Monday, September 5, 2016

Very Interesting and Important Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Re’eh, 24 Av 5776 (8/28/16)

G-d, King of Kings, is saying: "I did not come to surprise you and destroy the world, even though I control the forces of nature, and the entire world is in chaos and Armageddon, and even though I have confused the languages of all countries like the Babel Tower. The world is not surprised at what I do, especially not the Jews who have it written in their holy books, Kaballah and prophets what will happen in the end of days. It is that time! If you still do not understand that it is that time, I am telling you now! In the Holy Land, all is good and better than good! Israel is protected by a cloud of fire around the borders and I, G-d, am above, protecting Israel and everything in it! All of the anti-Semitism in the world and conflict between and within countries will continue and increase, there will not be pause or calm, the world will not be peaceful again until I crown the Messiah King in public! All of the Jews in the world must come to the Holy Land and all of the Israelis who left, come back. Take this seriously! You must raise your children and yourselves without panic, without fear and without the killings outside of Israel that will only increase!"

G-d is shocking the world through the forces of nature, fire, water, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, winds and storms. He is confusing the world and not giving countries a clue of what will and what will not be. All of the people in the world are scared and confused; they don't know what will happen in a minute, or a day. All of the harm done by the forces of nature on earth is payment that G-d is taking from every country and gentile that treated the Holy Land badly since the beginning of the world! G-d is closing loose ends, now before the crowning of the Messiah King, with all of the countries and people in the world that harmed Jews, even with those that destroyed the Temples. G-d has time to judge. There is no date for a person's or country's judgment day, but G-d knows exactly when it is and how to harm any country or person that wants to take land from Israel.

G-d is always giving man freedom of choice, and according to that choice, G-d gives judgment - mercy or judgment.

The entire world is cruel; they are killing each other, murdering, stealing, committing adultery and they don't know why. The world outside of Israel has become filled with robots, because it is time that the world becomes pure and holy and everyone is kind, has mercy for each other and loves each other. The conflict, wars and killing in the world will stop. For Israel and the Jews living in Israel there will never be death! They will rule the world without an army or war. Whoever doesn't know that this is G-d's plan can know it now! G-d is warning: Don't say I did not say, that I did not warn.

G-d is asking all of the Jewish scientists that invent patents: "I give you the patents in your brain. Please leave them in the holy land! It is not for the gentiles, it is so that you can rule the gentiles!"

Jewish parents in the holy land of Israel, guide your children what is right and wrong in the world, and do not say that the world is modern. Modern is rebellious, it puts man to sleep. Watch over your children from assimilation, drugs, gambling, and alcohol abuse.

Part of the solution, so that Jews know how to exist in the world, is explanation. You must explain and understand each other! When there is understanding and knowledge between people, it builds goodness! Conflicts between couples are a result of misunderstandings. If you have understanding, there will be peace in the home. This is also true between businesspeople and everything else.

All of the white and black collar criminals, officials, religious or secular, people who take bribes, commit adultery, cheat, and steal, all will be revealed. G-d is cleaning out the holy land of Israel before the world.

In the holy land of Israel nothing is missing! It is no shame to work, the Tanaim and Amoraim, the world's greatest people of Torah and wisdom of G-d, worked half a day and studied half a day. Elisha the prophet worked the fields with bulls and in the middle of his work, Eliyahu the prophet made him a prophet in his stead. Moses was a shepherd and worked in farming. King David was a shepherd. Even Yossef worked in farming and gave instructions on how to grow crops.

The government of Israel will not surrender and will not be convinced to give land away for a Palestinian state! This could compromise the security of Israel. G-d is saying: "You must not give the Palestinians any piece of land!" G-d is telling all of the Jews in Israel and the world: "The gentiles have the entire world and the Jews have a small place on earth. The jealousy is eating at their hearts because G-d loves the Jews first and protects the Holy Land!"

The government of Israel must take the tunnels seriously, they are filled with ammunition and weapons going to Gaza and they are working 24 hours a day. Their goal is to harm IDF soldiers.

Hamas and the Palestinians are claiming that they don't want war with Israel. They are liars and cheats! They are still not ready; the infrastructure to launch hundreds of long-range missiles is still not ready. When they are ready and will know how to operate the computers, they won't wait even a second.

In Gaza, they are getting armed and stronger. They are not yet ready, but when they are they will want to harm Israel. They will not get that satisfaction! G-d will strike at them!

In every village with Arabs from Eilat to Metulah, From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and Ashdod, there is ammunition and weapons to realize the threat on Israel, heaven forbid. There are villages in Israel with more and some with less, but they are all armed and pretending to be innocent.

Hebron and East Jerusalem is filled with weapons that they are collecting to surprise us, heaven forbid.

The people of Israel must not be complacent, in East Jerusalem, Hebron and many other places they continue to plan to harm Jews, heaven forbid, with knives, axes and weapons. Stop being apathetic and complacent! When you are vigilant and suspicious, they will not harm any Jew!

Turkey will be just like Syria. Erdogan is complicated, filled with fear of being murdered.

Syria is being erased and will continue to be erased.

To Iran, G-d is saying: "If you do not stop threatening Israel, I will erase all of the rights you had from the time of Queen Esther to now, and I will turn you into rubble. I will strike you with fire so that you do not mess with the Holy Land. I warned you, I will not warn again!"

G-d is telling the world: "The blessing of them falling on their swords is happening 100%. Their bows will break - those are the rocket launchers that are launching rockets. They will break and the rockets will explode where they rest and the world will see it live! This blessing is from G-d and is happening in every country that is bothering Israel!"

In Egypt, there is Hamas, ISIS, extreme Muslims and vengeful Arabs that will not let Sisi go. They are vindictive and want to fight to the death. They will continue to fight each other.

Jordan is waiting for the US elections. They are delusional that the US will give them land from Israel for the refugees. They will not get it; they are delusional.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah have no one to help them. Syria is dead and the ammunition from Iran explodes in transit. They only have a little ammunition for themselves.

Lebanon is nervous, afraid that ISIS and Hezbollah will go in and conquer it.

The US has never had elections like these, looking for all of the felonies committed by the candidates. G-d is saying: "The candidate that loves the holy land of Israel and the Jews in it will be elected! Don't waste time. I, King of the World, decide who will be president! Whoever loves the Jews in Israel will be elected!"

Every country that bothers Israel will be dealt with by G-d, through the forces of nature, their economy, matters of state or inner conflicts.

G-d is asking all of the Jews in Israel: "Do not leave the Holy Land during the holidays! The holidays in Israel are the most beautiful part of the year and G-d in heaven holds and kisses every Jew in the Holy Land! Jews, wake up, do not look for the dead, look for G-d and the Messiah His servant!"

The Messiah will be revealed in our generation, this generation is blessed! Want it or not. All those who laugh about the Messiah and salvation will cry out and not be heard in heaven and earth. Their redemption is to cry out and ask for the Messiah.

Rachel our mother is fighting for the revealing of the Messiah King and protecting the lower Messiah. She is saying: "whoever harms the Messiah, speaks ill of others or does bad things, will turn to a salt stone. The Messiah is coming to save the world, the Jews, to banish impurity and make the world pure and holy. It is time! The Jew will call out and believe in G-d and the Messiah, His servant! Every Jew that asks for help from G-d and the Messiah, His servant, will have miracles! Just ask from your heart and soul!

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The above is from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, not me. If you have any questions about its content, go to the Rav’s website and call his office. Asking me will not help since, I have questions also. I plan to just wait for all to happen, and not question the Rav. All comments that I receive asking questions will not be posted (unless I really know the answer).


  1. Dear RAV, I have posted your blogs with your name and link to your site. Through out you tube, to bring attention to the real truth and what is to
    come and to tell all to be Good and Righteous. I have been doing this
    the last few months. If you have any concerns regarding my efforts,. and
    reposting your work with you name and website., to the masses on You Tube. Please let me know.


    1. I have no problem as long as it is getting to good people. It possibly explains why I have been getting so many comments recently from idolaters who are trying to tell me about some false messiah. They are completely oblivious to the fact that the real Messiah is here already and will be introduced soon. The 2000 year old debate is over and their guy is a fraud and will put them in the 2/3rd group.

      I was reading the prophet Ovadiah this past Shabbos. Edom is Xtianity, and Hashem is telling us through His servant Ovadiah that the end will not be too pleasant for this horrible false religion. They can complain about the Muslims all they want, but the number of people that have been killed, tortured, discriminated against and made miserable throughout history can't even come close to the horrors of Xtianity, the worst evil ever.

      By the way, both Nibiru and 5776 are encoded in Obadiah, B"H.

    2. I have recieved much hate from those who I try explain, what is to come. That only the Torah is Truth, and is the word of G-D. I tell them there were 3 million witnesses to the giving of the Torah, at Mount Sinai and never once has this been debunked. I tell them to see what G-d's opinion is., Not mine, not the NT, (which there are over 26,000 variations of the NT and 6 varitations of the KR which 3 variations are still in existence.,
      THERE IS ONLY ONE TORAH, that has never been changed, that G-D has already given his word, and commandments. There is only G-D and no other. 2"I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. 3"You shall have no other gods before Me. 4"You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.…
      This is G-d's words, they cannot be changed,nor shall a letter be taken away or added. I give them examples in complete details regarding ELS
      Codes in the Torah, that everything that was , is and will be, in every detail is encoded in the TORAH, and thus only G-D could have written
      the TORAH and not man. I lead them to TOVIA SINGER to guide them
      when they show interest in knowing more., as well as your site, RAV Menachem Robinson. I do my best
      to reach out and explain to them the truth, but I am limited to the Knowledge of the Torah, so I borrow Rabbi TOVIA SINGER's great comment, "LET US SEE WHAT G-D's OPINION IS, WHAT DOES G-D SAY" WHAT IS HASHEM's OPINION. and there is where we find the truth.


    3. Not to worry. Two events that are coming up that will solve all our problems.
      1. Nibiru will scare all the good people of the world and shock them into doing Teshuvah and turning to Hashem, the One Source of truth.
      2. All good people, 2.5 billion of them (Hashem knows exactly who they are) will have their Yetzer Harah removed and all the people of the world will only want to live Torah and follow Hashem.

      Good times ahead, and Hashem has it all under control.

  2. What do you think of this?

    Rav Glazerson keeps saying that Mashiach coming this year is only conditional to all of Israel fulfilling Torah and mitzvot, which is impossible in my opinion. Are you sure that Mashiach will be revealed this Elul no matter what?

    1. Two comments. One, Rav Glazerson is forgetting that Moshiach will come earlier, if we are deserving, or in its time, if we are not. This is definitely "in its time," and does not require us being deserving. Yet, Hashem in His infinite mercy will arrange that all the good people of the Earth will be deserving by getting us to do Teshuvah in the end (the scare factor).

      Two. Since I have hundreds of proofs, mostly from Hashem, that this is the month, who am I to question it? Am I sure?
      I am sure that Nibiru is close (pictures and worldwide craziness). I am sure that Nibiru and Moshiach will be simultaneously (Numbers 24:17 commentary and many other places in Jewish scriptures). I am sure that all the messages from Hashem are totally reassuring. I am sure that all the prophecies about what will happen before Moshiach are fulfilled, or are happening now.

      The only thing that I have to worry about is whether I have personally done enough repentance, prayer, Torah study, charity, helping others and observance of the commandments. Hashem's plan is perfect and for the good; we just need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones (not physically, but spiritually).