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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Miketz, Hanukah, 25 Kislev 5777 (25.12.16)

The Holy One - King of Kings leads all the worlds in Earth and Heaven. It is His world and no one else’s, and He's going to do what we wants when we begin to do His will. The Creator will never do what you want before you do His will. He created us to do his will, and then He will do our will. He is our father and our leader. The Creator speaks through nature, through suffering and conflicts in the world and also through good things, so that the Jews will return to the land of Israel, to settle the Holy Land, to settle in Judea and Samaria and in Benjamin, the Western Galilee and the Golan Heights. Jews from all over the world should come to help their brethren in the Holy land. For those to who 'love thy neighbor as thyself,' all wishes come true.

The forces of nature continue to hurt the world, winds, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, problems with flights, trains and vehicles. In the sky, high above the Earth will be severe winds that will confuse and disrupt flights, cause tremors in the passengers around the world. It will not be comfortable; they will be scared and tremble in most flights, worldwide.

All the Jews in the Holy Land of Israel should be united. It is the joy of the Holy One. They need to repent, to observe the commandments, 'love thy neighbor as thyself ' and ‘a right comportment is before the Torah.’ The Jews who love each other, G-d loves them, and when the Creator of the world loves someone, He's protecting him and giving him everything.

Hanukkah is the holiday of lights because everybody is happy together, parents and children, grandparents, happy around when lighting the menorah. This hidden light connects us with the Holy One. It lights up the house and gives us life. The hidden light purifies us, and illuminates our way. This is a strong connection between the Jews and the Holy One. Our souls are from fire, some from Heaven and the Holy One, the hidden light connects amongst us. Hanukkah is an holiday of miracles, wonders and celebrations, the bravery, the strengthening of the faith in the Creator of the world.

Egypt –Sisi opened his mouth and wanted the UN to decide against the people of Israel and against the construction in the Holy Land. The Holy One used the wand of Messiah; everything went bad and got confused for all the Nations in the world. Sisi felt, the signal sent to him from heaven that if he continues with this proposal, and it will be approved by the UN, the Creator will take his life. He understood, got frighten, cowered and took back his proposal. As the Holy one came to Avimelech at night, and as He sent an Angel to Balaam and warned him, so did He do the same in this case. It's just a matter of time; there will be great problems in Egypt.

Everybody writes about Obama, who betrayed Israel. All of the UN decision is null and void.

Syria, nothing will help, there is no peace and there will be no peace. The conquerors conquered; they continue to conquer, and will continue until it is all erased.

Nasralla and Hezbollah are full of pride and wait for ammunition and weapons to come from Iran via Syria. Thanks to the Holy One, Who shows the army and doesn't let them arrive in their hands.

Turkey the Holy One plays with Erdogan, beating him so he won’t disturb Israel. Soon he will be afraid to leave the house. Most Turks are against Erdogan; Isis and Hamas are looking to hurt him.

Europe will continue to be filled with millions of refugees and illegal immigrants, who want to take over Europe. This has nothing to do with Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians. This is the creator's directives to destroy Europe and part of Asia. The Jews will run away and come to the Holy land. If there are no Jews in Europe, all will be quiet. The creator never intended to let the pure and sacred live on foreign soil.

Hamas continue to dig tunnels. Hamas and Isis will kill each other. The IDF should be alert and attentive day and night within Israel, across the Gaza Strip and the Sinai desert; they have plan to surprise. In the air, Defense-Army of Israel controls all the world, through the tunnels, but they should be very attentive. The calm in the Gaza Strip is like a cunning snake under the sands. They continue to reinforce themselves and are planning to surprise, Heaven forbid, the land of Israel. May their swords pierce their hearts and their bows be broken, and may they kill each other and disappear from this world.

Iraq Neither law nor lawmen exists; everything is erased, a Tower of Babel, without basis.

Iran Continues to attack Israel indirectly, glues to Russia, very scared of Israel, because it knows that they are the chosen people and that no one can touch them.

Jordan Millions of refugees trampling and eating her – Jordan is dying.

The people of Israel, the Jews in the land of Israel, are beginning to wake up and realize that the Arabs around us and within us do not want peace only war. Both the left and right understand now that Abu Mazen and Arabs want only war.

Baruch Hashem who opened the eyes of the Shin Bet so they could find in Hebron and in many places and villages in the country, lathes and mills for manufacturing weapons and ammunition under the houses. They will find many more places and discover groups who want to surprise Israel, but the Creator will surprise them. They need to understand that they should not deal with the Jews. Who is doing so will have big problems with the Holy One.

To Knesset members, who are given permission to visit Arab terrorists in jail, it is known that their purpose is to provoke prison uprising. They direct via phone the Arabs to hit the Jews. The Creator opened the eyes of the people of Israel. There are other Knesset members, who are openly and secretly pushing the rebellion against Israel, they all will be soon discovered.

The left wake up and understand the need to connect with the right and unite, because we don't have another country. The Jews in the world are expelled; they are being hit hard, causing them to come to Israel and to the Jews in Israel; they have nowhere else to go. So it's a good idea to unite the right and left as one body and strengthen the Holy Land!

USA is waking up happy and full of joy. US citizens understand that with the new President Trump, there is honesty, truth and justice, and that he worries only about the USA and wants to save it, along with the world. He will receive help from Heaven and will have blessing and success in his new role.

Russia, all the world is afraid of it, because it has the most dangerous nuclear bombs in the world. Putin loves the Jews in Israel, he says they are a special people; they are smarter, intelligent, compassionate, a people of peace and love, without looking at religion and tradition of others; and, they are fighting so there will peace in the world.

All the Middle East is being destroyed and the Holy Land of Israel is preserved and protected. A cloud of fire envelops every frontier of Israel and the Jews must fill their obligation “and you will keep yourself safe.”

The Holy One requests from all Jews: “do not assimilate, do not assimilate, do not assimilate! You are annoying me." Every Jewish man or woman who assimilates, the Creator takes from them their pure soul, because you can't mix it with a goy.

Parents keep your children away from drinking, gambling, drugs and assimilation; it is the most dangerous thing to human life.

The Holy One destroys evil in all the world starting from the Holy Land of Israel and continues all over the world.

All the rich must give donations to students, charities and synagogues, the needy and the Mikvas; they need money.

The Holy One gives a gift and miracles to the land of Israel, so they will believe in the coming of the Messiah – which is now.

The gift is bringing the Messiah, when all will shout in public. He will be known; it will be publicized.  The Holy One is helping and strengthening the people of Israel through our righteous Messiah.

Most elders and leaders in Israel are talking about the Messiah. Without speaking a word, most feel and understand how much it is such a good thing. When a kosher Jew is happy, he is receiving a little of prophecy. When a Jew has good intentions, he gets help from Heaven.

Soon there will be a full disclosure of the Messiah in public. The whole world will know that he is the Messiah, and that he directs the world. The whole world will quiver from fear of the Holy One and of his servant, the Messiah!

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  1. I just find it interesting how he keeps mentioning the importance of parents protecting children from drugs, gambling, etc. I agree that it's definitely important to raise our children on the right path b"h but if the Mashiach is really about to be revealed then won't it be a given that evryone will repent and our children won't have those issues anymore? Maybe he means the redemption isn't as immediate as we think; maybe it's going to be in our children's times? Just wondering.

    1. The repenting has to be done before the Moshiach is introduced. Once we have worldwide redemption the problems go away, but the sins we incurred before haunt us forever. Now is the time to clean the mess, not when Moshiach comes.

      It is virtually impossible with everything that is happening in the world that we are not extremely close to Moshiach. The thought of it happening later, chas v'shalom, shows a lack of faith in all the signs that Hashem is showing us. That is what has delayed it until now, we constantly look for "maybe's" why it won't happen today.

  2. This message from Rabbi Artzi (see paragraphs in red) is particularly exciting. Hope Moshiach will be introduced really soon because the longer we dwell in this crazy and selfish world, the harder it becomes to focus on the holy. We are surrounded by so much materialism and unholiness that my heart goes out to anyone who tries to talk about yiddishkeit to family members or friends. Most are still not convinced so it will take an act from Hashem for teshuva to happen. Ditto for assimilation. By the way, talking about acts of G-d, did you notice how quiet the internet has become regarding Nibiru? The proverbial calm before the storm? Chag Sameach Chanuka, Ms. AP

    1. Hashem is sending us very definite hints, through the Rav, that the Moshiach will be introduced imminently.

      One of the biggest areas of Teshuvah (which is making changes to improve ourselves) is getting away from the materialism. Yes, we worry about all the secular Jews who don't understand what is happening, but we, ourselves, are far from doing the right thing.

      Nibiru is very much still a topic on the web. The problem is: it is only being discussed by amateurs who have no idea what the truth is, or by professionals who are lying and deceiving us to be in harm's way. Both sources of information is good news that we are very close. The biggest indication is the continual increase in world chaos, which the mainstream media is still avoiding.

    2. Thank you Rav, for publishing this to help us..

      Thank you Shoshana, what you say is true... but i need a little more time yet, to do teshuva, to make repairs where i have been wrong.. and done wrong.... i feel truly.. ashamed.

      Perhaps with a lil bit o' help from good friends, perhaps, i will achieve what i have to do, as a Noahide.
      Thanks to Rav ben Artzi, and to Rav Menachem, for this blog, and
      Thanks Hashem for some more blogs that help so many, i know of one special among a few special others, that are reaching out and helping me.. and others too, i am sure..
      May Hashem bless each of you.

      And for some of you, if i have hurt you intentionally or un-intentionally, forgive me.. I need that so bad.. the forgiveness..
      Hashem bless you all.


      P.S: For one special friend in Brazil, I thank you for your prayers for me. they are helping me.
      May you all lovely people be blessed.. Amen v' Amen.

  3. Your articles are so encouraging... when all around us there seems to be such turmoil... but it makes us cry out to HaShem... how much longer, please hear the cry of Your People...

    We learned that when the Children of Israel were in Egypt and they were crying to HaShem... it was for the husband and wife to come back together... for there to be shalom bayit, to fulfill peruvu... is this true? If so... it is appropriate for all of us to cry to HaShem to be joined with His Precious Callah...His Bride/Israel... for there to be Peace in the world once again, for there to be "children" come from the Teachings of Moshiach and the Children of Israel showing the world the Way to Live... Your articles stir our heart to cry for Moshiach now... please, Hashem...for Your Great Name's Sake... that the whole world will once again walk with You in the cool of the day.

  4. The US of Magog needs to brace itself for more punishment:


    1. Just saw a Facebook friend post that she felt 3 earthquakes this morning in California, she heard they were centered in Nevada. Any documentation?

    2. It was a 5.5 and a 4.1 29 km WSW of Hawthorne, Nevada. There were 60 earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 and above the past 24 hours (275 of all magnitudes), but they are occurring in new places that I have never seen earthquakes. It is all good news.

  5. Reb Menachem, check this out. The upcoming Paris conference is going to have "70 nations!"


    This has all the appearances of Hashem's Endgame to me.

  6. Replies
    1. Which prophecy pertaining to which subject? Clarify your question.

  7. Michael Snyder wrote an article as well on theeconomicblog as well concerning the gathering on Jan. 15th.....Our little Chanuka lights and our prayers showing Hashem that we trust Him and only Him to guide us out of harm and protect us all at this time is the all we can do. Let us hold together and hold tight! We are in a time of miracles - and a time when the Light of the greatest dawn is appearing more and more - Hodu L'Hashem Ki Tov!!!!!!!!!!!!!!