Monday, March 21, 2016

What is Going to Happen and When?

I have mentioned that the available information about Nibiru from the science community is very sparse and even unreliable. NASA has hired a full-time professor to go on the web and debunk Nibiru. What is funny is that he only makes statements and ignores all the pictures that NASA has shown from the Hubble and SOHO programs. His lies are so obvious that it gives me great chizuk in the existence of Nibiru. The final analysis of the sources I’ve used has led me to the only One that I totally trust, Hashem. The information that I keep finding in scriptures, and the messages coming from the Facilitated Communications individuals are so consistent, I feel very confident that I am getting good information.

That said, I re-reviewed something I published on this blog and my book, the information from Megillah 17b about the order of events to happen. I was concerned with the fact that the series of events that I was getting from scientific sources was not consistent with the list from Megillah 17b. Here is the list from Megillah 17b, which is the order that events should happen according to the Talmud. If you want the fine details, go to my post of 8 Sep 15, entitled Another Mystery Solved It covers the order of upcoming events as brought down in the Shemoneh Esrei that we say in prayer three times a day (actually five times with the repetition). Here is the list of blessings:

1. Patriarchs.
2. G-d's Might.
3. G-d's Holiness.
4. Insight.
5. Repentance.
6. Forgiveness.
7. Redemption.
8. Healing.
9. Blessing of the Years (prosperity).
10. Ingathering of Exiles.
11. Restoration of Justice.
12. Downfall of the Heretics.
13. Support of the Righteous.
14. Rebuilding Jerusalem.
15. Reinstatement of the Davidic Kingdom.
16. Acceptance of Prayer.
17. Temple Service.
18. Thanksgiving.
19. Peace.
Since healing, #8, comes before the destruction of the wicked, which I believe to occur in #12, it seemed difficult to conclude that both of those events would come about from the same occurrence, either the unsheathing of the sun or the passage of Nibiru. But when I reviewed the verses from scriptures, and looked at what was happening, I concluded that the healing would occur first and the destruction later. It seems likely that this scenario of unsheathing the sun is already happening and will cause the healing of the righteous soon, and that the worse destruction of the wicked will occur with the passing of Nibiru and the devastation of the debris in its tail. That puts the order from Megillah in a better perspective.

But, one might ask: Isn’t Malachi saying that the sun will heal the righteous and the wicked will burn like straw? The answer to this question may be in the verses that Rav Amnon Yitzchak, shlita, talked about recently. He talked about Nibiru heading for Earth and quoted Ezekiel 38:22:

“And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood; and I will cause to rain upon him and upon his bands and upon the many peoples that are with him an overflowing shower and great hailstones fire and brimstone.
That sounds like the wicked being destroyed by asteroids, meteors and all kinds of rocks coming into the atmosphere of Earth, burning up and landing exactly where Hashem has planned, and on whom Hashem has planned. One extra consideration is that the approach of Nibiru will intensify the earthquakes and volcanic action. Those two scenarios are also sounding like the fulfillment of Ezekiel.

I have repeatedly stated that I am not a prophet, but merely a dot-connector who is seeing the prophecies of scriptures being fulfilled with the events happening in the world. My research is showing how Hashem can cause all these miracles to happen in a more natural way, using the Laws of Physics that Hashem created. We know that Hashem works in mysterious ways; but, is He setting up the world to enable the wicked to explain this away by natural scientific means, while the righteous can see through the façade and witness the Hand of Hashem? Keep the wicked fooled and the righteous confident. Only Hashem’s brilliance can plan events this way. I believe that we will see very soon, possibly this week if my dot-connecting is giving us the completed picture, and the answers to these questions.

As long as I am talking order, is this hinting to when events on the on the list may occur? Good question. I believe that on the above list #4 through #7 is an order of events based on each of us as individuals. If one has studied Torah and received great insight into Hashem’s creations and even His plan for the future, that individual has accomplished #4. If one has performed proper repentance and received forgiveness, that individual may already be experiencing a personal redemption. Even though repentance is not complete until the testing is over, one may still have accomplished a spiritual level that would give him or her a personal redemption. I have mentioned that there are two redemptions on the list, #7 a personal redemption and #10 the worldwide redemption that will occur with the ingathering of the exiled Jews and lost tribes. What I am saying is that some of us, measure for measure, have already accomplished up to #7. That means that the healing #8 may be the next step. Do you have to be at #7 to take advantage of #8? Possibly, since again it is a list that may be completely dependent upon the individual.

Let us assume that after the unsheathing, one who needs healing does not receive it. I would venture to say that it is a very strong message from Hashem that once you accomplish a level of repentance, forgiveness and personal redemption, the healing will be available. Everything in this world is measure for measure and is the reason the Torah is so adamant about turning to Hashem and doing His will.

Also notice that 8 Healing, 9 Blessing of the Years (prosperity), 10 Ingathering of Exiles, a big one, and 11 Restoration of Justice, will occur before 12 Downfall of the Heretics, the destruction of the evil. I have suspected that all Jews would be out of harm’s way before the great time of destruction. This scenario seems to concur. How will that happen? Ask Hashem.

Then, 13 Support of the Righteous, 14 Rebuilding Jerusalem, and another very big one, 15 Reinstatement of the Davidic Kingdom, Moshiach.

Let me really get into trouble and try to estimate when. Keep in mind this is not prophecy, but dot-connecting which is based on prophecy. Am I in less trouble? I will have the answer to that question around Pesach time.

It is brought down that the most likely time for Moshiach to be introduced is after Elijah the Prophet shows up and tells us. I don’t believe in coincidences that the prophecy of Malachi about the healing and destruction ends with the famous verses:

3:23 Behold, I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of HASHEM. 24 And he will turn back [to G-d] the hearts of fathers with [their] sons and the hearts of sons with their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with utter destruction."
It sounds like the righteous will go to judgement day and warrant the time of Moshiach and the wicked will be no more. Will Gog and Magog be in this scenario before Moshiach? Once again, ask Hashem. One thing that has been ignored is that it is more of a task of Moshiach ben Yosef to take us through Gog and Magog. When will he show up? I know, ask Hashem. There are many questions that may be answered by Torah Code searches, but I know that Hashem wants information to be released according to when He wants it released. If I look for something that Hashem is not ready to divulge, I will find the wrong information. Hashem controls my dot-connecting.

There is another prophecy that I have paid attention to for decades; it is the end of the prophet Isaiah, 66:1-24. First, read the commentary provided in the Artscroll Chumash:

Shabbos Rosh Chodesh:

This chapter is the last one in the stirring Book of Isaiah. It was chosen as the Haftarah of the Sabbath Rosh Chodesh because its penultimate verse (which is repeated after the chapter is concluded) speaks of the homage that will be paid to Hashem on every Sabbath and Rosh Chodesh.

The chapter gives hope and comfort to the Jewish people, as Isaiah foresees the ultimate downfall of the nations that will do battle against one another and against Israel in the climactic War of Gog and Magog, the war that will precede the final redemption. Isaiah speaks of the defeat of the nations and the universal recognition of the greatness of Hashem and His people. But there are stern lessons for Israel, as well.

The chapter begins by declaring that all the world is but Hashem's throne and His footstool. Can anyone think that the Jewish people can build a Temple that will encompass His Glory? Surely the purpose of the Temple is not to honor Hashem - Who is above any honor we can render Him - but to serve as our vehicle to elevate ourselves. People who seek to appease Hashem with insincere, meaningless service are considered like those who kill and maim people, and who offer unclean animals and contaminated blood upon His Altar. And they do so consciously, having chosen this form of blasphemous service. Hashem will respond in kind, punishing those who ill serve Him. But that will not be the end. Those who are loyal to Hashem will be acknowledged and rewarded in a miraculous manner. The rebirth of Israel will be as astounding as that of a nation being born in a single day, without even labor pains. If Hashem decides to give new life to His people, can it be otherwise?
Thus, all who have been loyal to Jerusalem and mourned her will rejoice with her. Blessings will flow to them in torrents, but their enemies will suffer ignominious defeat, as Hashem pours out His wrath upon them. The survivors will bring word of His greatness to the furthest corners of the world, and in the process they will bring back the straggling Jews who seemed to have been irretrievably lost in the long, hard exile.

Then all will come to the rebuilt Temple, the eternal Temple, to prostrate themselves in devout and loyal service to Hashem. History will have reached its goal and those who were loyal to Hashem will be vindicated.
It sounds like many of the events in the list above are being satisfied by this prophecy. The exciting part is that Rosh Chodesh Nissan this year falls on Shabbos, 9 April to be exact. So does that mean these prophecies will be fulfilled this year?

Let’s get even more complicated. Before Pesach we have several special days of commemoration each year. One of them is Shabbos Hachodesh, which celebrates the Torah commandment of Rosh Chodesh. We read Ezekiel 45:16 – 46:18. This also is significant since it talks about how the Jews throughout history have diminished and have been revived, but never disappeared. It compares us to the Moon which every month diminishes and revives itself. In the end of days, the Jews will return home and never diminish again. Wouldn’t you know it, this Rosh Chodesh Nissan is also Shabbos Hachodesh. Is Hashem sending us a message that all the prophecies of that day will be fulfilled by then or around that time?

Something very significant is that the timing is very much in concert with the list above. Putting these events at the beginning of Nissan after the Ingathering of Exiles, the Restoration of Justice (the Sanhedrin becoming the court system again), the Downfall of the Heretics, the Support of the Righteous and the Rebuilding Jerusalem after the return of our people, all seem to be good timing before the Reinstatement of the Davidic Kingdom, the crowning of Moshiach on Pesach after Eliyahu makes his announcement. I know that this is all an oversimplification of prophecies that will probably be more grandiose and miraculous than we can imagine, but it sure sounds exciting.

A little icing on the cake. Both Isaiah chapter 66 and Ezekiel chapter 46 include letters for the encoding of Nibiru. I have not done a search for definite dates, but they are probably there also. I have so much more that I can search, but it is time consuming and probably would take me beyond the occurrence of the events.

No matter what happens, it very much behooves us to continue our important effort to provide protection to ourselves and loved ones. All that I have been saying about coming closer to Hashem and doing His will is not dot-connecting; it is an obvious requirement for survival. The number of sources that we have that are definite messages from Hashem are so emphatic that the only way to be in the 1/3rd group is through Hashem. Any skeptics still remaining are utter fools. Open your eyes and see the obvious, it’s your eternal future at stake.

The most important thing to realize, to internalize, is that everything is from Hashem, including the agenda of the evil ones. NASA not giving details has a purpose that serves Hashem’s will and a message for us. Instead of knowing exactly when things will happen, we must be on our toes and be prepared now. When do we do Teshuvah, Tefillah, you know the list, to prepare? Years ago!!! If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? The destruction of Nibiru has already started. How severe does it have to get to wake us up? Hashem is certainly sending us enough warning.
Notes: Here are more pictures. The top one is Nibiru. Below are two more showing the halo bubble forming around the sun:

There is a new FC message from Daniel that is very interesting. It hasn’t appeared in English yet, but says that Nibiru can be seen now. He is advising us that it is still close to the sun as we see it. Don’t look at it during the day. At sunrise it appears to the right of the sun, and at sunset to the left. It should still not be stared at even though the sun is not so bright at these times. Be careful. You should still try to block out the sun with your hand.

He also mentioned that messages from the FC individuals are going to be more frequent, hinting to the time of everything being soon.


  1. Agreed! I couldnt care less when it happens...Moving forward i will just focus on the joy of getting closer to Hashem, observing as many mitzvahs as i can, trying to learn new ones, spreading goodness through tikkum olam,finding time for hitbodedut and additional teffila. Rav Menahem, much gratitude for your patience. May we all who currently dwell in the gallut also merit to welcome Moshiach speedily in Jerusalem. Shalom and much love to all fellow bloggers...Hazzack!

  2. I have to echo Ms.AP's statement. It does not matter to me what order Hashem decides upon, nor His timetable. What is important to me is that I have very little time to do complete teshuvah and to come as close to Hashem as possible.

    1. Actually Hashem made the order for our benefit, so it is vitally important. The order is very much a building process to help us go to Tikun as best as possible. This could get into a very long dissertation, but I think you are astute enough to see the building process of first internalizing Hashem's greatness, then learning, then doing good repentance, achieving forgiveness, and so on. Most important is to be complete in ones observance before coming home and receiving Moshiach and the Temple. You can fill in all the details.

  3. So what exactly is supposed to happen on Purim?

    1. According to the Torah Codes, some of the affects of Nibiru could ensue. What? Ask Hashem. The first thing that I am anticipating is the beginning of the healing process, both physically and spiritually. Its affects may be visible or may not be visible. They may be more prevalent for some than others.

      Whatever happens each day now, not just Purim, is from Hashem and is for our benefit, it is a growing process taking us up to Geula and Moshiach. B"H

    2. According to the Torah Codes, some of the affects of Nibiru could ensue. What? Ask Hashem. The first thing that I am anticipating is the beginning of the healing process, both physically and spiritually. Its affects may be visible or may not be visible. They may be more prevalent for some than others.

      Whatever happens each day now, not just Purim, is from Hashem and is for our benefit, it is a growing process taking us up to Geula and Moshiach. B"H

  4. Thank you for your consuming efforts on behalf of Am Yisrael. I believe with a full heart (mind) the words of HaShem through our prophets, and at the same time it is greatly awesome to contemplate these final steps about to occur. Two wholesome beliefs at the same time. IY"H

  5. Hag Purim Sameach... Very interesting I live in Israel almost 27 years and their was never a sign for tsunami warning... What do they know that they don't tell us?
    Tsunami Warning

    1. That is new to me also. The only Tsunami warning area that a sign is needed is for Gaza. It is brought down that Gaza will be wiped out by a Tsunami, B"H. Maybe with a sign they will all leave earlier to avoid the total destruction coming. I will help them pack. They can go to Egypt to be safe or ????.