Tuesday, September 27, 2016

So You Like Prophetic Dreams? Read This!!!

Another dear reader, who enjoyed reading the prophetic words of the child yesterday, has a daughter who has very prophetic dreams. The reader sent me her documented writing of what her daughter saw. She had also sent it to another blog, who beat me to the publish punch. These dreams are so good, I still wanted my readers to see them, so go to:

I thank “Going Home ... To Yerushalayim,” an excellent blog, for posting this and saving me a lot of work. It is wonderful information and now we have part 2:



  1. Very interesting. Such purity and innocence from a child with her neshama still "attached" to her creator!...Not to detract from this beautiful post, but while we are on the subject, this reminds me of a very vivid dream I had many many years ago. I had it the same dream multiple times and eventually I wrote it down many years later. If you are interested I will share it with you, Rav. Thank you for posting this. Many blessings and may we see Moshiach this week!

    1. Dreams are a very beautiful way that Hashem sends us messages. We would love to read your message from Hashem.

      Tomorrow I plan to put three stories from the little girl I wrote about yesterday, B"N.

  2. I had my own little moment today during ulpan class. We were translating the song hashanan haba'ah. When we got to the chorus, which says: you shall see, you shall see, how good the coming year will be - i felt a tremendous sense of impending geula.

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  4. One Dream among many that I have had, I was sitting on top a hill looking out to what was, the sky looked like a sunset, expect there were no clouds, just the
    colors of red, orange mix, a trail of smoke was coming out of the tall skyscrapers, One looked slightly taller then the other, The dream was clear,
    and vivid, and I woke up I thought about the dream, and it's images and took
    a few moments to think about it and it's images so that it would stay with me.
    I called family and friends and told them my dream, my words above and said
    to them that "I am not saying they the two tall skyscrapers are the Twin Towers, because I do not want my dream to be associated with such a tragedy." Even though my dream did associate with the Twin Towers, my witnesses listened no one would take my dream seriously,.Perhaps looking back, if I went to a learned Rabbi, perhaps he would tell me there is something in the Zohar referring to this. Maybe he then would take this information to another, if I would have been more learned in the Torah, maybe I could have looked into this further. Hindsight,
    NOW we have events unfolding in the world, even with the prophesies in front of us, and the imminent coming of Moshiach, and warning of what is to come. People still do not Heed what is to come., and do not make changes in there
    lives., I am hopeful , I am sure some have, and others will., and some have started to. Rav Menacham your site have reached a great many, and a great many have changed and are doing Mitzvahs as we speak., and Rav you are part
    of those Mitzvahs, what a beautiful creation!!


  5. http://erevmoshiach.blogspot.com/

  6. Rav Menachem, you are my SOS man. I feel like I'm in a ship sailing in deep waters and don't know whom to turn to. The sky is falling, and it looks like Martial Law has already been imposed on mainstream media since access to important and vital links regarding Nibiru and asteroids developments seems to be blocked as if the New World Order has already been put in effect and an active curfew is imposed on the web. (This run-on sentence got me out of breath whhhh.)

    I'm wondering. If Nibiru and this gigantic asteroid are really so close to strike earth, wouldn't the elites already be hidden in their underground bunkers? (Actually, the world would be better off if they would already be deep down in their bunkers.) Did they arrange a cease fire or halt on all hostile astronomy activities until they're fully prepared to scramble in their rat holes?

    1. It is all very exciting and, as I say all the time, looking very positive.

      If the elite have gone into hiding, we wouldn't know in the same way everything else is Top Secret and hidden. With communications the way it is, and even green screen graphics, we could hear a speech from someone like Obumer appearing in the White House with him being nowhere near the White House.

  7. I commented before but it was never posted... I'm wondering if it shows lack of emunah to cook for Rosh Hashana and plan for shul seats, etc. Everything feels so status quo to me, and it feels like the calm before the storm, like Moshiach REALLY wants it to be a surprise. Today is my 2nd son's Hebrew birthday, 25 Elul. Last year we were sitting shiva on this day, this year may we be redeemed today!

    1. I apologize but the world right now is anything but calm. The tremendous increase in activity is very encouraging, but very time consuming for me. I have 359 Emails to review and over 124 on another Email account that I have been ignoring. When I get Emails wanting to chat about cute things, especially long ones, I am ignoring them.

      I have a vital very long post that I am working on that the Emails and comments are not helping. Please bear with me, my intentions are good, but my time is very, very limited. Off to davening.