Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Another Sign of the End

Many years ago I read the end of Isaiah, chapter 66 and believed that this truly is the prophecy to wait for. When this happens, we are there. It is interesting that this prophecy is read as the Haftarah when Rosh Chodesh occurs on Shabbos. For years I have paid special attention to every Rosh Chodesh that fell on a Shabbos, asking: is this the month that the prophecy is to be fulfilled? Of course there was always something lacking in world events that let me know that we weren’t there yet.

Then came this past Shabbos and, needless to say, the month of Elul 5776 is looking absolutely like we are there. First, read the commentary from the Artscroll Chumash which gives an excellent summary of the Haftarah:

Haftaras Shabbos Rosh Chodesh – Isaiah 66:1-24

This chapter is the last one in the stirring Book of Isaiah. It was chosen as the Haftarah of the Sabbath Rosh Chodesh because its penultimate verse (which is repeated after the chapter is concluded) speaks of the homage that will be paid to G-d on every Sabbath and Rosh Chodesh.
The chapter gives hope and comfort to the Jewish people, as Isaiah foresees the ultimate downfall of the nations that will do battle against one another and against Israel in the climactic War of Gog and Magog, the war that will precede the final redemption. Isaiah speaks of the defeat of the nations and the universal recognition of the greatness of G-d and His people. But there are stern lessons for Israel, as well.
The chapter begins by declaring that all the world is but G-d's throne and His footstool. Can anyone think that the Jewish people can build a Temple that will encompass His Glory? Surely the purpose of the Temple is not to honor G-d - Who is above any honor we can render Him - but to serve as our vehicle to elevate ourselves. People who seek to appease G-d with insincere, meaningless service are considered like those who kill and maim people, and who offer unclean animals and contaminated blood upon His Altar. And they do so consciously, having chosen this form of blasphemous service.   G-d will respond in kind, punishing those who ill-serve Him. But that will not be the end. Those who are loyal to G-d will be acknowledged and rewarded in a miraculous manner. The rebirth of Israel will be as astounding as that of a nation being born in a single day, without even labor pains. If    G-d decides to give new life to His people, can it be otherwise?
Thus, all who have been loyal to Jerusalem and mourned her will rejoice with her. Blessings will flow to them in torrents, but their enemies will suffer ignominious defeat, as G-d pours out His wrath upon them. The survivors will bring word of His greatness to the furthest corners of the world, and in the process they will bring back the straggling Jews who seemed to have been irretrievably lost in the long, hard exile.
Then all will come to the rebuilt Temple - the eternal Temple - to prostrate themselves in devout and loyal service to G-d. History will have reached its goal and those who were loyal to G-d will be vindicated.
If you read the commentary carefully, you would agree that all that is happening in the world is pointing to the conclusions that Hashem is telling us through His servant Isaiah. If you have been paying attention to the many messages we have received from the Rabbanim, the Mekubalim, the Facilitated Communications individuals as well as the obvious fulfillment of the prophecies of scriptures, you should be as excited as I about the time we are in and what is obviously imminent.
It is extremely appropriate that this Elul should be the month to have a Rosh Chodesh on Shabbos. This is the last month of the year after the Shemitah cycle; in fact it is the year after the end to the ten Shemitah cycles that were predicted to occur before Moshiach is introduced. This is the month that we try to evaluate our lives as we go into the time of judgement starting with Rosh Hashanah, probably the final judgement for our personal Tikun. This is the month that we recite Selichos, prayers asking for forgiveness for not properly following Hashem’s ways. With the above pointing to the last Elul that should introduce the Geula, this is the month that we must do the very best Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedukah, Limud HaTorah, Avahas Yisroel, Mitzvot, etc that we ever did in our entire lives (that is including all our previous lives). Consider this month the time of our final testing in this life. Treat it as though your entire future and the future of your loved ones, forever and ever, depend on it. It is that serious a month and any hardship that is happening in the world, as we are seeing every day, should not harm you. Please, please go into Rosh Hashanah and the holidays with complete success, with Moshiach, with Geula, after getting the most out of the month of Elul – you will be so happy you did.

Note: I received a comment on my post yesterday that mentioned that he believes we are close, but he is not sure if it is as close as Hashem is telling us. I worded it that way (he didn’t) because he is not aware that the skepticism is the opposite of emunah. The system in this world that Hashem gave us is that everything happens according to us and how much we turn to Hashem. Hashem does not decide anything – He only has a final goal of Tikun HaOlam, perfecting the world. Why has it taken so long for Moshiach to come? As long as there are people who say “I am not sure if it is going to happen yet,” Hashem answers with: “If you are still wanting to wait and don’t believe My messages that it is NOW, you will wait.” But there is still so much skepticism, why do I know that it is now? Hashem told us!!!! He said we will have Geula earlier, if we are deserving, or in its time, if we are not. The good news is “we are not deserving; therefore, it is, according to Hashem and everything He told us in scriptures, IT IS TIME, THE END, GEULA, MOSHIACH, THE END OF EVIL, THE END OF HATRED, THE END OF SKEPTICISM!!!!!!!! If you don’t believe Hashem’s myriad of messages, consider yourself a total loser who is throwing it all away. We study Torah to understand the system that Hashem gave us; and, we live Torah to benefit from that system. Don’t blow it, when it is all about to pay off, big time.

Extra note:
I like to do code searches in scriptural passages I present as significant (but you knew that).

This year, 5776, is encoded in Isaiah 66.

Moshiach is encoded in Isaiah 66 in verse 66:20, which reads:
20 And they shall bring all your brethren out of all the nations for an offering unto the L-RD, upon horses, and in chariots, and in litters, and upon mules, and upon swift beasts, to My holy mountain Jerusalem, saith the L-RD, as the children of Israel bring their offering in a clean vessel into the house of the L-RD.
Nibiru is also encoded going across Isaiah 66 (actually several times across 65 and 66, as well as 66 into the beginning of Jeremiah).

Moshiach’s name is also found in Isaiah 66; once again, no hint about verses.

Elul appears in Isaiah 66 with the date that I suspect as the best possibility;  once again, no hint about verses (just speculative dot-connecting).


  1. To Everyone around the world, The following is from Rabbi Mattityahu Glazerson
    discussed on you-T, but I will post it here., as an addition to RAV Menachem
    Robinson's efforts to bring us wisdom and understanding of what is to come,
    and to be prepared, Enjoy the Below

    In order to understand Glazerson’s assertion that there are many hints that the Hebrew year 5776, which corresponds to September 2015-October 2016, is favorable for the appearance of the Messiah, it’s necessary to be familiar with gematria, the system of Hebrew numerology.

    In gematria, all Hebrew letters have a numerical value. The numerical value of a word, phrase or sentence is derived from the simple addition of the numerical value of each letter. In the video interview, beginning at the 2:07 mark, Glazerson reads and translates eight Hebrew phrases and sentences which all have the numerical value of 776. The English translations of the eight Hebrew phrases that Glazerson mentions are:

    The G-d of Abraham, the G-d of Isaac, the G-d of Jacob = 776
    The kingdom of David will be eternal = 776 (The Messiah will be a descent of King David.)
    Come back to Me and I will come back to you = 776
    G-d says, “I will do for Myself. For Myself I will do.” = 776
    Come back to Me like naughty children. = 776
    Your kingdom will be forever = 776
    The last kingdom = 776

    The final one is the most fascinating.

    The coming of Messiah = 776

    When questioned by Shaw, Glazerson explains why the numerical value of all these phrases is 776 and not 5776, which is the full number of the upcoming Hebrew year. “Because you see, according to our [Jewish] tradition, Messiah will come in this millennium – in the sixth one. This is why the numbers don’t have the 5 here, because it’s self-understood that when you speak about Messiah, you relate to 5,000, the sixth millennia.”

    To all, if you wish to see Rabbi Glazerson give his presentation to the above
    you can go to You-T....


    1. I thank you very much for that additional encouragement that this is the year, 5776. Even though I can add it to the hundreds of proofs that I have seen, all from Hashem, that 5776 is the year of Moshiach, what you have presented from Rav Glazerson is actually a weak proof.

      If one looks at the gematria which is many, many places supporting this year, can one be as reassured as seeing a star in the sky that is healing all the righteous and killing off all the wicked, and is about 40 to 50 times the size of the moon? For those who might say "that didn't happen yet, and I haven't personally seen this Nibiru that so many are talking about. If you answer that way, then give me an answer why we are having such a great increase in the number of severe earthquakes (a 6.3 earthquake in Russian this morning, that didn't even make the news), a massive tsunami in Brazil recently (that didn't even make the news), more active volcanic eruptions happening in a day than we used to have each year, crazy weather, sinkholes, massive amounts of fish and birds dying, a change in the position of the moon and the sun, the effects coming from a great change in the magnetic fields on Earth (look at a compass and see where north is now), a change in the axis of the Earth, an anticipation of pole shift, a change in the levels of the seas around the world (global warming due to the increase in magma activity under the crust of the earth, not Al Gore), warnings from countries all over the world to get ready for disaster, underground cities being occupied by the evil global elite, etc, etc, etc (the list is too long for here).

      Ignore what is going on outside ones window, and please, just give me an explanation why it is all happening. Yes, it is Hashem at work bringing the Geula and Moshiach and it is so obvious, that only a fool would throw away his or her entire eternity with excuses.

      If everyone who wants to survive and avoid great suffering would only follow the simple instructions of Hashem instead of coming up with nonsense about why they are so ignorant to the obvious, they would instantly join the 1/3rd group -- such a bargain.

      One additional note: Even though the process of Geula and Moshiach is happening within the next few weeks, there is a great possibility that some of the many activities to come in this very extensive world change will continue into 5777. To say that Rav Glazerson found both 5776 and 5777 in the Torah is ludicrous if you think that there is not going to be a continuation of the Geula process after Rosh Hashanah. Let us stop thinking so simply, trying to read the Mind of a Source of Infinite Intelligence, and realize we are completely at His mercy with everything that is coming.

      Let us do our part as Hashem instructed us, and let Him run the entire show, which is what is happening. Ignorance is not bliss, it is extremely dangerous and painful!!!!

      Dovid: I humbly apologize for using your comment to post this answer, but I am getting so many comments and individual Emails from skeptics and negative individuals who are shooting themselves in the foot (and all their loved ones in the heart). The information you brought over from Rav Glazerson is totally valid and fascinating, but I am anticipating some ignoramus writing to me and saying "big deal."

      I thank you for all the wonderful comments you have sent and hope that this one will rattle the cage of those who think that being a skeptic is an option. It is not easy to save people's lives.

  2. Amen Amen and Amen..

    The World needs Madhiach..
    Thank you Rav, for helping us .

  3. Please forgive my typo error.

    I meant Mashiach.

    Toda Rav.

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEvhfZ2cuD4

  5. you said in your blog: For years I have paid special attention to every Rosh Chodesh that fell on a Shabbos, asking: is this the month that the prophecy is to be fulfilled? Of course there was always something lacking in world events that let me know that we weren’t there yet.

    Then came this past Shabbos and, needless to say, the month of Elul 5776 is looking absolutely like we are there.

    One problem: Rosh Chodesh Does NOT fall out on Shabbos this year. Look at your calendar!

    1. It was a two day Rosh Chodesh that fell on Shabbos and Yom Rishon. How do we know, what is the significant proof that makes it important? We read the Haftarah for Shabbos Rosh Chodesh on Shabbos which is Isaiah 66, a very important prophecy for the end of time, now.

      I am only concerned about the message that Hashem is sending us through the prophecy.

  6. "People who seek to appease G-d with insincere, meaningless service are considered like those who kill and maim people, and who offer unclean animals and contaminated blood upon His Altar."
    This is something you said in this blog. Then way do we say Brochos? According to what your saying, Hashem blessed be he, does not want our Blessings... Of course he does not need our Blessings, but gets pleasure when we praise him, so low are we... But it's definitely not "like those who kill and maim people, and who offer unclean animals and contaminated blood upon His Altar."
    From were do you find such a thing...?

    1. That came from Hashem through His servant Isaiah, not me.
      It does not say that Hashem doesn't want our Brachos or any other prayer, unless it is totally insincere. We don't pray correctly, we give it lip-service. Just saying words of any kind because they are in a Siddur does not make it meaningful.

      It is one of the biggest areas we need to do Teshuvah. Prayer works if done correctly and unfortunately we waste this precious gift with insincerity. You are correct, Hashem does not need out prayers, we do.

  7. Exactly my point, I understand it would be better if we actually prayed with Kavanah, that is actually what would bring about Meshaich, however even simple prayer, like those of simple Jews, are also precious to Hashem. Their are plenty of stories, of how simple davening, erased terrible decrees... Its not truly right to say that even simple davening is wrong

    1. I never said that simple davening is wrong; I use it everyday. The problem is that many don't supplement the davening that Hashem gave us, that absolutely works, they substitute it with their own words. I have heard many times, especially men, that they don't go to Shul, but they just talk to Hashem at home in their own words. That is nice, but very ineffective.

      When it says that prayer works (that's not my words, even though I have proven it daily), I am referring exactly to the prayer that Hashem gave us word for word. It's magical.

  8. I may be getting this wrong, but you are saying that the years 5776 and 5777, are good times that Mashich will come. I think you know that every year, and every day, and every second is a good time for Mashich will come. Were are you coming up with the years 5776, and 5777.
    Note: We do know Mashich did not come in 5776, but that doesn't mean it will not come in 5777, I'm saying that it could come any year. Were do you get specifically the years 5776, and 5777?
    You are also saying "Let us do our part as Hashem instructed us, and let Him run the entire show" What Hashem instructed us is to bring about Mashich through our own work. Not to let Him run the entire show.

    1. We are saying that Hashem has told us through hundreds of sources that it is now. I have written many blog posts explaining this with the many, many sources saying that 5776 was the time (from scriptures, from Rabbis, from Mekubalim, from the Facilitated Communications individuals, from world events of what is supposed to happen right before Moshiach, from the Star of Jacob being very close, etc, etc, etc, -- mostly from Hashem). Then Hashem told us we still weren’t ready and with His great mercy He is giving us additional time to continue to help ourselves.

      I have said many times Hashem is running the entire universe and everything in it. We are commanded to do our part: Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedukah, Limud HaTorah, Ahavas Yisroel, Mitzvot, etc, etc, etc. This I have said many times and Hashem has told us we still need more, but the cutoff date is imminent. How do we know? Hashem told us.