. There were also lists of people supposedly on the planes that hit the towers. If the lists were bogus as you say, do the relatives of those people know this? Are the supposedly deceased people hidden away somewhere in some sort of witness protection-like program?

    1. The more likely thing is they apologized and said that their relative wasn't on that flight. Anyone who complained about the government story was either ignored, or not heard from again. These are very evil people we are dealing with. I don't have a complete answer since everything was swept under the rug. I just know with certainty that no one died in a crashed plane.

  15. Nibiru two suns Jan 4 2017