Monday, December 26, 2016

A Continuation of Yesterday’s Post

I received a comment on yesterday’s blog post that required more space than what was provided for a response, so I decided to make it a separate blog post. I do believe it should be shared with many more of my readers than those who would have seen the answer under the comment section. First the comment:

deepsouthlady December 25, 2016 at 8:07 AM

I have been a reader for many months. I think you present many truths that many others do not. The total chaos in the world shows that the end is near. 
Let me go ahead and state that I am what you would call Xtian (though that is not what I call myself). I am a follower of the one you call Yushka (though I call him Yehoshua. Hebrew Yehoshua* Greek Iesous* English Jesus). 
Anyway I didn't want to talk about how our belief systems are different. I wanted to tell you that many of us are realizing the pagan nature of Christmas and also Easter. While we still go to my father-in-laws for dinner and I do give a gift to my young nephews as they expect a gift, you will not find any Christmas decorations or tree in my house. We also don't believe Yehoshua was actually born in December. The reason for going to the feast is that we only get to see extended family (those who live in other states) twice a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
As for Easter we don't celebrate at all. Instead celebrate Passover, as best we know how. I just wanted you to know that all those you call Xtians don't celebrate the pagan holidays as the "church" insists we should. A lot of us are waking up to the paganistic nature of the "church." 
We also don't hold to a lot of the doctrines that the church requires you to believe.
My family doesn't even go to a church, as I believe they are corrupted by manmade doctrine. Instead we search the scriptures, pray and ask that G-d gives us the wisdom to understand, both individually and as a family. 
Breaking Israeli News recently did an article on the fact that many are rejecting Christmas as a pagan holiday.

Happy Chanukah!
Happy Chanukah!
My Response:

I wish to let you know that there is absolutely no disrespect intended in my blog post, only my fervent desire to save your life. People of this planet are not aware of the Absolute Truth, and how by not living it leads to eternal destruction.

As I was told recently by a relative of mine, you have your belief, and I have mine. But, does she ever consider what is right and what is wrong? Or even more important: what is dangerous and what is life enhancing? That is what I wish to point out since Jewish scriptures are not our opinion, but the absolute word of the Creator of all of us, the One who has told us very clearly: what is dangerous and what is life enhancing (including the eternal life forever and ever).

Most fatal mistakes that are done in this world by individuals are due to a lack of education. We are all indoctrinated from birth with either a good education, or the total nonsense that has been passed down for thousands of years. If it is total nonsense, it is highly dangerous since we are being tested by Hashem to see how we change our understanding to the absolute truth, that is what Teshuvah is all about.

In a quest to understand the people of this world, my study of scriptures has included the New Testament and the Quran. This was many years ago, but I was very curious to understand why billions of the world population were ignoring the word of Hashem and only quoting text that was made up by people (as admitted by the Church and the Mosque). After seeing so many mistakes in both books, I realized it was a total lack of education that the people had -- they were only indoctrinated from birth, but never really analyzed what they have in the way of a faith system.

It is interesting to know that the New Testament was forbidden to Xtians; they were not allowed to study it, until about 200 years ago. Why? It has so many mistakes and so much that isn't true, that it would cause the end of Xtianity if it were ever really known. Fact is the Church has lost most of its control over its parishioners in the last two hundred years, as they did start to delve into the truth or lack of truth that the Church has preached for thousands of years. It is also the reason that more modern forms of Xtianity started to appear, basically Protestant factions, which even has the word protest in it. They modernized the Church and made it more salable.

Even worse, if one reads the text that definitely came from Hashem, it talks about the end of all religions in the world; why it must happen, and when it will happen. I have mentioned that the Book of Obadiah is very specifically the end of Xtianity, and we see it happening every day; it is imminent. Edom is Xtianity.

So what does this mean for someone who was not born Jewish; how is he or she supposed to survive the end of Xtianity? Hashem's great love of righteous non-Jewish people was proven when he gave us "Bnei Noach." It is the way not only for a non-Jew to survive, but to go on to a tremendous eternity. It is serving Hashem with a mere 7 categories of commandments and the complete instructions on how to survive the chaos of today's world, and the total disaster that is building up to Judgment Day.

And there is the crux of the matter. Do you and your loved ones want to survive and thrive in this life and your entire eternity? My post is not to tell you how I don't believe the nonsense of the religions of the world and how dangerous they are (which I completely have proven through thousands of hours of study and research), I am here to tell you there is only One Creator Who judges each one of us, loves each one of us and tells us how to get the best eternity that we can achieve by just following His instructions. Faith and trust directly in Hashem is available for every human being on Earth. Going through a made up source to reach Hashem is very offensive to Hashem; it is idolatrous.

There is only one Absolute Truth, and I have spent the past 56 months writing over 1300 pages of text (as well as my book) with the proof. My main source of information is Hashem, not man-made guesses.

If it sounds like I am more concerned about your welfare than you are, I definitely am. I have said many times that "Ignorance is not bliss; ignorance is dangerous."

Just a couple very quick facts that I would like to point out to back up my statement of how people live with the nonsensical indoctrination of their parents and teachers, and do not study and find out the facts themselves. Jesus is not English, but of Latin derivation. In the same way that Christ is the Greek word of Messiah (why they went to the Greek and Latin was only out of Jew-hatred; chas v’shalom that they should give credence to Hebrew). Very few Xtians know that. Yushka did not die on a cross, but was stoned, which was one of the four ways that the Sanhedrin would carry out punishment for Torah violations (all told to us by Hashem). I have yet to find one place in the New Testament where Yushka is called Joshua. Yehoshua is Hebrew for Joshua and is found extensively in the Torah since Yehoshua bin Nun, the successor to Moses, was the one who took the Israelites into the land of Canaan. There were other Joshua’s, but nowhere do I see Yushka using that name.

There is a very important fact that needs to be stated. The real Messiah is here in Israel and he will be introduced to the world soon. The important fact is: IT IS NOT YUSHKA!!!! The two thousand year old debate is over, and for anyone on planet Earth to still be honoring a false prophet, who has never passed the test of prophecy, and a false Messiah, who does not qualify to be the Messiah, is once again very dangerous. It is against Hashem’s Torah and it is very punishable.

There are many, many examples of mistakes that people make, but enough for now. OK, one more. His birthday was in the Hebrew month of Tishrei (probably September, possibly October). There is much proof to verify that fact. References that I have seen place his birth in the year 89 BCE (Before the Common Era). It is comical to say BC, which means his birth was 89 years before he was born (just another little mistake).

Take everything that I am saying with your best interest in mind. Hashem loves you. A little education would be the key to take advantage of that love forever and ever. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones. Start today to call yourself a Noachide and not an Xtian; you will be very happy you did, and that is the Absolute Truth. Also, I never believed that there had to be an excuse to get family together for a meal, unless you don’t like your family.

I have been informed that Harav Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman, shlita, is in need of a Rafuah Shlama. Harav Shteinman is a prominent Haredi Rabbi and Posek (halakhic authority) in our time.

Please daven for Aharon Yehuda Leib ben Gittel Faiga, that he should have a Rafuah Shlema, and merit to greet Hamelech HaMoshiach very, very soon.


  1. There's a story in the Talmud about Yehoshua Ben Perachiah and Yoshke. The problem is that the sage lived about a century before the date that is commonly associated with the time of Jesus (years 0-33 CE of the gregorian calendar). The time when Yehoshua Ben Perachiah lived (later 2nd century before the common era, or beginning of the 1st century BCE) is also corroborated by the story of the Talmud which took place when Yehoshua and his students were returning to Israel shortly after the persecutions against rabbis by the Hasmonean (sadducee) tyrant Alexander Yanai (reigned 103–76 BCE), which, again, happened around one century BEFORE Jesus was supposedly born. If I'm not mistaken, the Chafetz Chaim said that there were 3 Jc pennies mentioned in the Gemara. Some say that the one from New Testament never even existed.

    1. You have discovered one of my sources that proves that Yushka lived in the first century BCE. There are others, but the fact that his Rebbe and teacher lived at that time started me on a search for more proof (this was many years ago).

      It became obvious that the Church had to lie about his years, considering he was born BCE (and even died BCE) long before he was born, BC.

      I have been getting Emails from Xtians who are telling me how wrong I am about the information that I presented. They use the New Testament as their reference. I said several times the NT is full of mistakes, including information that doesn't agree with other information presented in the NT. It obviously wasn't proofread too well before going to the world.

      They are also quoting so-called Messianic Rabbis, who are very misinformed about the truth, and are very questionable whether they are Rabbis. A true Jewish Rabbi would never insist that Yushka is the Messiah and will return. It is the biggest difference between Judaism and Xtianity.

  2. Thanks for the reply. I never take your posts as disrespectful and honestly believe you only want to save people. I too have realized that indoctrination is a major problem in the world today. It requires people to believe what they are told without searching for the truth today. It is also the major cause of wars, persecution, and racism today. We should all step outside what we are told and seek the truth ourselves.
    Out of respect for you, I will refer to Him as Hashem as you do.
    I pray to none but Hashem. He is my salvation and hope. Perhaps Hashem is leading me to the whole truth. Perhaps that is why I have started questioning the paganism of the church, and no longer call myself xtian. I study the Jewish scripture more than the new testament.
    I seek the truth of Hashem and place myself at His mercy, trusting that He will lead me there.
    Do you have a good link for the 7 noahide laws? I have read many things and it seems a lot of them conflict. For example, I think mamoinides only lists 3 and others lists 30.
    I ask you to pray that Hashem will continue to open my eyes.
    May Hashem bless you.

    1. There are many very good websites for Bnei Noach, but you can start with who always gives good advice:

      I have mentioned several times that Hashem is sorting out the world, who are Jews, who are righteous non-Jews and who are the mixed up majority who have no idea what the truth is. The most interesting part of that is the prophecy of Zechariah 13:8, which tells of the righteous being saved, 1/3rd of the world population, and the wicked being eliminated, 2/3rd.

      The 1/3 is about 2.5 billion. Since there are about 14 million Jews in the world, that means that their are over 2 billion righteous non-Jews who will be saved and reach salvation. I believe that they are the lost tribes of Israel, just based on numbers of population increase that occurred over thousands of years.

      I also believe that the Bnei Noach are all part of the righteous group, and will find out that they also will return to Israel, meet the King Messiah and enjoy the world of truth that is about to start.

      All the people of the earth who have given up idolatrous ways and only turn to Hashem for the truth and salvation, are the survivors in the very near future.

      Congratulations!!! You sound like you found your true life and the absolute truth that goes along with it.

  3. A couple of things i didnt address in the comment above.
    I also agree with you that A lot of the xtian doctrines and feasts came from Jew hatred. Easter was created out of hatred of the Jewish Passover, As well as the new Sunday worship. I do not celebrate either as I do not believe a supposed holy day can be created out of hatred of another religion or race. If it is done in hatred, then there can be nothing holy about it.
    Also, as our family lives thousands of miles apart,and its hard for all of us to get time off to see each other,to me these are simply the only way we can all get the same day off to spend together.

  4. Gordon Brownlee, with all due respect you have so many mistakes in your comment that I cannot put it on this blog as Absolute Truth.

    Even the video that you included is a complete lie. That extremely righteous Rabbi did not say what is being said in the video. How do I know? One proof is that I have a copy of the note that he wrote and it does not say what the perpetrators of that bogus video said. It is so convenient that the majority of the audience that are buying into those lies, can't read Hebrew to see the deception. Also, I happen to have a neighbor who studied with that Rabbi for 15 years, and he verified the evil intentions of that bogus video -- the righteous Rabbi in the video never said any such nonsense.

    Our souls are from Hashem. We are all spiritual beings and part of Hashem. To say that the Messiah is Hashem coming down to earth is idolatry and blasphemous; my proof is all of Jewish scriptures.

    The man who will be crowned the King Messiah is already here in Israel. I know him and I also know that his introduction to the world is imminent. It is not JC. The two thousand year old debate is over; the Jewish Messiah will be the end of Xtianity (and all made man-made religions) as it states many places in the Bible (the real Jewish Bible).

    Read Obadiah which talks about the end of Edom. The Edomites were the Romans who descended from Esau. They became Xtianity. We know for a fact that JC was the reincarnation of the evil Esau, the brother of Jacob who wanted to kill him. That is the prophecy of the Xtians throughout history wanting to kill the Jews. There are many books written on the subject with absolute proof. My short comment here cannot do it justice.

    Consider becoming a Bnei Noach. The Xtians of the world are part of the 2/3rd group mentioned in Zechariah 13:8, that will be eliminated soon.

    If you want any further discussion, write me a private Email. My proof of everything that I am saying would take about 10 hours to partially cover, but individual subjects can be discussed. Of course, if you read the over 1300 pages that I have written on this blog or my 300 page book with the same title, The Absolute Truth, you would get the jist of my 70 years of studying scripture including thousands of hours of scientific research. Whatever you bring up, I have probably already heard it and can easily refute it.

    My Email is: