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Prophecy Being Fulfilled (continued)

The third Parshah of interest is Parshas Vayishlach. This Parshah continues the conflict between the two brothers, but more importantly we can see how the events occurring are prophecies for the future between the Jews (Jacob) and the Xtians (Esau), and the end to it all – the end of the long disgusting exile. Once again, the details are too extensive for a discussion here, but the outcome is our focus. The Haftarah is nothing more than the prophecy of the end of Edom, the end of Xtianity. Let us review the Haftarah commentary in the Artscroll Chumash:

Haftaras Vayishlach – Obadiah 1:1 - 21
The Book of Obadiah, the shortest in all of Scripture, is read in its entirety as the Haftarah of the Parshah that deals with the climactic encounter between Jacob and Esau, and the subject of the Book is Hashem's wrath against Edom, the descendants of Esau. The Sages teach that, of all the prophets, this vision was left for Obadiah for two reasons: (a) He was a descendant of an Edomite proselyte (Yalkut, Job 897; Zohar); and, (b) Obadiah was the antithesis of Esau. Esau lived among two righteous people, Isaac and Rebecca, yet he did not learn from them. Obadiah, on the other hand, was a courtier of two of the wickedest people in the annals of our people, King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, yet he remained righteous. Moreover, at a time when the king and queen murdered nearly all of the prophets of Hashem, Obadiah risked his life to shelter and feed a hundred surviving prophets.

The Haftarah follows Edom through various periods of its history, culminating in its eventual defeat and final downfall in Messianic times. Edom began as a small and insignificant kingdom to the south of Eretz Yisrael, that, like a jackal, despoiled Israel in the wake of the triumphs of others. It enjoyed the travails and suffering of its "cousin," instead of feeling compassion. Then, in a vision of the future, Obadiah turns to the Roman Empire and its barbaric treatment of the Jews under its control. True to Isaac's blessing, Rome lived by the sword, and its sword drank thirstily of Jewish blood.

Finally, however, Edom will be repaid in kind. On Mount Zion there shall be a remnant: Despite all its suffering and persecutions, Israel and its land will survive and haughty Edom will be cast down. Israel will return to its land and its Temple Mount. It will judge Edom for its horrors and all the world will know that the kingdom will be HASHEM'S.
So what are some of the indications that this is already occurring, and of course the golden question: WHEN?

First I would like to make it clear why the destruction of Edom which is spoken about many places in Jewish scriptures is referring to Xtianity (even though all the religions of the world are about to disappear – you can’t go into the world of truth and goodness with a tremendous amount of people practicing made up faith systems that go against the truth of Hashem, the Absolute Truth). Esau came from a family of very high spirituality. His parents Isaac and Rebekah are the epitome of devotion to Hashem’s will. Esau, however was a rebel, a man who turned against the ways of his family. He married two Hittite women and then the daughter of Ismael. This alone means his descendants were not Jewish. Even worse, his descendants were pagan and included the worst enemies of the Jews in history. Amalek, our mortal enemy from the time we were in the desert after leaving Egypt, was Esau’s grandson. From Amalek descended Haman, another enemy who tried to wipe out the Jews. This goes on and on including, believe it or not the Germanic tribes which lead to the Nazis and as you can guess Haman descendants in Persia that today are our friends the Iranians. Many countries and leaders that tried to exterminate the Jews are the offspring of Esau.

But nothing was more ruthless than the Romans who converted their pagan ways into Xtianity. It has been the greatest cause of genocide in history, all in the name of a false prophet, a false messiah and a false deity that was painted as Hashem on Earth.

Anyone who knows the slightest thing about Judaism knows that Hashem is One and is everything. We are all Hashem on Earth. We are all considered His children. To say that He gave His only son to the world, and that we should pray to him is blasphemy, idolatry and totally against Hashem’s Torah. To say that this evil rebel died for our sins is also blasphemy since a very important message in the Torah is that we are completely responsible for ourselves, measure for measure, what we do and say. The entire system of this world is that we were given instructions, the commandments of the Torah, to perfect ourselves and give us a tremendous eternity. Give people the excuse that someone died for our shortcomings and the world is open for chaos. The proof is that the world couldn’t be more chaotic – I rest my case.

What about this guy, Yushka (it is the best name that I like to use in an effort to show as little respect for the villain as possible). Yushka did not live in time when they were looking for a messiah. With the messiah being the one who would bring us back to Israel, restore the Temple, end the exile, among other thoughts, why would the people of Yushka’s time think that he was the messiah. They had the Temple, they were living in Israel, there was no exile and, even worse, all this was lost after Yushka’s time. The fact is we learn from the Torah that the earliest year for the real Messiah to come was 4250 (490 CE), way after Yushka. Also, this Messiah must be a descendant of King David; after all, the Messiah is a king on Earth descended from the kings of Israel. The new book of the Xtians give two bogus lists of descendant for Yushka that could not be possible (the two lists don’t even agree). One is through his mother and the other is through, I believe, his stepfather. You do not receive kingship either way. The funnier belief is that he was born of a virgin, which is a pagan belief that the new Xtians didn’t want to relinquish. If Hashem is his only father, does that make Hashem a descendant of King David, chas v’shalom? None of the possibilities work and therefore Yushka could not be the messiah. Everything is in our Bible. Could something as important as the messiah will come, but have to return two thousand years later be forgotten? That would be so important that Hashem would have put it many times. It is not there, because it is not true.

I have also question for decades: what prophecy can be found in the so-called new testament that is not in the Tenach, the Jewish Bible? Give me one prophecy that has happened that came from their book, that is not in our Bible. No one has answered my question, since “anything in their book that is true, is not new; and anything that is new, is not true (Rabbi Tovia Singer).” I have spent decades on this subject including reviewing the famous “sermon on the mount” that Yushka supposedly gave. It is 100% a cut and paste talk from our Bible.

There is so much more that could be said about the lies of Xtianity, such as Yushka being a Torah scholar (a requirement for the Messiah). It is well documented by Yushka’s Rebbe, Yehoshua Ben Perachia, that Yushka was a rebel and no Torah scholar.

One more tidbit: according to the Arizal and other prominent sources: Yushka was Esau returned. Esau was reincarnated to Yushka to continue his quest to kill his brother Jacob. If you want Hashem’s opinion on the subject, watch Rav Glazerson show us where in the Torah Codes Esau came back as Yushka (three different videos to watch):

Why did Hashem allow Xtianity to even exist? We saw yesterday in the Haftarah for Toldos and many other places in scriptures that the Jews throughout history have strayed from the ways of Hashem. The non-Jews were always there to give us retribution, and to help us work together to come back to Hashem. They have been the disciplinarians throughout history to help us do the right thing, not to assimilate into their ways, which has always led to disaster, and to push us back to the absolute truth of Hashem as we saw the nonsense they were living. The RAMBAM even made the statement that Yushka was necessary for the Jews. If we didn’t have a false messiah, we would have forgotten about the real Messiah centuries ago. It is sad that a false messiah has been needed to keep the idea of messiah alive.

I should also mention that since the words in the Torah are all prophecy, we can easily see why Esau married the daughter of Ismael. When Esau saw that he was not able to kill his brother Jacob, he married her and told his father-in-law to kill Jacob. When the Nazis were unable to kill the Jews, they told the Arabs to do so. The wars of 1948, 67, 73, 82, 91, 06, etc, all came after the marriage when the non-Jews counted on the Muslims to wipe out the Jews. This is another very long story, but you get the idea.

Yes, it has been Hashem’s plan throughout history to prove that when Jacob is studying Torah, Esau can’t touch him. When the Jews strayed from the Torah, Esau’s descendants wouldn’t leave us alone.

So, when will it end? When will the prophecies of Obadiah come to fruition? See you tomorrow and we will find out, B”N.


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  3. BH
    "Yushka did not live in time when they were looking for a messiah. With the messiah being the one who would bring us back to Israel, restore the Temple, end the exile, among other thoughts, why would the people of Yushka’s time think that he was the messiah. They had the Temple, they were living in Israel, there was no exile and, even worse, all this was lost after Yushka’s time."


    Rab, I am very glad to greet you.
    I was 2 weeks in Eretz Israel - in Ramat Shlomo and could not greet the Rab personally, but I hope I will return very soon Beezrat Hashem!
    Sara from Mexico City

    1. I am sorry you didn't call me or give me a phone for me to call you.

      Are you making Aliyah and making plans? If not, I believe Hashem will make the plans for you soon.

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    1. Not really. Tomorrow's post will be more reassuring (also this week's Rav Ben Artzi message).

    2. Reb Menachem, Yushka is not an insulting or even diminutive term. It is the moderately-Anglicized pronunciation of the German name for Jesus, Joschka (Google it).

      It's just a name. The problem is not the name, but the term "christ," which is Greek for "moshiach." Or you could use what the Gemara uses. It works for our Tannaim and Amoraim, after all.

    3. My understanding is that Eisav proposed a deal where Yishmael will kill his brother (Yitzchak) and Eisav will do the same to his brother and they would divide the inheritance. His secret plan was to avenge his father's blood after Yishmael acted first and kill him too along with Yaakov. Yishmael declined.

    4. You're correct. I should use Yeshu, which is a hidden joke. The three letters of yud, shin, vuv are actually a shorthand version of yemach shemo, "may his name be erased." Or I could have used ממזר I am in enough trouble, we can let it go at Yushka.

      Also, I am aware of the Greek version of Moshiach, but that name does not fit him at all.

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  7. This is not a defense of xtianity nor of its leader, but one good thing that came from it is that is allowed me to be tied to their version of the Torah and to view it as the word of G-d. Without my 50+ years of being steeped in their version of idolatry I would never have begun my search for Hashem and what He wants me to do. Of course now, I am saddened that I wasted that half a century following a lie, but without examining the lie I would never have found truth. All xtians have the ability to examine the lie and search for truth, but most do not. Most of the Noahides I know have examined the lies they were raised with and have shucked off the lie for truth, so without an upbringing in the lie most Noahides would not be where they are today.

    1. I agree with you completely, but it is an experience that most of us endure. Even though I had studied Torah for about 69 years of my life, I still questioned the sanity of Jewish groups that I lived with. I eventually saw the nonsense of the Conservative and Reform movements and realized it was not Judaism, and definitely not what Hashem wants from us.

      I complain that it took me about 49 years to discover the Absolute Truth, but it was necessary for me to help others. If I didn't experience what I did, I would not have related to many people that I wanted to help. Hashem's design for each of us is exactly what He wants, and what we need. B"H

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    1. Thank you so much. They are long messages, but now I know what I will be doing today.

  11. "Anyone who knows the slightest thing about Judaism knows that Hashem is One and is everything. We are all Hashem on Earth."
    If we are Hashem on earth is this not the same as saying we are G_d?
    Is that not blasphemy?

    1. It is the exact opposite. Why do we say the Shema twice a day declaring that Hashem is One? Why does the Torah say:
      Deuteronomy 4:35 Ain Ode Milvado "There is nothing but G-d!"?
      Why do we declare each day that we are made in His image?

      Read my post of 15 May 2012, "What is Real?"
      It explains what I am saying, including the scientific proof.