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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayechi, 10th Tevet 5777 (8.1.17)

The Creator, our Father our King, loves the Jews, chose the Jews from amongst all peoples and languages and gave them the Hebrew language good and naive, the most beautiful language in the world. When a Jew speaks Hebrew, he connects himself to his spirit, his soul to the Holy Spirit. When he speaks another language, he suffers. The soul is not responding to other language, only Hebrew. Prayer, faith and grace are making us closer to the Creator.

When we accept suffering with love, we give strength and courage to the Holy One; and, when we do not accept it with love, we give strength to the other side, Heaven forbid. The ways of the Holy One are hidden; He never is wrong about anyone. The Creator sees all that will happen in the future and directs the people of Israel and the entire world, for the benefit of Israel, in the best way possible. Although people think there are mistakes in the world and in Israel, everything is managed and directed, from a to z, by the Creator. Complaints and demonstrations will not change the direction of the Creator.

When we follow the commandments, we give strength to the Holy One and He leads the world in the best way possible. For the people of Israel, the Jews, power is in prayer, not by physical force, not by swearing, blasphemy and free hatred.

To the members of the Knesset and Ministers the Creator says: “stop looking over each other and focus on the security of the State of Israel! The people chose you; seats exist and are in all houses.”

IDF be alert and listen to your commanders. People of Israel should only say good things about IDF; they are our children, the children of all Jews. Let the law work so it will work in the best way possible. The Holy One protects the Holy Land.

Egypt, Because of its weakness, it is dealing with Hamas and endangers itself by connecting to it. Hamas aims to overthrow its government and hurt Sissy. Sissy, you better not deal with Hamas, they are crazy and they are changing all the time.

Isis wants to control the Gaza Strip because Gaza is a cheap, comfortable, good place and they want to occupy it.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels from Khan Yunis into Israel and from other places.

People of Israel: do not worry that Isis will conquer the Gaza strip or rule there. The IDF is the strongest army in the world, because Angels from Heaven are connected to it!

Mahmoud Abbas is making fun of everyone. He is waiting for Trump to be in power and then will begin to go berserk, until he will be a seedling (this is translated correctly, I still investigating its meaning; hopefully it is something terrible).

The Jewish soldier's trial: all the Arabs of the world are shocked, and don’t believe how they did not declare him innocent. The Palestinians and Hamas, everyone got an iron fist in their faces because they planned terrible programs and all fell.

The Creator is full of pity and is merciful; He will keep the Jewish soldier safe, will protect him and he will be released on parole!

It is forbidden for Jews, in Israel and abroad, to say bad things about the United States Presidents, the outgoing President and the incoming President. After the new President Trump is in power, it will be good for everyone.

Much of the world is Islamic. A large part of Europe wants a Palestinian State, not because they love the Palestinians and not because they like Abu Mazen or Hamas, they want a place to ease their population problems, get rid of their infiltration.

Israel's Government: do not forget to apply good decisions, be determined and powerful heroes! Don’t take in consideration anyone in the world; anyway, they do not like us. You must decide to stand behind the decision taken and the Creator will stand by you and by all decision!

Syria, Syria, Syria will continue to be destroyed. There will be no truce or cease fire. They are experiencing the worst revenge; there are lots of clans and groups that fight each other.

Turkey Erdogan is in trouble; he is taking a very hard beating. Jews are fleeing Turkey; if they do not run, they will be destroyed.

Iraq is a ghost.

Adon Olam, Creator of the world, is confusing the whole Middle East; He is confusing minds and thoughts, and is causing complications among them, so to leave Israel in peace.

Obama, the Holy One let him speak for the entire world to know him. Many Jews have contributed a lot of money to Obama and Hillary, and all are hurting.

Jordan is waiting and waiting, no fish; it continues to hold the hook.

The United States Embassy will be in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the capital of the land of Israel for thousands of years, from the time of Abraham our father! Jews were given the Holy Land and Jerusalem its capital. Is a great honor for the Embassy to be in Jerusalem the Holy City, the capital of the Holy Land of Israel!

Natural disasters, floods, erupting volcanoes, earthquakes, severe winds and storms will continue. In Israel the Holy Land all is good. The problems we have in Israel are nil compared to the terrible things in the world.

If a Jew wants to work, there is work for everyone. Israel is the only country in the world functioning.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are very much engaged in Syria. They are busy all day concerning how to steal missiles from Syria. They do not care about Syria; they just want to steal weapons and ammunition arriving from Iran. IDF will continue to be vigilant so they will not receive weapons and ammunition from Iran.

Iran is scared of Israel, afraid that Israel will find out what they do in the nuclear factories. The Creator warns Iran: If you only try to disrupt Israel, you will be destroyed! What was in Syria is nothing.

France, Jews are immigrating to Israel and will continue to do so. This is the end of respect for the Jews in France, they are living in fear.

In Europe, The Jews are going out without yarmulke and tzitzit and the great wonder is that the Holy One gives a special light to the goyim, so that they can tell who is Jewish and who is not; they are making problems and disturbing the Jews.

Jews around the world stop living in an allusion! Go to the land of Israel, lend a hand, and love your brothers in the Holy land of Israel! Show to Hashem Almighty how much free love you have for the Jews in the land of Israel! This Mitzvah (good deed) is above all; come in mass to settle the Negev, the Galilee, Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria and Binyamin.

All people, black and white collar, doing crime, conspiracy, bribery, cheaters and thieves are being caught one by one in the entire world.

In Israel blessed rain is falling from the hands of the Creator. This year will be full of rain, nice and happy. The Creator cleanses and purifies the entire world; prepares the world to receive the Messiah! Everyone is waiting for the Messiah, for the big day! Messiah is here and soon will work and act in public. There are voices of trumpets that have been waiting for the strong voice of the trumpet to shake the entire world!

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  1. I really like this message. Very positive plea for unity among Israeli politicians for the good of Eretz Yisroel, support for our heroes in the IDF and the American presidents. The latter one a bit hard to digest but understandable in the great scheme of things. All is the will of Hashem and in the end it will make perfect sense. Moshiach now! Ms. AP

    1. I have additional very good information that I am working on. I also have new messages from Benjamin that will take me a while to sift through.

    2. I have a question.

      Rav artzi says:
      "When we accept suffering with love, we give strength and courage to the Holy One; and, when we do not accept it with love, we give strength to the other side, Heaven forbid"

      HOw can mortals give strength and courage to the Holy One.. Hashem..?
      Hashem is the Creator.. He needs nothing from any one.. He speaks and it comes into being..
      Hashem does all.

      Please can you explain.??
      And i still do not understand why tyhe IDFS were killed.. it still hurts me.. a non-Jew..
      Do not know if you will answer me Rav Menachem but i am asking as i still think of those poor parents.. who lost their children.

      Thanks in advance.

    3. You are asking very good questions that have very deep answers. I will try to answer, but I have a disclaimer. I can only give you details, but due to the deep mystical nature of our relationship with Hashem, it is beyond human comprehension. I will give you an answer that I don't understand; I am human, and it is over my head.

      First there is no such thing as Hashem is over there and we are here. Ein od milvado, there is nothing but Him, means that we are part of Hashem, we are all one. If we suffer, Hashem feels our suffering. When we gain strength and courage, it also is felt by Hashem.

      Read my post of 4 May 2012, entitled "This Explains It All." Hopefully, this will shed some light on what I am trying to say.

      I have mentioned that the death of an individual in this world means one of two things. That person has reached Tikun, has gained as much correction and perfection to his or her soul as possible in this world, or that there is no way that the person will be able to improve and must be taken out for other ways of improvement.

      There is no such thing as random in this world. We are all here to accomplish our Tikun and all else is trivia. The soldiers who were killed have probably reached their Tikun. Hashem makes everything look random, but the exact second that they were destined to leave this world, came. It is sad, but it is not bad. Everything is from Hashem, and it is all for the good.

  2. TO ALL Aound the world who come here to seek the Truth in the Torah and what is to come. video from Haim Shore Math Unveils The Truth! The Torah Was Given by a Supreme Being! by Professor Haim Shore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV5TQysZtBs ..
    Please note we do not need Mathmatics or ELS codes to prove that the TORAH is from G-d. Any rational person can read the Torah and know that the Torah is from Hashem., as well as the 3 million witnesses at Mount Sinai, the Jewish Nation that received the Torah from G-d.
    Perhaps in a way, Hashem is bringing forth and revealing this information, ELS codes(to give isreal information of what is to come and a way to protect Isreal, and the information that Hashem will reveal to the Jewish Nation, for there are codes within codes, dimension after dimension of ELS codes in which we currently do not have the technology to access those levels, we will talk about ELS code at another time, for that is a long subject.)and the Mathmatics as to reach the world and show you that G-d is one., with the Jewish People and Isreal. To tell you that all the world's knowledge is in the Torah., and the ripple effect of these discoveries, have spread throught out the world and many non-jews are coming back to Hashem,and to show you the instuctions of how to live your life.To Heed the words of Hashem in the Torah. To All, Sit back and Enjoy the video. Here is some Torah from chabad.org.

    "אנכי ה' אלקיך...לא יהיה לך אלהים אחרים..."
    “I am G‑d your G‑d...You shall not have any other gods...” (20:2-3)
    QUESTION: Why did Hashem personally say only the first two commandments and convey the others through Moshe?
    ANSWER: Though it is incumbent upon every Jew to observe all the precepts of the Torah, a prophet is permitted to tell the community to sometimes temporarily violate a Torah precept. Idolatry, however, is exempted from this rule. No one has the authority to tell any Jew at any time to transgress this prohibition (Sanhedrin 90a).
    The way Torah was given to the Jewish people suggests a reason for the above-mentioned rule. The entire Torah was given through Moshe, who was the greatest of all prophets. Since he, as a prophet, was imbued with the power to transmit the Torah, Hashem vested in Moshe and his successors the strength to temporarily supersede a mitzvah of the Torah. However, the first two commandments, which forbid idolatry, were given directly from Hashem. Hence, these laws are eternal and totally unchangeable.
    (אמרי רש"ד, הרב שמעון דובער אנאליק ז"ל)
    "פקד עון אבות על בנים"

    DOVID B.

    1. The codes are much deeper than I can explain here, so go to my post of 26 March 2012, entitled "Sources of Absolute Truth," and get the deeper explanation.

      Also go to my post of 8 May 2012, entitled "Torah Codes," for some convincing examples.

    2. Thank you Rav.,for posting additional links to further this subject.
      If you have sometime, try to watch the link above in my previous post.,and tell me what you think,only If you have time. Thank you
      for all you are doing.

      Dovid B.

    3. If you are talking the Rabbi Kelemen talk, I did watch most of it, but got interrupted.

      It is very good, but I have a better way to explain the validity of Judaism -- all the proof that the Torah absolutely could not have been written by people; it is totally impossible.

      What is my proof? Go back and read the over 1300 pages that I have written or the book that I wrote. The only one who would disagree with any of my proof would be someone who did not read it, but only judged all the proof using one's flawed human logic. Anyone who believes that the prophecy of everything that would happen in history was only a good guess by some old Rabbis thousands of years ago, is someone who has not studied the fulfillment of the prophecies. Anyone who believes that everyone who has ever lived, is alive today and will live in the future, with complete detail of each person, as it is encoded in the Torah (infinite bits of correct information) came from some old Rabbis... If one never looked at the codes, then they are ignorant of their existence.

      It is always easy to deny what one has never studied. You can't see the Absolute Truth if your eyes are closed, and you never looked for it. People who have verified these miraculous facts about the Torah usually say: "That is impossible!!!" I respond with: "You are starting to catch on." I rest my case.

    4. Rav, Take a look at this www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV5TQysZtBs
      regarding the mathematics. Math Unveils The Truth! The Torah Was Given by a Supreme Being! by Professor Haim Shore , I try to find links , in all subject matters regarding the Torah for those who are
      seeking the "absolutetruth613"..I think you will really like this
      one so that you can share with others in future conversations.
      Tell me what you think, and only if you have time. I know you are busy. You do not need to watch all at one time,

      Dovid B.


    5. I just finished watching this amazing video and want to share it with doubters, but there is one thing bothering me and maybe you or Rav Menachem can explain. Near the end of the video where he explains time scale correspondence, he does not explain how we come to have this year as 5777 when he confirms that man was created billions of years ago. What am I missing?

    6. Your answer is much, much deeper than simple numbers. Go to my post of 3 April 2012, entitled: "The Age of the Universe." http://absolutetruth613.blogspot.co.il/2012/04/age-of-universe.html

    7. Thank you, I read that post, complicated as it is, and that seems to contradict with that linear chart in the video, where he put each "day" at about 3 billion years, and also doesn't answer my question about at what point did we start counting to get to the 5777, was that the creation of man or much further into the 6th "day" that we started that calendar?

    8. 5777 is since the day of the creation of people. The difficult part to understand is the 6 days of creation were 24 hour days. Those 6 24 hour days took 15.34 billion years.

      Time is an allusion provided by Hashem for our reference. To try to talk in simple terms about how long something takes is beyond human comprehension. As an example: I am 72 1/2 years old. In heaven I am 1.74 hours old or about 104.4 minutes old.

      Don't try to understand this by human logic; you will get a headache. However, if you apply the calculations of General and Special Relativity, it mathematically works out.

    9. At 1 hour 4 minutes into the Haim Shore video, it is stated that science, as correlated with Torah, places the creation of man at 0.0002 billion years ago. Even as a former math major, I am having trouble visualizing how that can work out to 5777 years. To me it seems to be 200,000 years ago unless I made a math error. Can you help?

    10. 5777 years took 5777 years according to our present relative time frame. There is no calculating how long our history is; it is what Hashem gave us -- exactly 5777 years plus 3 1/2 months.

    11. Dear Rachel and Menachem, I am trying to locate the information
      so that I can add to the conversation in regards to TIME and 5777.
      It is noted that this world has gone through 6 cycles and we are now in the Last Cycle. Each Cycle is the equivalent of 7000 years.
      Now I am trying to find some information that I read sometime ago.
      In the mean time Rachel, this may answer you concern.
      http://www.aish.com/ci/sam/48951136.html this link will serve you well.

      Dovid B.

    12. With all due respect and admiration, I want to explain why I am persisting in this. It is not for my own satisfaction. I have, among my collection of relatives, some "genius atheists" who will need these questions answered scientifically. I had given up hope of this ever happening, until seeing this video with the linear correlations between science and Torah. If the 5777 cannot be explained with some similar correlation and this quesrion came up for me, how much more so for those far more IQ-endowed? I cannot show my relatives the video unless I come armed with answers. Because telling them that the math will give them a headache and sweeping it under the carpet will seem similar to "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." Please help me research the answer. This is my last chance to get through to them while there is still time for teshuvah!

    13. What you are referring to is that each of the six days of creation was a Shemitah cycle of 7000 years, in the same way we are going through a 7000 years Shemitah cycle of our history -- 6000 years followed by a thousand years of Shabbos. The six cycles during creation was 6 times 7000 years or 42000 years. That is Earth years. With a day in Heaven being equal to a 1000 years on Earth, 42000 times 1000 times 365 1/4 (days a year) comes to the same 15.34 billion years for the age of the universe.

    14. Rachel, I have been studying science for 60 years. I did not sweep the math under the carpet. My post that I sent you to about the Age of the Universe and the answer I just gave to Dovid B above are completely and scientifically accurate. It is actually a better calculation than modern scientists have come up with, their 13.7 to 14 billion years. My answer or should I say the answer that we get from the Zohar is closer to Einstein's calculation of the universe age using Relativistic calculations. He concluded about 15.75 billion years. The Torah answer is the correct answer and science is catching up.

      Also look at my post of 14 May 2012 entitled "Science versus Scriptures." It covers other subjects that show that the Torah has all the answers that scientists are seeking, while scientists fumble with trial and error and keep coming closer to the scientific answers that we have had for thousands of years. Of course, scientists make money looking for answers, and are not interested in instant answers; they would be unemployed.

    15. Again, how does this relate to the 5777 which we are counting?

    16. It doesn't. That is the number of years since Adam and Eve were created. In the same way that 2017 is 2017 years on the Gregorian calendar, we have 5777 years on our calendar.

    17. Yes, Menachem, that was the KEY, in relation to the creation of the
      Universe. In your reply Jan. 11,2017 at 1:50pm..Dear Rachel,
      perhaps you can share the concepts and the mathematics of ELS
      codes in the Torah, to your relatives and explain to them in such a way that they can only see that only a Almighty creator, omnipotent,only G-d could of written the Torah. If they still persist, then it is because they are in denial, and do not have the courage to see the Truth, because they have lived a life for so long with out G-d. Rachel, One of the most difficult things a person has a hard time with, is finding the courage,to changing who they are for the better. recognizing there faults in the character, or there thinking process,, A Rabbi once said ,A person can climb Mount Everest with ease then it would be compared to changing themselves of who they are, and there thinking..I have a good feeling Rachel, that one of your relatives will change and see the truth of the Torah and G-d

      Dovid B

    18. Do you really think I haven't tried the ELS route with my stubborn relatives? I started that about 20 years ago. The most interesting thing about Kiruv is that relatives are the most difficult people to work with. They are happy to point out that they remember when I used to think like them before I discovered the Absolute Truth. The fact that it completely changed my life for the good is a difficult concept to buy.

      Let me give you the bottom line. We do not do Kiruv, Hashem does. There is no such thing as Hashem wanted this individual to become an observant Torah Jew and he got away from Hashem, chas v'shalom. All Jews will be frum in the near future on Hashem's schedule.

      Even though Hashem knows the destiny for each individual, we don't. So Hashem absolutely wants us to work hard to help every good person we can; Hashem will complete the task as He sees fit.

      We need not be concerned about our relatives; Hashem is and will take good care of them.

    19. Is there, anywhere, just for the curious, an explanation for the year discrepancy I stated above? I would be interested to see a linear correlation as in the video between 5777 and thr 0.0002 billion years he says took place since the creation of man.

    20. Ask Haim Shore the one you said wrote it. I don't have a clue as to what he is referring. Mathematically 5777 equals 0.000005777 billion years. That is like saying I measure velocity in furlongs per fortnight. Not a common practice.

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  4. To all non-jews, Rabbi Kelemen - How Do You Know the Torah is True: A Study in Comparative Religion. Enjoy this video,


    DOVID B.


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