Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Purim Warning to American Jews

It this video does not work, go to YouTube and watch it:


  1. Sharing this... my son loves this singer -Lazer Brody; Enjoy.. the words are there also there in English and Hebrew.


    1. Oh Oh sorry.. the name of the singer is Lazer Lloyd:

  2. Rav, thank you for posting this. I hope the advise is heeded.
    I saw your reply there to one of the commenters. Very good reply.
    Hashem bless you rav.

  3. Yes, this is a very important message...but, seems quite humbling, to the Jewish people who do not have the money to fund their trip to Israel, pay for an expensive apartment, find a job for English speaking Americans, pay for food, clothing, etc? What do they do?

    1. Come anyway. Find a job or make a job. Visit nefesh b nefesh's website. The govt. will assist you financially for the first 6 months. Oh, and don't forget to daven your heart out for success. You're doing G-d's will by moving to Israel!

  4. What if we want to come to Israel, but do not have the money?

    1. I have two answers for you that you won't care for.

      One, when the danger is so terrible, come here on vacation, just to escape.

      Two, I said this before, a while ago, and repeated it many times: if you don't have the money, it means you didn't turn to Hashem for help. This world of testing and allusion is not real. How well things go for you is strictly dependent upon how you, measure for measure, turn to Hashem. I have watched tens of thousands of people over a half century, and it has been totally consistent. Hashem has never, and I mean never, let down anyone who followed His ways. There is no such thing as: Hashem wanted to help someone, but couldn't. That is only in the mind of the skeptic.

      Then there are those who give it lip-service. I did everything correctly, and it didn't happen for me. Those people need the most Teshuvah. Instead of correcting their mistakes, they only think they did, or worse, pretended they did, as if to trick Hashem into believing they did everything.

      I have received over ten thousand comments and Emails over the last four years (exactly to this date) on this blog. I am amazed at how many times my readers made statements about how lenient they can be on serving Hashem. They have a Rabbi who tells them it's OK not to be so strict; they found a charlatan on the web that gave them permission to do less; they read a book about how much they don't have to do; this could be a long sentence so I will end it with, etc, etc, etc.

      I have had this comment many, many times about how can we if we don't have money, if we can't find a job, if we have all our friends and family here, if, if, if.

      I have also mentioned how many decades the signs of danger have been prevalent. I have also mentioned many times how the Jews of Germany in the 1930's thought that assimilation was the answer -- just blend into the goyishe population, how bad can it get? I lived in Germany for six years and even have college credits on the subject of: German history in the 20th century. I have interviewed many, and I do mean many, Holocaust survivors who knew what went wrong and the fact that they should have left Germany, Poland, Europe long before.

      I have more to say, but may save it for a separate blog next week, since I continue to get this same comment over and over again.

      I told you: you wouldn't like my answer.

    2. Aw.. Rav.. you might be right.. and I am not a Jew..
      I do not think anyone can judge anyone. Perhaps Lioness, has done all that you speak of .. sometimes, for reasons only known to Hahem, things do not work out.
      Lioness .. please contact Nefesh benefesh.
      Here i shall try to put the site up for you and for anyone else who may need help to go to Eretz Israel.. that is all the Jews only ofcourse..

      Please go there.. and i truly pray it will be of help to you.
      Hashem bless you.. and may it happen for you and all others who are struggling with finance etc:

      Hashem bless you and yours.

  5. Here another warning to Gd`s Chosen



  6. Rabbi, I will leave not because of fear but because it is the right time. That right time will be when Moshiach arrives, he should come now.

  7. Happy Shushan Purim!
    Thank you so much Rabbi, for your answer to my question. You have inspired me so much, to live The Absolute Truth!
    I do like your answer, because I trust that you are giving me the Best advise.
    SC, Thank you also for your kindness and compassion.
    If I may get a bit personal: My case is not cut and dry, and not usual.
    I was living in Israel,for several years (in the Old City) and had just become an Israeli citizen, in 1990. Unfortunate circumstances came up (child needed surgery) where I had to fly back to USA. What happened after that--is one for the books.
    Now, that I want to go back, Nefesh B'Nefesh said that they can not help a returning Olah (citizen).
    I will ask Hashem to help me, while cleaning my neshamah and doing The Absolute Truth.

    1. Dear Lioness,
      I am just a Noahide. But i have a very great love for Hashem and His Chosen.

      Not to worry, i will (actually i started already) keep you in prayers.
      Hashem WILL help you..
      Hashem works miracales. May this happen for you soon.

      Take care, all good will happen.
      Rav Menachem has been one who has helped me to know so much of Hashem.
      He is a blessing for so many.
      Jews and non-Jews.
      I call him the Moses for the many of us, he is really doing so much..
      Hashem bless him and his family.
      and all of us..

  8. Shavua Tov to all.

    I am hearing Lectures of Rabbi Kin, who explains so many things so clearly.
    Yes, I am Noahide, but I am a follower of Hashem.

    I urge all, Noahides and Jews, hear this lecture i am pasting below.. It seems as though he spoke not the year he gave it which was in May 2012, (not so long ago) but as though he gave this now, today, this year..

    Hashem bless each and all who are searching for the truth, and Hashem bless all those Jews and help those who are wanting to go to their homeland. May Hashem hear all our prayers. Amen.

    Rabbi Kin.. thank you.

    Rav Menachem, bless you for this your blog, where you let us help each other, even as you are helping so many of us.


    1. I thank you for your words. I too am a big fan of Rabbi Kin, shlita. I have watched his inspiring videos for years and encourage others to review his messages.

  9. Thanks Stella for the link to Rabbi Kin's 2012 shiur. It explains the sequence of events really well. Very inspiring! By the way, I was watching Rabbi Glazerson's Torah Codes about the possibility of Moshiach arriving during Pesach. Apparently we blew it again - this time during Purim - by our lack of teshuvah and mitzvah observance. All is dependent upon the former and the latter so....those propitious times for Moshiach are being missed because of our lack of yiddishkeit. Rav Menahem, are we going to go through our current times missing one opportunity after another? Human nature being what it is, many will continue using their flawed human logic rather than turn to Hashem. We want Moshiach!! When does it end? Ms. AP

    1. That's what I want to know too! Will Moshiach come regardless of our behavior or contingent upon it? Because I have NO FAITH in human beings. If we have to wait for people to change we will wait till the year 6000. People will not start keeping shabbos and start being nicer to each other, etc. They couldn't remain loyal to Hashem right after meeting Him, they made the egel ha'zahav. We expect better now that no one has seen open miracles in thousands of years? So what happend with all of the codes pointing to Purim? Nothing has changed. Very demoralizing.

    2. There is nothing brought down that talks about Moshiach at Purim time. The codes were more concerned about the devastation that may occur, leading up to Pesach, which has always been considered a good possibility for Moshiach (the cup for Elijah is a good indication).

      The series of events seems to be in accordance with what I have written about Megillah 17b, which is Hashem's logic, not mine. And, you are correct it is definitely requires our Teshuvah and Tefillah.

      I haven't missed any opportunity, I have stopped listening to scientists and passing on their guestimates, and instead, I am completely with Hashem's messages.

  10. Rachel, it is brought down that Moshiach will come either ahead of his time if we are deserving, or in his time if we are not. You are correct. We are not deserving and we cannot rely on people, only Hashem. Therefore, it is time no matter what we do.

    Yet, as I have said many times Hashem's plan it to make the world so scary that all Jews and righteous non-Jews will do Teshuvah in the end. It is happening and Moshiach is already here ready to be introduced. Also, it is fairly definite in many places in scriptures that this is the year, 5776.