Thursday, December 8, 2016

Prophecy Being Fulfilled (conclusion, I hope)

The answer to When all this will occur has not changed at all. The Tenach verses that I have been quoting still stand. The most prevalent is in Numbers 24:17 telling us about the Star of Jacob coming. The end of Malachi giving us details that the Star will heal the righteous and eliminate the evil of the world and that Elijah the prophet will come in advance to let us know is completely still valid. Also the number of righteous that will survive and the evil ones that will be eliminated still holds from the verse in Zechariah 13:8 (1/3rd survive, and 2/3rd gone). It does appear that the prophecies of Obadiah pertain to the 2/3rd group, but that is not all non-Jews, just the ones who follow the idolatry that is contrary to the truth of Hashem.

So what we need is not an explanation of what will happen, or what is already happening, but a status report on the culmination of it all. In other words, when is the Star of Jacob, Nibiru, going to do its worst damage, and its miraculous healing?

We have discussed extensively the craziness that is happening that is telling us that Nibiru is getting closer. The tremendous increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, crazy weather, etc. are perhaps the most obvious signs, since we know that the gravitational and magnetic effects of Nibiru have been wreaking havoc worldwide and have increased greatly.

As an example: in the past 7 days there have been 1459 earthquakes worldwide, 190 in the past 24 hours (as I type at 10 AM Israel time, 7 Dec 16). 83 were over 4.5 in intensity, with many over 6. These are record breaking numbers that are telling us very definitely about the increasing instability of planet Earth. The global elite controlled media hasn’t even reported most of the devastating events including the death toll and damage reports.

The crazy weather worldwide has been in the news. It has included much flooding, but once again, a lack of casualties and damage loss reporting. Many of my readers have been sending me videos that I have posted in the comment section. Then, off course, there are the readers who don’t have a clue about what all this means who are asking: Are you the Weather Channel (I have received that comment, or something just as uninformed, many times)? I appreciate the comments that I receive since it is telling me that others are seeing all this mayhem and that I am not making it up.

There has been a great increase in the number of meteors and asteroids hitting the Earth recently. Is this an indication that we are already experiencing the debris field that surrounds Nibiru? Once again, the professionals, especially NASA, have been silenced and are not reporting the devastation, but it is happening, it is increasing and it is all pointing to the closeness of Nibiru.

Recently there have been videos saying that Nibiru will fly by this month. They have all been amateur videos but some are saying that NASA is confirming the fact. But the videos that have me investigating the most are three from Rav Glazerson who is saying that NASA has reported that it will occur this month, and he shows us his very interesting searches in the Torah Codes. Watch these videos:

I have mentioned that Ben Golden’s last message tells of the leaders going into their underground fortresses soon. He talks about the fact that at the time that Trump is due to be inaugurated, they will be hidden underground. What does this mean for the next president elect? If they are underground at that time it would be due to the global elite knowing that Nibiru has come and caused tremendous devastation, and/or they have plans of being at war at that time. Either way, what is the possibility that Obama, by Executive Order, would curtail the swearing in of a new president? Is this the trick that the global elite are planning to keep a member of the Gog cabal in office? It was so obvious when Republican former President Gog Bush, Sr made such a big announcement about voting for the Democratic candidate. Hillary and her husband are members of the cabal, and like Obama work for Gog. They are very much involved in trying to institute the evil New World Order. Of course, if there is an anticipation that the US will no longer exist in the near future, there is no need for a new president. We must look at this last statement in very positive light. Even though it is part of the agenda of the New World Order to eliminate all nations, Hashem has a much better plan: Moshiach will be King of the entire world; no more governments needed.

Another message of great interest is from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, saying that the two souls of the Moshiach (the heavenly soul and the earthly soul) are being combined. How long is this process, since the outcome will be that the Moshiach will be crowned as King? Again, are we looking at this month for the crowning of Moshiach?

Another big curiosity is that the three pertinent Parshas and Haftarahs talking about the end are being read this month. Is this another message from Hashem that these prophecies, which appear to be happening now, will come to fruition this month?

There is evidence that various military units and government organizations have relocated to higher ground due to anticipated devastation in their low-lying areas. Nibiru is expected to cause great flooding along the coastal areas (east coast, west coast and the gulf coast).

This month has a very rare occurrence. The dates of the Hebrew month of Kislev and December track with each other. This happens every 38 years. We saw this in the years 1902, 1940 and 1978. Is it a sign that this year it means a lot more, considering the first day of Chanukah, which is the 25th of Kislev will happen on the 25th of December, which I believe is a pagan holiday for the Xtians? If the prophecies of Obadiah are fulfilled next week when that Haftarah is read, is Hashem hinting to the cancellation of the pagan celebration this year (and forever)? After all, there may not be any pagans left to celebrate, if Nibiru flies over and wipes them out.

Kislev appears in the Tenach, with a letter separation of up to 10 letters, 276 times. If I increase the letter separation to as much as 100, it appears 1024 times. The year 5777 appears 93 times with a letter separation up to 100. With a letter separation of only 10 letter or less, it still appears 13 times.

Kislev appears in Obadiah in verses 4 and 5 with a letter separation of 24. In verses 7 to 15 we find the year with a separation of 135. There is much more that I could do in matching up pertinent verses covering pertinent events with exact dates. The last time I did that was when Hashem caused my computer to fail. Yes, I am curious, but I understand the message from Hashem, and I can’t afford to keep buying computers. Besides, I am not Elijah the prophet and shouldn’t be trying to take his job.

Where does all this leave us? As I have stated many times, I am not a prophet, just a dot-connector. I just am very excited by the fact that in all the years I have been doing this type of evaluation, I have never had so many dots to connect. But, I also know several other facts that are indisputable. One, all the prophecies that we are reviewing “will happen, and will happen in more miraculous ways than we can imagine.” My proof? Everything that has happened for thousands of years has been prophesied with such detail that it could not be anything other than the word of Hashem. Two, all that is prophesied about the end of days, has already happened (past tense), or is obviously happening now. Three, since the final end will be announced by the prophet Elijah, all the sources that could give us a date have been quelled. It is the bottom line about NASA and all the professionals not being able to speak. They are doing it for evil reasons, but we know that Hashem is using them and their evil ways to carry out His will. It is also the reason that I can’t get a definite date (or even if I have one, I am not allowed to divulge it). It is the reason that such individuals as Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, has so much information, but is not allowed to give a definite date. It is the reason that the Facilitate Communications individuals get messages from Hashem, but would never be given the most important date, the end, Judgment Day.

Why would Hashem do all this and still keep us in the dark about the actual date? It is the best way to get us to do Teshuvah. By knowing that we are close, by Hashem giving us so many hints to the end time, we should all be excited about it, but very involved in preparing for it. It is brought down in scriptures that we must do Teshuvah the day before we die. How do we know when that will be? Exactly, we don’t, therefore we must do Teshuvah today in case, chas v’shalom, tomorrow is the day. We do not know exactly when Nibiru will do its thing, but we need to do the best preparation since it could be tomorrow (or even today).

Everything Hashem does is for us. He delayed the worldwide redemption from last year to now to give us more time to prepare; after all, it is preparation that will last us for all eternity. I had readers who stated: “Hashem sees the future and knew very well that it would not be 5776. Why would He do such a thing, while knowing the truth, give us such information that turned out to be untrue? As I said, Hashem does everything for us. By Him giving us so much proof that last year was the time, He knew that we would do preparation that we would have put off if He only told us: “it will be 5777.” Hashem’s plan is perfect; we are the ones who are not perfect and sometimes have to be prodded to do the right thing in spite of ourselves. Thank you Hashem.

We are now aware that we were not ready last year and that Your help was the only thing that caused us to do what we should have done. Are we ready now? Not really, but Your great mercy of giving us additional time has brought us that much closer to You. We also know that the hints that you are giving us now are for real, and that we are very close. Are there skeptics that will say to me: “your very own words tell us that we are not ready and that it will not happen soon.” Who says such things? The ones who are the least ready, and are shooting themselves in the foot by looking for excuses rather than helping themselves succeed.

Hashem is infinitely merciful. Let us all take advantage of His mercy and kindness and understand His ways. A tremendously positive attitude will result in a tremendously positive eternity for each of us. It is still measure for measure what we receive. Positive receives positive; negative are for fools who are throwing it all away. Do the right thing, we are just about there.

Final note: I will be very selective about the comments I post. To send me a negative comment at this point is very ignorant and foolish. If you don’t believe that Hashem reads all the comments and Emails that I receive, you know very little about Hashem. I will not help you doom yourself and your loved ones by posting such nonsense. You may think you are hiding behind the name Anonymous, but Hashem knows exactly who you are and how much you are hurting yourself, your loved ones and trying to hurt all my readers. I therefor will ignore all idiotic comments. Since many of the comments come from flawed human logic that lacks scholarship (pure human emotions), I will do the right thing and not help you shoot yourself. You are totally welcome. Of course, if you have a question or a personal matter to discuss, my private Email is there for you. The only problem with private Email is that cowards don’t use them, since they give me a return address. In the over 16,000 comments and Emails I have received, I rarely get a nasty Email, when I have the return address.

I would like to put some more icing on the cake with this new video from Rav Glazerson:
HANUKKAH - LIGHTS - 5777 in bible code 
This is only getting better!!!!


  1. Rav Menachem, regarding whether Trump is part of the "New Order cabal," here is how Binyomin Goldin answered a question related to that: ש. האם אדם כמוהו 'יכול להביא את המשיח', כפי שהגדירו אותו?! היו
    שהגדירו אותו כמו 'כורש'...
    ת. לא, הוא לא יביא את המשיח, הוא יהיה אחד מן הרשעים שה' יהרוס
    איתו את העולם. הוא לא כורש ח"ו, הוא אחד מעובדי השט
    The last word, is cut off, and it's "Hasatan."

    Kol Tuv!


    1. It basically says that Trump is not necessarily to be trusted, and that he is probably an evil, self serving individual, but is it doesn't really link him with the agenda of the cabal. When I go through the translation of the whole message, I will understand it more.

      In previous messages from Ben Golden, he talked about the great conflict of Trump being underground with the Clintons. He said something to the extent of "Trump needs to watch that he doesn't get a knife in his back." That doesn't sound like the treatment that would be given to a fellow cabal member.


  2. Calfornia Earhquake tpday
    * Magnitude 6.8
    * Origin Time 0550 AKST Dec 08 2016
    0650 PST Dec 08 2016
    1450 UTC Dec 08 2016
    * Coordinates 40.4 North 126.2 West
    * Depth 6 miles
    * Location 110 miles SW of Eureka, California
    270 miles NW of San Francisco, California


    Today's Earthquakes

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    76 earthquakes in the past 24 hours
    645 earthquakes in the past 7 days
    3,201 earthquakes in the past 30 days
    39,545 earthquakes in the past 365 days

    The biggest earthquakes:

    today: 8.0 in Kirakira, Makira, Solomon Islands
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    about 2 hours ago 4.7 magnitude, 3 km depth
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    about 3 hours ago 4.9 magnitude, 32 km depth
    Shihezi, Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu, China
    about 3 hours ago 6.5 magnitude, 12 km depth
    Ferndale, California, United States
    about 8 hours ago 4.6 magnitude, 20 km depth
    Healy, Alaska, United States
    about 8 hours ago 4.6 magnitude, 10 km depth
    Pul-e ‘Alam, Lowgar, Afghanistan
    about 8 hours ago 4.7 magnitude, 59 km depth
    San José de Jáchal, San Juan, Argentina
    about 10 hours ago 4.6 magnitude, 10 km depth
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    about 12 hours ago 4.4 magnitude, 10 km depth
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    about 17 hours ago 4.3 magnitude, 178 km depth
    Gorontalo, Gorontalo, Indonesia
    about 18 hours ago 4.9 magnitude, 84 km depth
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  4. Earthquake just now 8.0 Solomon ISlANDS.


  6. The Sun being affected by Nibiru?(flat-lining?) Soho /Lasco Telescope.

  7. Some nice Photos of Nibiru

  8. Folks- I think we have a problem: The ANSS Seismos (in the USA) are still shaking HOURS after 8.0 quake in Solomon Islands!
    Folks, there seems to be a real problem taking place globally right now, relating to the massive earthquake which took place hours ago off the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific:

    According to the U.S. Geological Survey, Advanced National Seismic Sensors (ANSS) . . . the earth is STILL shaking from the 8.0 quake . . . literally HOURS after the massive magnitude 8.0 earthquake off the Solomon Islands!

    Looking at all 76 ANSS Seismographs, they are still, to this very moment, shaking off the scale! ! !

    They update every 30 minutes and still show no sign of stopping from the massive quake!

    Something is going on deep inside our planet. I think this is not good.
    Are You.....................No. I am NOT a seismologist.

    I am not a Swiss Watchmaker either; that doesn't mean I can't read a clock!

    Seismographs register earth vibrations commonly known as earthquakes. When they register an earthquake, it shows in a dramatic way on a seismograph the same way hands on a clock show what time it is.

    When the earthquake ends, the seismogrph returns to normal. That has NOT happened for hours since the earthquake.

    As a common thinking person, it occurs to me that since the earthquake is over, we should see a slowing or thinning of activity on the seisomographs. (Forgive me for actually thinking, but it's something I do. A rarity for many these days, I suspect.)

    So I pointed out what I was seeing on this thread, and right away, you come here to tell me that I don't know shi

    Well, I do know . . . . something is not right. I pointed i

    1. There are many possibilities. Sometimes earthquakes go on for a while. Major earthquakes have many aftershocks. If they are fairly close together, they could keep a seismograph fairly active in an almost continuous manner.

      The truth of all this is we do not know, since all the released information is being controlled by the evil global elite, who have deceived us on every aspect of the chaos occurring on Earth.

      On thing for sure is Hashem protects the righteous even though He is scaring everyone to do Teshuvah.

  9. Colorado NWO

  10. Rabbi, I have a theory Mashicah will come the second after we do repentance. Sounds good?

    1. I have said many times that the first Geula, when we left Egypt was only successful when Hashem held a mountain over our heads, and scared us close to death, and we all said "We will do and we will hear." That caused us to do Teshuvah, and we then received the Torah. Happy ending.

      Nibiru coming is the mountain this time. All the Jews will be scared close to death and do Teshuvah. How? With one word we will turn to Hashem (yes all the Jews and all the righteous non-Jews) and say "HELP!!!!" It is not the word, it is the fact that everyone will turn to Hashem, not to Obama, not to Netenyahu, HASHEM!!!!! The happy ending.

      That is why the Torah tells us (Numbers 24:17) the Star of Jacob will come, better known as Nibiru, and Moshiach will be introduced at that time. Sound good?

    2. Rav, I thought you would find this very intriguing - a prophecy from a girl whom effectively describes Nibiru's effect as we've all imagined for quite some time:

    3. It is very interesting, but you gave an incorrect URL. Go to:

  11. Why isn't NASA reporting this??? That's what confesses me!

    1. Because the global elite who control NASA don't want us to know about it. Read my post of 23 Feb 2016, entitled:
      "Let’s Talk About the History of Nibiru"

      I have talked about it many times, including how NASA even lies about Nibiru to deceive us (your tax dollars at work).

  12. nibiru shadow

  13. Nine F/A-18 aircraft have crashed in the last six months. What's up with that?
    Just crashed. Boom, bang, smush, all gone.

    Nobody was shooting at them, they just went kerflop.

    USA crashed its 7th F/A-18 in less than 6 months, and NATO countries loses another 2 F/A-18 within the same period of time, without any combat mission:


    June 2, 2016, USAN lose one F/A-18, pilot dead.
    July 27, 2016, USAN lose another F/A-18, pilot dead.
    August 2, 2016, USAN lose another F/A-18, pilot surivived
    August 29, 2016, Switizeland airforce lose one F/A-18, pilot dead
    Oct 25, 2016, USAN-marine lose another F/A-18, pilot dead
    Nov 9, 2016, USAN-marine lose two F/A-18, both pilots surivived
    Nov 28, 2016, Canda airforce lose one F/A-18, pilot dead.
    Dec 7, 2016, USAN-marine lose another F/A-18, pilot dead.

    5 F-16s went down in the same period

    google the title for the source

    This was the latest one