Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Rock – a Vision

We are extremely fortunate to have as a reader on this blog Shalomis Koffler Weinreb, a very talented video creator. She has produced an inspiring message for us. Please watch:

Mrs Wienreb has also placed her message on a separate webpage for your viewing:

I have said many times how turning to Hashem, our Rock, is what we need to stabilize our lives and get us through everything. There is no greater proof than the millions of Jews who have discovered the true way to salvation, and live it every day.

I thank Mrs Weinreb for such an inspiring message, and look forward to her and her husband making Aliyah soon. May Hashem bless this truly righteous couple.


  1. Thank you for posting this, Rav Menachem..

    Thanks especially to Mrs Weinreb for the beautiful message. based on a vision she had in 2007.

    I think not only Jews, but All good peoples of the world would benefit from it.

    I know i have.

    Hashem bless you Mrs. Weomreb, for sharing this.


  2. sorry for the typo..spelling of the name..
    I wish to correct it...

    Hashem bless you Mrs. Weinreb..


  3. Such a beautiful reminder to all of us to Hold on to HaShem when the days change.... Thank you for posting it for us... it was moving... Bless Hashem forevermore...

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  5. BH

    What a beatiful and strong message!
    Thank you.

    Sara from Mexico City

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