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Nibiru Messages and the Weekly Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Pekudei, 26 Adar Aleph (6/3/16)

Another Rav Glazerson:

Also Rav Amnon Yitzchak, shlita, talked about Nibiru recently and the fact that it could be heading for Earth.  He quoted Ezekiel 38:22: 
“And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood; and I will cause to rain upon him and upon his bands and upon the many peoples that are with him an overflowing shower and great hailstones fire and brimstone.
He didn't have much information about the event, but did feel that this could be the fulfillment of the prophecies in Ezekiel 38:22 and Zechariah 13:8, that two thirds of the world will be killed.
Weekly Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita:

Father in Heaven, G-d tries in every way, through the forces of nature, conflict and complications, to tell the Jews in Israel and the world that He is the leader of the world! The heavens are pure and holy and G-d is truth and honesty. Since the first sin of man until now, the world is run by good and bad. Whoever chooses bad, suffers throughout their whole life, they are imprisoned within themselves and sick physically and mentally. Whoever chooses good, G-d, holiness and purity, is happy, healthy, whole, free, and all is good for them. G-d wants the whole world, without exceptions, to do His bidding, to listen to Him - it is for their benefit. G-d wants the people of Israel, the people He chose to be blessed, and the Holy Land be above everyone, and lead the world. This is what G-d is doing. G-d will not forget anyone, He will judge everyone that needs to be judged, one by one, and will not skip anyone that does not want to repent and listen to Him. It is a waste of effort on man's part to go against G-d. No one has ever beaten G-d!

There will continue to be conflicts in the world, a state within a state. There will continue to be floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fire and heat, cold and snow, winds and storms, conflict and complications, until G-d crowns the King Messiah in public.

The state of Israel has everything. There is plenty of real estate, plenty of space available, many people repent, the winter is good and the rain is good. We must strengthen the unity and kindness. G-d has given Israel everything so that they don't need any other country in the world. Israel is small, but it is filled with all of the good in the world.

The state of Israel has oil in the Ashkelon area. There are diamonds and gold and all of the precious metals in the world - in Israel! Israel, the Holy Land, grows by one centimeter all around, it expands every day.

Jews living abroad, G-d begs you, "come to Israel, you have protection here, G-d protects you here Himself! You should come; your lives are worth the greatest treasure."

Immigrants must come to build the Negev, Galilee, Samaria, Binyamin and the Golan Heights. All of the Jews that want to move should not go to other places in the world, come to Israel. Anti-Semitism in Europe will grow and grow, ISIS will grow, the hatred for the Jews will intensify because it is time for redemption for Jews; it is time for the crowning of the King Messiah. Come to Israel and you will live eternal lives.

In Gaza they continue to dig tunnels 24 hours a day, and   G-d takes them apart. Every time a tunnel collapses, and there are many more. Because of the speedy work, they are getting confused in their methods. ISIS and Hamas will eat each other up in Gaza. 90% of the construction material that reaches Gaza goes to the tunnels and 90% of the money is stolen by their leaders. There will not be a third intifada.

The Arabs are being trained from within and from the outside. Do not say that a 13 year old boy is weak, a 13 year old boy is the strongest there is, do not trust anyone.

They began discovering ISIS in Israel; they are finding them and will reveal all of them. Don't worry; G-d is opening the eyes of Israel.

Jordan - ISIS, Hamas, Palestinians want to kill the king, there will be chaos there.

In Egypt, Sisi must compliment his army. He must take ISIS and Hamas out of Sinai Desert because Sisi is modern and they plan on ruling Egypt instead of him. They think that Sisi, heaven forbid, takes the money to his pockets. That is not true, Sisi is clean, he takes nothing.

In Turkey, ISIS is in control and they are controlling Arduan. Arduan cannot lead; everything is a mess.

Syria will not have a cease fire. It is a power plan, everyone wants the control.

Russia is fighting in Syria because it wants the world to know that it is in control. Russia is doing its job.

The United States elections are like a Babel Tower, Armageddon, everything is mixed up. Israel must not trust anyone, be careful not to talk good or bad about the competitors. Do not interfere. The stock exchange in the US and China will continue to plummet.

Iran is deathly afraid of Israel. Purim reminds them what happened in Persia to Ahasuerus and Haman in the time or Mordechai and Esther and it scares them. They send weapons and ammunition indirectly and know that Israel is safe and protected by G-d.

Armageddon and chaos is outside the borders of Israel. This is a 100% closed and truthful matter.

The IDF must be vigilant. They must open their eyes and be on watch everywhere. The IDF is the strongest army in the world, and yet no one must say "it will not happen to me." Every soldier that protects Israel must know that he is blessed by all of Israel, and that we trust him to watch over us.

The government of Israel must be decisive and strong, and make decisions that will scare anyone that tries to harm the Jews - only then will they truly stop. The fear is that we destroy their houses. They teach the kids from an early age and brainwash them how to harm Jews. We must reach the schools and get the leaders that are influencing the kids.

In Judea and Samaria, keep your eyes open.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah don't have any power, the IDF blows up everything Iran sends.

Iraq is a land of ruin and chaos.

Dear Jews, protect your kids from alcohol abuse, gambling, drugs, assimilation and smartphones.

All of the white collars and officials, religious or secular, if they don't repent in front of G-d, they will be revealed to all. G-d is angry over the bribes, cheating, adultery and theft, and will bring them to justice one after the other. No one is immune.

All of the countries in the world, without exception, are in the midst of chaos. There will be no faith between father, mother and child, and everything will be complicated.

The Messiah is active and working, protecting the state of Israel. The Messiah is almost here! We are waiting for G-d to open the gates and announce the crowning of the King Messiah!

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  1. An eclipse happened in Indonesia and no object was detected. what's your opinion now?????

    1. The eclipse was seen in the mid Pacific. Nibiru is seen because the light of the sun is shining on it. It also is still close to the sun. We can't give a proper analysis about being able to see is better because of an eclipse seen by very few people. Also, who knows whether there were reports about it being seen better. The mainstream media that is controlled by the evil global elite would definitely suppress the story. Let us not jump to conclusions.

    2. If the star is there, it will not be seen until Hashem decides that the time is proper to let it be seen. If Hashem decided to have a giant sword hanging in space to cut the earth in half we would not be able to see it or even know about it until Hashem decides to let us see it. Balaam had an angel standing right in front of him and he could not see it even though his donkey saw it clearly. It was not until Hashem allowed Balaam to see that it became visible. We are still so tied to this physical world that, even though we profess to believe in Hashem's power and rulership, we must see with our own eyes to believe.

    3. An excellent comment. I would like to add that the time of testing has not ended yet. Even though most of us have not seen it directly, our emunah is still being tested. All the proof that Hashem has provided in scriptures, with the FC individuals, with messages from Rabbis, with pictures on the internet, with scientific proof, with a tremendous amount of change in the Earth's systems, etc we are still a very stubborn people. Hashem is judging who is catching on and who is oblivious to reality.

      It is like the 80% of Israelites who saw 8 miraculous plagues in Egypt and did not want to follow Moshe to safety and a good life. Were they crazy? No, like today they are human beings who run on flawed human logic rather than opening ones eyes to see the absolute truth.

      This time will be different, since we have the promise that all Jews and all righteous non-Jews will survive and thrive, B"H. Some people will just have a much more difficult time in getting there.

  2. B'H!


    Thank you so much Rav Menachem by Rav Artzi message. Thank you also for the link of the Rav Amnon Yitzhak.

    I would like to share this information:

    In Brazil, Nibiru has performed (with the permission of HaShem) many climate change. In the southern hemisphere is still summer. In Brazil (in one day), there's a cold wind with a lot of heat. Rain has fallen exactly where there's no need in places that need not have rain. On the same day, the four seasons are perceived (spring, summer, autumn and winter), rain, hot and cold, all in the same day. This has been repeated daily.

    An explanation (my) that you'd like to share:

    The passage of Nibiru (star of Yaakov) will be a big test. The Gentiles (idolaters) will pray to their idols to protect them. In the meantime, the Bnei Israel and the Bnei Noach will be protected, we will pray to HaShem, the King of the universe, the G-d of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov. And we say: Ein Od Milvado!!!


    All the best!

    Luiz Felipe.

  3. Hello!

    Rav Artzi: "There will be no faith between father, mother and child, and everything will be complicated."

    One question:

    Even in the homes of the Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach?!The Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach (doing teshuva), will not be protected (these complications)?

    Luiz Felipe.

    1. All I can say is the same general statements that I have been saying for years: Those who follow the ways of Hashem will be happy and successful, those who live by their own devices, who think they know better, will suffer. Hashem treats us measure for measure according to who lives the absolute truth and who does not -- Jew or non-Jew.

      A Jew who lives the 613 commandments and a non-Jew who lives the 7 Noachide commandments, with complete faith and trust in Hashem, has a bright future -- guaranteed in writing.

  4. Luiz, you are so right. Not only climate troubles but extreme challenges everywhere....from Zica virus to rampant corruption, even the past and current president who may be impeached and kicked out any moment now. Whoever messes with Israel, Hashem does not forgive. Brazil tasting their just desserts...just waiting for Iran and their allies in the UN to get theirs. Now,that my friends, will be a sight to behold. Rav Menahem, rest, rest and more rest! Sorry, I am a mom ;) Ms. AP

    1. B'H!

      Hello Ms. A.P.!

      Thank you very much for your words. His words are correct. B'H!

      Hashem bless you Ms. and all your.

      All the best.

      Luiz Felipe.

  5. hakol bcheskas sumin ad sheHashem meir aynaim

    1. For our English speakers, "All are in the presumed status of blind people, until Hashem enlightens their eyes. This is actually a verse said by one who can't find a lost item. Until Hashem shows us, we are like blind people trying to find our way.

      Thank you, very appropriate.

  6. Rav Menachem thank you for your blog,I look forward to reading it every day. Forgive me if this is off topic,I know you want evryone to survive spiritually and you do an amazing job,giving hope and hizuk. Just wondering though,what about physical survival:meaning-doing our histadlut in a physically difficult time.Should we be stocking up on canned food,buying gold,etc. How can we help ourselves that way alongside the spiritual histadlut? Keep writing we all need the Truth. VC

    1. Good questions. Keeping up the spiritual hishtadlus such as Teshuvah, Tefillah, Limud HaTorah, etc, etc, etc is the best way for us to show our great emunah and bitochen in Hashem. When it is sincere and not lip-service, Hashem will make sure the physical needs are as easy as can be.

      Should you stock up with extras? I am. Not because I feel threatened by the upcoming chaos, or any lack of faith in Hashem that He will help us, but because of the lack of emunah of most people around me. When the stores start to empty and no trucks are on the road to replenish them, we should have enough.

      I see everything coming up as good news -- the end of a very evil world and the start of the world of truth and goodness. When just about everyone else around me panics because they don't have a clue what is happening, I want to help them at the same time that I know my family is cared for. Hashem is giving us the most difficult testing ever. Those with complete faith and trust in Him are the ones that are in the best condition. I know that Hashem loves us and is doing this to help us grow. People these days who have no problems at all are the ones in the most trouble -- Hashem is ignoring them. A Father disciplines His children out of love, because He want the best for them. A bad father ignores his children and lets them go astray. Our good Father in Heaven is completely there for us. It is not so easy to see, but it will be very soon when the testing ends, B"H.

      Stock up only for peace of mind since we physical beings like the comfort of having enough, when it may not be available. Stock up to compensate for those who will panic and not turn to Hashem. But, don't stock up with any lack of faith that Hashem won't be there for us. The chaos will be short lived and the happy ending will come upon us rapidly, for those who turn to Hashem.

  7. Could it be that you are Moshiach ben David ?

    1. Moshiach is a decedent of King David, I am not. Moshiach was born in Israel. I was not. Moshiach already knows he will be crowned Moshiach. I have not been informed of such. Other than that, the answer is absolutely NO.

    2. Where do we learn from that Moshiach ben David must be born in Eretz Israel ?

    3. I have a simple answer and a complicated answer.

      Complicated answer is that the family of King David, including his ancestor Ruth, came from the area of Bethlehem. Micah 5:1 talks of Bethlehem -- Ephratah as the area of the family. There is a town outside of Bethlehem called Efrat, which was initially called Efratah, and may be where the Moshiach was born, I don't know. It is the reason that the goyim wrote their false messiah as being born in that area. There are references elsewhere, but I would have to research to give you more info.

      The simple answer is that the King of Israel better be a native born Israeli as were all the Kings of Israel. Unlike the US of Magog who illegally elected a President who was born in Kenya, just about all countries require their leaders to be native born.

      After all the King of Israel is handed down from generation to generation, but all with families living in Israel.

  8. The false messiah of the avoda zara worshipers was born on " walking" distance from Netzrat, Nazareth. The name of the heavy epicurus place with history of Kohanim, Templars, and who knows what, is called Betlehem ha Galilit.
    The most of the villagers know about, and believe it or not, some are proud about! May Mashiah ben David give to the real Jews there, give a fair chance to do tshuva!