Monday, September 12, 2016

A Very Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Shoftim, 1 Elul 5776 (9/4/16)

Creator of the World, King of Kings, G-d, Father of Mercy, will show good and wondrous things before Rosh Hashanah to those who merit it.

The entire world is in chaos, complications, Armageddon, and terrible confusion. They are all afraid and think that the world has gone mad. Countries are in conflict with each other and within themselves. The forces of nature are attacking the world with winds, floods, earthquakes, fires, heat, cold, and G-d is telling the world: "The earth has not gone mad. Everything that I do in the world is for the birth of a new world." After the chaos and Armageddon, a new world will be born. All of the hard things are signs and preparation for the new world, G-d is destroying the old one. It is G-d's doing! Everything that happens in the world is in G-d's control! When the Messiah is revealed, all will be good in the world, all will be in order and the world will continue as usual. The entire world will repent, there will be a world of giving, joy and love forever, and it will be in this generation!

G-d is telling the Jewish people in Israel: "I gave you a land of milk and honey that has everything! There is oil, water, diamonds, copper, iron, the land is blessed and there is prosperity for all." Israel will market to the entire world and the world will beg and ask for Israel's help!

People don't know, just like there is a holy spark in man that keeps him alive, there is a holy spark in animals and trees, and even in rocks, the holy and pure land of Israel is the holy spark that keeps the entire earth alive! Israel, a small place in the world, is the spark that keeps the earth and everything on the earth alive! It keeps the world alive and it is the reason that the world is alive and will live - do not harm it and do not touch it! Anyone who tries to harm Israel and take land away will be harmed by G-d and will never break free of it.

G-d is telling every Jew: "You must understand that I chose you to be my people, so please work with me, pray three times a day, obey the commandments, and make time for Torah."

The borders of Israel are surrounded by a pillar of fire, G-d is protecting Israel and everyone hears and sees that the borders of Israel are protected, no one can surprise Israel! Still, watch over yourselves. All of the signs that we see in Israel are from the love G-d has for Israel and the Jews.

In Gaza, they continue to dig tunnels, one under the other in two levels to confuse the soldiers. G-d will give them an earthquake in the tunnels so that they all collapse on them and they will fall on their swords, their bows will break, and they will kill each other. In Gaza they pretend to be quiet, they are still not finished with their battle infrastructure. Israeli Jews don't live in delusions that the Hamas and the Palestinians love you; it is an act and a lie!

Hebron is filled with ammunition and weapons under houses. There are caves and tunnels filled with them.

In East Jerusalem, the head of the snake is still alive; he is brainwashing and training Arabs to harm Jews. Jews, open your eyes! Be careful, the danger of knives is not passed!

In Russia, Putin loves Israel and the Jewish mind. He loves the Jews because they are a small nation in Israel that keeps the entire world alive - and the entire world is against us.

In the United States, G-d will elect the president that loves the holy land and the Jews in Israel, but not the Jews living in the United States. The candidate will be spoken to from the heavens and told: "If you promise to love Israel and the Jews, you will be elected. If the candidate promises, he/she will be elected.

The king of Jordan is in trouble, he doesn't know how to get rid of the refugees, and he wants to create a Palestinian state. He is delusional. Factories owned by Jews must be moved to Israel.

G-d did not forget Turkey! There will be a revolution in Turkey. There is terror there, all of the Turkish families that Erdogan has murdered and waking up to a revolution to kill Erdogan. There will be a revolution and the tens of millions of refugees will go from Turkey to Europe.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah can't do anything. They are waiting for help from Iran and Syria. They are being killed and they are saving their ammunition for an emergency.

Every time that Iran talks about harming Israel or wants to harm Israel, G-d will strike them with fire.

In Egypt, they are hungry for bread and want to eat Sisi. Almost half of Egypt is hungry. There are extreme Muslims there, ISIS, and Hamas, and they are not letting Sisi off the hook. It is a big mess. On the outside, everything looks fine.

Sinai desert is filled with rockets under the sand; they are moving them to Gaza.

Iraq has no backbone, just like Syria but different, all mixed up and confused.

The Chinese are very crafty; you should beware of them like fire. They want to take patents from Jews in order to manage all of the billion of people living in China. It won't do them any good, China will fall.

G-d is asking the Jews in Israel: "Stop selling patents that I gave you. Every time you sell an Israeli patent, the buyers will fall and the patent will fail. I will take my blessing from the patent and they will fall." G-d is giving blessings to the Jews, not the gentiles.

There will continue to be earthquakes in Japan.

Anti-Semitism in the world is growing and growing until every Jew in the world comes to Israel! The smart ones will come to the Holy Land, the others will lose. Immigrants will continue to come to Israel in huge numbers. There is work for everyone and every Jew has a place to live in Israel.

People, who take bribes, steal, and cheat will be caught. People who take and give bribes prevent the world from renewing, the worst thing of all.

Jewish parents, watch over your children from alcohol, drugs, gambling and assimilation.

The government of Israel must not surrender and give parts of the holy land of Israel for a Palestinian state! Jews, do not leave Israel to visit graves on holidays! The shofar on Rosh Hashanah in the Holy Land is the best because the heavens open over the holy land of Israel! All of the Jews praying in synagogues in the holy land of Israel on Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkoth - their prayers will be heard and answered, and G-d will embrace them!

Rachel our mother asks all Jews in Israel and the world to come to her, and to the holy mothers and fathers in the Cave of Patriarchs.

The dead have great Joy; they are waiting to be revived to see the new world, the Messiah and the third Temple! The Messiah will be seen by all, in reality and the media on television screens. His face will be seen all over the world, and everything he says will be seen everywhere in seconds! Every good request made of G-d and the Messiah his servant will be granted!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"


  1. His messages upset me because they tend to contradict some of what you say. He still speaks of US elections which are in 5777. He says that those of us who are not in Israel will lose out if we don't come now. I am trying to trust that Hashem will have a way to get us out of here in time. So far we have not gotten an indication that it is within His will at this time. I pray He will get us out of here. I wish for it every second.

    1. Why when there is such tremendous positive statements would readers want to read into something that may be negative, even though they are more misunderstood than important.

      He said: "The dead have great Joy; they are waiting to be revived to see the new world, the Messiah and the third Temple!" He said: "[Hashem] will show good and wondrous things before Rosh Hashanah to those who merit it." These are such tremendous statements, why would something about the election even be brought up?

      Think extremely positive that is the message from Hashem.

    2. I also want to live Mexico but I just can't. I need Hashem to take me to Eretz Israel. My parents live here,, my parnasa is here and BH my sons are in an excelent yeshiva...Any way my heart is in Israel

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  3. may be it is not relevant, but today I saw something very exiting in my pay check. I got my tlush maskoret and after all deductions my net was 7777.00 (usually I get around 9500 net)I could not believe it...and was happy after all that it was a clear sign that this coming year 5777 is coming very soon!

    1. Even though that sounds significant, it is only when the redemption process will continue. 5776 is still the year.

  4. In the last FC message from Ben Golden (, he puts effort in saying that not everyone will survive to the upcoming disasters, and that only the real jews will survive.
    And at the end he explicitly states: "...And only those who are ready to accept this - will survive, few goyim will surive and also few Jews will survive"

    So, Rav, I also have in mind your opinion that every Jew in this world will survive, and amongst them will survive righteous non-jews. But you should also remember the Ben Golden version of this when you give answers. Of course, who am I to tell a Rav what he should do, but just suggesting to avoid making people get confused about who's right.

    In my opinion, I think everyone will get what he or she deserves, Jews or gentiles. But for now let's put all our efforts in raise our spiritual level to merit living the Redemption.

    B"H and Shavua Tov.
    I apologize for language mistakes; English is not my main idiom.

    1. Fortunately, the message is much deeper than what was presented. I have interpreted the Benjamin message and posted it myself today. It took me over 10 hours to try to find his meaning.

      A brief synopsis. All Jews and righteous non-Jews will survive and thrive, and that is Hashem's message. When the prophet Zechariah tell us that 1/3rd of the world will survive, that is Hashem saying about 2.5 billion people will survive. They are obviously not just the Jews. Are they possibly the Jews with all the lost tribes, in other words, 2.5 billion who will live in Israel (a much bigger Israel)?

      In His infinite mercy, Hashem will take care of all the good people in the world. That means, as it says in Parashat Nitzavim, the Yetzer Harah will be removed from all these people and they will all be good observant, Hashem following people. Hashem's plan is perfect. Not to worry.