Sunday, September 11, 2016

More Prophecy

The Haftarah that we read yesterday for Parashat Shoftim is once again encouraging and very timely. Read the Artscroll commentary on the Haftarah:

Haftaras Shoftim – Isaiah 51:12 to 52:12

The prophet alternates between vivid descriptions of suffering and lyrical evocations of joy and fulfillment for this is a microcosm of Israel's history: no matter how dire the situation, hope is always at hand. Indeed, it is a principle of Israel's faith that Messiah can come at any moment, and if so, while pondering the causes of exile and pain, we must always remember that Hashem declares to us constantly, "It is I, I am He Who comforts you ." The day will yet come when Israel will hear Hashem calling out joyously to Jerusalem, "Wake up! Wake up! Don your strength, O Zion, don the garments of your splendor, O Jerusalem ..... Exile is most painful when there Is no tomorrow, but not when we take to heart that Hashem remembers us and longs for our return. Prophecies such as these have firmed Jews when their enemies tried to break them. Israel's national existence has always been brightened by the knowledge that Hashem is close at hand, longing for us to let Him bring the herald to proclaim, "Peace!" "Good!" "Salvation!"
This is a continuation of the seven Haftarahs of consolation that are read between Tisha B’Av and Rosh Hashanah. They are all with very positive messages that seem more appropriate this year than ever. Thank you Hashem.

Extra note:
The year, 5776 appears three times in these verses

Elul appears three times in these verses with low skip rates. Verse 52:7 is the verse where the herald proclaims, "Peace!" "Good!" "Salvation!" Elul is found in that verse with a significant skip rate of 3.

Nibiru stretches across the verses once.


  1. The King is out in the fields - let us all go out and take advantage! May Moshiach be crowned for all the world to see and understand in glory and splendor. May the name of Hashem be revealed and May we all the light and the truth of Hashem's perfect world - perfect creation - perfect dealings cover the entire planet and doubt and skepticism erased forever and ever! Hashem is here now to "visit" us - and may He collect us and gather us now from all corners of this world to His home - to once again be His pride and joy! Am Yisroel Chai L'Olam! May we each reach this day B'Chain, B'Chesed, U'B'Rachamim - Amen V'Amen!

  2. Amen, let's get started already! Tell everyone you know how important Shabbos is, tell them about modesty, both men and women take it lightly, these are so important as we are missing "easy" mitzvot. Every time you get dressed and cover a body part you didn't cover yesterday, you get that mitzvah all day! The King is in the field, do you want to meet him half naked? Dress as if we can be redeemed any minute, and we will be! Time for Shabbos clothes every day!

    1. Actually I have been telling everyone those exact subjects for the past 53 months; but you are correct, let us say it again.

      There is a very interesting message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, that I will post tomorrow, B"N. There are some very interesting statements that you will like, Rachel.

  3. Exactly Rachel! Just want to add that there will be no time to "run home and change...." It's now!

  4. Tanzania earthquake kills 13 and injures more than 200,
    This is the most recent news, though news reports can change.

    There is much suffering in this world, I have always felt I should not feel a moment of tranquility.,because so many in this world are suffering. Wars, family abuse, family rape, child slavery, child labor and abuse., torture, hate crimes, Hamas useing children to dig Tunnels under Isreal, hundreds of these childen have died because of there hatred for Isreal, They rather sacrifice there children., They teach there children to hate Isreal. The list is to long here,Every moment of the day, someone is crying out to Hashem., for the strengh, hope, and faith, May Moshiach come soon.To everyone,,Continue your mitvos, be good and righteous.,I will do better. Let us merit the coming of Moshiach. Let us continue, so that we can tip the scale for the Good,and for that day.,


    1. you forgot to mention the occupation of Palestinian lands and the torture and murder by the Israeli government, bombing of civilians in Gaza

    2. So you believe the evil Arab propaganda. Do some research and find out that by international law and by the Bible all this land belongs to Israel and the Jews. How so? The San Remo Treaty of 1920 that was ratified by 51 countries in 1923. A UN resolution or an Oslo Accord is not by international law binding (actually they were setup by Jew-haters to try to destroy Israel).

      Do you know that more Arabs are killed by Arabs than anyone else? There is the propaganda again. Arabs get killed and the international Jew-hating media blames it on Jews. Did you know that the Arabs in Gaza have sent over 15,000 rockets and mortar shells into CIVILIAN Israeli towns? When Israel goes in to take out the rocket launchers, they first send in leaflets and send Emails to warn the Arabs to get out of harm’s way. What country in the world treats their enemies that way? The Hamas leaders make sure that Arabs are used to shield their rocket launchers. They sacrifice many of their citizens just for the propaganda.

      Did you know that Israel sets up portable hospitals outside of Gaza to treat the Arab wounded? No country in the world puts such high value on life like Israel. There are tens of thousands of Arabs treated in Israeli hospitals a year for all kinds of medical problems. There is a total ban on a Jew going into an Arab town.

      Did you know that before 1948, the Palestinians were the Jews? The Arabs refused to call themselves Palestinians in the same way they don’t want to be called Israelis today, even though they get all the tremendous benefits of living in Israel. That changed in 1964 when the terrorist PLO formed and rewrote history. Did you know that the Arabs don’t even want this land? They already have 650 times the amount of land that the Jews have. They just want all infidels dead. “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people,” is their popular expression. That means they want you dead too, unless you are a devout Muslim, then you may survive.

    3. RAV, Perhaps you should delete the user Anonymous September 11, 2016 at 4:00 PM comment, that user seems to be filled with hate.
      Considering you answered him, I am sure you have your reasons. I left
      A reply to him as well. , perhaps it is best to just bypass his remarks.


    4. I sometimes use statements as an excuse to teach the truth about a subject.

      You are correct it would have been better if I didn't publish that comment since I have so many readers who are just as uneducated on the subject.

      The subject was More Prophecy. I should stick to the topic myself.

    5. Dear Rav, Everything you do is for the Good of the Jewish Nation,
      Isreal. I was just referring to "Anonymous" words that he chose. Your comments regarding the Palastinians" is warranted as means to remind those in the world that G-d gave The Jewish People,
      ISREAL, and will be the Home Land of All the Jewish People in the
      World, Now and for Eternity.


    6. Hashem told us very clearly why the Arabs are here. Devarim 32:21 says it all:
      They have provoked My jealousy with a non god, provoked My anger with their vanities. Thus, I will provoke their jealousy with a non people, provoke their anger with a foolish nation.

      If the Jews didn't live such secular lives, Hashem would never have put the Arabs here to provoke us. Hashem made sure that they would be a non-people, a vile nation that would make us work together to solve the problem, and even cause many here to turn to Hashem for help, especially when the government and even worse the court system made things worse. Hashem's plan is perfect.

      They will all be gone soon when Moshiach is in charge (actually Hashem is in charge with His servant Moshiach on the ground).

  5. TO the USER Anonymous September 11, 2016 at 4:00 PM

    Debunking The Palastinian Lie..

    There is no such thing as the, Palastinians, there is not a history of the Palastinians, the issue has nothing to do with land. You and your people
    have one goal in mind, and that is to wipe out all of Jewish Nation of the
    world. The Jewish People have always had a presence in Isreal since the
    beginning. G-d Gave Iseal to the Jewish People. We will have Isreal for Eternity.
    This is fact. G-d, the TORAH and the JEWISH PEOPLE are ONE.
    “Shema Yisrael, Hashem Elokeinu, Hashem Echad”- Hear Israel. The L-rd
    is our G-d, the L-rd is One..,

    and should that day come when all the nations will go against Isreal, you
    will find yourself fighting , not Isreal, but G-d. Hashem protects us. To the user
    there are many lectures and your own people that say, there is no such thing
    as Palastinian Land, learn your history, learn G-d's word. and you will know
    the truth,..Here are some clips for you below, start with these, there are hundreds of video's you can learn about who you really are.

    There was never a Palastinian Land nor a People....

    1. Thank you for these videos. I can't believe that I made statements that are very well documented as historical fact and I received comments from my readers (including Jewish readers) who don't have a clue of the history of Israel and the true nature of the hatred of the Arabs living in Israel.

      I want to correct a statement: for 1880 years Israel was incorrectly called Palestine, so there was a place named Palestine. The fact is it was never a sovereign nation, with a government, a court system, elected leadership, etc. It was occupied territory -- non-Jews occupying Jewish land. The Jewish people did call themselves Palestinians before 1948, I have elderly neighbors who joke about it -- they were born in Palestine and were called Palestinians. The Arabs called themselves Egyptians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Syrians, etc, whatever country from which their families originated.

      Another misconception is the amount of land given to the Jews. The Balfour Declaration designated all of Palestine as Jewish land, which even included Trans-Jordanian Palestine (later renamed as Jordan for propaganda reasons). This is what resulted in the San Remo Treaty (Wikipedia San Remo). It was the UN that took away 82% of the land from the Jews and gave it to the Arabs, not that the UN gave us the land for us to go back to the name Israel.