Friday, December 9, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayeitzei, 4 Kislev 5777 (4.12.16)

King of Kings, G-d, has chosen the Jews to rule over the entire world to help the world exist. Without the Jews and the holy land of Israel, the earth would be destroyed, nothing would be left. Thanks to the Jews who learn Torah, do mitzvot, and pray three times a day to our Father in Heaven, the world is alive.

Yaakov our father, already in his mother's womb fought with Eisav to be the first born. Eisav grabbed him by the ankle; he wanted to slow him down so he can go out first. Being the first born is a blessing, Yaakov needed to be first to get the blessing, so already from his mother's womb he fought to be the first born. Eisav rushed to get out to the material world, Yaakov wanted to be first to fix the world, to take the blessings that the ancient snake took from Adam and Eve.

Yaakov becomes the first born and takes the blessing from Eisav, and goes out to find a woman to bring the people of Israel to the world. Thanks to Rachel our mother, Yaakov took Leah and Rachel, Zilpah and Bilhah. The voice of Rachel was heard in the heavens and G-d did as she wished.

G-d chose the Jews because they are stubborn to have the good, and see miracles with their own eyes. The people of Israel need to hold on to the holy land of Israel! Not live in delusions, and not to believe the gentiles and their leaders.

The left and right in the Holy Land need to be connected! The left think that the Arabs love them - this is not true, they are tricking them. The right is fighting for the Holy Land. The left and right need to work together to protect the Holy Land. Seven billion people in the world are against the Jews and will banish the Jews from the world to get them to Israel. It will happen, don't be delusional! The Arabs are talking in the media about taking more and more parts of Israel and their plans to throw the Jews away, or to have the Jews like in the days of Egypt and Pharaoh. The Jews have nowhere to go in the world, and every Jew needs to come to Israel!

The fires in Israel are not from G-d. Why didn't he bring rain to put them out? So that the Jews know where they live. The fires were started as a result of nationalist motives. There is no faith in a large part of the Israeli Arabs. They gave the order on the Internet, WhatsApp and media to burn and they burn, and they have a blue ID.

All of the white collar criminals, those who give and take bribes, perverts, thieves and those who live on the backs of others will be revealed by G-d. G-d is not forgetting anyone. G-d has promised that He will not bring a flood to the world so He is taking care of everyone personally.

The entire world wants to feed off of Israel. Israel has everything, economy, real estate that will continue to be built endlessly, it will continue for another fifty years and won't stop. Israel is developing and it won't stop, the land of Israel is developing and growing!

All of the scientists and doctors, patent inventors - they are Jews; they are the best in the world! Leave all of the inventions in Israel, don't sell to the world.

All of the Jewish couples that have domestic peace will be blessed with prosperity, health and happy children.

A large part of the Israeli government is confused; scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Instead of taking care of the Holy Land, they are looking for each other. Instead of looking for each other, what he did and what he did wrong, there is law; they should go by the law.

Israel and the government of Israel need to support the IDF so they can protect the Holy Land and the Jews in Israel.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels. G-d is flooding them in Gaza. G-d wants to erase the seed of Amalek.

There is hunger in Egypt, complications and conflict, be patient.

Syria is a training ground; it is being erased step by step.

In Turkey, Erdogan is threatening his people; ISIS will not wait for him. Erdogan is opening the gates to Europe for all of the refugees. If the Jews in Europe don't run, their lives are in danger, the Muslim refugees and ISIS will kill them, they will take their homes and cars. This is G-d's doing so that they come live in Israel. The Jews are stubborn, but     G-d is more stubborn for the Jews' benefit.

Iraq is dead, a Babel Tower in this generation.

Hezbollah continues to be erased; they have a shortage of ammunition and soldiers.

Iran is afraid of Trump. Everything it does against Israel is indirect; they are afraid to act directly.

The Gulf states, Dubai, Kuwait - do not believe them.

China continues to take patents from Jews.

Japan wants to be connected to the US despite having a nuclear bomb which will be discovered soon. The earthquakes will continue there.

Jordan is waiting for the UN and Obama; they want a Palestinian country, heaven forbid.

Abu Mazen is laughing at the Jews in Israel.

Jerusalem is the capital of the Jews; it belongs to the Jewish people for thousands of years. G-d has chosen the people of Israel and given them Jerusalem! All those who cause trouble are just jealous and filled with hate. Obama said that the embassy will remain in Tel Aviv. G-d is showing the people of Israel how much the world is against us.

G-d is asking: Parents, watch over your children from assimilation, from drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

G-d wants you to pray to him and obey the commandments. G-d is showing the people of Israel and the world signs and miracles so that everyone is amazed and believes in Him and the Messiah!

Step by step, G-d is guiding the Messiah and telling the world: there is no going back, this is the generation and soon the Messiah King will be crowned in public! The wheel continues forward, there is no going back!

Jews, hold on to the Holy Land! G-d wants the world to be pure and holy. He wants the Jews to love each other and be kind to each other. He wants the Jews to live forever!

We can already feel the Messiah King, his work for Israel. When he is revealed, the Jews will live long lives forever!

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  2. Thank you Rav for this translation. It is brought down that in the time of Moshiach we will no longer have free will. Is that accurate? Does that mean we essentially would be like robots? Or would we still have some level of free will to practice, for example, gemilut hasadim, etc.?

    Thank you,
    Dovid S.

    1. Free will is a tool for us to achieve Tikun. It is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the world. Read my post of 3 May 2012, entitled "Free Will."
      It should give you an idea of what free will is and why we won't need it anymore.

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