Sunday, March 13, 2016

Which Group are You, the 1/3rd Group, or the 2/3rd Group?

We have been hearing a lot recently about the prophecy in Zachariah 13:8 that tells us that in the end two thirds of the world population will be wiped out and one third will survive. Why are we hearing this so much on blogs, from Rabbis, from the FC individuals? Because, it is about to happen. If you have been paying attention to all the chatter about Nibiru and have even researched it yourself, then you know that it is real and going to happen within weeks (possibly next week).

To get some deeper understanding, read this excellent comment that I received and the response I gave. Recently, I have received this type of comment often, which means that many of my readers share same thoughts.

Anonymous February 4, 2016 at 5:41 PM

I tried to tell people. They respond that they heard about Nibiru for many years and nothing has happened so far or that it is internet hoax.
So many Jewish People are completely secularized - It is not their fault, it is the generation they have been born into.
So why will Hashem destroy them if what you say comes true?
Or, once Nibiru becomes visible and the situation starts getting out of control and then they do Teshuvah surely it will not be to late?

Does Hashem not accept penitents whenever they repent?
If this all comes to pass, those of us who are observant or on the path to observance want our Family, Relatives and Friends regardless of their current level of observance to survive this ordeal.
It is very difficult to just pack up and move to Israel!
What about all the secular people in Israel, will they survive?
Regards, M

My response:

We have to know with complete faith and trust that Hashem's plan is perfect. All Jews and righteous non-Jews will do Teshuvah and find salvation in time. Remember the episode with Korach, that in the last seconds his sons were saved by doing Teshuvah.

When everyone in the world sees that the end is near, all the righteous will do Teshuvah. When all Jews realize that countries will be destroyed, like the US not being there any more, they will miraculously be in Israel. When all good people know that this is the end of the evil world and that the only way to survive is by completely turning to Hashem, it will happen.

We must have complete confidence that Nibiru is for the good, and will be such a blessing. It is real, with lots of evidence, but not for those who don't check it out. Most people are lazy and just give flawed opinions and conclude that this is just a hoax. Others who are scared enough to realize that survival is a matter of taking action now, are preparing. All good people will come around. Why? Because, they will realize with full conviction that the only answer is Hashem. It is all good and it is closer than we think.

The world will be completely without evil. The world will be without sickness, and even without death. The world will be without hunger; the abundance will mean that all will have what they need. The world will be without crime, terror, war, evil leaders, evil governments, etc. Hashem will not be allusive, but totally known to everyone.

What part of Hashem’s plan doesn’t sound tremendous? It is coming and it is all good, B”H.

We are in a situation that is giving each one of us the choice of which group to be in: the 2/3rd or the 1/3rd.

Understand what each group faces.

How lazy people are with the most important decision they have ever faced in their lives, including all our past lives.

Why am I saying all this at this time? I am still getting Comments from individuals who think the truth is going to not happen if they just blame it on me. By just telling me how wrong I am or even worse calling me a name, they aren’t aware that they can guarantee their spot in the 2/3rd group. I have mentioned that Hashem reads all the comments and private Emails that I receive, and answers each one measure for measure according to what the individual needs. If the person needs the 2/3rd group, so be it. I find it so ironic that the person who is trying to save lives is chastised for it. I find it difficult to believe that I could be so much more concerned about your welfare, and the welfare of your loved ones, than you. Your ignorance of the subject and the reality of this world are real killers.

So how about some better details.

What we are already seeing is the effects of Nibiru that are intensifying as we speak. The severe weather, earthquakes, volcanic action, etc, etc, etc are not just happening, they are cause and effect of the huge star heading this way. There is also a threat of war. The global elite want to take your mind off of Nibiru since they don’t want you to prepare. The bogus elections in the US of Magog, the increase disease threat, the increase in tensions amongst the so-called super powers of the world, etc, are all diversions to keep us thinking in the wrong direction. Read the latest message from Moishele. Is he saying anything new that I haven’t already covered? Since he gets his messages from Hashem, it should give you a higher sense of urgency about the near future:

Let us get more detailed. Why are we not seeing Nibiru and when will we? You ask good questions. NASA and most professional astronomers are still under the influence of the evil global elite and are continuing their silence. Two events that are coming up that will allow the silence to be broken is the emplacement of Martial Law and the global elite moving into their underground cities to ensure their own personal safety. I have talked about both; Moishele (actually Hashem) is my confirmation. You see, the evil ones know what is coming. They didn’t spend trillions of dollars (your tax dollars at work) to help us, but to make sure that we die and they don’t. Why do they need the active duty military to enforce a Martial Law situation? Because, as soon as Nibiru becomes visible and scares the “secular” out of the world population, the evil ones know that there will be tremendous protest, rioting, looting, killing, etc. They only want to make sure they are safe in their underground haven before the people find out the truth. I have seen a source that says that the Martial Law and move of the evil ones will occur within days of the appearance of Nibiru. You see, they have very accurate data from NASA and others of the exact time of arrival and visibility of Nibiru.

When am I expecting all this to occur? Another good question. My best guestimate is in about a week and a half. Of course, all you have to do is look out your window and see what is happening already. But to be more reassuring: when we see soldiers with heavy armored equipment driving by, that might be a hint that Nibiru will be visible within days. Additionally, when we notice that there are reports from non-mainstream media (the mainstream media is the global elite) that all the government leaders, world monarchy, very rich wall-streeters, bankers, Bilderbergers, Gog cabal members, Illuminati gurus, the New World Order clan, election candidates, etc, etc, etc, are all going on a vacation to subterranean locations, expect visibility of Nibiru within days. That will be your best indication to what is coming up.

I am only going to give about a thousand more warnings. Repent, pray, learn Jewish scriptures, LIVE THE COMMANDMENTS, help others survive, TURN TO HASHEM LIKE YOU NEVER DID BEFORE FOR EVERYTHING. I agree it is very difficult to change your ways instantly, but you are being given a choice: change them NOW, or you will not have any ways soon. Choose the 1/3rd group; there is no future in the 2/3rd group (except for tremendous suffering).

I have been told by uninformed people who say: “If I die, I die. Then all my problems will be over. The absolute truth is that you died because you were not living the truth, and it will follow with the very harsh instilment of the truth. A crash course that could be very troublesome. Why would anyone gamble with his or her eternity, and the eternity of his or her loved ones who look to them for guidance? It is called ignorance. When one lives by flawed human logic and nothing else, they are doomed. A little research into what has happened for thousands of years, how history repeats itself, how we have made the same ignorant mistakes over and over again. When will we learn? RIGHT NOW!!!! This is our last chance to get it right, choose the 1/3rd group. We are not waiting to see anything; we have already seen the obvious. Whether you believe it or not is totally irrelevant. The truth does not go away, start living it instead of arguing with it.

I am getting readers who can't open the video: Video: Army Vehicles Roll Through Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Today.  Open it here instead, this should work. 


  1. Todah Rabah,
    I am still awake. Hashem bless you and yours.

  2. Gill Brousard seems to have given up on this Nibiru arriving this year. We wait.

    1. He is not my best authority, Hashem is. All the messages from scriptures, both outright prophecies and encoded, the many messages from the FC individuals, Rabbis, and other scientific sources, all say we are close. The fact that so many pictures are seen showing how close it is means it is definitely this year considering the speed at which it is travelling. All the preparation of the global elite that have the definite word from NASA. They may not be telling us directly, but are sure hinting to it indirectly.

  3. When does Eliayu come? Doesn't scripture say he comes first before the destruction?

    1. Tradition says that we put out a cup for Eliyahu at the Pesach Seder when he will arrive to announce Moshiach. I believe that we are to be told three days in advance of Moshiach's arrival. In the same way we were told to prepare for the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, we are given three days notice for Moshiach (it is actual a gift from Hashem that we could do the best Teshuvah for three days before Moshiach is crowned).

      So far as the destruction, I believe Moshiach ben Yosef should take us through that event. He is the one to take us through the final battle of Gog UMagog and bring back the Jews, including the lost tribes, to Eretz Yisroel.

      If you look at my blog post from the Talmud telling us the order of everything, as brought down in Megillah 17b, the ingathering will occur before the destruction and before Moshiach is crowned. Go to:

      Will it all happen that way? Ask Hashem, He does what He wants.

  4. res://ieframe.dll/dnserrordiagoff.htm#
    Just after I read this - I see this.......
    Are we for real or for real?????????
    Hold strong Am Yisroel - Hashem loves us and will protect us and save us!

    1. I don't know what to make of this, since I believe it is still too early. When I see such reports from all over the nation, I will believe this is the warning I talked about above. Thank you for this video. I take it that it is New York?

    2. the video of military was filmed in ...

      Video: Army Vehicles Roll Through Williamsburg, Brooklyn,
      March 13, 2016 11:19 am

    3. If not too much to ask, can the links be published live so we can just click on it and watch from our Androids or IPhones? With Thanks, Ms.AP

    4. I don't believe I can set it up as a clickable on a comment (not available on Blogspot). I will continue to investigate.

      On a regular computer if one highlights the site and right clicks the mouse, there is a prompt to open the site. I don't know if that could be done on an Android. I have never used an IPhone, so I have no knowledge of its capabilities.

  5. I can't open the link even on a personal computer....

    1. Go above. I added it to the bottom of the post with a clickable.

  6. When you type up your blog post, at the top of the draft post you will see different options. One of those options is ''Links''. Highlight the words you want to link [Matzav] then click on ''Links'' and in the space provided for ''web address'' enter the http:// address. Then click OK. You will then automatically have the direct link on your blog post.

    1. It is not on the blog post that we are trying to get a link, it is on the comment. Do you know how to get a link on a comment?

  7. Do you think we should fasting before tragic time?

    Deaf Noahide

    1. I don't believe that the time coming up is tragic, except for the evil people of the world. Knowing that the end of this horrible, chaotic world is soon, and that the beautiful world of truth and goodness is immanent is not bad news. If you need fasting for your personal Teshuvah, do it. If not, look at everything as coming from Hashem, and that it is good.

      I am working on a new discovery that needs more research, but looks very enlightening. I am connecting more prophecies in scriptures with what is happening these days, and getting a very good feeling about it. Hashem is merciful and taking good care of all His faithfuls -- the proof keeps getting better and better. Hopefully, I will have my new post completed early next week.