Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Questions and Answers from Benjamin

This is a sampling of questions and answers that followed the message from Benjamin that I posted yesterday. This is far from all the questions and answers that were discussed, but I picked out specific questions that would be of interest to my readers:

Q We have been waiting and waiting: When is the redemption?

A Redemption will come suddenly, and people will be very sad. They will not believe it could be. They will ask: what? This is it? This is the end? We've arrived?

Do you already feel that everyone is ready for Rosh Hashanah? I do not feel that they are. I feel the need to further prepare for the redemption. Even though you want the salvation, when it comes, it will be very, very important; but are you ready yet? I do not know.

Q When the star arrives, what about all the Jews that are in harm’s way around the world?

A Hashem is omnipotent; He will remove the Jews from such places. The Jews are real; they want to live as Jews. Do not forget that the nations will take the Jews to bring them to the Messiah with ships. (I am not sure of this reference, but it pertains to the fact that all the Jews will return in the time of the Moshiach as it says in the end of the Book of Isaiah).

Q Benjamin, about what you mentioned, concerning the medical situation ruled by the wicked. What can be done for the sick, poor and for those who do not have proper medical care?

A This is true, but soon there will not be any hospitals. Wonder of wonders, everyone will be healthy, that is. All the pain will be gone, and the elderly also can run (I take this to mean that the elderly will be fully mobile again, YEAH!).

Q There was a powerful earthquake that killed hundreds of people in Italy and was not very far from the Vatican. Is this a clear sign of the impending redemption?

A This is a big warning for them.

Q Do they get it?

A Yes, definitely, they also know the prophecy that Rome will burn [Jeremiah 49 and other places]. It is also written in our Torah, that they copied. They also know that Rome is wicked, only they do not understand that they themselves are very evil [the end of the book of Daniel].

Q How about Shabbat desecrations that were huge as they build the railway station area in Tel Aviv last Saturday? What disrespect for the Shabbat - under the name of 'a Jewish state'!

A But this is the government. It cannot be that they call themselves a 'Jewish state'. They are just a group of people who have decided they want to sit here and control this country, that's all.

Q The Star seems to be playing a game of hide and seek.

A This star is something heavenly. It is not only that it came from space, but it came directly from Hashem. And so, sometimes you see it, and sometimes not. And that's how it should be. But when you will see it, you will really see it with your eyes. You will not need a telescope to see it. It approaches.

Q The Holy Zohar, Balak, talks about huge events will be at the end of the exile one day in Elul. Is it referring to the current month?

A Can be, I do not know, I do not know exactly when he will come to carry out his final role with us. That I cannot say, but it is close, and getting closer and closer - no doubt.

Note: Benjamin has said many times that he only can say what Hashem wants him to say. Obviously this is the answer he gives when people have asked him “When is Moshiach going to come?” I bring this up since there are answers above that sound like possibilities, but not definite. As it says in the end of the prophet Daniel, these things are sealed until the end – until Hashem says so. That is why the last question about Elul seems allusive. Benjamin is not saying it could be later, he is saying Hashem has not revealed the information to him. We certainly have hundreds of other sources saying this is the month.


  1. Thank you Rav, for translating what this dear child reports from Shamayim.
    Now, i have a question for you... you know i am Noahide and trying my very best, with Hashem'sj help and some good Rabbis, and you too, to be and do what I have to do, like teshuva and other things.

    Now in the earlier transalation and this quetion and answer it says all Jews will be saved and taken safely to Eretz Israel. Good thats good to read.. but what about Noahides? we who are trying hard to do the right things by all and most importantly to Hashem?

    Before you would write 'and also righteous Gentiles will be saved:, now i read nothig like that..

    Asking you for your say on it.. although i belive that Hashem is kind and good to all H-s Creation, and will look to the hearts and thoughts of each one.

    Thank you in advance Rav. Hashem bless you and all who come to this Oasis..

    1. Ben Golden most of the time only addresses Jews. I have mentioned many times that when we see Jew mentioned we can include righteous non-Jews. Why? It has been said that we really do not know who is Jewish and who is not. The return of the lost tribes could represent billions of people who are not aware of their ancestry, yet they are very much included in Ben Golden's messages from Hashem.

      It is incumbent upon every person to just come as close to Hashem as possible. Later we will be told who is who, but for now Hashem wants everyone to follow Him.

      I wanted to mention, Ben Golden is in his lower 40's and not a child.

    2. SC,
      I am also a Noahide and if I may give just one small comment from Galia, another FC who addressed the non-Jews. This communication was given to her mother and is in the book Messages From Heaven, Galia. It is on page 194. Galia's mother asks "Do you have a message for non-Jews?" Galia's reply is:
      "My dear Ima, they too are people who are valued by Hashem. They are His creations and the work of His hands. He also waits for them to return to Him and fulfill the laws in which they are obligated. All non-Jews are commanded and obligated to the Noahide Laws. They are the progeny of Noach. It's very important that they conduct themselves with fairness, honesty, righteousness and justice. Tell them that soon the world will come to its geula and consummation, and if they want to have a part of this, they have to work on themselves and improve their behavior and love the Jewish people, who are the Chosen People. Very soon, no one will have any doubts about this."

      Galia goes on and answers a couple more questions, but she is saying nothing more than what Rav Menachem has been telling us for years, which is the same message Hashem has been giving us for even more years.

      I hope that this might help ease your worries a bit. If you can get it, you may be interested in reading about Galia.

    3. Thank you so much, this is a beautiful comment. You made me go to page 194 to check out the other questions.

      Galia is asked about a non-Jew doing Teshuvah and perfecting the soul (Tikun). In both cases, she says that Hashem wants the same from all His creations and that the non-Jew can also benefit greatly from Teshuvah, and that they are here to rectify and perfect their souls also. They should always be working to come closer to Hashem.

    4. Shalom and thank you dear Stephenson and Rav,
      That is such good news to hear :). As i heard someone mention the opposite of what you have written regarding non-Jews.
      Within myself, it had never made sense that Noahides and good non-Jews did not mean much to Hashem.
      After-all, Hashem created all of us, and i am- Baruch Hashem, proud to declare openly, that today, I feel closer to Hashem, thanks to Rav, and Rabbi Dvor Cassouto, the owner of Shirat Devorah, and a very very special lady, of the Jewish Nation, who I came to know on Rav's blog right here,- have all played a role which has helped me to what i am becoming today. A better human being.

      And this is how it works, from one to one to one all with love and kindness .. we all help one another.
      I love All, for I am learning that what happens - happens because its what Hashem decided would help one at the moment. I have been a stubborn student...getting offended at all who would say contradictory to what 'I' felt was 'right'.

      Slowly learning to put that false pride aside. Again thanks to these very precious and dear people and blogs, and you too Stephenson,
      may Hashem bless with all each one needs to come closer to Hashem. Amen and Amen.

      Thank Y-u Hashem!

      Rav.. thank you again. Stephenson thank you too, again.
      Thank you All.

      You all have been a big blessing to me in my walk towards Gd. And may i carry on so.. Amen.


  2. I have also had this feeling like it no matter when it comes, it will feel like I was not quite ready, like when shabbos comes every week, I know it's coming, I even know what time it's coming, and yet it still seems to feel like a surprise and catch me a little off guard, you know what I mean? So we're waiting for Moshiach, and I feel like when he comes it will almost be anticlimactic, like, "that's it? Time's up? No more chance for extra credit points?" Like the end of a final exam. And also like having a baby, that feeling of the struggle finally being over and we can breathe. I'm struggling right now to figure out how to get and stay connected with Hashem during this anticipatory time when we almost don't know what to do with ourselves to get through the day. There are jobs and daily distractions, and things we have to do, but just trying to remember Hashem every minute and say tehillim as much as possible in between all of the mundane tasks. I wish for a sign of more I could be doing. Perhaps Hashem just wanted me to share these musings with you all, who might be sharing my feelings. May He redeem us soon, and may we be ready.

    1. As much as "what we are doing to prepare," Hashem also knows our attitude towards it all (He actually know it better than us).

      It is like prayer, it could be very meaningful prayer and effective, or lip service -- going through the motions and useless.

      It is important for us to give it our greatest effort. Time is running out and we should fear the idea of not being able to do enough (rather than an attitude of "what I do is good enough").

  3. regarding this: "Is it referring to the current month?

    A Can be, I do not know, I do not know exactly"

    other autistics had said this motzei shi'ivis for sure
    what do you say about that

    1. Benjamin has also said it in the past. That is why I explained:
      Benjamin has said many times that he only can say what Hashem wants him to say. Obviously this is the answer he gives when people have asked him “When is Moshiach going to come?” I bring this up since there are answers above that sound like possibilities, but not definite. As it says in the end of the prophet Daniel, these things are sealed until the end – until Hashem says so. That is why the last question about Elul seems allusive. Benjamin is not saying it could be later, he is saying Hashem has not revealed the information to him.

      Benjamin really doesn't think for himself. He would not remember that he said before that Moshiach is "this year."

      Even when he is asked a question by his father, he will only give an answer that he receives from Hashem.

  4. R' Robinson, Thank you, yet again for your very, very important work.
    I don't understand why part of the message is "we will be sad"? Sounds counter-intuitive? Does he mean people who have chosen to remain in ways opposite of good?
    Thank you, I truly can't make "heads or tails" of this statement? Althouh,perhaps that's what is being said - Heads - for those who try to follow in the ways of H'...

    1. Throughout our lives we always think we have more time to improve and get it right. It is like taking the finals in a college course, we always wish we had studied more. The final test sneaks up on us and we kick ourselves for not being prepared enough.

      This is the final test of life. We will realize that we could have done so much more, and that our eternity could be even better had we applied ourselves more. It is sad to realize that when it is too late.

    2. For this reason I always have a hard time understanding how blissful life will be then, from one specific angle: namely the complete remorse most of us will feel that we could've done even more...... We can never do enough.


    3. From what I understand about the pain of remorse is that it is most prevalent in Hell. It is not people who did not do enough that feel tremendous anguish from remorse, it is evil ones who did nothing or were completely rebellious.

      Those who go to a heavenly reward are aware of the fact that they can no longer climb spiritually (except for having loved ones still on Earth helping out, another long story), but the benefits far exceed the disappointments.

      In the same way, what is coming up in the time of a worldwide redemption will be so tremendous that we will not be plagued by great feelings of remorse. We will be aware that we could have had better, but due to Hashem's infinite mercy and love for us, it should not be a great concern.

      One caveat: since I have not experienced how much concern it will be, I am only guessing from my studies of the time of Moshiach how wonderful it will be. But, as you are reading this, it is before the fact. We still can do great things to not find out how it will be. The preparation that we have been discussing is exactly what will help the situation later, when it is too late to prepare. The great increase in repentance, prayer, charity, studying Torah, helping others, doing the commandments, coming closer to Hashem, etc, etc, etc, (I know I repeat myself) will all get you better results later on in the lack of remorse category.

      Step up you anti-remorse training now, while it is still available.

    4. Exactly!!!!
      We will have pain if we ignore these messages by pretending nothing is going on and continue without last DEEP TSHUVA.
      Hashem give us again and again a chance because it is very late.
      Please let us take this chance given us from our Creator to be close to Him and serve Him as we suppose to do.

      He want us to be ready and clean for the Big DAY.
      The late "guests" have to still come in.

      May we have a Year like never before!
      Thank you for all the LIGHT, rav Menachem and Etty!!! !!! !!! !!! !

      Orna Nitzevet

    5. Thank you for your inspiring words.

      May Hashem bless you and your family for eternity.

  5. Why are we so priviledged to have received these warnings to do do all we can to improve ourselves while there is still a bit of time? What about the vast majority of Am Yisrael who is not aware of what is to come? Very grateful always, just a bit bewildered. Ms. AP

    1. Hashem loves all His creations and wants the best for all. Since He didn't make us as robots, everyone will do or not do according to how he or she discovers Hashem and His truth. In other words, some will be much further ahead than others, because they were wise enough to understand all the messages Hashem is sending us, they will see the truth and live it.

      We must remember from the story of Korach that even though he did not give into his stubbornness, Korach's sons in the last seconds did Teshuvah, realized that truth that Moshe was telling them from Hashem, and were saved.

      The Star coming will be scary enough that all the Jews and righteous non-Jews will do Teshuvah, even if it is in the last seconds, and be saved. That is why 1/3rd or 2.5 billion people will see salvation and live on into the time of Moshiach, Geula and a tremendous world of goodness and truth.

  6. We must all be very alert to the signs Hashem is giving each one of us during these last weeks of Elul. Information is coming to us that we've heard before but didn't act on perhaps. Now is the time to act. We are being tested. The yetzer hara is pulling out all the stops now. It will try to use our greatest weaknesses and our greatest strengths against us. Be aware! You may have to make very hard choices and changes that rock your very foundation but never take your eye off the goal--GEULAH--your Soul's deepest longing--the realization of the dream she (your Soul) has dreamt since the beginning of creation. Be strong and courageous!

    1. Thanks Emunah for reminding us that the yetzer hara is pulling out all the stops now. To quote Rav Laser Brody, the yetzer hara is a dirty fighter! Buyer beware...I have been through the ringer recently regarding issues related to my teens - my Acchiles heel. Yep,i stumbled badly. It has been so exhausting that i even lacked the energy to do my prayers properly. There was some awareness that we were under attack spiritually(big time)but helplessness grabbed hold. Breaking this chokehold was difficult but Hitbodedut,Teshuva and blogs like this are tremendous tools from Hashem. Just was crazy. Ms. AP

    2. Do you know how to tell that Hashem really loves you? When He pays this much attention to you, to give you all these final tests, and the opportunity to reach a very high level of Tikun.

      It will all be over soon and you will be so happy Hashem pays this much attention to you. It is not easy to see now, but you will soon.

  7. R' Robinson, Thank you for your insightful, wise answer.
    I have tried my whole life to be good I really have, as many others have as well. We can still do teshuva for the "missed opportunities"? There are "make-up tests", for the discerning?

    1. As I told Judi above, now is the time to do everything to help ourselves climb spiritually. It is the reason that Benjamin said "how sad we will be" when it is too late. We will remember today, September 15 (Israeli time), and how much time we spent doing the right thing, versus how much time we wasted thinking we were good to go.

      There are no make-up tests, now it the time to cram and make sure we wouldn't need a make-up test.

  8. Pleas excuse the mistake - Teshuva. It is a Mitzva, therefore should be capitalized.

    1. You are correct and forgiven. That, by the way, was successful Teshuvah.

  9. Rav.
    Do you think it's possible to put down a couple of examples of Mitzvohs and Chassadim that we can do now to help us at this critical time? Sometimes, when we look to try to good deeds and turn closer to Hashem - we give up because it looks to daunting - and that is beyond sad. For the sake of your readership, maybe a couple of random examples can be posted and from there everyone can continue to build. It's not hard at all once you get going...

    1. This is not a general type of correction. It is very specific to each one of us. If our level of keeping Kosher needs to improve, or our observance of Shabbat, that is what Teshuvah is, improving any personal deficiencies. If men don't put on Tefillin or wear a Yarmulke or Tzitzis. If married women don't cover their hair properly, or are practicing family purity.

      What you personally need is what you need to work on and improve. Mostly, very basic commandment fulfillment. If you are not sure of all that you lack, that is the purpose of Torah study. Hashem gave us all the instructions, we just need to follow them. We need not try to figure it out from the Torah, there are many good books with very specific instructions. Learning from a good Rabbi or Rebbetzin is the best.

    2. Shalom Rav,
      This is for Stephen Williamson.

      Stephen, please forgive me for spelling your name wrong by adding extra 3 letters at the end.

      Hashem bless you.

      I wish you and Rav Menachem and his familyy and all who come to this blog a restful and peaceful..Shabbat Shalom.


    3. Stella, I have been called much worse in my life. :-) I did not even notice the mis-spelling.

  10. what does the Zohar say about scary events end of elul?

    1. I apologize to you Avrohom Abie for two reasons. One is your request for information on a particular Rabbi in the news. I have avoided covering that subject for the reason of not having correct information about him or even worse, distorted information. If I say anything, it would be Lashon Harah, gossip, and would serve no positive purpose. Even the translation of the FC individual was not totally clear.

      I also apologize since the Zohar you are requesting is questionable whether it pertains to this current Elul. It tells of a particular date and says what day of the week it falls on. This year that date does not fall on the day that the Zohar describes. To give you a long Zohar quote that may not be relevant does not serve any purpose.

      Also, I have been very busily working on a article requested by Israel News Talk Radio about Nibiru. At first they wanted to interview me on the radio, but I told them that my answers sometimes require hours of research, which means I don't want to wing it on live radio. I started writing this article last week and have spent about 10 hours so far. I think it will be another 5 hours today to complete it. I am mentioning this since I discovered some very interesting new information this morning that may narrow down the Nibiru time frame. That and the completion of the writing will be my focus today.

      I will send my readers to their website to read the article, hopefully tomorrow, B"N.