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The Future is Not So Simple, and Needs More Work; also the Weekly Rav Ben Artzi Message

I have continued to do my analysis, my dot-connecting of our worldly events and the fulfillment of prophecy. A few areas of information needed a deeper analysis, since the questions increase as we get closer to the end. Some of the questions came from my dear readers, and others came from me when I looked back at blog posts that I had made – sort of a progress report on presented information.

One question that I received dealt with the fact that the Facilitated Communications individuals have been very consistent with my other sources including my personal dot-connecting, yet they don’t give dates. Specifically Ben Golden who has talked much about the Moshiach being here, the Star, Nibiru and the devastation that it will cause, but has only said it is very soon. Since he is getting information from Hashem, shouldn’t he know the exact date?

Ben Golden has said many times: he can only say what Hashem tells him. He does not know the timing, since Hashem doesn't want him to know. He has in the past made predictions with a definite time frame and even a definite date, but that is not the case here. Everything that the FC individuals say is totally consistent with scriptures. It is one of the reassuring facts that let us know that Hashem is the source. With Hashem telling us through the prophet Malachi that Elijah the Prophet will come to tell us when, Hashem does not violate His own information by changing it and giving it to FC individuals. I know for a fact through two good friends of mine who know the Golden family well, that Ben wouldn’t even be told a date, that Hashem wants to keep secret.

Another question is when Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, talks about the US elections, doesn’t that contradict my belief that the elections will not happen? This question and other questions led me to a very interesting analysis of Megillah 17b.

I have printed a few times that the best source of information of the order by which the events of our time should happen, is the order in the Shemoneh Esrei. The prayers that we say five times a day, three times in silent devotion and two times in repetition, is brought down in the Talmud, Megillah 17b as the order of events to happen. Here again is the list that I have talked about:

1. Patriarchs.

2. G-d's Might.

3. G-d's Holiness.

4. Insight.

5. Repentance.

6. Forgiveness.

7. Redemption.

8. Healing.

9. Blessing of the Years (prosperity).

10. Ingathering of Exiles.

11. Restoration of Justice.

12. Downfall of the Heretics.

13. Support of the Righteous.

14. Rebuilding Jerusalem.

15. Reinstatement of the Davidic Kingdom.

16. Acceptance of Prayer.

17. Temple Service.

18. Thanksgiving.

19. Peace.

It seemed like a good time to evaluate where we are in the sequence. In doing so I came to a very interesting conclusion. We as individuals are involved in our own list. We are not all at the same place, since many of the events are so personalized.

I have pointed out as an example that there are two redemptions. Number 7 is a personal redemption where number 10 is the worldwide redemption (the blowing of the shofar, the ingathering of all the Jews and the lost tribes and redemption for the world). If an individual has already completed up to 7 then that individual has also been redeemed. That would also be the case if the individual is beyond that point, 8, good health, 9 in need of nothing, 10 already here in Israel (the Shofar blowing happens six mornings a week during the month of Elul), 11 living in a place where justice is restored, 12 living where there are no heretics, 13 living where the righteous are emulated and taken care of, 14 possibly living in Jerusalem which is built up and perhaps one of the best places for a Jew to live in the world, 15 knowledge of the Moshiach and his very busy activity to bring about the worldwide redemption (like personally having Moshiach already), 16 having ones prayers accepted and very obviously fulfilled. That is the stopping point since the third and final Temple is not here yet, #17.

My entire discussion is very simply: that we are definitely on our own. I am not saying that if I have everything I close my eyes to the world situation. I have mentioned many times how I feel the pain of the good people of the world and want so much to see everyone experiencing the goodness of Hashem immediately. Yet, the purpose of this world is for each of us to correct and perfect ourselves and go into the best possible eternity. That is definitely an individual effort with individual results based on (yes I am going to say it again) measure for measure what we have accomplished.

I get so many Emails telling me how they are working so diligently to come close to Hashem and on further discussion find it is lip-service. It isn’t that they aren’t trying, but when they tell me that they still have this or that problem, it is hard to explain: you still have that problem because you have not satisfied the correction you need to solve it. Hashem gives us exactly what we need. Take it as a very personal message from Hashem if you still have a persistent problem.

You might ask: “what about the worldwide redemption and the introduction of Moshiach to everyone (who is left after the devastation).” I always like to check history and see what happened. In the first redemption in Egypt, Moshe showed up, was introduced to the Israelites as the redeemer, the Moshiach of the time, and things didn’t go well. Those who completely turned to Hashem saw a very different situation than those who didn’t trust Moshe and, chas v’shalom, didn’t turn to Hashem. Even after 10 plagues there were still skeptics who had a wait and see attitude. No Teshuvah, no Tefillah, nothing to help themselves.

Even worse after the great miracles of the parting of the sea and so much more that we don’t even know about, we came to Mount Sinai and had to be threatened and scared to death to accept the Torah and turn completely to Hashem. Then it gets worse. We all became prophets and totally experienced Hashem at the giving of the Torah and we still went on, with a lack of faith and trust, to build a Golden Calf, to not believe the spies, to not trust our daily portion to eat and drink and more.

Are we crazy that we had all the proof in the world that Hashem was giving us everything, loved us completely and that we would have no problems at all if we just came closer to Him and followed His ways? Well, do you see a pattern? Today, we are witnessing miracle after miracle and most of the world is still asleep, living with a wait-and-see attitude.

What miracles am I talking about? A repeat of the plagues throughout the world. The fulfillment of prophecy after prophecy (there is nothing happening in the world today that we weren’t told about thousands of years ago). The crazy weather, earthquakes (increasing; there are over 50 a day if you are looking at 2.5 and about – hundreds if you are looking at less intensity), more volcanic action in a day than we used to have in a year, the evil of the government and the leaders (all prophesied). The lack of food and water in many places (all prophesied). The way we treat each other (especially the elderly) with disdain and lack of respect (all prophesied). The availability of knowledge and information, but with great lies and deception (all prophesied).

Now my favorite prophecy: we will return to our land and have it all. It happened and it is amazing that even though there is abundance in the land, we are still deceived that it is OK to be outside our home. It is prophesied that outside of Israel will not be OK, and we are seeing that every day now and know that the very near future will be complete devastation. But, we have a long list of excuses why we are still not in Israel, along with the long list of problems about which we are still wondering why. My favorite part is when people write to me with the Arab propaganda and tell me how dangerous it is here. The Arabs want you to believe that and keep you away from the good life that you are missing. The ones who tell me such nonsense never check statistics to see where danger truly is in the world. I have said it before, that doesn’t mean that a person who still needs correction can’t get it in Israel. Actually the testing could be even tougher here, since the reward is far superior to anywhere else.

With all that said, let us look at the world situation and answer some questions.

Does the introduction of Moshiach mean that instantly the world will be at peace? It does not seem so, because even those who survive the Nibiru devastation may not completely accept Moshiach. I believe the process to be much more complicated than just an instant change. As mentioned above Moshe was introduced and it took a while for all to happen.

We are told in scriptures about the world accepting the Sukkah after the worldwide redemption, and many who will kick the Sukkah, probably next month. The details about that aren’t important, it is the repeat of history for those who saw all the miracles at Mount Sinai and still built a Golden Calf. Our materialism, our gluttony for money and luxuries are the Golden Calf of today. Is the worldwide redemption going to wipe out our human frailties? I have mentioned that not until the Yetzer Harah is removed will we become the true righteous people that are prophesied. When will that happen? I don’t know, but since I am calculating about 2.5 billion survivors of the devastation, I know that there will be every type of personality going into the worldwide redemption as there was when we left Egypt. Once again, even with a worldwide redemption we are still on our own, and deserving what we get until Hashem says so. It is His judgement of each of us as individuals that determines everything until we are completely purified for the true goodness to come.

Do I still believe that Nibiru is imminent? More than ever!!!! The tremendous amount of meteors hitting the Earth, the debris that is in front of Nibiru lets us know that it is close. The great increase in earthquakes, to the point where the website telling me the daily count has been removed from the web, I’m guessing another global elite action. The implementation of Martial Law in many places, soon to be everywhere, the imminent collapse of the worldwide financial system, the continued talk of war including troop movement worldwide. This goes on with a lot of details, but it all spells: we are there. I have even mentioned in a response to a comment that we have no idea whether the global elite have gone underground, since they can broadcast from there with complete deception about their location (green screen computer graphics).

I also do not know who will survive and for how long. Does that mean that the deception of an election could still come to reality? I don’t know, but I do know that if there is an election it will be fixed as every election has been since Al Gore won the presidency. I got a big laugh when I saw that Gog Bush, Sr is voting for Hillary. Why would such a staunch Republican vote that way? Hillary and her lovely husband Billy Boy are members of the Gog Bush cabal, Trump isn’t. Problem solved. I don’t know if there will be any deceptive election, and frankly I don’t care. The only worthy candidate is Moshiach (no polls needed). Be aware that if there is an election all those involved will be the individuals who reject Moshiach. They won’t be around too much longer.

One more topic to mention and then I will get off of my soapbox. Hashem knows every fine detail about each one of us, including (this is the important point) exactly what we will do in the future. Hashem sees us as we are, but also knows where we will be a month from now, a year from now; both physically and spiritually. What is happening to each one of us today is greatly influenced by what good or not-so-good deeds we will do. If we are skeptics with a wait-and-see attitude, don’t expect good to come so quickly, even if you are in the 1/3rd group. With Moshiach being introduced before Rosh Hashanah (it still looks very good), your personal problems will be when you fully accept Hashem and His servant. There is no jumping on the band wagon and going along with the group. You are still an individual with your own baggage that you are taking to this worldwide redemption. We will get away with nothing; we will only be treated measure for measure according to our efforts to follow Hashem and do His will – an accomplished spiritual level that will stay with us for eternity.

Review the list above from Megillah 17b and ask yourself: where am I on that list, and what do I think I deserve? Better yet, what do I still have to do to get with the program and be at a higher spiritual level – a bigger number down the list?

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Nitzavim, 22 Elul 5776 (9/25/16)

G-d, King of Kings, Father of Mercy who has mercy on the Jews forever, surrounds his Jewish sons with gold, silver, blue and purple light. He surrounds his Jewish sons in the holy land of Israel with four colors, each color based on the Jew's spiritual level and deeds. In order to prevent jealousy among Jews, G-d gave four colors, from the spiritual Jew with vast knowledge in Torah, to the simplest Jew. Just like the four mothers who married our father Jacob, every Jew has a purpose in this world. G-d does this so that every Jew enters the first circle.

G-d is guiding all of the Jews to a good and blessed year, to a new year for the people of Israel.

Father of Mercy is so happy that His children are subject to Him and pray to Him. Today, every Jew feels that G-d listens to his prayers. Father of Mercy is asking the Jews to be kind, giving, joyful, as much as they can. Doing these three things will bring them to obey the commandments, which will bring them to being busy with good deeds.

In Rosh Hashanah this year, there will be great joy for the people of Israel, good life, quiet from the kids, good health, longevity and prosperity. The people of Israel in the land of Israel will be in the highest circle. Rosh Hashanah is close to Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Hoshana Rabbah.

Listen well dear Jews, children of G-d: Father of Mercy lets us pray to Him on Yom Kippur. All the Jews that pray on this Yom Kippur, G-d will open a direct line to everyone and all of the Jews' prayers will go directly to G-d so that every Jew is happy on Sukkot and Hoshana Rabbah is delighted with faith and excitement. They will feel the power of the Torah; they will have the salvation, and the Messiah King with the power of G-d!

There will be great joy in Rosh Hashanah despite disturbances. The IDF must be vigilant. Watch over yourselves, the IDF and Jewish people of Israel. The IDF and defense forces, police and border patrol, are doing everything they can so that the people of Israel have holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot without any disturbances. Father of Mercy is asking all of the Jews to always pray for the IDF soldiers.

Everyone is preparing and waiting for the revealing of the Messiah King! Everyone understands and knows that there is a Messiah operating and working, and they know that it is salvation and the Messiah! Today, more than ever, you can feel G-d everywhere! There is no such thing as someone who doesn't believe in the Messiah, but let's assume that there are those who don't believe - they are afraid of being called primitive. Everyone believes that there is salvation and the Messiah and everyone is waiting for him to be revealed in public! In the Shemoneh Esrei prayers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the rising of the dead, and the Messiah are all written! Everyone heeds the words of the Messiah, it enters their ears in sound! They hear and do     G-d's will!

The holy land of Israel will solve all of the problems in the world. The entire world will work and live thanks to Israel! Nothing is missing in Israel; there is everything in the world: views, land, trees, water and people - everything except for the bad things.

Father of Mercy would never harm any Jew!

The government of Israel must not believe anyone that wants to take land from Israel. The government of Israel must work to develop the holy land of Israel, the Negev, Western Galilee, Golan Heights, Samaria and Binyamin. This is the duty of the Israeli government, to work in real estate, to settle the Holy Land, and urgently bring millions of Jews to Israel. Jews are coming on their own as well to Israel. The land of Israel is now like Noah's ark, everyone that wants to live goes on the ark!

Hamas and the Palestinians have thousands and millions of acres of land in Arab countries. They should leave us alone; they will not get anything anyway.

Abu Mazen cannot be trusted with anything. He secretly sends terrorists and gives them instructions how to harm Jews.

In Egypt, G-d is telling the Government of Israel not to believe Sisi. Sisi wants to show everyone that he wants peace. He only wants to get rid of extreme Islam, ISIS, and Hamas and bring them to fight Israel. Sisi is wasting his time and should watch over himself from his own guards. He should invest in his own protection and not interfere with the Holy Land, for his own good!

The Holy Land belongs to G-d, whoever touches it will be gone from the world! Every country or person that wants to take land from Israel will immediately get earthquakes, floods, fires and winds.

The Jordanian king is threatening and in the heavens they are saying he can threaten himself. He is like Sisi; he wants to send all of the refugees and infiltrators to Israel; he is delusional.

Russia and the US don't care about Syria. They are practicing and blowing Syria up and themselves too.

Syria will continue to be erased, and any country that wants to interfere and fight will suffer. G-d is saying: "Let countries continue to interfere, we will see who succeeds, them or me." They will fall on their swords and their bows will break; their leaders will kill their people and their people will kill their leaders, and they will disappear from the world.

In the US, the President is G-d's choice! Talk or no talk, it is already written with G-d who will win and who will lose. Whoever wins will love the Jews in Israel and hate the Jews in the United States - this is the surprise and the wonder that will be. For 8 years, Obama did not get peace, so he will certainly not achieve peace in the little time he has left.

The government and people of Israel must not worry about what world leaders say. We the Jews have a leader, G-d, Father of Mercy to all the Jews. Jews must not kiss-up to any country or leader! Countries of the world will chase the Jews to Israel and ask for advice to exist.

Iran is celebrating in front of the world because they are scared. When a country makes noise of pride, it is to scare the world and it is because they are afraid. They are afraid of the Israeli air force, the Jewish mind and the IDF. They are afraid that the air force will bomb the nuclear factories in Iran.

Jews, there is no need to go abroad. Every Jew that goes will be recognized by the gentiles as a Jew.

In Turkey, ISIS is controlling Erdogan and his family and it is very dangerous to go there. ISIS in Turkey wants to abduct Jewish women and humiliate them, heaven forbid, to mock them before the world. Jews, do not go to Turkey! There will be a revolution and tens of millions will run toward Europe. Europe will turn into a Muslim continent and the Jews will run from there like fire.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah have weapons only to protect themselves from Syria, the rebels, ISIS, and Lebanon, not against Israel. Nasrallah knows that Israel loves peace, not war. Hezbollah is in deep trouble with Syria and Lebanon.

In Gaza, Hamas is working 24 hours a day digging tunnels. The IDF must continue to be very vigilant! They want to use the tunnels to surprise army bases and bring down the morale of the IDF. They are digging under their homes, layers from all directions, they will fall on their swords and their bows will break.

Father of Mercy is asking his Jewish children in Israel to obey the commandments "and I promise you a great promise, an oath, that I will give the ten plagues to any country that goes against Israel! And all of the Arabs living in Israel who want to attack the Jews will get terrible diseases they never dreamed of!"

Hamas is not naive; they have spies in East Jerusalem, the north, the south and Hebron. Keep watch in east Jerusalem from terrorists. Suspect everyone.

Abu Mazen is sending kids with knives.

The IDF must keep looking for ammunition in Arab villages - there is a lot.

Iraq is a Babel Tower. It is alive and dead, dying to die.

Anyone that cheats Israel, steals patents or buys businesses from Israel, listen well, G-d will make sure the business loses forever; there will be nothing left from the business! The gentiles who want to buy businesses from Jews will fall and crash! Anyone that steals patents and cheats Jews in Israel, the patent will not work; it will go bad and it will never be fixed.

Everyone, all of the Jews are waiting, above and below, even the ashes of our fathers and mothers, Rachel and Leah who are responsible for the lower Messiah and upper Messiah - they are all waiting for a sign from G-d for the revealing of the Messiah in public and they will sound the horns! The date for the revealing of the Messiah is only with G-d. All of the Jews are waiting. G-d is telling the Jews: Patience and waiting is torment, this torment purifies the Jews and brings the revealing of the Messiah King closer!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"


  1. I know that we have to turn completely to Hashem, but you just can't (I guess) fulfil the 613 mitzvots from a fay to another. Specially if you do just a few. How can that be possible? We have less than a week to make that. I would really love starting to do all the 613 mitzvots in a single day, but I think I will get really frustrated and mess up everything.
    So, what's the answer to that?

    Fingers crossed and hope we all reach Tikun. Thanks

    1. I have said many times: Hashem does not judge us by what we know; He judges us by how we grow. This is the last of our reincarnations. We have already satisfied most of the commandments in our previous lives. We are in no way starting from the beginning. But to evaluate what we still need work on is actually very simple. If we are not keeping Kosher properly, work on that. If we are not doing Shabbos properly, work on that. We fairly well know areas that we need to improve, and Hashem will help us all the way.

      Letting Hashem know that we wholeheartedly want to do what we can is what Hashem is wanting from us. Our biggest enemy is a negative attitude with lots of excuses why we can't do this or that.

      Whatever we can't accomplish we can get credit for by learning about the commandment. Knowledge is powerful and can help us with doing the right thing. Knowing, as an example, that finger crossing or crossing one's heart is Xtian. The only thing Jews are allowed to cross is the street and that should be at the corner.

  2. Thank you once again Rav,
    Have read, will re-read, and bli neder, will try to do as I as Noahide, can do better and more.

    I think i am progressing, thanks to some many dear Rabbis and blogs, and friends, and thanks to you Rav.

    Hashem help each and all of us, Jew and non-Jew, who just want to do the right thing by fellow human beings and mostly to follow Hashem.

    Thank Y-u Hashem.


    1. Keep up the good work. Hashem knows your full intentions and loves it.

    2. Rav, what is this Reply Delete?

      Seeing it for the first time


    3. It has always been there. It allows us to reply to that particular post. When my response shows up below the comment made it is because I hit Reply for that particular comment.

      I also have the option to delete a post. I have used Delete when I posted a reply and saw a mistake or thought of something additional after I replied. I add a new reply and Delete my old one.

      I have also had comments that seemed to offend other readers, which I deleted the original comment.

  3. There is a concept that I feel compelled to share regarding the date of Mashiach's arrival: "...for God to tell us when Mashiach will come [is] itself the coming of Mashiach. To tell us that Mashiach will come tomorrow is not to tell us at all! Mashiach is the revelation of God’s heart to us, so when He tells of his arrival he is already here."--haRav Yitzchak Ginsburgh

    1. I agree completely. We know that Moshiach is here and that he is working hard to serve Hashem and bring the worldwide redemption.

      We really don't have to say a date since Hashem told us that Eliyahu Hanavi will come and let us know. The important message is to have a very positive attitude that this is the end, Moshiach is here and the wonderful world of goodness is imminent.

      All negativity is counter-productive and dangerous.

  4. Help!!
    What do you mean about going through the list??

    Can you please explain that in more detail?? Or direct us to some place that can?

    I think, but cannot be sure, that I am no where near complete. Will I ever ba?? Hit Ido know that I am constantly trying so hard to improve myself, to strengthen my emuna, to live more connected to Hashem ....
    Do I speak Loshon hara? I wish I could answer nicer! Is my Shmirat shabbat perfect?? I wish I could say absolutely!!

    Are my tefilos all full of kavana ? Do I never worry about finances, or child raising, or so many things?

    When will I have a complete yeshiva so I can "jump on the bandwagon" I so badly want to go Home to the real home, not just in ruins as is, but with Hashem and with out all the craziness of the world.
    I'd be there now, but shalom bayit is holding me here for now, bezras Hashem soon my desire will reflect in my spouse.....but only when Hashem wills it.

    So what do I do???
    Keep saying Tehillim? Keep holding my tongue from anger and from lashon hara ....and hope I'm doing enough??

    When someone comes and claims to be moshiach I will run after him...will he let My join the redeemed ones????
    How can we prepare????

    Thank you Rav
    All blessings to you and your loved ones (is clouding all of klal yisrael)

    1. The list that I have presented which is the 19 blessings of the Shemoneh Esrei is, according to Megillah 17b, the order of events that will take place in this world in the redemption process (see above the list of 19 blessings).

      My entire premise of this blog post is that we can gauge how far along we are as individuals in reaching Tikun and receiving the Moshiach by evaluating each step and our progress at that stage.

      One misconception that I would like to clarify is that if we reach a particular plateau it doesn't mean we are finished with it. As an example number 5 Repentance only means that we are actively involved in it every day. Since repentance is the act of improving ourselves, it doesn't stop until Judgement Day when we get our final report card that tells us how well we repented.

      We all have education to gain and actions to accomplish in the list of 19. It is never finished until the world of testing changes to the world of truth and goodness. But there is a point where Hashem lets us know that we have done well at that step in the list and that we can go on to the next step.

    2. Thank you Rav!
      I read the post and I'm going to buy your book now!

      May Hashem help you continue your holy work and may Hashem help us all come to levels we can reach and be ready quickly for the revelation of moshiach bezras Hashem with rachamim and speedily.

      Shana tova umetuka - may Hashem shower you and all klal yisrael with blessings and with strength and all your neshama's desires
      Thank you

  5. Help
    How can we know we have made it as one who can go with moshiach?

    How can we go through this list??
    Please can you explain it?
    Or direct us to somewhere who can help.

    I am constantly working on improving myself.
    Accepting Hashem's will and nullifying my own

    Working on Trusting Hashem completely.

    Working on No Loshon hara (I wish I could say I'm perfect there but there are slips)
    Working of tefila with kavana

    Working on perfect Shmiras shabbos...

    Working on shalom bayis (why I'm still not in eretz yisrael)
    Working on helping others

    Working on......everything!!!

    What is this list??

    What does patriarchs mean??

    Thank you rav.

    May Hashem bless you with everything and your loved ones as well (including all klal yisrael- as I see you love them so much. And all the righteous gentiles who call to Hashem )

    Thank you
    M F

    1. Everything that we study in the Torah is for the purpose of helping us improve ourselves and reach Tikun. It would probably help if you go back to my post of 8 Sep 2015 entitled "Another Mystery Solved."

      That was a much more comprehensive description of what Megillah 17b teaches us (even the Talmud wording is included).

  6. I certainly pray that we do not kick the sukkah out of frustration if the wall falls on our head as we are putting it together! ~do smile~ I think of your words during the day as I work. Thank you for what you share. And yes the plagues are all over. Take a look at what I wrote in January of this year - I posted all but the death of the firstborn

    1. The kicking of the Sukkah refers to individuals who never celebrated Sukkot, and are very reluctant during their first attempt. It is for those who are not fully on board with the joy of Judaism, and its beautiful customs.

      I enjoy Sukkot so much that I find one of the saddest events of the year is on Hoshana Rabbah when we say goodbye to the Sukkah.

      I enjoyed your blog description of the plagues.

  7. I get a very strange feeling and tears when I contemplate that I may be the last in line of all my ancestors (grandmother, mother et al). An awe-full feeling.

    1. Whatever the situation it is all for the best. We are not so concerned with people that existed, but the real person, the Neshamah.

      All Neshamahs will receive Tikun and the joy of Olam Habah, what could be bad about that? You are not the last in line, you are in line with them and they are happy about it.

  8. In Israel it feels like the calm before the storm. Waiting with bated breath for tomorrow.

    1. I would word it as the calm before the celebration, not the storm, even though you are correct my breath is bated.

    2. I would word it as the calm before the celebration, not the storm, even though you are correct my breath is bated.

    3. Although it's indeed the calm before the celebration, it will most probably begin with a storm, hence, the calm before the storm.

  9. I am getting comments from readers who seem to be offended by this post. I apologize if you are taking this the wrong way, but know that I am not here to be popular, I am here to try to save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

    If you are offended by anything that I said, or for that matter any message that is coming from Hashem, than look at yourself in the mirror, and take notice at who is the one causing you the problems.

    If the shoe fits, wear it. If what I am advising offends you, you are in denial, since it obviously pertains to you. If I am coming across as someone who has everything, including a personal redemption, my only wish is to share it with you; it is nice to have. If you are offended by my wanting to share happiness and success with you, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

    Learn from my good fortune and don't argue with success; it is totally available to you, if you understand the Mussar I give and not look at it as bragging. I want you to have the same happiness that I have achieved in life and for all eternity. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. I make mistakes every day, but after studying Hashem's Torah for 69 years, I have learned how to improve -- a valuable lesson for me to share. You don't have to be like me, you can be much better; it is up to you.

    I am 72 years old and have reached a very pleasant level of success and happiness in life. If you are not interested in sharing it, that is your hangup, not mine. It is not easy to save peoples lives, and I have learned that over the past 54 months, but I will still continue to try, even if you are not interested.

  10. Does this post me that you are no longer certain that Mashiach will reveal himself in 5776?


    1. We have hundreds of sources, mostly directly from Hashem that say that 5776 is the year. I have never made a prediction; I only have total faith that Hashem's messages are true, and tried to get this great feeling to rub off on the good people who read my blog.

      My post above does not change that, if anything it should support it. I am saying that I have already been redeemed, with the personal redemption, and know that Moshiach is here, including that fact that he has been revealed to me. Does that satisfy all the prophecies about 5776? For me, yes. For all my readers? Some who also live here, and know who he is, also yes. Does that satisfy the worldwide redemption? No, but we still have 3 more days to see if that is included.

      The biggest event that I am looking for is Nibiru being overhead and the Moshiach being introduced to the world (as it says in the Torah, Hashem's opinion). I know that Nibiru is very close with all the upheaval happening in the world (not through notification of the scientists, who still treat this as Top Secret). Does that mean it will be here in the next three days with the worldwide introduction of Moshiach? It is looking good, but you have to ask a prophet, not a dot-connector.

      I appreciate the honor that my readers are giving me by making it look like I am the one who will bring about the fulfillment of prophecies, but I am only a messenger.

      Is the biggest problem a lack of positive attitude from the people of planet Earth? Absolutely. Did I try to change that attitude, and help it all to happen? I work 10 to 15 hours a day on the subject. Did I help many Jews and righteous non-Jews by encouraging them to raise their spiritual levels and come closer to Hashem? I believe so, but I will find out on Judgement day when I get my report card. Will many people be better off if they did try to come closer to Hashem? Absolutely, they will reap the benefits for eternity. Am I sad that there are many who think they know better and will find out later how important it would have been to listen to Hashem's instructions? I feel horrible about the people who I wanted to see at a much higher spiritual level, but instead decided to take it out on me that they failed.

      It is the same Jew-hatred we have experienced for thousands of years -- if you don't like the message (that would be the word of Hashem), kill the messenger (that would be me). Will I feel vindicated when people find out what they threw away, their eternal life, and only blamed it on me for not getting there? I will feel horrible that I failed. I think everyday about what I could do to save people, while many think everyday about how they can blame me for their shortcomings.

      We are there!!! All I need is for the good people of the Earth to accept it and thoroughly enjoy it.

      Did that answer your question?

  11. Obviously, Ed, but with clever polemics. Still, there are a few days left of 5776, IT may yet happen, so hold on tight I say!☺


  12. As always, thank you Rav for sharing this. B'H for giving us all these signs.

    In regards to prophecies of Moshiach being revealed in 5776, in effect didn't this already happen? Rabbi Kanievski, and other G'dolim, have said that they already met the Moshiach. You as well mentioned that his name was revealed to you. So in essence, didn't this prophecy already occur? Or does the Torah say that he would be revealed publicly worldwide?

    Also, as for us seeing signs before Rosh Hoshana, do you think instances like the terror attacks in NY, NJ, VA, now today's major train accident in NJ, the passing of Shimon Peres on the 25th of Elul, etc. Could these have been the fore warnings / signs that we expected? Or is it supposed to involve Nibiru specifically?

    Wishing you and your family, and all your readers a Shana Tova. You should be blessed with a Happy, Healthy and Sweet new year.

  13. BH
    Rab Robinson:
    Shana Tovah and Ksiva V’Hasima Tovah
    Sara from Mexico City