Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Messages from Hashem – the Most Important Post I Have Ever Made!!!!


Please, please, please go to this recording of the latest message from Binyamin – it is the absolute truth about what is happening in the world today, and what is coming up. Don’t miss one word. Since there are words being said in Hebrew, I have included a list of words with their translations:

Yerida – descent or going down

Yireh Shamayim – fear of Heaven

Haredim – observant Jews

HaKadosh Baruch Hu – The Holy One, Blessed be He – Hashem

Rasha’im – bad people

Bochorim – the boys that learn at the Yeshivah

Chinuch – education

Besiyata Dishmaya – the help of Heaven

Godolei Hador – the great one of the generation – Great Rabbis

Hisbodedus – self-seclusion (making oneself alone)

Ratzon Hashem – the will of Hashem

Temimus – wholeheartedness (with complete focus)

Imahos – mothers (referring to our four matriarchs)

Bitachon – trust

Gashmius – materialism (usually referring to the physical as opposed to the spiritual)

Mitzrayim – Egypt

Emes – truth

Asur – forbidden

I have friends that know Binyamin and his family. They have verified beyond a shadow of a doubt that Binyamin knows nothing about what he is saying, and is only repeating what Hashem wants him to tell the world. There are questions, as an example, where Binyamin states: I don’t know. He has told us in the past that he only can say what Hashem wants him to say and nothing more. We are not getting messages from him physically; we are getting messages from his soul. And, even his soul can only say what Hashem wants us to know, nothing more.

Please know that I will be happy to discuss anything said, but if all you have is negativity or even worse, skepticism, you will not see your comment posted. Send me an Email so I can try to tell you the error of your ways, and the destruction you may be bringing to your life.

I apologize to my non-English speaking readers, who use the translator in the right column for the written translation, but do not understand the spoken message in English. Go to the Dani18 site and get the message from Binyamin in Hebrew and put it into your translator.
Note: I was going to give more proof about Trump planning to disclose Nibiru, but it really is unimportant. The above message from Binyamin is all that you need.

As an example: readers are sending me information about Executive Orders that Trump has already signed and that Nibiru is not mentioned. The wording of EOs is very tricky, like all government documents. If you look at the EO that made Nibiru Top Secret (EO 12356) in 1982, you will see there is no mention of Nibiru, yet it was the document that caused Nibiru to be hidden from us for over 33 years. Take a look:

There are so many sources that are verifying the truth about Trump and Nibiru. No further discussion is needed, especially with friends who don't have a clue about what is going on. We only need the truth from Hashem as presented above – all the rest is nonsense.


  1. Binyamin always gives the same messages. He has been saying it for years. Some aspects are very inspiring, such as rejecting materialism and stop living in two worlds, but I never understood his hatred for Zionism, which closely resembles our enemies' hatred against our national liberation movement. If I didn't know him and I heard him speaking only about Zionism and the State of Israel, I would think he's an alt-right antisemite or a far-left activist. I mean, there's no contradiction between being Zionist and Orthodox, quite the opposite. Religious people usually support Israel more than secular Jews, while all the biggest poskim in recent generations have supported Israel and never said it wasn't kosher to be Zionist (not the secular communist anti-Torah type, of course). The only exception is Satmer. In fact, one of the greatest chachamim in our time, who is currently judge in the heavenly court, prayed for the wellbeing of the State of Israel, supported the IDF and encouraged our people to fight against the Arab enemy (that's why the smolanim-erev rav hated him so much), and was involved in the institutions of the Israeli state in order to defend the interests of the Torah and the yeshivot. Whether he considered himself Zionist or not is a semantic irrelevance (although he did it at some level), since the secular founders of the Zionist movement, such as Herzl and Ben Gurion, passed away long time ago, and now there's a reality where 6 million Jews live in a sovereign Jewish state in Eretz Israel, and Hakadosh Baruch Hu made it possible from day one, helping in every war, in every planted tree. Some selfish people use anti-Zionism to justify their laziness and lack of commitment for Am Israel. Furthermore, such idea, seeking to make the Jews defensless again and subject to the mercy of the goim, proposes actions that would result in the death of millions of Jews. In addition, it causes chillul Hashem since many secular Jews reject the Torah because they see the haredim as traitors who couldn't care less about their country, nor their Jewish brothers and sisters. Rav Ovadia said: "What is Zionist? By our understanding, a Zionist is a person who loves Zion and practices the commandment of settling the land. Whenever I am overseas I encourage Aliyah. In what way are they more Zionist than us?"

    And Binyamin also said Trump makes no difference at all (Rav Mendel Kessin thinks very different), his daughter and son-in-law are not really Jewish, etc. First of all, what gives him the right to talk like that about Jared Kushner? Does he even know him? Apparently he has more merits than he thinks:
    (how can Hashem let him speak in His name such lashon harah against another Jew?)

    How do I know if all that horrible things he said about Israel and Jared came from Hashem or his own opinion full of anger? (his neshama's opinion, of course) We all agree that Torah, mitzvot, good deeds and the will of Hashem are the most important things, but he's not a prophet, so I think that we can disagree with him when it comes to politics and defending our people, without going against Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

    And if Binyamin is 100% right and EVERYTHING he says is "min hashamaym", then why do you post messages from a tzadik like Rav Ben Artzi who defends Israel without any doubt (yes, the STATE OF ISRAEL, so what??). That's like living in two worlds, don't you think? There must be a decision! Should we be anti-Zionist, Zionist or somewhere in the middle? What's Hashem's opinion? (the only one that really counts). I'm a baal teshuva and I WANT to know the truth, even if it's disappointing. Let's hope there will be a peaceful transition from the State of Israel to the Kingdom of Israel under our righteous Mashiach Ben David, without the need to have a civil war among brothers.

    1. There is a very interesting misconception about Zionism. It is a political movement started by the Erev Rav. It is anti-Jewish and is very much trying to make Israel a completely secular country. It supports the idea of a two-state solution which means giving away the Biblical areas of Israel (Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem and others). It has also been the biggest perpetrator of Jew-hatred around the world. Jew haters don't always say they hate Jews, they just blame the Zionists for all the world problems.

      What I just said is even more proof that Binyamin's message is from Hashem and not from him. Hashem will do away with the Erev Rav when the Moshiach is announced, and that means the end of the Zionist movement that the world complains about so much. You may think that Zionism is a good thing meaning that we want to return to Zion. That may sound good if you are reading the Bible, but to the world media Zionism means domination and control.

      All Rabbis that disagree with anything said by Binyamin are either not understanding Hashem's messages, or in many cases, we are misinterpreting the Rabbi's message. Unfortunately, words can be very misleading and misunderstood.

      I have heard Rabbis talk and in a short lecture say things that were completely misunderstood by their audiences. There is nothing more difficult than briefly discussing a very deep subject, that may take decades to study and understand. I know, I have been facing this problem on this blog for close to five years.

      An example is Rav Nir Ben Artzi. He feels that until we have Moshiach and Eretz Yisroel, the state of Israel is all we have to work with, which means that we should do everything possible to support the government and the military. That is not support on a secular basis, but to try to get the present situation to turn to Hashem as much as possible in preparation for Moshiach. The more the government does in turning to Hashem, the more Jews are helped and made better to receive Moshiach.

      Since 1948 this country has gone from a completely secular place to one that is much further along in believing in Hashem. The tremendous strides made by the State of Israel are very hidden, yet very positive in helping Jews. The left, you know the Zionists, have not really been in power for a while. It is all from Hashem. Maybe not so obvious, but if you review the history of Israel over that past half century, you would be very surprised and pleased with the changes.

      Yes, it is far from enough, but that is what Hashem wants, people helping people to turn to Him. It was never meant to be easy, but very effective in giving Jews Tikun. As Rav Ben Artzi says: "all is good in Israel." Is it perfect? Of course not, but it will be when Moshiach is crowned King and the transformation is complete.

    2. Rabbi, you know there's a difference between the Zionist left and the Zionist right, don't you? Most of the Zionist right DOES NOT want to give away Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem (today, not even most of the Zionist left). Even those who formally say they support a two-state solution, such as Netanyahu, are only saying it to get rid of international pressure, but in reality Bibi will never agree to another Arab terrorist state that will shoot missiles into Ben Gurion airport and the Hebrew University, and build cross-border tunnels into Israel's heartland. Now with Trump, things will change for the better. Others like Bennett are more sincere. He represents the kind of Zionism I support (despite his party's flaws regarding halacha), which is religious Zionism, meaning the people of Israel in the Land of Israel with the Torah of Israel, the way Hashem wants it. Many "pragmatic Zionists" still believe in a two-state solution because they are naive and don't have trust in Hashem, not necessarily because they are evil or they support the enemy like the erev rav smolanim who are nothing more than traitors and informers, specially with their filthy anti-Zionist NGOs funded by the European Nazis. However, I think someone has to be stupid to believe at this stage that Abu Mamzer is our "partner for peace", when he's nothing more than a Holocaust denier, a terrorist who funded the Munich massacre, encourages a culture of incitement by naming town squares in Ramallah after suicide bombers and offers state-sponsored stipends and benefits to convicted mass-murderers jailed in Israel. In any case, there will never be peace with the Arabs. They can't help themselves, not even after losing again and again. But most important of all, Hashem Himself doesn't want it. Gaza was an exception that is not going to be repeated (their problem was not giving maaser from the land). We came home to never be uprooted and defenseless again. That's it. Game over. The Jews came back. Now it's the turn of our king Mashiach to finnish the job.

    3. As I said there is a Biblical connotation to Zionism and the modern used connotation. I am a Zionist, since I crave the return to Zion, but I would never use that term and feel that 99.999% wouldn't hate me, and blame me for everything.

      Words are to be used carefully. What is the difference between a "wise man" and a "wise guy." Shouldn't they basically mean the same? No, modern language puts a very positive spin on one, and very negative on the other. Should I take a chance and say well "I'm sure not everyone would take it to be negative."

      Do a Google search and see if you want to be politically associated with Herzl. I don't.

  2. Rav Menachem, once again thank you for this posting.
    I do confess i heard it already from 'Tomer Devorah's", blog.
    I am going to hear it again for it is well worth listening too again and again.

    Also Rav. I thank you for the trouble you have taken to translate some of the Hebrew words, into English.

    It will be worth it now for me, to hear it again, as now i will understand the words this blessed child speaks in the Holy Language.

    Hashem bless you and yours, and also all who come to your wonderful blog.. an Oasis.. as i see it.


    1. I was not aware that this was already posted, but I have said it in the past: This type of information should be on every kosher blog. Messages from Hashem need to go to the world, not be heard by a very limited group.

      A little note: the blessed child is in his forties. He started Facilitated Communications when he was in his twenties in the 1990's.

    2. I know Rav, you have told me that before.. but still he is a child in a sense.

      And me being the old one that i am.. everyone 70 and younger for me are a child..:)

      Do not mean anything bad or rude.. in the end we are all 'children'.. all humans... children of Gd.


    3. You may know it, but most of my readers don't. I have always tried to keep this blog as public information, and not private conversations that may misinform people.

      I was sorry to hear that over 70 is no longer a child. My wife tells me that I often act like a little kid.

  3. I am equally troubled with the conflicting messages we are getting. I keep asking Hashem for the Truth. Even about contradicting messages about how a woman should cover her hair. Why is it so hard to sort out the information and get at the Truth?

    1. There is no conflict. I have said many times how more than 90% of the web information is false. If people would only study the word of Hashem, the Absolute Truth, from the real sources, they would see it as completely consistent. Sell your computer, and hit the books.

      My point about misinterpreting the words of a Rabbi doesn't mean that Hashem's answers are the problem, just our lack of understanding and education about what the Rabbis are really saying.

      There is no conflict whatsoever about a married Jewish woman covering her hair, only people not studying what Hashem said.
      My favorite example that is always brought up is: The Rebbe said to wear a wig. That is absolutely false. The Rebbe said if a Jewish woman works in an office of only non-Jews and has a problem covering her hair, she can in that situation wear a wig, rather than no covering at all. If she is in a Jewish community where the women cover there hair with a snood, tichle, scarf, hat, etc, that is definitely preferable. That Sicha of the Rebbe has been misinterpreted for decades, which is why so many Chabad ladies wear wigs.

      In fact it is comical how Hashem sometimes sends a message. As an example: there were many misinformed married Jewish women who marched in protest against President Trump. Hashem made sure that they covered their hair before they were exposed to the media. Pink hats work fine.

  4. My Noahide advice, to you Rachel, would be this..
    If you do not mind me giving this little advice...
    Just do Hitbodedut, talk directly to Hashem, tell Him what you feel, and it will become clear to you, sooner or later. For Hashem does answer each and everyone's sincere praye. Thus talking to Gd, is what i find has helped me the most.

    You will get answers, something will just come to your mind, or you will read something, or.. you will hear a shiur or someone just say something, and your mind will light up.. and you will say: oh that is the answer for the question i asked Hashem!!

    Is working for me... B'H, and i am Noahide.. how much more will Hashem answer His Chosen.

    Hashem bless you.


    1. Hashem always gives an answer to every question, and it is in writing with a guarantee.

  5. Why do you not give a link to TomerDevorah who posted this audio of Dani days before you? Is that fair?

    1. I did not see it on her blog. It was sent to me by one of my readers. But, I have to ask some questions. Is she the author? Does she have a copyright on what Hashem has said, that nobody else can use it? Am I here to try to be the most popular person on the web, or to save your life? Should a message from Hashem be exclusive to one person?

      Was it fair when she copied things from me, and put it on her blog without using my name? Let me answer that: I was delighted as I have been every time someone took something from my blog and even my book and used it (even without giving my name). My work is to help people, and the more I help the more successful I am (that is Hashem's opinion). Is it fair to help more Jews, or fewer Jews (you can answer this question)?

      My mission is to get messages out to the world to help people. I have mentioned many times that my own work is available to anyone who wants it, and I don't care if my name is put on it.

      As I said, I am not here to be popular, and make sure that I get full credit for anything that I write; I am here to spread the word of Hashem, that is what He commanded me to do. The only Torah law is that I cannot take someone's parnassah away for my own benefit (it does not include ego).

      One little caveat: I have total access to the Golden family and if I wanted it, I could get exclusivity to Ben Golden's messages. How immature it would be of me to do such a thing and say that no one else can have these messages from Hashem. That's how the goyim work, not frum Jews.

  6. You will pardon me, but I am not interested in getting into a debate about certain subjects that I have studied for decades and know what Hashem has taught us.

    Please drop discussions that will only confuse my readers rather than teach them the Absolute Truth. If you have a question, write me a private Email.


  8. Could you clarify what circumstances makes it permissible for a Jew to violate the prohibition of oppressing the convert (in Ivanka's case) and questioning the observance of a observant Jew (in Jared's case) without citing any evidence to back up their assertions?

    Since such accusations only serve to tarnish the credibility of the accuser, which is rather unfortunate as people tend to give others the benefit of the doubt and pay no heed of hearsay until one's actions warrants criticism and even appropriate action (as was the case in the past when the Sanhedrin was still around).

    1. There are no legitimate circumstances when Lashon Harah should be used. If one wants to correct someone doing something Halachically improper, private discussion in the form of teaching is the way, and being nice and considerate in doing so. It doesn't make any difference whether it is a convert or even a non-Jew, Lashon Harah is dangerous.

      If we are talking about a well-known person that will make all the news media, more so the gossip column, that is a Chillul Hashem.

      The other thing that is very dangerous is us believing Lashon Harah. If we see in the news that so-and-so did something that violated a commandment, we are not supposed to believe it, in fact we shouldn't even read the article.

      I am not aware of the details about what transpired, since I didn't trust myself to not judge the situation. As soon as I see something in the news that appears as a possible Lashon Harah, I change the subject -- go away from the article or video or whatever the source.

    2. Thank you for clearing that up, was referring to the accusations Benyamin made in his latest message regarding Jared and Ivanka.

      Would like to believe his main point if expressed in a very inarticulate way was to rely only on Hashem and not to view human beings as vehicles for one's own dreams and expectations (whether Trump or anyone else).

      What I find particularly objectionable is the following from 23:56 onwards after urging Jews not to rely on Trump, "Even if he has a daughter who is a so-called Jewess or a son-in-law a so-called Jew".

      Am not the type of person to white knight on behalf of others and am harshly critical of those who seek to delay / stop the Geulah or undermine and cause discord within the Jewish people (hence my desire for God-fearing Jewish leaders that fears no man or nation of Earth), however until they have actually done something that warrants them being treated with such contempt it crosses a very big red line for me as it amounts to baseless hatred.

    3. Binyamin does not have an opinion about anything. How do you feel about his words knowing that it came completely from Hashem? I am not giving you any answer or any opinion, only that there is much more to his messages than meets the eye.

      Hashem works in mysterious ways and sometimes sends us very deep messages without us even knowing it. It is one reason that we cannot judge anyone -- who knows from where someone's words are coming?

    4. The next Email that I opened after typing my comment to you was dealing with a message I left on a YouTube video. The person just happen to be mentioning hidden messages and said: if you take the words "PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA" and rearrange the letters, it spells "AN ARAB BACKED IMPOSTER." Hashem has a sense of humor.

  9. nibiru

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    Nibiru over Munich

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