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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayeishev, 18 Kislev 5777 (18.12.16)

The King of Kings, the Holy One is the World Leader, the Father of the Jews worldwide, has chosen the Jews to settle in the Holy Land of Israel. Jews came into this world to live in the Holy Land and settle it. The greatest commandment is to live in the Holy Land and settle it. Jews, who believe in the Holy One, follow the Commandments and settle and live in the Holy land. Outside Israel, in foreign lands all is materialistic and all is without importance. From the time the state of Israel was founded in 5708 (1948), all the purity and holiness that was in the world for Jews - settled in the Holy land.

"And Jacob sat in the land of his father's residence in the land of Canaan (Genesis 37, a).” After 20 years with Lavan and after the confrontation with Esau, Jacob settles in Canaan and thought in his heart that he's out of trouble. Jacob said: “enough of the problems and troubles, now I will rest and build a family here and the Holy land.” Then, the problems and trouble with Joseph and his brother began, twenty-two years of suffering until he went to Egypt. Those who are loved by the Holy One - the Holy One gives them great sufferance.

Hanukah is the light of Messiah. The lights of Hanukah come from the Hidden light and the light of the Messiah is emanating from the Hanukah. Hanukah candles add Hidden light to the Messiah.

Everything that happens in the world, are for the benefit of Israel and the Holy land. If the Creator did not destroy the Arab countries around us, they would be destroying Israel, G-D forbid. Whatever happens to any person, and anything in this world — all is 100 % by the will of the Creator. The world is not ownerless, when humans are doing wrong in this world, this causes damage in Heaven, then the Creator of this world repairs the damage caused to the top and bottom of this world.

Also the elements outside Israel, including Gog and Magog, all is the decision of the Holy One - there is no accident. Even the choice of President Trump, is from the Holy One. The Creator shows the Jewish people of Israel the good and the bad, the compassionate and the cruel, so that the people of Israel understand what to choose.

If you understand the right way - it will be good; if you want to go the wrong way- it will not be good. Whatever a person makes in this world will come back to him. The Holy One is warning and warns even stronger: any person giving or taking bribes, lustful, doing bad deeds, stealing, adulterer, mocking and taunting others or profiting and living on the account of others people, the Holy One states: “change and regret urgently your way; and if not, I will disclose you to the world. Anyone who doesn't follow the Commandments, or mocks Judaism, mocks the Holy one blessed be He, and the Jewish people, chosen by Him to purify and consecrate the world.

Anyone who drops "the clipot" of his body and follows the Commandments will have a good life, complete recovery and a good health.

Whoever does not so, religious or not religious, will not sleep and will no have life night and day.

Every Jew, man or woman who is a public servant of the state of Israel, must work honestly, truly and faithfully. Otherwise, he/she will be disclosed in front of all.

The State of Israel must not believe most of the Arabs and Abu Mazen, he is playing the part of poor, miserable, innocent and looking for peace everything is an act, as the snake lured Eve our mother.

They cannot convince the adult Jews, so they pick on young people and tempt them showing as if they love and want peace. All lies and deceit!

They want to take parts of Israel, piece by piece and then make us slaves, Heaven forbid, like in Egypt. If they wanted real peace, they wouldn't be preparing in Gaza great amounts of missiles and ammunitions, they wouldn’t be planning terrorist attack, or planning to harm the Jews and they wouldn’t be opposed to the moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Turkey Erdogan threatens Europe and is very scared of Isis. He's hiding many things; he has retaliated against his people, and wants to connect to Israel for our help to show the world that he's a good guy and a man of peace. Hatred in Turkey is increasing day by day and horror, fear. Jews beware, do not get close to Turkey! Jews living in Turkey, run away and come to Israel!

Europe, All think there is peace and quiet; there is no peace; the leaders are hiding everything. Refugees are coming from Africa, Muslims from Arab countries and in droves, tens of millions are coming and hundreds of millions would come. It will never stop, this is the hand of G-D. Those who do not believe, let them be. The Jews will run away on foot, without property and money - only their lives because life is worth everything.

The United States, The new President Trump, May G-D bless him and give him and success. He prepares his ministers wisely, and with knowledge. He is acting wisely when he is moving the embassy to Jerusalem; he is pleasing the land and Heaven. No need to fear anyone, with the moving of the Embassy, this is a great test. If the Arabs really want peace, they would be pleased.

The Holy One let Trump be elected to clean up the world. He knows that Jews are smart, wise and love peace. Trump and Putin loves Jews and say in their hearts: 'the Jewish people have the power of survival; there are no other people like it in the world.' Trump is a shrewd businessman, he knows how to work; trust him; all is well. President Trump will care about his people and the world, and he will care about peace in the world, nothing for himself.

Russia, Putin will connect to the US so to have equal force against China and Japan and some other countries. Putin wants to work with the United States, Russia with weapons and ammunition and the US with food.

Iran Don't trust them about the agreement made with Obama, because the agreement is very problematic, inaccurate and invalid. They did the agreement as they wanted it, but it is not an agreement. Iran attacks Israel indirectly, as it is afraid of the Jewish people.

France and United Kingdom intervene about the peace process with the Palestinians, to get rid of Muslim terrorist infiltrators and Isis. They are making a terrible mistake; the Creator announces to everyone that Muslims, Isis and the refugees from Africa, will fill Europe and will never leave it! They will eat all of Europe, and the Jews will run away to Israel! Let them continue to live in allusion.

Egypt, there are serious problems in the economy including a great famine. Sisi shows control, but he is not sleeping night and day; he change guards; he doesn't know what to do. People are against him; there are powerful struggles, some are advertised and some are not.

Isis wants to take over the Gaza Strip. It disconnected the tunnels from Egypt to Gaza and very soon it will eat Hamas, and Hamas will eat it. May their swords pierce their hearts, and their bows be broken.

In the area of Khan Yunis They continue to dig tunnels. They want to reach, G-D forbid, IDF bases to humiliate the soldiers. There must be strong vigilance in these areas.

Baruch Hashem, all women in the army of Israel are alert, accompanied with angels from heaven and complete support from the Holy One! Those who do not believe let them be. There is a cloud of fire surrounding all boundaries of Israel, and the IDF and the people of Israel should do their parts "and you shall guard very much your souls."

Jordan is a bulb of pressure from the refugees eating it every day. It is entangled with refugees.

Iraq, because they sent missiles against Israel twenty-five years ago, causing panic in the land of Israel, the Creator is erasing it, as Syria, which in the Yom Kippur war killed many Israeli soldiers. Today they are paying a heavy price. Every Jew is worth a million Syrians and more.

Parents warn your children against assimilation, drinking, drugs and gambling. They are the next generation of Israel.

The Ministry of education needs to invest much more in educating the children of Israel.

In the Holy Land of Israel left and right must unite and work together.

Israel's economy in the country is very good! In the Holy Land Israel building homes, plots, shops, businesses and roads, will continue without end. All is in preparation for the Messiah and to build the third Temple! They are doing all those jobs without knowing their purpose.

The Messiah is acting and working everywhere and anywhere in the country, leaving blessing and light everywhere that he arrives. Upper Messiah and Lower Messiah did connect and are connected.

Lea our mother released Upper Messiah, Rachel our mother released Lower Messiah; their souls are joined together and are in the land of Israel, this is the man called Messiah Ben David.

Soon everyone will cry out they want Messiah urgently; and all, the State of Israel and the world will consult him because no one has answers or solution, only the Holy One via the King Messiah!

Courtesy of the site: "Tairneri"
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    Bring down the window and post under Name/URL, which can be any made up name.

    1. Discussion on cosmic wave and the tale about the secchi nibiru postings . Also jet stream inside earth ??...
      Also Antarctica Very very interesting info ten nations are there now ...

  2. High strangeness
    Why are the world royalty trekking there ? Over ten famous people recently landed there.Why?
    Does the royalty descend from the anakim as stated in torah?
    Do they know their times are numbered? Moshiach is here?

  3. Reb Menachem
    People are afraid of the NWO and rightfully so !
    please revert to your old policy and allow anonymous posts.

    1. As I have said all along, the NWO is being used by Hashem to punish the evil ones of the world. Ironically it means that the major players of the NWO will be the greatest cause of their own retribution due to the evil they are trying to bring to the world.

      Throughout history Hashem has taken the most evil leaders to very high positions and gave them a false confidence of success. Then when they were very high and powerful, Hashem dropped them with great retribution and ended them. The upcoming events will be no different. Hashem is consistent and will bring the world to complete goodness.

      I eliminated Anonymous to try to help the ignoramuses who are greatly hurting themselves with such nasty comments. It is working. Their comments are only being read by Hashem as He prepares their punishment. It is not me that they are hurting, but if I published their negativity, it would hurt my readers, as well as the writers of such horror. I believe: "when in doubt, leave it out." (Their comments include horrible language which could cause earthquakes -- they are of the 2/3rd group.)

  4. Volcano ITALY

  5. Latest Nibiru discussion Urgent

  6. Rav Menahem, Please clarify Rabbi Artzi's comment that the economy in Israel is very good. The Jerusalem Post ran a story yesterday that 1 in 5 families receives social assistance. This is confusing. I will not give up my plans for aliya no matter what and know enough to understand that we all have our own tailor made tikkun. Please help me understand his view. How does he receive these messages? What am i missing? I will be asking even harder for Moshiach to be revealed on Erev Chanukah, my mom's third yahrzeit.
    Ms. AP

    1. I know I repeat myself, but here it goes. Not everyone in Israel is deserving of Hashem's goodness. Everyone in the world, including the people of Israel, receives measure for measure what they deserve. The economic statistics includes all the Arabs who are very much struggling, and Jews who are irresponsible and fighting Hashem. I live in one of the poorest towns in Israel, and yet Hashem is happy to see that the Jews of this town who are well off share with those who do not have as much. Hashem is judging us for our actions and that definitely includes how giving we are, or how selfish we are. Who lives by the Torah, and who think they know better.

      The statistics are very distorted, but I could give you a very long list of programs in Israel that would make the rest of the world jealous. A few examples: the help given to Yeshivahs and Seminaries, the inexpensive health care, the tax breaks for retired people (none of my retirement pays are taxable, and Israel even has an agreement for retired Americans that the US can't tax Social Security recipients who live in Israel), there is work for those who want it, there are very good benefits for children and their families, etc, etc, etc.

      It all comes down to who is with Hashem, and who is fighting Hashem, as to who has the problems and who doesn't. Those who stop living in the upside-down fantasy world, and are only turning to the world of goodness, experience the mercy of Hashem. Actually, I am surprised if it is only 1 in 5, B"H.

  7. How curious.... A 35 million followers entertainment page saying that rough times are coming... Coincidence? Maybe...

    By the way I'm a teenager (yeah you don't often get to see teenagers reading blogs like this)

    1. Welcome teenager. Since you are the future, we are very happy to have you here, and want to hear from you. Actually, I get more young people than one might think. Jewish youths are more involved that others (I will probably get criticized for that statement, but I am not telling you all the details about the subject, since it is more complicated than I wish to review here).

      There is no such thing as coincidence, so what you see is what Hashem wants.

  8. Rav Menahem, Thank you for your patience and if you repeated yourself i am glad because it is all coming together. Trials and tribulations get us closer to Hashem so whenever something happens i don't fight it anymore or assign blame. I look for the lesson and if that resulted in some spiritual insight or growth. Ms.AP

    1. Beautifully said. Now, if you could teach the rest of the world that lesson, all would be well.

  9. I have a request. I am receiving comments that make no sense at all. They are statements that refer to something that is not discernible.

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    Please, be nice to my readers and me. If you are not clear on a subject, as most of the complaints that I receive seem to indicate, send me an Email with a question, not a complaint about something you don't understand.

    Be fair, be more considerate of others, be a Torah Jew or a righteous non-Jew and write as though I am a fellow human being who is trying very much to save your life. If I made a mistake, then question it. Nobody would be as fast to apologize on an issue as I would because I am here to help, not to deceive or confuse. Do the right thing, Hashem is watching and judging you (and me).

    1. Quote 'I presently have a backlog of 417 Emails to review'
      Its refreshing to see that this blog is getting out there!

    2. This blog is 56 months old and I have had readers from 189 countries. I do receive advertisements, regular shiurim, notices of shiurim and other items sent to me daily. I still have to open each and review, but if I can be of assistance to anyone or learn from what I receive, the goal of this blog is fulfilled.