Wednesday, January 11, 2017

This is Another Key to Bring Moshiach

Yesterday I saw a quote that I liked a lot (I don't remember where I saw it; I read a lot of material everyday). It was:
We lost the second Temple because of Sinat Chinam, hating for no reason. We will get the third and final Temple with Ahavat Chinam, loving others “for no reason.”
I thought this to be a beautiful thought which goes along with almost every message we have been getting from Rabbis, the FC individuals, from the Torah parshahs of the week, etc. If we are looking for a foolproof plan to bring Moshiach, it is just that “let us all show love and help for each other for no reason at all.”

One of our dear readers sent me this video that has such a beautiful message:

This reminded me of the time when Israel was getting terror attacks on buses and restaurants that took the lives of many Jews. I remember seeing news articles that released the names of the victims and showing it to men with whom I pray. They would often look at the names and say: “Oh good, nobody I know.” I would ask them how they can be so insensitive. These are our brothers and sisters. Just because you may not know them personally, they should still be mourned as a family member. I always got a positive response of apology telling me: you are right, I wasn’t thinking.

When we see the importance of every good person in the world, and are able to feel their pain and their lack of necessities of life (both physical and spiritual), then we are worthy to get the gift of a worldwide redemption, the Moshiach and the beautiful third Temple.

If this doesn’t sound realistic, then you now know on what you should be working. Every bit helps. Every act of kindness brings us closer to the happy ending, and more importantly, the happy beginning of the real world of truth and goodness.

Even though this is an effort for all of us to continue and even enhance, we are still judged by Hashem as individuals for our individual effort and attitude. Please, get more involved in what Hashem wants from us; it will really be to our advantage later. Get to work.


  1. Yellowstone

  2. Brazil National news reportin on Nibiru today!

  3. Shalom Rav Menachem,
    Today i watched the video..
    This is exactly what i, a non-Jew, keeps wondering why,, why division among the Jews...
    It hurts me, and angers me too...
    If I, a non-Jew, love the nation of Israel.. why not the Jews themselves.. why wait till a disaster happens to one of you, and then cry and weep..
    Stop it..!! come together already.. please..!!

    May it happen... that all Jews are united as one.. Please Gd.. may your Nation come together as one.. with NO division.. Amen v'Amen.

    1. Humans are humans and we are products of our indoctrination.

      Why do Catholics and Protestants not get along? Why do Shiites and Sunnis not get along, and kill each other? Why do Democrats and Republicans not get along, and kill each other?

      Jews have the same problem. Just remember how 80% of the Israelites didn't want to leave Egypt and follow Moses. Nobody ever said we know what we are doing, or what is best for us. That is why is it so wonderful to have Hashem to help us. That is why Hashem created so many flavors of ice cream.

      The good news is: soon we will all be on the same sheet of music (I am a baritone) in full agreement, B"H.

  4. Reb Menachem,
    This needs to be said !
    The State of Israel was never an Idea that the foremost Rabbonim agreed to the Chofetz Chaim and His Talmid rav Elchonan Wassermann were vehemently opposed to it,
    Aside from the fact that that the idea was hijacked by the anti religious Jews.
    All throughout Tanach Erets Yisroel was about following Hashem and winning the land only trough Nisim- Miracles !
    Joshua understood this and killed Achon when he broke g-ds law and thats when they lost the battle (ones soldier died)
    Jericho walls came down with a prayer and a Shofar!!

    The autistic never support the State and government itself only keep on talking of keeping the torah and the spirit of the torah. the autistics are not modern Zionist's but only Ancient talmidim of Moshe Rabenu! Upholding the Torah Laws and detailed Mitzvos faithfully and eradicating avodah Zorah .. that the the Idea!
    When we stress this then The land Erets will then miraculously follow
    Not the State!1 the Secular State will not last..
    Soon in our days.. Amen
    Thanks for this Blog a beacon of light

    1. The State of Israel is from Hashem and is exactly what was meant to happen. Hashem saw that the only way the we would get Israel back as a sovereign nation, which Palestine was not, was though secular means. Hashem also saw that the Baal Teshuvah movement would eventually make Israel much more observant and prepare it much more for Moshiach, which is what happened.

      People aren't aware that by international law the Palestine that the San Remo treaty gave us was diminished by 82% when the Jew-hating UN and world allowed a sovereign nation to form called Israel. It is the only way it could have happened and the changes that Hashem has made since 1948 were also completely according to His plan.

      All the Rabbis who were opposed to Israel forming in 1948 used to say we will only get Israel back with the Moshiach coming. We now know that scenario would have never worked since the number of frum Jews in Palestine would have been nil.

      It all happened according to the prophecy from Hashem, not the illogical ways that the Rabbis wanted.