Sunday, December 18, 2016

Why All the Doom and Gloom?

I wish to answer recent comments that I have received, that even though they are not nice enough to post, they do bring us some interesting concerns. That was a loaded statement which I will try to explain.

First of all I am being told how my blog has gone downhill rapidly. Readers who are telling me how wonderful they thought my blog was, since I spent so much time trying to teach the Absolute Truth about this world. The Absolute Truth is really just trying to pass on Hashem’s instructions on how to use this world and find happiness and success. But lately all I seem to be interested in is doom and gloom and supporting the conspiracy theorists who are saying: “The end is near!!!!!”

I can see where these individuals are coming from, since it does seem that my happy blog has turned into a horror show. Let me clarify a couple of points. One is that my greatest intension on this blog is to save your life. I have talked many times about trying to save the world; but I have found that I can only do that one reader at a time.

What is my source of gloom and doom? Who is the One Who is telling me the end is near; why is there such great chaos in the world, and apparently due to get much, much worse? HASHEM!!! YOUR CREATOR!!!! THE ONE WHO WANTS TO HELP YOU GET THE BEST ETERNITY POSSIBLE!!!!! Where did He say all this? Scriptures, that we have had for thousands of years telling us of the tremendous mayhem and craziness that will happen in the end of days. The words of the prophets are so true, it is absolutely ignorant and dangerous to ignore them, and try to pin the doom and gloom on conspiracy theorists (or me). I have a reader who said: I live in New York. There is no chaos here, no earthquakes, no bad weather, NO CRIME (?), ETC. This person is telling me how absolutely wonderful it is in New York, and telling me not to believe everything that I read and see. I should mention how much other readers in the New York area have told me the opposite: how crazy everything is and how much worse it appears to be getting. They must live in a different New York than my friend Anonymous who lives in the paradise version of New York.

My entire premise is that Hashem gave us the information to help us and save us. Denying it, perhaps because it hasn’t gotten so bad where you are now, does not mean we should put ourselves and our loved ones in jeopardy, hoping that Hashem was wrong about what is coming up, chas v’shalom.

I am being told how much I used to teach about the ways of Hashem and the reality of this world. Why are so many doubting what was taught, when now is the time to apply the learning?

As an example, one of the greatest lessons Hashem teaches us in the Torah is “to be nice to everyone; to help each other.” It is so important to have your fellow Jew and righteous non-Jew’s welfare in mind. Why? It is the true way that Hashem designed the world, for us to be concerned and want to help everyone. But, a hidden reason is that Hashem is judging each one of us on how well we comply.

With that in mind, I ask: Is it nice to deny the doom and gloom? If, as we already are seeing, that the world is crazy, when has there been a more necessary time in history to be looking out for all the Jews and righteous non-Jews of the world. If they are in trouble because they are not living the will of Hashem, are we putting them in greater danger by just denying the chaos of the world? Is that being nice to others, or is it saying: who cares what suffering is imminent as long as the one out of harm’s way is me, me, me.

One who is not interested in all the doom and gloom is also one who is did not learn from my blog, when my blog was more fun. We are at the culmination of history, and if we don’t apply Hashem’s instruction on how to survive and thrive, we have thrown away one of the greater gifts Hashem has to offer. His absolute word is golden, and the only way to achieve a wonderful eternity.

I have had readers tell me that many of the videos that my readers are sending in about the devastation happening and the predictions of what is yet to come are inaccurate. I have said many times that the global elite have purposely held back information to make sure we are in harm’s way. The videos that are on the web are completely from amateurs. I have not seen too many that did not have many mistakes in them. But, what else do we have? Is some information not better than no information, or the lies from the leaders of the world who want us dead? This is where some common sense comes into the picture. If we have a video of orbs near Earth and the announcer calls it Nemesis or Planet X, I have mentioned that they are amateurs and have very little research behind their findings. Yes, they don’t have a clue about what they are presenting. But, the orbs still exist. They are real and so is the devastation that is already happening and continuing to increase every day.

Let me repeat what I have said many times. Hashem is totally consistent and causes things to happen the same way every time. It is us, the flawed human beings that do things one way today and change tomorrow. Hashem formed a nation at the first redemption after we left Egypt. The only way to get our cooperation was to hang a mountain over our heads and frighten us. That was necessary to get us to cooperate even though He was giving us the greatest gift the world could have “The Torah.” Even after all the plagues, the miracles at the Sea of Reeds and many, many more, there were still skeptics that had to be scared into doing the right thing.

Now, as the final redemption is about to unfold, the majority of Jews and righteous non-Jews are in the same state of mind, extremely uncooperative. The only way we can go into a final worldwide redemption is to be frightened to such a high degree until we catch on to what is happening. We are about to receive the greatest gift of all: the Moshiach, the end of evil, the end of all our problems and the beginning of an eternity that is so far beyond human comprehension. But, we seem to need the doom and gloom to get into the correct mind-frame. After all the craziness that is changing the world, we still have the skeptics who need more convincing.

All my life I have heard people who were successful at something tell about how wonderful they are and how much talent they have. Me, Me, Me; it is all my doing. But, then there are the individuals who have one problem after another; life is a big mess and nothing is going right. These people look up and ask: why are You doing this to me? When we are successful, we look in the mirror and gloat at how wonderful we are. When we are failures, we blame the One Source Who gave us the ability to succeed. The catch 22 is that our failure is due to us ignoring the Source who gave us the opportunity for total success. Let us look in the mirror now and ask: am I doing everything necessary to succeed, to get through this time of craziness and danger, or am I blowing it all by blaming it on whomever I can blame? If everything is not going the way you want in life, or if you are completely uncertain about the near future and how to get through it, look in the mirror and say: Ah, there is the problem!!!!!

Hashem has taught us for thousands of years how to succeed and be totally happy in this world, and more importantly, how to set ourselves and our loved ones up with the best possible eternity. Hashem has taught us how to get through the coming doom and gloom many times in the Torah, it is up to us to benefit from the gift He gives us, or to close our eyes and hope nothing will happen (and do lots of complaining).

Denying doom and gloom when it is already underway, unless you live in the fantasy world of make believe (or the alternate New York that is also a fantasy), or Israel where it is possible to be oblivious to what is happening in the world, all this denial is extremely dangerous. How do we protect ourselves and get through it all? I repeat for the thousandth time: TURN TO HASHEM AND FOLLOW HIS WAYS. REPENT YOUR SHORTCOMINGS IN LIFE AND MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES TO IMPROVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING WRONG; DO THE COMMANDMENTS THAT ARE THE TOOLS TO SUCCEED; PRAY TO HASHEM EVERYDAY AND VOICE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS THAT YOU WANT SOLVED (Hashem knows all this better than you, but He wants us to review them so we understand what they are and why they exist); STUDY TORAH EVERYDAY (we can’t understand the solution to everything if we don’t study the handbook of life that tells us the solution); GIVE CHARITY UNTIL IT HURTS, WHY? BECAUSE, THE BIGGEST THING IS TO HELP OTHERS. Helping everyone with complete sincerity is the way that Hashem knows that you deserve more. It is exactly what Hashem wants from you and in return, measure for measure, you will be treated accordingly. Telling someone who is trying to save your life that he should stop the gloom and doom is absolute proof that you need the gloom and doom the most.

I have one more topic to discuss to try to put this all in perspective and to give the naysayers something to think about. I have talked about the fact that we are spiritual beings that are wearing physical clothing. This short life that we have on Earth is only for the purpose of perfecting our souls. Even during the time of the Moshiach, we will change from physical beings back to completely spiritual beings. Why is this important? To stress that we live forever. The concept of eternity or infinity is very much beyond human comprehension, but it is our destiny.

Let us try to get a feel for the concept of forever. Let us say that we know that we will live for a thousand years. That may be overwhelming, but it is an idea that we could grasp. But, let us increase that a thousand fold, which is now a million years. Another thousand fold takes us to a billion years, or a trillion, or a quadrillion years. Yes, we are getting beyond the concept of human comprehension, but we are still so far from infinity, so far from the eternity that we will live.

With that thought in the back of our minds, let us talk about the preparation for this eternity, which is how much time we have left before the Moshiach comes and we are out of time. Is it weeks, is it days, is it hours? Whatever the time left, my entire point is that we may have possibly only hours remaining to set ourselves and our loved ones with the forever and ever and ever (and a thousand more forevers). What we achieve is what we will live with in this forever that is coming up. It was Rav Avidor Miller, zt”l, who talked about people leaving Earth going to Heaven, and experiencing Gehinnom (the H place) while there. How can one be in Heaven and have tremendous anguish? That is when we find out how much better it could have been if we only had followed Hashem’s ways and lived a Torah life. In other words we can be in Heaven and kick ourselves forever when we realize how much higher a spiritual level would have meant to us. Once we die, we can only experience the level we had worked to achieve on Earth. Even though we can’t do anything for ourselves to come closer to Hashem and make Heaven so much more tremendous, if we have people still on Earth doing things for us, our souls can make an Aliyah in Heaven (climb to a higher spiritual level). How can that happen? If Kaddish is being said for us, if Torah is being studied in our memory, if charity is given in our name, we can go higher. One more way to progress is we come back to Earth again, reincarnate, and try again.

That is a very merciful system that is coming to an end. Why? Because, when Moshiach comes no one will be here on Earth to help those on Earth. There will be no more reincarnation to try to get it right. Everybody will be at the level of spirituality that they achieved before the final redemption happened. That is it, it is over. What we did measure for measure is what we are stuck with forever and ever (the quadrillion years +++++++++++). And yes, we can be kicking ourselves forever knowing what little we could have done now to make it much better. One small good deed now or one commandment fulfilled now is rewarded forever and ever. The best investment you can make.

Please, please, please think about this. You may have hours to help yourself improve for eternity. To be skeptical or negative or rebellious or nasty to someone who is trying to help you, is ignorant beyond belief. The worst part is that you won’t find out how much this means to you until it is too late. Kicking yourself forever and ever, just because you were too obnoxious to learn and live the Absolute Truth when you had the chance is ludicrous. I am asking you to be nice to everyone, but if you are not nice to yourself, then don’t ask Hashem why you have so many problems and suffer so in this life. To carry this anguish forever is beyond ignorant; you are being cruel to yourself and your loved ones.

Hashem taught us how to be happy and succeed in life and forever. Start this very second doing the right thing, and taking advantage of Hashem’s infinite mercy.  If it takes doom and gloom to get through to you, and history has proven that it works, then so be it.  Just make sure that you minimize the doom and gloom by turning to Hashem -- it works.

By the way, in the last 24 hours there were 66 earthquakes worldwide with a 2.5 or greater reading.  That includes a 7.9 at Papua New Guinea and many over 5.  All magnitudes for the past 24 hours comes to 218 earthquakes.


  1. You need to be scientific about the earthquake counting.

    Vienna, VA: Is there any way to really tell if large quakes are increasing in frequency on a historic basis? I don't know how long records have been kept, but even if we can go back 500 yrs is that enough time given how old the earth is to say with any certainty?

    Also, what has been the worst quake to strike near the DC area and how at risk are we?

    Dr. Michael Blanpied: A lot of people wonder if the rate of earthquakes is increasing, but it does not appear to be. We have good statistics on the numbers of earthquakes going back years, decades and centuries. See a nice summary here:

  2. Native Californian: Are there REALLY more and/or stronger earthquakes and tsunamis lately, or are they just better reported than decades ago (especially the ones occurring in remote land areas or under-sea)?

    Dr. Michael Blanpied: There are really three main reasons why we're seeing more news about deadly earthquakes. First is that the quality of reporting is much higher. Second is that we're able to record them better due to global digital seismic networks that report data in real time. Third is that more and more people live in quake-prone areas, so earthquakes are more likely to strike vulnerable populations than was the case decades ago.

    1. You are doing exactly what the evil global elite want you to do. They have hired very impressive sounding PHDs to lie about the statistics and what is really happening in the world.

      NASA recently had a very prominent doctor of something give a statement that Nibiru doesn't exist. That is funny since it is NASA that made the initial discovery in 1982 and was silenced in 1983 by presidential Executive Order. It is a little known fact that the Hubble Space Telescope was designed and implemented to track Nibiru, while they told the world it was just for deep space exploration.

      Quoting the Washington Post says it all. They are some of the biggest liers around, since the global elite control them.

      I am only interested in the reason for the increased earthquakes, which is the gravitational and magnetic influences from Nibiru. The increase in number and intensity over the past year has been one of the best indications that Nibiru is approaching.

      My source of information that I have been checking daily is United States Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program, I definitely tend to believe them better than the articles you are quoting. I do statistical analysis based on the past year, even though I have researched trends over decades.

      My 60 years of studying science, especially the physical sciences, and my work history in the science and technical fields since 1965 gives me confidence that I see the truth, and also recognize the deception. Don't be fooled by the people whose agenda is the greatly reduce the world population by hiding the truth from us to maximize our chances of being in harm's way.

  3. US GS is skipping may earthquake reports?
    Especially along the west coast of South America see:

  4. Just today Two Giant fresh eartquakes 8.0!!!

  5. today 8.0 see:

  6. Uptick today??:

  7. For USGS earthquake info for any area/country just go to:
    Make your own search and you will see the absolute uptick in BOTH magnitude and frequency of earthquakes world wide especially facing the southern hemisphere and the incoming NIBIru etc Planets .

  8. Why Clouds every day all the time?

  9. Crazy temperatures? see this record

  10. I'd advise all those who do not believe the "doom and gloom" to investigate why about 80 or more NASA scientists and astronomers were murdered the past 10 years and why the need for covering up?

    I think those who have basically everything good in this world - although they pray for Moshiach's coming several times daily - are not really interested in Moshiach changing their lifestyle.

  11. Earthquakes past 24 hours

  12. Quakes Just now:
    6.4 Brazil
    6.0 Solomon Islands Yesterday :7.9, 6.3 Papua New Guinea .........

  13. 100 earthquakes past 24 Hours!?

  14. Rabbi, I enjoy very much your blog thank you for all the chizuk. When i read this post i think of the halacha 'not to place a stumbling block before the blind' and you are indeed going out of your way to open your reader's eyes. G-d bless you. Rina