Sunday, December 11, 2016

Most of the World Will Be Destroyed

Communicating with Daniel, Jerusalem, 7 Cheshvan 5777

Oh Father, Oh Father, the world is full of lies, lies, lies, falsehood, even among the ultra-Orthodox. Controversy, Controversy, Controversy and it does not stop, it continues, and when we are confident that we have found the truth - even there we find a lie. Do not despair, do not despair, there must be this confusion so that eventually we will be able to see and distinguish between truth and falsehood, who belongs to verify; who belongs to lie. In the midst of this confusion - there is only one truth - and our relationship with Hashem.

Some people ask: What should we know about the star, why should we know all these things? We close ourselves in not interested in anything! This is also a lie, because without seeing what is happening, without seeing the reason that Hashem is going to bring destruction on this world, we do not understand, we do not understand.

It has happened now that people began to complain that what autistic people say it is very scary. Why talk about destruction, the destruction of the world? Hashem is good; He will not do such a thing to us.

And it's very funny and very sad to ask: what was before the flood? Was the world so bad, even though they were already righteous? Most were not saints; they were really wicked. They did terrible things. You saw that You needed to destroy everything and rebuild with Noah and his family being saved to built their new world.

Why 80% did not leave Egypt? They did not want to leave, even though they were slaves and worked hard labor with all the Jews. They felt a connection with idolatry (idols) of Egypt [our ancestors worked idol worshiping says the Haggadah of Passover]. The idolatry caught them completely and they did not want to leave the idolatry. It gave them improper delights. [Beshalach 14:12, these are the things that we spoke to you about in Egypt that we said is worthless and you disappeared from us in Egypt...']

Why was the first Temple destroyed?

Jeremiah prophesied for 80 years that if the people of Israel did not repent, Hashem would destroy the Temple, and no one believed him. And why not repent? They did not want to leave their idolatry which gave them the same guilty pleasures like Egypt.

Why did we, the people of Israel, have to go through the Holocaust in Europe?

I cannot say all the reasons, only Hashem knows this, but one thing is clear, up until 1939 Europe was the largest Jewish population in the world. Most of the Jews were very weak in their Judaism, and they were Sabbath violators. If you do not observe the Sabbath it is a sign that you do not to keep anything. It did not interest them at all. It was not considered sacred. There was no modesty, no kosher, etc, etc. If their lack of Judaism had continued a little longer, there would have been no trace of Judaism left in Europe.

Just recently we got the same number of Jews in the world as it was before World War II, and what is the situation of the Jewish world? The same! Not just everyone involved in secularism, there is a strong secular movement that has made it worse. This movement has weakened lately, and some of the ultra-Orthodox communities are involved to help with efforts to avoid further weakening of Orthodox Judaism. Many involved did not exactly know all the answers, and many of them, until they saw what Hashem wanted them to do, they brought all sorts of ideas and approaches that severely weakened the Orthodox world. In addition to that, the villains who want to destroy the people of Israel as a nation and the Judaism also were involved with improper ideas to attract entire communities towards forbidden directions.

For example: the situations in the House of Jacob, where they want to send the daughters to all kinds of work, it severely brings down their Judaism and weakens the influence of the Jewish mother in her home. Where is the Jewess Mommy that was once ready to live in poverty and suffer all kinds of difficult situations so that her husband and children can learn and get closer to Hashem? Indeed the so-called education in the House of Jacob brings her to this; but, it is a lie. This brings her to be the housekeeper and not the woman, because she works eight hours and when she comes home, she is very tired, she needs to prepare food, clean the house, do laundry, etc, etc., and to produce children. And when she has to give up on something, she could give up on births and she could not be a mother like she should, like she should raise the children with love and patience.

Before the Second World War Rabbis believed in not scaring the people with stories about what Hitler was saying and what he wanted to do. Shomer Emunim (a devout, insular Hasidic group based in Jerusalem) saw what happens in the world and knew it is better shout to the sky: we're in danger! But, at the Seminary, they reviewed the question: why is it better to use scare tactics? To save the people of Israel! To save the world, we should scare!

If a person does not see that there is something to fear, if he does not see this world as it is and not know that in the next world there is reward and punishment (Heaven and Hell), then he will not change, and will not want to repent.

Today the world is often ruled as it was in Egypt, not the country that is named Egypt, but the idolatry in ancient Egypt. It attracted the people to the worst of Egypt. We have today the same type of idolatrous, forbidden worldly pleasures.

Our world today is full of malice, full of lies; and, even if a person ever speaks the truth, another time he could speak a lie. Or, he simply does not understand the difference, or that it is evil and we do not know because we are confused.

This is such a generation, a generation that must be destroyed, it cannot continue, and as we have said time after time, the real Jews do not die, they will live and receive the True Messiah with their families, and with the other Jews who were at Mount Sinai and said “we will do and hear.”

Souls of real Jews: live! But the world cannot continue as it is today, full of lies, murder, idolatry, with the most difficult violations of the Torah; it cannot be, it just cannot be.

It did not matter who was elected president of the United States, in the end it seems that it's a lie. Even in England supposedly with the population voting for England to be out of Globalism and the New World Order, whose purpose was to suppress the Kingdom in Europe and to go back to the country they had, so to speak; it is also a lie. This vote was all a lie; the vote was to confuse the world, like in America, it was to confuse the world, they are all on the same side, no doubt.

We are also here in Israel living with the lie. There are wicked people who came into the Haredi world to confuse us and help the wicked of the left attract the Jews in their direction. It is a lie, to confuse us with money, with an interesting job, so to speak, with all kinds of physical things. The person gets drunk on physicality and is already not looking for a spiritual life, a sacrifice to Hashem that "it is not so interesting." The Gentiles or secularists cannot understand how you can learn all the year without freedom (this pertains to not doing whatever one wants, but following all the requirements of the Torah).

And I ask: can you live a day without Torah? What is freedom? Who needs freedom? The Torah is the freedom; this is the world's greatest pleasure that a person can get.

The basis of this world is the sanctity of the Jewish home; the Jewish home base of this holiness is the Jewish woman who lives for family and raising their children to a life of Torah, mitzvot and good deeds, and encourages her husband to study Torah and the commandments.

Today there is a different spirit, a spirit of materialism, of lies, of running after things that do not matter. For example: "a wedding." The main thing is building a Jewish life. We can do a wedding in the family for almost nothing, but today we make it a circus. We have a magnificent hall, photographer, band, flowers, balloons, invite the whole world. We get into debt and barely come out of it.

Once all the Orthodox world was like an incubator. Today it all became a lie. Today the will of the people, no matter what group if they are followers or Lithuanian or Spanish descent, it results in destruction. There is so much that comes into world that dismantles the ultra-Orthodox world. There are those with good intentions, there are good people who want to do the right thing, but overall most do not behave as they used to. If the great leaders of the past would return from Europe to see what happens now, they would be falling on the floor, tearing their clothes and crying, with ashes on their heads. Our external level seems to be very strong to us, but we face a big problem.

In our time, an evil spirit entered into the most powerful Orthodox communities, and this particularly affects women.

Because many organizations receive large sums of money from the government, they are under their rules, and therefore completely out of order. We need to learn things and know how our outlook is in stark contrast to Judaism. We need to be aware of the destruction that is happening, and know that the sanctity of the Jewish home it is based on all of the tenants of Judaism.

We have today some Orthodox Jews who are confused and continued to move into the secular world with all its desires. They do not recognize the sanctity of the Jewish home, that it is based on the Torah we received at Mount Sinai. But we do not know about that already; we want freedom, we want to leave the kids with a babysitter, leave the Torah and go out to enjoy ourselves. We do not know how to benefit from the Torah. The true freedom of the righteous is to go back to the book, the sacred book, the real study of Torah. That is freedom, and it is the best feeling of all the most relaxing feeling. While the righteous of old were going to their summer freedom by the sea, it was only to replace air, but they continued to learn the same thing. They did not stop learning; they took the "work" with them and worked at it all the time.

We are afraid to be afraid, but I want to say clearly: there is nothing to fear. It says very clearly that the world before the Messiah will be destroyed; 2/3rd will be destroyed and 1/3rd will not be hit hard. The Land of Israel is in the fragment that will not be destroyed.(except for all the wicked people, everything they have built on the basis of evil and all their curved ideologies).

It is written in the prophecies and in other places. Rabbi Yitzchak Abarbanel said that fourteen prophecies will be fulfilled and this is one of them. But the people of Israel will survive. People who are really Jews, who believe that Hashem is all-powerful, who observe properly, who learn Torah, who raise children and educate them in the Torah and acts goodness, they will survive, no doubt.

Like the people of Noah's time they did not want to believe that a flood was coming, even though they saw Noah building the ark for one hundred and twenty years. There was something huge coming. They saw Noah put all the animals in the ark, and even when the rain began, did not want to believe. Why did they not want to believe? They did not want to leave their idolatry which gave them great pleasures.

And we're the same. We do not want to break away from our immodesty, our lack of holiness, the dirt you see on the street, all sorts of things crooked and prohibited that even Orthodox Jews are dealing with. We do not want to stop our way of eating, pizza, hamburgers and cola. Yes, there are requirements to even do blessings on such food, who wants to, we just want to eat our pizza, the blessing does not seem to fit. A person should sit at a table respectably, wash his hands and intently say the blessing in his home or his work for his food in a dignified manner and not forget to say at the end thanks to Hashem. Jews should do nothing so insignificant, as only wanting to satisfy the physical, the external.

And this is the situation of the Jew today - including the Ultra-Orthodox.

Regarding secular people, there is nothing to mention. Most of them want to be like all the nations in the western world, which is why these Jews will not survive. Why? Because, really they are not Jews, even if their grandparents were also Jews. Their souls are not Jewish. There are those who will and those who will not survive, and what will prove in the end if he is a Jew or not a Jew, whether he is now secular or not, if he has full confidence in Hashem. He may be secular now, but he is a real Jew - the power will pull him back, he will take it step by step, step by step until he understands and believes that there is only one G-d. You cannot build the next stage of creation, until one thing - the most important thing that every Jew will know clearly - and it will fill him from head to feet and this is truly truly truly “there is only one G-d. He is the Creator, He is All, He is Everything. There is nothing else but G-d. There is nothing truer truer truer except for Him – not here, not there.

We have been chosen by Hashem to be his people, that is to say that he brings and will bring us step by step, stage by stage, to very high spiritual places. We are part of it; we cannot part with it; we cannot. The rest of the world will fall and disappear, but we will not, we will not. How high will we get? I do not know, I cannot even imagine it. I just know: until Moshiach, until we get to Moshiach and the Third Temple, at that time we will start the next trip upwards more and more. I do not even know how to describe it, but it will be good; it will be without evil. The evil will disappear! Do you understand? Disappear.

And every Jew today, sees the evil that dominates everything. The snake is found everywhere, including into the ultra-Orthodox. He sees it - his heart is broken and crying about it. That is a real Jew, without a doubt. He loves the people of Israel, he loves Hashem and he will be saved.

To see the truth; to see the dangers; to be aware of it, then go to the next level. Whether it will be World War III or the star to come and make the destruction, it is also directly from Hashem. No matter what, most of this world will be destroyed, and most of the population of this world will die - no doubt about it.

Now we have to decide where we stand. We cannot be like the brother of Abraham who was waiting to see how Abraham came out of the fire alive or not, and then decide which side he will tale, Abraham's side or the side of Nimrod. It did not work then, and it will not work now.

True Jews: when the great wars and the danger begin in a very large scale, Hashem will bring us, even if we are far away, and we will return. We should not resist. We should immediately repent, because it will save us a lot of suffering. The rest of the people who are really the Erev Rav (the mixed multitude), Amalekites, etc, there is no room for them in the new world, the world of the Messiah.

With Israel - do not worry - the people of Israel are alive forever.


  1. There is something that I do not understand. It is written down that the dead people will revive in the times of Moshiach. So, what's the point of dying in the disasters that are about to come?

    1. You are asking an excellent question that I would like all my readers to see. I therefore would like to post an answer as a new topic, not just a comment -- hopefully tomorrow, B"N.

  2. If you permit me to give
    A quick answer before your detailed post in regards to anonymous. Not everyone will be revived in techias hameisim( the revival of the dead)

    1. Yes, everybody would be revived. Just when we say Techus Hamasim, we do not mean they come back alive to re-live their life. The live their life purified, nobody will want to do bad. Everybody would be revived.

  3. Or maybe some people need the purification process involved with judgement after desth before being "ready" for what's next?

    1. Everyone needs purification before living in the world of truth. We are all in an impure condition now. How much we need and what we need in the way of judgement is measure for measure different for each individual that will survive. Hashem knows and will take care of us.

  4. I wonder why the gedolim in israel are silent and do not announce to come home.

    1. Actually most have made the statement that Moshiach is here, and that all Jews need to be in Israel. A popular expression they have used is "Moshiach is at the door ready to come in."

    2. Many Gedolim made the statement that Moshiach is at the doorstep, but almost none added "all Jews need to be in Israel".

    3. If you read the articles it included the statement to visitors you will be back soon, or don't leave, it is time for you to be here.

      Just one question: does it really make a big difference who said what, when Hashem is telling the Jews of the world they must be here?

    4. HaShem said He will TAKE us there!


  5. Besides Nibiru ..A cosmic Pulse is coming very soon late December see the links
    Time to come back fully to Hashem.

    1. Thank you. I saw this earlier today, and I am in awe what Hashem has planned for planet Earth.

    2. Amazing... only Hashem could stop such a thing. let's Daven that he will stop it.

    3. Stop what, the destruction of all evil? This is a very positive thing that is happening. It is getting us to finally do the Teshuvah we should have been doing. Since there are no atheists in foxholes, it will do away with atheists (including those who are too ignorant to see the Hand of Hashem at work -- they will be no more).
      This is the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah that this world has become.

      It also will be the key to bring Moshiach. When the world gets so terrible that the only solution is Hashem taking over completely through His servant King Moshiach, that is not to be stopped, but celebrated.

    4. This is not the first pulse to fly over our planet as it has happened about 13 years ago, is this pulse coming from behing the star? And it would be better to turn off all technology and electricity when it hits us. Me trusts in the almighty and everything he does is for the good.

    5. I have not really studied this pulse or the nature of it. I believe it is mostly gamma rays, which is much more dangerous to our health, than to electronic equipment. Yet, gamma rays are used in the treatment of cancerous tumors. Gamma rays effect our DNA resulting in "who knows what." I know who knows: Hashem.

      Hashem is causing this pulse, and He will use it as He is using Nibiru to heal the righteous and harm the wicked. Who will benefit and who will be in danger? Measure for measure, according to what each of us needs.

      There is nothing random in this world, only the Will of Hashem. Why do you think this is happening this month?

    6. Are their Torah sources that talk about this Nibiru and pulse? Otherwise this is pure speculation no?

    7. Everything is in the Torah, and the rest of Tenach. The most important source is Numbers 24:17, which talks about the prophecy of the coming of the Star of Jacob. There are many other places in Tenach that also talk about the star coming and what it will do. In every place that the star is talked about, Nibiru is encoded in those verses.

      I have mentioned that I have found 414 places that Nibiru is encoded, including 4 places that the letters are together, no separation. This was covered in a blog post months ago, along with many posts about the verses and their deeper meaning.

  6. Anonymous and others who are sending my comments that I am not publishing, please, read my blog post for tomorrow to see the danger of your comments.

  7. A very important idea has been mentioned by the blessed Autistic
    This life for us all is our very last Gilgul no more time to retry our life again!!

    1. Absolutely. The most important message is that this, being the end, means we have very little opportunity to fix ourselves for all eternity (that is a long time).

  8. Pulse info

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