Wednesday, September 28, 2016

More Beautiful Stories

The other day I told a story about a little girl who told us that Moshiach will be here before Rosh Hashanah.  I got requests from several readers (including me) for more stories.  Our dear friend, the father of this very special Neshamah sent me three more stories with permission to share with you.  Once again I am leaving off names for privacy purposes.  Here they are:

1.  When our daughter was five days old it was Friday.  On Friday night at the hospital I said to my wife that it is Friday night and I need to go to our daughter (this was the night before the naming) and give her the Shabbos blessing that a father gives to his children.  It was my first time. and I needed to take a siddur with me so that I would know what to say.  When I arrived at the area where she was, I went to her little bed and saw her sleeping.  I bent over and whispered into her ear: good Shabbos.  This is your first Shabbos in this world and now it is time for me to give you your Shabbos blessing that a father gives to his child every Friday night.  I opened the siddur, which I had put on the table beside her, to the blessing for a daughter.  I started to move my two hands towards her little head in order to place my hands on her head, and I had to look at the siddur at the same time.  As my hands started to go towards her head I saw that she began to raise her head very steadily and calmly towards my hands.  I knew that this was a moment that Shamayim was controlling her head, and her head eventually reached my hands. This was a physical impossibility, so I knew that Shamayim was involved here.  She held her head steadily in the air meeting my hands and I then looked at the siddur and slowly said every word.  She held her head there until I finished, which took about a minute or so. When I finished I gently kissed her head and at that point, she very slowly and steadily lowered her head gently until reaching the bed and went to sleep.  I knew from that point forward that this was one very special Neshamah.

2.  When our daughter was about two years old, I had a discussion on the phone with my Rebbe right before Lag B'Omer.  That discussion was on my cell phone when I was outside, and our daughter was back at the apartment with my wife.  I never discussed that conversation with anyone which means that our daughter was not privy to one word of that conversation.  In that conversation, my Rebbe asked me if I was going to the Rashbi for Lag B'Omer.  I told him that I was not going, and I told him to please not be angry with me for not going.  He laughed.  The Shabbos after Lag B'Omer I had to go to my Rebbe and ask him a question.  I took our daughter in the stroller with me.  As we were walking and started to come close to my Rebbe's home she asked me in Hebrew "Where are we going?" and I told her "To Rav X".  She then said "No, not to Rav X."  I asked "Why?" and she said "Because he is angry."  I asked "Angry?  Why is Rav X angry?" She said "Because of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai."  “He's angry because of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.  You mean Lag B'Omer?"   She said "Yes, he's angry."  I asked her how did she know about this conversation, and she did not answer.   I obviously told my Rebbe and I said to him "A little funny, no?"  He said "Yes."  Then I said "it's also a little scary, no?" and he said "Yes."

3.  About six months ago, when our daughter was 3 ½, she heard my wife crying as my wife was suffering.  Our daughter ran to the kitchen, got a tissue, came to my wife, dried my wife's tears and said to my wife in English: "Don't cry mommy, it will be alright, soon the Moshiach will be here.”

I greatly appreciate our dear friend sharing these priceless stories with us.  May he, his wife and above all, their very special daughter be blessed by Hashem with a wonderful Tikun and eternity. 
This was sent to my as a comment, but it is so fascinating I wanted to make sure everyone sees it.  It is long (I admit that I haven't finished reading it yet), but worth the time.
Erev Moshiach


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    1. Tzaddikim said on the passuk in Tehillim (Hallel), "He'emanti ki adaber", emunah becomes stronger by talking about Hashem, righteous people and miracles.

      Shalom E.

  2. With Peres' death, all pieces of the puzzle and predictions are falling into place... Getting very exciting.

    One can clearly see how Lev melachim vesarim beyad Hashem (The hearts of kings and princes are in the hands of Hashem).

    Shalom E.

  3. Rav, this is off the topic, how does one ask for forgiveness of someone who has passed away?

    Thank you.

  4. BS"D
    Lechvod R' Robinson,
    Once again, Thank you for all the Chizuk you have given to us all.
    Just an important note - If you think it's not something for others to see, I will understand but I think the following is very important, critical and crucial for all to be aware of -
    There of course is the idea of "Shanim M'Utos" or the opposite, where a year, although tech. via the luach has elapsed continues.
    Our Gedolim have said that Moshiach is coming this year. Yet, we don't want to CHAS V'SHOLOM make a mistake of miscalcilating. If people will see that H' for whatever reason doesn't Choose to end Golus the second Rosh HaShana begins or chalila ends they might become despondent and out of hurt react in a way that can be counter-productive.
    Do you agree that this pt. should be made?
    A very grateful reader
    (This is being done on a ph.)

    1. I could only comment if I had deeper insight of Hashem's plan. If the calendar is with miscalculations, it will only be known when Moshiach comes and informs us.

      I don't believe it to be the case. It is still 5776 and still looking very good.

  5. Obama Coming To Israel This Week This Gotta Mean Something... Read!!

    1. Since Hashem determined the exact second for Peres to leave this world with Hashem having complete knowledge of the funeral plans, all the diplomats from around the world will be here for possibly something much more profound than a funeral.

      It may be a deception that they know that Nibiru will be close enough that they will have to cancel. It will look like they really had planned to attend, but for security reasons had to cancel.

      Hashem will let us know tomorrow.

  6. as also rav glazersons codes in a couple showed before Obama is Gog

    1. Obama is not Gog, Obama works for Gog Bush,Sr in his cabal.

      Rav Glazerson found Obama encoded in Ezekiel 38 after the discussion about Gog with a letter separation of 7. Bush is in a more significant place encoded twice, once with a letter separation of two, the other with no separation. Gog mean George as I have shown many times with lots of proof.

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  8. Wake up call:
    Time of KESEF
    Purifying of silver in fire has started!

    1. Thank you. An excellent video that sums it up. Let us all wake up and heed the warning, Hashem is certainly giving us a huge wake-up call.