Tuesday, December 20, 2016

More Reality to Help Us

I received this beautiful message from one of my dear, faithful readers. It is meant to be shared with all my readers. I withhold the name since I anticipate cynical readers who may get nasty as they have been with me. Here is the message:

Dear brothers, sisters, friends and fellow readers,

I am saddened to learn that so many people push away the messages that Rav Menachem shares. I understand some of the many reasons as I too hesitated to accept the "doom and gloom" the "conspiracy theories" and all of that.

Can it be that the world, as we know, will EVER come to an end?

Can it be that some "truths" we took for granted are not true?

Could it be the lifestyle we are living is not quite what Hashem intended for us?

That we need to adjust, large or small, to align ourselves with the Ratzon Hashem - the Will of Hashem....

But I keep Shabbos!?

But I keep kosher!?

But I give charity!?

I host people who need a warm house!?

But I daven three times a day with minyan!?

But I learn Daf Yomi!?




But I also make Bar Mitzvahs for tens of thousands of dollars.

But I also don't have Kavana (focused intent) when praying.

But I also spend most of Shabbos sleeping/drinking/reading magazines/newspapers.

But I also vacation in places where I should not be exposing my eyes to.

But I also open my mouth with anger and hurtful words and Lashon Hara, with words against good people...

But I also don't spend much time thinking about my relationship with Hashem.

But I also look with envy at others.

But I also check my phone messages during Daf Yomi...

But I also do business deals with just a little too much shrewdness...honesty? Halacha? I think it's ok....

Am I PREOCCUPIED with Torah and with what Hashem wants from me?

Or am I preoccupied with what I can get out of life and the accomplishments I can make and the money to make and the food I can eat (with high quality hechsher of course)

Doom and gloom can be harsh.

But what way can he wake us up??

If we don't want to look at the earthquakes and weather and a star or planet that one might think is imaginary, just look around your neighborhood!

Kids falling off the derech left and right.

Marriages collapsing weekly!

Children sick in the hospital with terrible diseases.

Couples without children waiting for years to give birth.

Singles getting older and older as the Shidduch scene gets narrower and narrower.

People burying loved ones from accidents or illnesses or even suicides all too often.

Poverty sneaking up on people and losing their homes.

Isn't that enough?

Apparently it hasn't been.

So either Rav Menachem can sit by and sigh as his fellow creations of Hashem are lost one by one, devoured by this lifestyle of living for THIS world, and having the world to come as a little afterthought each year around Rosh Hashem's time.....or he can risk getting Emails and comments like he is getting, and scream out to people to change their lives while we can.

Put aside the doom and gloom - are you and I doing Teshuvah daily?

Are we adding minutes each day to learning or davening or have we corrected our tzniut or our Shmirat aynayim??

So if you don't like doom and gloom....try looking at hospital wards or the list of Shidduchim or OTD list or any of the tzarus in the Jewish community....and let's get to work.

No one likes to hear that the fires were because of Chilul Shabbos

No one likes to hear that bad things happen because men at a Simcha are looking at women who aren't dressed tznius.

No one likes Musar.

No one

One way or another we have to wake up.

Hayinu k'cholmim (we will be like dreamers)

Let's make sure we wake up with a smile and not into an eternal nightmare...

You matter!!!

You're actions thoughts and words matter. This is how we build our personal eternity and how we work as a Tzelem Elokim (in the image of Hashem) - we're creating our eternal reality.

With or without doom and gloom the truth exists -

Let's wake up and get going on building our best reality ever, with good deeds, increased delving into Torah, better tznius, deeper Tefillah and authentic Teshuvah, Building a deep relationship with Hashem.

L'at l'at, but we need to get moving!

Thank you Rav Menachem.

Thank you fellow readers, Jews and righteous Gentiles; now is the time to come closer to Hashem.
I thank you so much for this very inspiring and thoughtful picture of the reality of the world. Your message is very clear that if we were doing the right thing, Hashem’s will, there would be no need for us to be scared into the proper Teshuvah. Doom and gloom has been necessary and used by Hashem throughout history. The fact that we have not caught on is our problem. I should mention that I am aware of the Hebrew that is being used in your presentation. I was going to translate the words, but I believe each of my readers should take the time to look up any word that is unfamiliar. Learning is a big part of doing Teshuvah – here is an opportunity to learn.

As I have said, people who are having problems in this life, or are subject to experience the doom and gloom that is already happening, need to pay very definite attention. Hashem is sending you very detailed messages. There is nothing random in this world. Everything that happens to each one of us, every problem that we have, is Hashem telling us we need to do more. Measure for measure Hashem is talking to each one of us. As my dear reader said so eloquently, we need to wake up, pay attention to Hashem’s messages and do Teshuvah – the correction needed, the improvement needed to solve each problem.

I would like to make a change on this blog. I will no longer post Anonymous comments. When you make a comment, there is a list of categories that you can comment under. The Name/URL is the one that you should use. If you are not brave enough to give me a comment with a name or even a code name, I am not interested in your comment, and it is obviously not something that is helpful or even being nice to my readers. If you have something to tell me personally, send me a private Email. If you are not mature enough and fall under the category of a coward, why bother at all.

Nobody is forced to read my blog. If you don’t agree with my posting, or chas v’shalom, you don’t agree with Hashem, such as getting us to do the right thing using doom and gloom, go elsewhere, you won’t be missed. The only problem is, and I say this sincerely, you need more help than any of my readers. The statement I just wrote will probably go nowhere since I do believe the ignorant cowards who write nasty comments, don’t even read my blog, they just voice their opinions. Why? Because they are so lost in life that the only thing they know is to find a scapegoat, someone to blame for all their problems that they have caused. Here I am; a very likely scapegoat. Come Judgment Day, you will be with such painful remorse, beyond description. That is the punishment Hashem gives to such people.

Note: I am still receiving comments from Anonymous.  I have stopped opening them since I now know that these comments come from an individual or individuals who don't even read my blog; they just ignorantly show hatred.  I believe that they are all part of the 2/3rd group, so they will be gone soon to start their suffering.


  1. I feel the need to question something about your decision to not post anonynous comments anymore. It is not a bad idea, but think about this. A single person can write as many comments as he wants and put random names for each one, so he will still be anonymous without telling his identity.
    Thanks, I just wanted to share my opinion.

    1. I agree that it is possible, but human nature dictates that people are much braver posting nonsense under the name Anonymous than a name my readers see on a regular basis. After receiving over 16,000 Emails and comments over the past 56 months, it has been very consistent that the coward always uses Anonymous and wouldn't want to be identified, even if it is a made up name.

      The other thought is that I can request a private Email from so-and-so and get a response. It almost never works if I tell Anonymous to Email me.

  2. Trumpets and Nibiru

    1. This is a very interesting video since I am not sure what we are seeing. Most of the time I have guesses, this one is a big mystery.

      I think it is funny that it is an Xtian source posting this, who thinks this is a sign of the false messiah coming, when in fact it is a sign of the end of Xtianity (Malachi, Ovadiah, Zechariah and others).

  3. Changes are here!!!

    1. Thank you Torah seeker, this is another very informative video that summarizes how unstable the earth is, and how much worse it seems to be getting. I have no doubt that it is being caused by influence from outside the earth, as it is mentioned in the video.

      The end of the time of the global elite lying to the public is imminent. They will be in their underground hideouts soon, if they aren't there already.

  4. Wow, what an amazing post! Your reader says rhe things I try to tell people on my Facebook timeline, but way more thorough. I'm sharing this and encourage everyone to do the same. The more people we reach, the better! May Moshiach be revealed NOW!

    1. You are absolutely correct. This is a very powerful message from a very righteous reader. Hashem does help everyone, and uses very good sources to accomplish His will.

  5. Thank you, Rabbi Robinson... We DO believe the changes that are coming are leading to a forever world change...whether we are able to comment and voice our concerns or not...

    we DO appreciate your blogspot that brings awareness and Truth to the whole world. Thank you very much for being so faithful, daily, to Torah, and to your readers...to elevate us out of denial..

  6. Thank you so much for posting the message from your reader. I needed to hear what was said. After the events that the news reported yesterday (the killing of the Russian ambassador, and the truck running into the crowd in Berlin) one must be blind to not see the hand of Hashem in the events of the world.

    I see that some people are having no problems in this world while others are having major disasters in their lives. I would sometimes wonder why this was going on, but then I come back to what has been said on this blog and realize that Hashem gives correction to the ones He loves. I have come to love the little problems that have been creeping into my life because it shows that Hashem has not yet given up on me and is giving me the correction that I need. I would have to guess that those people who are skating through life are either so righteous that they need no correction (doubtful) or perhaps Hashem has determined that they are going to get their reward in this world. Anyway, what people have been calling doom and gloom will only be doom and gloom for those who do not do what they must do, and for those who Hashem loves, it will be the correction that we need, so instead of calling it doom and gloom, we must look at it as the correction of a loving Father.

    1. I have complained about some of the comments that I receive, and then I receive your wisdom and it makes me forget the others, the ones who doom and gloom mean just that.

      Everything you said is right on. One addition would be that Hashem helps the very righteous achieve even a higher level of spirituality, that we common folk can't even imagine. I have mentioned the mystery of why Avrahom was given ten very challenging tests, when he already was at such a high level. Hashem wants the best for each of us and knows that if we can go much higher, He will make it happen. It is up to us to be more deserving of the much greater reward.

  7. Dear Rav Menachem,
    I would just like to add to the many beautiful comments that these all brought me to tears. Tears of desire to be more righteous, tears of sadness for those who haven't yet received such a message, and tears of hope that people are spreading the message to their loved ones and with Hashem's Everloving Mercy we can keep trying and keep out hope strong that we all will come to Teshuva, all on our own level, and that Hashem will gather us all in from what ever place we are at.
    Keep spreading the truth that life is meant to be lived connected to our Creator, and that following His instructions is the best way for us to use our potential and to live well now, as well as more importantly, to prepare for the future Real world where Hashem is revealed. May That Day of Geulah Shelema come speedily, in our days, with tremendous rachamim!

  8. Giant comet visible in Mexico yesterday:


  9. We all needed to see this reader comment. And I for one appreciate all that you bring onto your site. I pasted your reader's comment in the latest post of mine. Thank you again and have a frelichen Chanuka Rav Menachem