Monday, January 23, 2017

Nibiru Just Became Real -- Thank You President Trump

A very beautiful video from Rav Glazerson.  President Donald Trump changed the Executive Order of the past five presidents who tried to keep Nibiru Top Secret, as he acknowledged that Nibiru is real:

Moshiach is definitely close, B"H.

Here is an additional article on the subject:

This makes me very curious whether NASA now will start reporting where Nibiru is and when it might arrive. Of course, than may tell us when Moshiach will be announced, but that is just between you and me.

If we don't hear such information, it might behoove us to contact NASA and/or the White House for updates. The purpose of NASA's silence was to make sure we do not prepare, and that we are in harm's way. This new Executive Order from the President means that the government is concerned with our welfare. That is really our tax dollars at work.

Thank you President Trump, and most of all thank You Hashem.

I am getting the same nonsense, that I have gotten in the past.  Why would such a major news event not be on the mainstream media? 

The evil global elite who want us dead still control the media.  Even though they have been greatly diminished in their power, they are still not giving up.  If you do a Google or YouTube search of Trump and Nibiru, you would be shocked at how many sources have talked about it including all the statements that Trump has made even before becoming President.

We need to stop playing into the hands of the evil ones by denying reality that they do not want us to know.  Fact: the past five presidents have maintained the Executive Order to keep Nibiru Top Secret.  Fact: the world governments have created vast underground bunkers and even military bases which started in the 1980's after Nibiru was first observed at the cost of trillions of dollars.  Fact: the Earth changes have been extreme and totally hidden from the mainstream news, and are getting worse.  Fact: President Trump pledged to cancel all Executive Orders from the Obama administration.  Fact: The Torah doesn't lie and Hashem has sent us many, many messages about the upcoming disaster.  Fact: the seas are already rising and the prediction of great areas, such as the East Coast, West Coast and Gulf coast of the US being completely under water, is appearing more factual every day.  Even the Mississippi river is expected to be about 100 miles wide.  There are many other facts that we know for sure, many of which I have written about for years.

There is so much evidence that Nibiru is approaching and that it will be more devastating than what has already occurred.  The last thing we want to do is say that we don't have enough proof of anything, and that hopefully Hashem is wrong, chas v'shalom.  I have said many times that skepticism is extremely dangerous.  If the only proof that you have is your own flawed logic, and absolutely no research, you are in horrible trouble.  I just hope if you are a skeptic that you are not married with children who depend on you.

If we are looking for excuses not to do Hashem's will, and put ourselves and our loved ones in mortal danger, please don't use my blog to state your skepticism.  I am here to try to save your lives, not increase the possibility of destroying it.

Tomorrow I will be posting an excellent message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, that will shed more light on our present situation.


  1. I was going to post a message here as a comment, but thought it important enough to add it to today's post. Go read it if you haven't already. If you have read it, read it again until you believe it fully.

  2. Thank you Rabbi Menachem.
    Have seen it here in Israel, actually i could not believe, just couple of moments, but there stood someone next to me seeing the same.
    I guess Hashem knew that i needed to see.
    Kochav Jaacov.
    Like in Motzi Shabbat, we sing...
    Hold on..we are almost there.

  3. Rav Menachem,

    does this reversal by president Trump's new executive order, mean that he will order them, to stop chem trailing?


  4. Nibiru seen today from airplane

  5. 8.0 earthquake
    see this!

  6. Shalom Rav.
    If that's the case - can we discuss the possibility that President Trump may be Eliyahu Hanavi?

    1. Until we find out that Pres Trump is Jewish, we should wait for that conversation. I'm not saying it isn't a possibility, I am just saying until someone actually announces Moshiach, we don't know.

  7. Torah Seeker that is an excellent article entitled:"Nibiru Fragment To Strike Earth in February, Says Russian Astronomer," but unfortunately the advertising on the page was not tzniut (modestly proper according to Jewish law), and I can't post it here.

  8. I am getting comments regarding this post not being understood. There would never be an Executive Order that would mention Nibiru. I will try to explain tomorrow with a post about Executive Orders and how they are written, B"N. This is far more complicated than meets the eye.