Monday, September 26, 2016

More Tidbits Pointing to Moshiach in 5776

One of our dear readers sent me an Email that I had to share with you (names and even age were removed for privacy purposes):

I wanted to tell you what my young daughter told me today. She is extremely spiritual and has said things that could only come from Shamayim (Heaven). There are many stories of her since she was only five days old that would make your hair stand, and also bring tears to your eyes. We were riding in the car recently, and all of a sudden, our daughter cried out in Hebrew (she is totally bilingual) "Geulah, Geulah, Geulah, achshav achshav; I see Moshiach in Shamayim," (Redemption, redemption, Redemption, Now, Now; I see the Messiah in Heaven). Today on Shabbos I asked her to be serious, as she was playing, and I asked her "when will we see Geulah?" and she answered in English "NOW." I asked her whether we will see it before or after Rosh Hashanah; and she said "before Rosh Hashanah."
Be well and I will see you at the Beis Hamikdash (the Temple).
What a message to open right after Shabbos, it made my week, in more ways than one. This is fascinating since it is another example of Bava Basra 12 being fulfilled, that tells us that prophecy will be given to the children and those who are not able to speak (the Facilitated Communications individuals).

I continue to get find more hints to the redemption and Moshiach being 5776, yes within a week. All the new pictures of Nibiru getting bigger and much closer, all the increase in activity, such as earthquakes (as I write this, there were 46 earthquakes of over 2.5 within the past 24 hours, with 13 over 5 including a 6.4 in Tonga and 6.9 in Fiji), many reports of meteors around the world, etc, etc, etc. This is all very obvious evidence that we are close, very close.

I have also noticed within the prayer we say for Moshiach in the Shemoneh Esrei, that the year תשעו 5776 appears twice.

I also saw that the prayer that we started saying twice a day in this month of Elul, the Psalm 27 says towards the end: “Had I not trusted that would see the goodness of Hashem in the land of the living.” The verse begins with the Hebrew word לולא which is the Hebrew month אלול Elul spelled backwards (this month).

I have already pointed out in a previous post:

This year, 5776, is encoded in Psalm 27 in verses 5, 6 and 7 – cute.

Moshiach is also encoded in Psalm 27 in verses, guess which, 5 and 6 with 5776.

Note that the verses that contain 5776 and Moshiach are:

He will hide me within His own tabernacle in the day of distress; He will conceal me in the shelter of his tent; He will set me safe upon a rock. Thus, my head shall be high above all my foes around me; I will offer sacrifices within His tabernacle to the sound of trumpets; I will sing and chant praises to Hashem. Hear, Hashem, my voice when I call; be gracious to me and answer me.
Nibiru is also encoded going across the entire Psalm 27

Moshiach’s name is also found in Psalm 27, sorry, no hint about verses.

Do we have a very exciting week ahead? Hashem seems to be telling us “the most exciting week ever.” You can’t make this stuff up. Thank you Hashem for more tidbits.


  1. I'm so nervous... I feel I should be praying and doing mitzvah nonstop, to get my spiritual level higer and receive Moshiach with more preparation... But I don't know... Something stops me, don't know what... This Geula thing is obviously wonderul but also stressing... I'll try to take a couple more mitzvahs this week...
    Shavua tov Rav!

    1. What is trying to stop you is the Yetzer Harah. I am finding that most people are experiencing the same feelings as you, but the Yetzer Harah substitutes your Teshuvah, your improvement, with sickness, financial problems and many other problems.

      The system in this world to perfect ourselves and reach Tikun is voluntary or involuntary. If we repent with great changes to improve ourselves, if we pray with great conviction, if we help others like we never did before, if we increase the study Hashem's word, if we do the commandments and continue to grow with a very positive attitude "we get correction without problems." If we don't do what we are supposed to be doing "we get correction with extra suffering." It is our choice.

      If we say that we are doing everything and still getting lots of problems, we are doing it wrong and only think that we are greatly improving. It is called going through the motions, but not really trying our best to come closer to Hashem and live His ways. We all have excuses, but it is only ourselves that we are hurting.

      Only Hashem knows our true capabilities and whether we are living up to them or falling short. Therefore we should always have the attitude that we are not doing enough, and must try harder. But the effort to try harder should be a pleasant effort, since we truly want to serve Hashem and show our love for Him. If it is a chore that we are struggling with, we are doing it wrong.

      The good new is time is up, and we will get what we put into it, measure for measure.

    2. Until now, for thousands of years, many have been praying for Mashiach like a metaphor, not really contemplating what they're praying for, especially those who 'basically' have everything good in this world. Only those who need a yeshua were seriously praying and hoping for Mashiach's arrival. Now that's it's getting really close, even those who have basically everything good in this world are starting to realize that the End of Days and Mashiach is not only a figure of speech.

      We must pray that we should be saved from chevlei Mashiach, the birthpangs of Mashiach, and live to see and be with Mashiach in the New World.

      Anxiously waiting for Mashiach and hope, with Hashem's help, to finally make it.

    3. I agree with you completely. Anyone who has completed most of his or her Tikun, and is living a fairly easy life, would have very little incentive to see the changes to come and to be screaming for Moshiach. You also have the case where, chas v'shalom, individuals are not worthy of the time of Moshiach and are getting all their reward now. That is a very easy life that is extremely short lived.

      But, if they knew how tremendous their good and easy lives will become, they would be the loudest demanding Moshiach. Unfortunately, we can't grasp what is coming up and how much better it will be compared to now, no matter how good we think we have it.

      I also feel sorry for the individual who has it good, but has no concern for others who are struggling. If we do not feel the pain of others on planet Earth, we do not deserve anything better later on. A selfish person is not favored by Hashem.

  2. This is amazing! Please show this in a graph with loshon kodesh as Rabbi Glazerson shows us. Thanks in advance

    1. I had thought about it, but I have an older program, and have not figured out if I can do that. I am excited to find codes; I have never really given it an effort to graph it.

    2. What do you mean by "I have also noticed within the prayer we say for Moshiach in the Shemoneh Esrei, that the year תשעו 5776 appears twice"?

    3. take a screen shot of what's on your screen

    4. I think at this point it is actually reasonable to say that this week is it. The near silence of the FCs suggests it too because we need free choice for real teshuvah.

      Now about that teshuvah, don't go overboard in your ambitions. That's how the yetzer hara gets you to give up. Just pick a few topics and do the normal formula - regret, admission, commitment to the future. Don't try to become a perfect tzadick overnight.

    5. Give people and inch and they will take a foot. I can't believe how many times I have received a comment such as "I have done more than enough Teshuvah, and yet....

      I have said many times: Hashem doesn't judge us by what we know, He judges us by how we grow. It is so crucial these days to grow as much as possible not to slack off with a statement like: "I have done enough." It is our eternity hanging in the balance. We really can't do enough, but more than anything is we can't have an attitude of: "I have done enough." Hashem is judging our attitude.

    6. Israel: what is a screen shot? What do you wish me to see?

  3. whats her email? I wanna hear some stories!

  4. "Restoration of Prophecy Before the Actual Manifestation of Mashiach..."
    Joel 3:1-2: “...I shall pour out My spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your elders shall dream dreams, your young shall see visions. In those days I shall pour out My spirit also upon the servants and handmaids.”8

    8/ “The Holy One, blessed is He, said: ‘In the present world [only] certain individuals prophesied; in the world to come, however, all Israel will be made prophets, as it is said, ‘It shall come to pass afterwards that I shall pour out My spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy…’;’ ” Tanchuma , Beha’alotecha: end of par. 16. Cf. Tikunei Zohar 18:36b; and above, in the previous note. Note Igeret Teyman, end of ch. 3, that there will be a restoration of prophecy even before the actual manifestation of Mashiach. Cf. Likkutei Sichot, vol. II: Balak, p. 588f.

    13/ Zohar I:118a. See Zohar Chadash, Tikunim, 96c; and Mayanei Hayeshu’ah, I:2. Cf. below, note 84. Note also Igeret Teyman, ch. 3, that prophecy shall be restored to Israel prior to the coming of Mashiach.

    1. Thank you. I knew that the restoration of prophecy in the end existed, I just didn't have a good reference until now.

  5. Shalom rabbin
    I got a question which isn't relevant to this post.
    What about the internet what is it
    (not necessary to add the comment to your post or add it to another post more relevant to the question more concerned with the question asked in the eventuality you decide to publish it then remove what is written in bracket]

    nice site merci rabbin

    1. If it still exists, it will be for good purposes to serve Hashem. All the filth will be gone.

  6. All these years I thought Moshiach would come in high drama. I pictured bombs raining down on us - Heaven forbid - all of us hysterical and then Moshiach would arrive to save the day.

    So right now it's relatively quite in the world. I know that underneath the world is in chaos, but most people don't see it.

    But I'm thinking now Moshiach won't come in high drama. He'll come humbly. He'll just show up, say good morning. And the word will spread rapidly and then the drama will come. But he'll come humbly.

    So this certainly could be the week.

    1. It is anything but quiet in the world. The list is long.

      One thing I have said many times "Don't expect what you expect, but expect the unexpected." Our thoughts are not His thoughts. The way we would do a Geula is not the way Hashem will do the Geula.

  7. I wouldn't be providing privacy if I gave an Email. I have requested more stories, however.

  8. I also feel that Mashiach will come before Rosh Hashana.
    You won't believe me, but yesterday in Haifa shophar was blowing during the day. FOR 4-5 HOURS!!!!! Don't believe it? I hope somebody made video. And I almost sure I will hear it today!!!! Please check the news.

    1. With Hashem anything and everything is possible and believable.

  9. In the Shemonah Esrei that we say five times a day, we say "Es Tsemach Dovid," which is the request for Moshiach. There are two words Be'shuasecha and Le'shuasecha with have the letters for this year together (no letter separation; they just need rearranging).

  10. ;)

    Many daughters are sad before R. H.
    May this ONE be different!

    Or a Nitzevet


  12. Tzaddikim explain the verse "zeh le'umas zeh asa HaElokim" (Hashem made one as well as the other) (Koheles 7:14) Hashem made one to balance out the other. The yetzer tov to balance out the yetzer hara; if kedusha intensifies so does the ko'ach hatumah, the sitra achra.

    With the powers of evil in the world today; the New World Order, the Illuminati, Satan, the cabal / global elite and other devilish forces so powerful, is a clear indication that the kedushah, hopefully Mashiach, will be introduced very soon with his spiritual New World Order as mentioned in Nach and as Chazal say that good things should come about bekarov beyameinu, in our days. May we merit to witness it.

    Shalom E.

  13. Kvod A Rav
    I always read you with the same interest.
    One thought came to my mind...
    With all my respect you appear to me as the "Noach of our time".
    Each day you make so much efforts to convince Am Israel "to climb into the Ark" and it is so difficult to progress as fast as we want.
    Unfortunately it seams that "the rain begins to fall down"
    Please keep motivate all of us.

    PS: Is it possible that you are a guilgoul of Noach ?
    Shana Tova to everybody

  14. No! Rav Menachem is very different from Noah, who was criticized for NOT working hard enough to convince people to do teshuvah. He built his ark for 120 years and minded his own business.