Thursday, September 22, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Ki Savo, 15 Elul 5776 (9/18/16); also, The Best Pictures of Nibiru


Father in Heaven and Earth, protector of the Holy Land, Israel, Himself, not an angel and not a seraph! There is a wall of fire around the borders of Israel. We, the Jews in Israel, must make an effort to recognize the good that G-d is giving us. Man must not run away from acknowledging the good. G-d is telling the people of Israel in the Holy Land: "Jews, starting from the month of Elul and the new year, a wonderful year will begin for the Jews in Israel! Wonderful and good things will happen to the people of Israel, miracles! G-d is playing with the world, creating a Babel Tower in every country in the world so that they leave Israel and the Jews in Israel alone.

G-d loves every Jew, despite the emotional difficulties and suffering that happen to them for their own good to purify them. The people of Israel must not panic; trust in the power of G-d. G-d is asking you to believe in Him and obey the commandments. When the people of Israel obey the commandments, are kind and faithful, they will be protected by G-d.

Just like G-d is responsible for prosperity, rain, birth, life and death, so is He responsible for the borders of Israel; the Holy Land belongs to Him. G-d is protecting it and the Jews in Israel, not an angel or a seraph!

G-d will not let any country harm the Holy Land and the Jews in Israel. He is taking care of them through the forces of nature, floods, earthquakes, conflicts, fire, heat and winds. He is creating conflict within them so that they leave Israel alone.

All of the white collar criminals and those who bribe or take bribes, in all cities, municipalities, and councils in Israel,   G-d has sworn an oath to reveal them all! All of them, religious and secular, small to large, all will be revealed. G-d is purifying the world. He sees the pain of the Jews caused by these people and is saying "Enough! I have heard the cries of my children!"

Every country in Europe that wants to establish two states in Israel and take land to give to the Palestinians will be punished by G-d, Leader of the World. Fire will make their lives miserable, and all will know it is from G-d, because they wanted to give land from the Holy Land to the Palestinians. Any country that wants to harm Israel will be hit with fire, terrorists, and the forces of nature by G-d, and He will not let them live in peace and quiet for even one second.

All of the Arab countries want to make Europe Muslim. They hate the Xtians. The Muslims hate the Xtians, not the Jews, they hate the Jews less. Arab countries and the whole world know that it is impossible to rule the holy land of Israel! The Muslim Arabs know that they cannot succeed so they are eating away at Europe. They know for sure that G-d is in the Holy Land, protecting the Jews and His land. For thousands of years, all who tried to harm the Holy Land never succeeded, they know that there is no point in continuing! So they conquer Europe, there is a lot of land there.

In Syria, they think there will be peace - there will never be peace. Snakes eat snakes. They are vengeful and hate like none other.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah have given up; they are very afraid. Their weapons and ammunition are running out and they are afraid because Syria and Iran is not with them. All of the ammunition that comes from Syria and Iran is blown up by the IDF, and everything the IDF does not see is blown up by fire from the heavens.

If Iran threatens Israel, G-d will destroy it with fire. Anyone who creates nuclear weapons to destroy the world - G-d is telling them that they will fall on their swords; anyone who digs a hole will fall in it! Anyone that creates atomic weapons for mass destruction will be destroyed by G-d! G-d created this world only for love, kindness, helping each other, and peace - that is what the world was created for. Anyone who tries to change it will be burned by the heavens, along with their country.

Why now? Because now there is salvation, and there is the Messiah, and G-d is renewing the world into a pure and holy world, a world of love.

In Japan, the earthquakes will continue.

In China, the day will soon come when the civilized world will leave them, they will discover that the Chinese are not honest, and China will fall.

Russia is offering the US to make peace with Syria. Syria is attacking and wants to be with Russia, and Putin is showing the world that he is in control and he does what he wants.

Iraq is dead, everyone is lost.

Egypt is hungry. Sisi must make peace with Israel and prevent ammunition from entering Gaza from Sinai. Extreme Muslims, ISIS and Hamas continue to look for Sisi to harm him; they want to kill him. Sisi must watch over himself and not interfere at all with the Palestinian state. If there is peace with Israel and he prevents weapons from entering from Sinai desert, he will be protected. Sisi must not believe anyone around him.

Gaza is filled with ammunition and weapons that enter from Sinai through tunnels. They are preparing an infrastructure for war against Israel. G-d will strike them in a way they could not imagine.

Abu Mazen does not want peace. He is the one pushing the terrorists and Arabs against Israel. He looks innocent, but he is laughing at everyone and enjoying being chased. He will get his from his own people.

G-d wants the prayers of the people of Israel. The people of Israel have the endless power to do anything with their prayers.

G-d is telling the parliament members and ministers: it is a shame that the leadership of Israel wants to meet with Abu Mazen. G-d is telling the Jews in Israel: Nothing will come of it! Nothing, nothing!

In Turkey, Erdogan thinks there won't be a revolution of attacks, he is dreaming. Everything is ready for the plan to revolt in Turkey and go to Europe.

Jordan is being eating away by millions of refugees. They are waiting for the US elections to see who will help them - delusional.

All of the ammunition discovered in villages in Israel is barely 2.5%! In Hebron and the area there are factories that manufacture weapons that are primitive, but still kill. Even in East Jerusalem they appear dormant, but it is the quiet before the storm and this quiet is very scary. Jews, be careful, watch over yourselves! Suspect everyone. The IDF and Jews do not like wars, but whoever tries to harm us will be hit hard by the IDF. The people of Israel live and exist forever and not just that - soon the Messiah will be out in public and Israel will rule the world.

The Messiah is not a war of planes, rockets and atomic bombs. The Messiah is: Whatever he says happens that second! When the Messiah is known, every atomic bomb in the world will be dust!

G-d loves the innocent, because G-d created the world with innocence, wisdom and knowledge. He chose Moses because he was innocent, hard of speaking, and he loved   G-d more than anyone on earth. Moses was modest and G-d loved that, who are we to pretend to be wise in front G-d? We should also be innocent and love the innocent. G-d loves the Jews who are hard of speaking.

The Messiah exists; he loves the people of Israel openly or not openly. There are those who know him and there are those who don't, or are in doubt, or afraid. Soon everyone will know the truth - who he is!

The Messiah is here and we don't yet know how to accept the fact that there is a Messiah. Because of modernization, materialism, money and technology, people don't believe in the Messiah. The modern world is rebelling and falling. In this modern time, people think that the Messiah is something ancient and old, as if the world progressing had nothing to do with it, heaven forbid. The people of Israel are stubborn, they want to see with their eyes and then believe. We the Jews are the chosen people; G-d has chosen us from all the people in the world. He loves the Jews and wants the people of Israel to be kings. G-d Himself is moving and shaking, organizing and interfering all over the world, preparing the world Himself, not an angel, not a seraph, for salvation and the Messiah!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"
This morning I received from two dear readers excellent videos of Nibiru that are the best, most authentic videos I have seen.

Here are the two comments and my responses:
Greater Monsey September 21, 2016 at 10:51 PM

Pictures of Nibiru by an anonymous astronomer!
The Absolute Truth September 22, 2016 at 4:37 AM
Thank you so much. This video is by far the best that I have seen of Nibiru. That is what it looks like. 
There are pictures of the fake sun being provided by the evil NASA. They are the ones that are hexagonal shape. 
What is scary is that this video is months old, which means that Nibiru is much bigger and closer, now.
Anonymous September 22, 2016 at 3:11 AM
The Absolute Truth September 22, 2016 at 4:50 AM
Thank you for another excellent video. It appears to be Nibiru with the fake sun cloaking device shining on it. Go to 5:20 and see a still of the red star Nibiru with a slightly hexagonal sun shape covering it. The reflection in the water gives confidence that it is real, including the attempted deception.
I have had other readers who have seen it, but did not have a camera available.  It definitely seems to be close enough, that the day of the entire world seeing it is rapidly approaching.


  1. he's not talking as if we have 10 days to go

    1. You mean he hasn't received a message from Hashem? As was said recently by Benyamin, Hashem will put Nibiru where He wants and when He wants, and will show it to whomever He wants. We are not talking human logic, we are talking the will of Hashem. According to Benyamin, if Hashem wanted it to appear to the world two seconds from now, that is what would happen.

  2. "The people of Israel are stubborn, they want to see with their eyes and then believe." Exactly how it was in the time of Moshe Rabbenu, "vayar yisrael e hayad hagdolah... vayiru haam ... vayaminu."

    BTW, "Messiah" is a xtian terminology. You should either write Mashiah/Mashiach or Moshiach like chareidim prononounce the kametz.

    1. Messiah is the English translation of Moshiach, it just happens to be used much more by non-Jews, since they are more into the concept of a Messiah than the Jews.

      Should we stop using the word "Jew" and only call us Yehudi?

    2. You're comparing apples to oranges. This is nothing personal. We love your site and devour every word - as you can see. This word somehow sticks out the wrong way. Any non-Jew reading "Messiah" subconsciously thinks of their yoshke, even though they, by now, realize he's not the Mashiach we and they are waiting for. If you'd spell it Mashiah/Mashiach/Moshiach, it would make it easier subconsciously and would straightforwardly think of Mashiach ben David.

    3. That is only your indoctrination. Do you use the Artscroll, the Metsudah or the Birnbaum Siddur or any Hebrew English Tanach? Do you have a Hebrew/English dictionary? Every book that I have that is Hebrew/English uses the proper translation for מָשִׁיחַ as Messiah.

      Moshiach is not a translation, it is a transliteration for the Hebrew word מָשִׁיחַ.

    4. Who do you think invented the concept of a Messiah? It's Jewish. Should we remove our kippas because the pope wears one?

    5. Please read the Wikipedia about the origins of the word Messiah. Go to:

      Chas v'shalom that Artscroll or any other kosher book was influenced by anything other than Jewish sources.

      Are you familiar with the Tower of Babel, when Hashem confounded all the languages? That is the beginning of English, if you go by the Torah, which was in the year 1996 about two thousand years before Xtianity. Xtianity stole everything from the Jews, not the other way. In fact they didn't like the word Messiah, so they called their false Messiah "Christ," which is Greek for Messiah.

  3. A wonderful and inspiring message. Just something I noticed, no mention of American this week.

    1. There was; I took it out. When the Rav talks of the election, I get too many Emails asking questions.

  4. for those who can't picture America coming to an end

  5. 20th of Elul in 2 hours. 10 days to go. Max.

  6. I think the dominant negative word this week is “FIRE”. Many times he spoke of it.

  7. NASA LIVE /HDEV ISS LIVE STREAM FOOTAGE...International Space Station. TWO
    PLANETS/ Look closely, Just released.

  8. Is rav Nir ben Artzi a Mekubal?

    1. Definitely. He has displayed more Ruach Hakodesh, than anyone else that I know of living today.

  9. About the JEWS