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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayigash, 3 Tevet 5777- 1.1.17

The King of Kings, the Holy One leads the world with justice and truth. Everything that the Creator makes in this world, even when we don't see and don't know the future, all G-d ways are hidden and are in favor of Israel the Holy land and for the Jews living in Israel. The Creator is cleaning and purifying the whole world, making it pure and clean a world that we didn't know, a world of righteousness and truth. A world where all follow the commandments. A world of free love, where everyone is helping each other without interest.

In order to build this new world, the Creator is destroying the old one because you can't build a new world on an old one, it is impossible to build a new house on an old one. Since the establishment of Israel, in 1948, the Creator began to build the new world.

The Creator expects from the Jews He chose, to keep the commandments, to have pity and love each other. Every Jew who loves Jews is losing Klippot and purifies himself. The way to big success is being open for him.

The suffering felt by the Jews in their body, is hurting the animal spirit within them. Pure and holy souls accept suffering with love. The animal spirit in the human being enjoys lust and forbidden things, and the pure soul enjoys the sacred Torah scrolls, prayer, ethics and free love. While the pure and holy soul is busy studying Torah, praying and working on repairing his faults, the animal spirit within him is suffering a lot and makes resistance, so the Jew will not take the right path. This is today the battle that the Jews must fight and is created by the Yetzer Hara. And you will choose life – the right path.

USA, it was discovered by all and written in all newspapers that President Barack Obama is a traitor. Obama, like a wounded animal was hurt very hard because he helped Hillary Clinton in this election and she was not elected. Hillary Clinton was supposed to continue Obama's plans; now the whole world is finding out. So he wants, before he leaves the Presidency, to destroy everything and everyone that Trump likes. Obama wants to make sure that when Trump is in power, he will have a hard time dealing with all the mess created by Obama. This is Obama's revenge on Trump. When Trump will be sworn in, he will have help from Heaven to make peace in the world, and he will be very successful. May He give him blessing and success!

The Holy One organized all, so that the timing for the UN resolution promoted by Obama, was the first Hanukkah candle. This would make the Jews feel like we felt thousands of years ago, when hard decrees were issued against Israel. Everyone felt as the Jews felt in Hanukkah.

This is the last period of suffering for the people of Israel. No more suffering, only better times ahead.

Obama dealt with Israel and betrayed Israel; the Creator will give Obama very big trouble with Putin. Putin is a strong man and will never give up. Putin will have no problem with Trump and will work out great with him. Trump should work out great with the whole world. Trump the new President of USA, is smart and wise, he will plan, fix and repair all that is twisted, Trump wants peace in the world.

All the decisions regarding the settlements, nothing will come from it; all is null and void!

Trump and Putin know that the people of Israel in the land of Israel want peace and that the Arabs, the Muslims, want war. The Holy One let Obama speak, so that all will know who he is, and so that the Jews in the land of Israel will wake up and will not believe the Arabs. The Arabs, for them it is suitable to sing and sing.

Putin wants to control Syria and the Middle East. He doesn't want another world power like China or Iran to raise up. In USA, there is plenty of food for the whole world, and Russia has weapons and ammunition without end.

Iran is coaxing Russia for its support, to send weapons and munitions to hurt Jews.

Egypt wasn't involved with the decision regarding the settlements. It wants peace and calm, and he needs the help of the State of Israel against Hamas and Isis, and also for the many good things with which that the State of Israel can help him.

Jordan, full of infiltrators and refugees who are eating it all and do not let Jordan nor the King of Jordan rest and be in peace. King of Jordan lives in illusions that he will have a Palestinian State.

Mahmoud Abbas and all the Palestinians and Hamas live in illusion because of the UN decision. The UN decision will fall into the abyss along with the all of the UN.

Every country and State, Prime Minister or President in the world, who wants to take parts of Israel, if it is a state, it will be destroyed, and if it is a man, he will disappear. "May their sword pierce their hearts and their bows be broken.”

Turkey, Isis is doing great destruction.

Gaza strip Hamas wants to control, Isis wants also to control the Gaza Strip and between them there are conflicts and war. However, Hamas did not stop digging tunnels, they keep digging, from Khan Yunis, they are digging even more.

Europe and all other countries that go against the State of Israel, the Holy Land, think that if the acted with hate against Israel, then the Muslims, the infiltrators and all the enemies who are filling them will be their friends and will stop bugging them, this is their mistake, and they're wrong!

Muslims, Isis and the others will continue to fill Europe with hundreds of millions of people, who will destroy Europe. Europe will be ashes. If they hate Israel or not, Europe will be destroyed.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah, the Holy one is destroying them to pieces. In the Northwestern border, be on alert.

Iraq, There is nothing to talk about.

Syria, No peace, no peace and no peace.

Knesset members in the Holy Land of Israel take your job seriously and do not to disrespect any member of the Knesset, left or right, be united

The Jews don't have anywhere to go in the world; on the contrary, all Jews will live in the land of Israel. The world will throw Jews out of all continents, and they will have to come and live in the Holy Land, so the real estate in Israel will continue to be active and grow and will never stop.

In the land of Israel, all is good. Cloud of fire surrounds the borders of Israel and the Holy One from above envelops us. Miriam the prophetess sends vast amounts of water to Tiberius lake, it will never dry!

Dear Jews, settle and build houses in the Negev, the Galilee, the Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria and Binyamin. Stop living in the center of Israel. Soon it will be impossible to drive cars in the center of the country and it would take forever to go anywhere.

Dear parents continue to preach to your children about the damage and devastation caused by drink, drugs, gambling and assimilation; these four are destroying the Jews.

People of Israel: repent and keep the commandments.

Messiah is in advanced stages. The hidden light is covering him, the "Yechida "is covering him. Everyone feels the signs of the Messiah through the forces of nature and the problems in the entire world. There will be difficulties and problems to passenger planes, there will be many glitches and disruptions.

Everyone is waiting for the Messiah; many know who the Messiah is; there's only now the need of getting him publicly known.

In heaven they are also waiting, as they are also waiting on earth.

In truth, the world needs Messiah; the whole world is in trouble.

The Creator will decide when he will be discovered in public!

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  1. Solar winds

    Fiji Earthquake 7.2 aftershocks 5.7 etc.

  2. Bangladesh Earhquake today

    1. Nibiru

  3. I thank you for this precious text with this very intelligent analysis of all peoples in relation to Israel. Baruch Hashem Rabbi I will share with many !!!!!
    B"H Shalom, Shalom!

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    1. I sort of agree with you since they are posts that many of us have seen, but probably not all my readers.

      These comments have a very interesting message that I have been posting for many months. These are signs of the end and that we are close to Moshiach.

      So far as these comments not pertaining to the above message, they actually do. Above the Rav said: "In order to build this new world, the Creator is destroying the old one because you can't build a new world on an old one, it is impossible to build a new house on an old one." This sounds like the Rav's message coming true.

  5. see what a4-6 mag and 7-10 Earthquake feels like :

  6. Rav Ben Artzi said that many know who the Moshiach is. My question to Rav Menachem is how do these people know who the Moshiach is and can the Rav give us a sense of timing of when the Moshiach will be revealed in public.

    1. I believe it started on 9 Marcheshvan 5764 (Nov 2003) when Rav Yitzchak Kaduri, zt"l, interviewed him. This was the fulfillment of a prediction from the Rav Kaduri's Rebbe the Ben Ish Chai about 90 years before that. The Rebbe told Rav Kaduri three predictions the last of which was "you will meet the Moshiach." I believe it was 2006, Rav Kaduri had a not released that he gave to his son, with the name of the Moshiach on it in code. There were many Rabbis who understood the note and then knew who it is, especially since Rav Kaduri told us that it is someone well known already.

      I personally know some of the Rabbis who know him and meet him on a regular basis. I suspected that this famous Rabbi might be the one, since I knew years ago that he is a descendant of King David. But the real proof for me was when I saw his name encoded in the Tenach hundreds of times in verses that pertain to Moshiach and Geula. There were other indications that I had that I can't talk about since we are not supposed to tell his name before Eliyahu Hanavi makes the official announcement.

      The "when" I have written about extensively. It was definitely supposed to be 5776 according to hundreds of sources (mostly from Hashem), but we received a message from one of the FC individuals that Hashem told him we were not ready, and that Hashem saw that we would do much more Teshuvah if Moshiach were delayed, especially as the world got scarier with all the chaos. Is this saying that Hashem didn't know in advance about our not being ready? Of course He did but He got us to do more Teshuvah by telling us 5776 and then delaying us. Hashem knows what He is doing and what is best for us.

      It is a gift from Hashem, since the additional months of us improving ourselves means a much better eternity for us as individuals. Hashem knows exactly what we need and the delay of Moshiach was one of those things.

      When Moshiach is announced, we will all understand and be extremely grateful for the delay.

      The only answer that we have about when is based on Numbers 24:17 in the Torah, and many other verses in scriptures. When the Star of Jacob is overhead, Moshiach will be announced. All the chaos in the world and the great increase in the craziness is telling us that the star, Nibiru, is near. When? How is your personal Teshuvah going? It is soon.

  7. two suns good pic