Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Chanukah, and Only Chanukah


We have talked about the tremendous need for doing Teshuvah now and correcting any mistakes that we are making.  A very common mistake that is done at this time of the year is Xmas.  I have talked about Xtianity being idolatry, but nothing exemplifies that more than the Xmas celebration.  Why because it is a pagan holiday with all its pagan rituals.

If you don't believe me, watch this short video of Pat Robertson being interviewed about the subject:
Pat Robertson, a devout Xtian, would never make such statements unless they were absolutely true.

There is no way that I can control the Xtians or the world, or convince them of their sinful ways.  But, how many Jews do you know who will gladly tell you how much they join their Xtian friends in this celebration?  Many will tell you: it has become such a national holiday, that everyone gets involved.  Is there anything wrong with giving a gift to a non-Jewish friend, or going over their house to see the tree, or having a little eggnog, after all isn't is just being nice to ones' neighbors?  The answer is: it is they are pagan rituals, they are idolatrous, and according to Hashem, it is punishable (even for an Xtian).

How many times did Hashem punish populations throughout history for pagan rituals?  For Jews, assimilation is punishable, but assimilation including joining in idolatrous celebration is highly punishable, according to the Torah. 

Every Jew will be glad to tell you: I am not celebrating their pagan holiday, I am just making nice with a neighbor.  Do you know that a Jew can go into an Islamic Mosque, but is not allowed to even step foot in a church?  Why?  There are idolatrous symbols in a church such as a cross, or even worse, a crucifix.  There are no such items in a Mosque that would preclude a Jew being present.  Going into a home completely decorated with pagan symbols (and there are many) is no different than the reason a church is forbidden.  Joining in the celebration by gift giving or singing songs, or having something to eat or drink that is not kosher, or etc (there are many pitfalls to avoid), is idolatrous and punishable.  It is the opposite of doing Teshuvah. 

None of this is my opinion; it is very clearly written numerous times in the Torah and discussed extensively in the Oral Torah.  It is probably another good reason to be in Israel (there he goes again).  It is so nice to be in Jerusalem and see all the beautiful Chanukah decorations on the streets.  Menorahs galore, but not one pagan symbol of an idolatrous belief.

We human beings are weak and think that we can handle the situation.  But we have no idea how something affects our soul.  Is being in the same room with a Xmas tree dangerous to our souls? According to our Creator, a resounding YES!!!!   Why chance anything going wrong for all eternity, due to a lack of education about the Absolute Truth.  I never felt a need to share Chanukah with any non-Jew, unless the person was contemplating conversion or a Noachide.  I have no desire to share the rituals of paganism unless I was thinking about conversion, chas v'shalom.

There is no excuse to assimilating with idolaters.  All reasons are punishable by Hashem.  Don't even take a chance and think otherwise.


  1. I have been reader for many months. I think you present many truths that many others are not. The total chaos in the world shows that the end is near.
    Let me go ahead and state that I am a what you would call Xian (though that is not what I call myself). I am a follower of the one you call Yushka (though I call him Yehoshua. Hebrew Yehoshua* Greek Iesous* English Jesus.
    Anyway I didn't want to talk about how our belief systems are different. I wanted to tell you that many of us are realizing the pagan nature of Christmas and also easter. While we still go to my father-in-laws for dinner and I do give a gift to my young nephews as they expect a gift, you will not find any Christmas decorations or tree in my house. We also don't believe Yehoshua was actually born in December. The reason for going to the feast is that we only get to see extended family(those who live in other states) twice a year, Thanksgiving and christmas.
    As far Easter we don't celebrate at all. Instead celebrate Passover,as best we know how. I just wanted you to know that all those you call xtans don't celebrate the pagan holidays as the "church" insists we should. A lot of us are waking to the paganistic nature of the "church"
    We also don't hold to a lot of the doctrines that the church requires you to believe.
    My family doesn't even go to a church, as I believe they are corrupted by manmade doctrine. Instead we search the scriptures,pray and ask that G-d gives us the wisdom to understand, both individually and as a family.
    Breaking Israeli news recently did an article on the fact that many are rejecting christmas as a pagan holiday.
    Happy Chanukah!

    1. I wrote an answer to your inquiry only to find I had exceeded the 4,096 characters that I allowed as a reply. I instead have decided just to post my response as tomorrow's blog post.

      I know, I am a man of too many words, but most topics that we cover on this blog would take books written to exhaust the topic's information.

  2. Please also comment on the news from the UN and how this is yet another sign that we are almost "there." Totally predictable and a bit scary, yet all from Hashem and all leading to the ultimate good.

    1. It is not scary when we know that Hashem is completely in control. We are being tested by the evil ones of the world, and Hashem is watching to see who thinks this is a problem versus who has completely turned to Hashem and is not worried at all. I really don't want to discuss it any more, since it is all an allusion and totally not important.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will be looking forward to reading it.

  4. 7.9 Earthquake in Chile
    just today !
    The Kochav is showing itself?