Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Just Kidding

Another inspiring message from Harry Rothenberg.  Enjoy
This very interesting video has just been posted.
NIBIRU -METEOR - KISLEV (DECEMBER) in bible code Rav Glazerson

End to Darkness 5777 Hanukkah Matityahu - in bible code Rav Glazerson


  1. Thousands evacuated in India for Cyclone Verdah
    When will we be convinced that moshiach is here?

    1. How should people be convinced Moshiach is here if this and other earth events are not on mainstream media?

    2. Actually these events not being on mainstream media is one of the best proofs of Moshiach being here. The media is controlled by the global elite who want us dead. The last thing they want is for us to be prepared and survive. That is exactly what is to happen before Moshiach is introduced.

      This is much more complicated than any short message I could give here, but I have been writing these facts for quite a while now.

      Read my post of 23 Feb 2016, entitled:
      "Let’s Talk About the History of Nibiru."

      That should help you understand the evil who want to use Nibiru to institute the New World Order (possibly in conjunction with World War 3).

  2. The events of Moshiach's arrival is here. But were is Moshiach Ben David himself? More so, if he's here. Who is he?

    1. If I tell you where he is, it might be a hint as to who it is. When you find out, you will be very surprised and say "him?" I know him. And, no for the thousandth time, I cannot reveal him; you will find out soon enough.

    2. If Moshiach himself doesn't know he's Moshiach, how do you know?

    3. Why would you think he doesn't know he's Moshiach? In 2003 when he was interviewed by Rav Kaduri, zt"l, they were both aware of who he it.

    4. The Gemara (Sanhedrin 97a) says, “Moshiach appears (i.e. reveals himself) when not

  3. Maybe kaduri saw him in a vision not face to face. Which city did you say he was living in?

    1. You are probably not familiar with the story of Rav Kaduri. When he was young, probably about a hundred years ago, his Rebbe, was the Ben Ish Chai. He told his student three predictions: 1. you will live to an old age, Rav Kaduri was about 108 when he left us; 2. you will never wear glasses, also came true; and 3. you will meet Moshiach. I have a neighbor who studied with Rav Kaduri for 15 years, and he verified the fact that the Rav interviewed the man who would be crowned Moshiach. The date of the meeting was 9 Marcheshvan 5764, Nov 2003. Not a dream; a definite get-together. There are other Rabbis who have verified the meeting.

      I said I am not at liberty to tell within which city the Moshiach lives, since it could give a hint to who he is.

  4. The weather worldwide is Changing
    How about 39 degrees Fahrenheit at Antarctica?
    Is the earth tilt causing this see the following !1
    Moshiach is here.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plllgpQY2PA&spfreload=10

  5. A chilling prophecy dream of what the final 3 hours will look like before the final redemption:


    1. Annonymous, at 8.19.. who saw this dream?

      Why is the name and more details not given?
      Perhaps, Meanachem you can help with the answer?

      one more annonymours...

    2. This video was made by the 'Bechagvei Hasela' Organization. That is what is said, if you go to YouTube to watch it. You can Google them and possibly contact them to ask your questions.

    3. Response to :
      "Why is the name and more details not given?
      Perhaps, Menachem you can help with the answer?"
      Why should a married young woman expose herself to the public any more than necessary?
      Its her DREAM and STORY that are important,not her name! , to help all of us to do real repentance teshuvah Now. WAKE UP!

  6. Regarding nibiru, in the skies of the world and on world webcams like alaska and webcamsdemexico at night particularely, you can see moving stars or orbs pass at certain times in certain directions and these stars have colors of the rainbows and there might be seven in total and the only ones not spoted by me is purple and indigo and is this why the rainbow is such a bad sign? can you or anybody explain this? There are red, orange, green, blue, yellow really. And these wicked people probably summoned this solar system.

    1. Your statement and question are very deep and complicated. One answer is that the rainbow is a bad omen. Why? Because it is also a reminder of a very wicked generation, as we have now. When there are only righteous leaders in the world, the rainbow is not needed and not seen (Midrash Bereishis Rabba 35:2). These days the rainbow is reminding us of how bad the world is now. Rashi brings down the concept that Hashem provided this reminder that the world would never be destroyed again, but if the world is totally righteous, the reminder is not needed.

      Nibiru has nothing to do with the rainbow. The wicked did not summon it since, Nibiru is here to wipe out the wicked. They don't know that and think that Nibiru is going to kill off much of the world population and help them with the New World Order, which is an evil one world communist government, governing only 500 million people total (7.4 billion is not manageable for this evil governing body).

      Nibiru is a star with its own solar system of 7 planets and moons. Like our solar system of planets of different colors, the orbs that are being spotted are the planets accompanying Nibiru, which are of different colors. It is also the reason the orbs are seen in different places, as they are moving through our solar system.

  7. Earthquakes are rocking and rolling look at the past 72 hours of Quakes!
    Also Mount Helene In Washington State is being watched :


    NASA Scientist Says Earth Is Due for ‘Extinction-Level’ Event


  9. Important announcement to fellow reader of this wonderful heiliger Blog:

    Send links of this blog to anyone who may benefit
    The times are really changing Yet there is almost NO publicity is being made about this in the orthodox world and even frum sites !

    Earthquakes galore... volcanoes galore.. fireballs worldwide.. floods and weather changes ...
    Time for Teshuvah Tefilah Tedakah !!!

    1. I have been doing that for months, and you wouldn't believe how people ignore me. The frum community sees nothing, and pays no attention. When I tell people about what is going on in the world, they give the same answer that I hear from outside of Israel: "you don't know what you are talking about!!!!!" I have people here in my hometown that have stopped talking to me.

      Anyone who pays attention to the lies of the mainstream media has all the wrong answers, and therefore I am just an alarmist that needs to go away.

      Remember history when we had so many warnings and nobody believed it, such as Germany in the 1930's. Even the Rabbis said: "how bad can it get?" They are not alive to give you the answer; they found out the hard way. Today is no different, just much, much worse.

  10. Statue of Liberty Prophecy of the BABE

  11. Statue of liberty #1of 2 Prophecy of Babe:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rbhh8oZRpU

  12. Morocco Sinkhole

  13. Will the NWO kick out Trump before Jan.7? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp0yi0BCjQQ&spfreload=10

  14. Waves tzunami