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An Excellent Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayerah, 24 Tevet 5777 (22.1.17)


The Creator, our Father in heaven, is declaring to the entire world and to the sacred land of Israel that because of the holy land of Israel all the planet is alive! Without the Holy land of Israel and the Jews in Israel the planet will not be, only chaos.

The Holy One wants to turn this world into a pure and holy one; He started with the holy land of Israel and the Jews living there. The way of holiness for the land of Israel is: Torah, prayer and good deeds done by the Jews. The entire world will be pure and holy, a new world of free love. A world where there are no hospitals, no doctors, no patients. It will be a world, where the commandments are followed in their entirety, a world of eternal life. All Arabs and goyim in the world will work for the Jewish people and the Holy land. All this, is in a very advanced process of the Messiah, and will be publicly acknowledged!

Moses was the first redeemer; he brought his people of Israel from Egypt to the Holy Land. The Messiah works and acts to make this world pure and sacred. The world will become pure and holy when the yetzer Hara (evil inclination) will be destroyed and eliminated from this world.

The whole world is crazy and confused about how Trump came to the presidency. Hundreds of millions of people in the world don't understand how this happened. We will save you difficult thinking – this is the Hand of G-d. "Heart of the king is in the L-rd’s hand" and the Creator choose the kings of all the worlds. Although humans select in a natural way, the Creator affects how to choose. Messiah the Just, King Messiah is under the control of the Holy One and the Holy One will Himself anoint him, He choose him and He will anoint him. Not people.

Trump, the US President, is honest and very reliable; what he has in his heart comes out of his mouth. He loves a world of truth and righteousness. He knows that without the Holy Land of Israel and the Jewish people living in it, the world will not exist.

All Arabs are acting like in Sodom and Gomorrah. They want to destroy the holy and pure land of Israel and the Jews who are living in it, which are feeding the entire world; they just are killing themselves. They want to destroy Israel and the Creator will hurt them badly. They can't destroy anything and even more they will be hurt.

Any country, State, person, President or Prime Minister who tries to hurt or take parts of Israel, the Creator will destroy them, not after years and not after months, but within a short time. Because this is the end, the end of all ends of a crooked world!

Jews in Israel must be vigilant; they must not rely on a miracle and say it won't happen to me. Fight for rights in the land of Israel. The Jews must anticipate the future, not look at the present. Like a man who should think twice before doing a sin, and think about the outcome in the future rather than what he gets now.

The problem of the Arabs against Jews exists since the beginning of the world: "Esau hates Jacob." Before receiving the Commandments, Jacob followed them and Esau did the opposite. We, the Jews, descendants of Jacob, were taught to follow the Commandments. Whoever doesn’t want to keep the Commandments should check his or her genealogy whether he or she really is Jewish.

The Government of Israel should be stable and continue as a Jewish state to protect the Holy Land. Don't forget what happened to the Jews in the Holocaust.

Every Jew must be happy with what he has, without complaining or protesting, his prayers will be heard! If not, they won't be heard. In the land of Israel, there is everything, there are four good seasons in time and there is good and healthy rain. The Creator protects from above, and we protect ourselves on earth.

Jews, stay away from assimilation. No goy or Arab likes Jews; they only want to defile the Jewish girls. If a Jew assimilates with a goy, the soul leaves, as it is part of the Holy One from above. (I wish to add a disclaimer since righteous non-Jews do not fit into this category. They are probably member of the lost tribes; probably Jewish even though they haven’t discovered it yet).

Trump Don't hate and don’t have a grudge; he came to fix all wrongs.

Russia, Putin Want to work with Trump.

Iran threatens Israel. It received a warning; an entire building burned down and collapsed in seconds. It is terrified that Trump will see the irregular contract that Obama made.

Syria will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Iraq will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Turkey will be destroyed. Erdogan puts thousands into prisons and that won't help him.

Egypt fights in the Sinai desert, to repair what it did to the military-defense-Israel in the Yom Kippur war. They are battling ISIS and radical Islam, who want to destroy Sissi and Egypt. There is smuggling of a very large quantity of rockets and ammunition from Egypt’s borders to the Sinai desert. Sissi had to fight hard against the forces that are in Sinai. Radical Islam has a deep resentment against him from the time of Morsi. Sissi stay vigilant, Egypt is in danger.

Gaza Strip, Hamas and Abu Mazen take tens of millions of dollars and put it in their pocket. They leave the Arabs without food. They give instructions when to hit the Jews in the Land of Israel. In the Gaza Strip they continue to dig tunnels constantly. They put a lot of rockets into the tunnels and are planning to disturb the big cities. The Creator will never let them succeed; it is closed! We must be very careful and check goods entering the Gaza Strip.

The sea is noisy and raging and wants to run over and destroy the world. The Holy One does not let it wash the world. Disasters will continue to happen outside Israel, floods and volcanic eruptions, and aircraft accident and earthquakes. In the land of Israel nothing will happen.

Refugees from Africa, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank will arrive in Europe — dozens of millions! They come to banish the Jews of Europe. European Jews will escape to the Holy Land!

Dear Jews, repent and keep the Commandments. The Creator is going to raise the pressure, to discover and reveal in mass all the people who are lecherous, taking bribes, cheating, and living on others.

Jews, In the land of Israel and abroad, invest in real estate only in the Holy land.

Jews living all over the world take all your belongings and go to the land of Israel.

Jews Go to the tomb of the Patriarchs.

In the land of Israel, the Messiah protects, acts and works hard. The soul of Messiah surrounds all the land of Israel! The students of the Torah, prayer and perform acts of kindness and charity; they also protect Israel. Those who believe: will have only good; and those who don't understand, will soon understand. People will see obvious and very prominent signs in the matter of the Messiah.

There are Jews who believe, yet fear to say that the signs are those of the Messiah. People will say: they are not modern; they are very modern.

Messiah is at the end of the edge of the mountain; he is ready to be revealed in public!

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  1. Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi says, "Messiah is at the end of the edge of the mountain; he is ready to be revealed in public!"

    The Medrash (Yalkut Shimoni, Yeshayahu 52:475 "מה נאוו על ההרים רגלי במשר") teaches that three days before Moshiach reveals himself (see Yalkut Shimoni, Yeshayahu 60:499 “קומי אורי כי בא אורך”), Eliyahu will arrive and stand upon one of the great mountains of Israel and he will cry and lament over them, saying, "Mountains of the Land of Israel, until when will you remain standing in ruin, desolation and destruction?" His voice will be heard from one end of the world to the other. Afterward, he will say to them, "Peace has come to the world," as it is written, "Behold on the mountains the feet of the proclaiming peace!" (Nachum 2:1). When the wicked will hear this, they will rejoice and say to each other, "Peace has come to us."

    On the second day, he [Eliyahu] will come and stand on the mountains of Israel and say, “Goodness has come to the world,” as it is written, “Heralding good tidings (Yeshayahu 52:7) On the third day he will come and say, “Salvation has come to the world,” as is written “Proclaim salvation” (ibid.) [Eliyahu Hanavi by Avraham Yom Tov Rotenberg, page 306].

    Can you guess which of the mountains that Eliyahu will stand on? Nathan said it would be Har HaZeisim. He stated, “Har HaZeisim will split into two.” His words are from Zecharyah (14:4): “Har HaZeisim will split open at its middle, east... and half of it to the south.” Once the mountain splits, Moshiach will instantly reveal himself before everyone and we will know that he is the Moshiach…

    Therefore, one who is truly concerned about Hashem's honor should constantly pray for Mashiach and the ingathering of the exiles, because it is only then that the world will finally acknowledge Hashem's rule. Our evil inclination discourages us from uttering such prayers. It tells us, "Who are you to pray for this exile to end? Do you think that your tefillah is going to bring salvation to the entire Jewish nation?" It is precisely to counter these thoughts that the Gemara comments (Sanhedrin 37a), Therefore each person is created individually so that each one can say, "It is for me that the world was created." We must all think in our minds that it would have been worth creating the entire universe just for each one of us (Mesillas Yesharim, chapter 19 ‘והנה החסיד’).

    We should never underestimate the power of tefillah. The Nefesh HaChayim (2:11) states, “People don’t realize that prayer splits the heavens, opens the gates and rises on high.” In fact, the Gemara says, "Tefillah stands at the height of the universe, yet people take it lightly” (Berachos 6b). We see in the Gemara that, “A severe drought inspired Rabbi Akiva to formulate the prayer, ‘Our Father, Our King.’ (Ta’anis 25b). Likewise, the Medrash explains that one of the reasons the Matriarchs were barren was because Hashem desired their prayers (Bereishis Rabbah 45:4).

    The posuk says (Tehillim 102:18,19) - "He will have turned to the prayer of each devastated one and not have despised their prayer. Let this be recorded for the final generation..." Dovid made a special request that the prayers recited by the final generation before Moshiach should be answered. Rav Chaim Vital (Shaar HaGilgulim, Yerushalayim 62b) quotes his illustrious teacher, the Arizal, that the final generation before Mashiach will survive and receive its strength from prayer. Even if a person has sinned, Hashem longs for him to come and pray, and to ask for help not to sin again.

  2. Rav Menachem, thank you for this latest posting of Rabbi Artzi, and especially I thank you for the disclaimer you put in..

    Hashem bless you, Rav.
    Thanks also to realtorah, and i am Noahide.. but i think Hashem will have compassion and mercy on also non-Jews, who just do good things, harm no one, and turn and pray to Hashem.
    Hashem bless all the Chosen and also all the good peoples of the world.. Amen.

  3. Shalom E: you are asking questions that I have covered thoroughly and recently. Go to my post of last week, 15 Jan 17, entitled "The End of Gog and Magog?" That post was not speculation, but the results of hundreds of hours of research with very definite and specific conclusions.

    If you have any further questions or comments, write me a private Email and we can discuss it. absolutetruth613@gmail.com

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