Monday, March 14, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayikra, 3 Adar Bet (13/3/16), Also a Moishele Message You Need to See

G-d, King of Kings, created this world and all worlds, all of the stars and everything on them, and the world is run by nature. This nature is the strongest power of faith in the world! Everything that happens in nature that is out of our control is controlled by G-d! If Jews go in the way of nature, this strong power of faith, without question and complaints, and understand that there is a King of the World, G-d, the gates of heaven will open before them. If we do the will of G-d, He will do ours. If we try to obey the commandments, the gates of heaven will open. Don't go against G-d, don't try.

G-d will increase the judgment and plagues every day through the forces of nature, harsh winds, storms, ice, snow, fire and heat. The entire world is in chaos, except for the holy land of Israel where the land is growing without anyone noticing. Everything is good in Israel! It is a great mitzvah to invest in Israel. There is a cloud of fire around Israel, protecting it. G-d's arms surround the state of Israel. G-d is like a dome above Israel! A cloud of fire surrounds Israel and the Jews within it like a ring; there is work for all Jews! The Jews living outside of Israel are suffering for nothing, and will continue to suffer if they don't realize that the exile is over, and they are going against G-d. Since 1948, G-d called them to come to Israel. In the last ten years, G-d has called out to come to Israel, in the last seven years, G-d has called out to come to Israel. Even now, G-d is telling the Jews abroad: "My children, don't miss out on G-d, redemption, and the Messiah in the holy land of Israel!"

In Turkey, Arduan is making a fool of Europe. Europe is giving him money to leave the refugees in Turkey and he will take the money into his own pocket and say that he cannot control them because they want Europe. Turkey is primitive, it is being eaten away by ISIS; ISIS speaks through Arduan.

Iran chirps like a bird in a cage and then shuts up. They can't do anything to Israel, they are afraid of Israel. Queen Esther and Mordecai the Jew are embedded in Iran. G-d did not let Jews bring their bones to the holy land of Israel because He knew that with Esther the Queen and Mordecai the Jew in Iran, they do miracles and wonders for Israel. The Iranians speak of them with fear; they cower when they remember their power. Despite continuing to smuggle ammunition and weapons to Hezbollah, G-d is opening the IDF's eyes to blow them up en-route. Thank G-d!

In Israel, you must watch over yourself. G-d is saying: I am above and below helping you and watching over you, and you must watch over yourselves.

The US is in elections, Obama is speaking without control, and he has nothing to lose. In his heart, he doesn't want Clinton, but on the outside he speaks nicely of her, like he supports her. Obama resents Bibi.

Good news: G-d will give the United States a president that loves and takes care of Israel and helps Israel - only Israel!

Russia is training in Syria. There is no father or mother in Syria, the world sees and keeps quiet and the Russians show their strength to the world. Thousands are being killed. The US doesn't want to fight Russia.

If the king of Jordan does not watch over himself, he will be murdered. Extreme Islamists and ISIS hate him.

Iraq is chaos, it is destroyed. There is no stability, just destruction.

In Egypt, Sisi is doing his work, destroying the tunnels toward Egypt so that they can't come from there to harm him, and G-d is collapsing the tunnels toward Israel. In Gaza, they continue to dig 24 hours a day, they want to reach the large army base near Kibbutz Reim in order to kidnap soldiers, heaven forbid. There are also tunnels toward Sderot and the settlements. G-d is collapsing the tunnels, and we are praying that he continues to do so.

Nasrallah doesn't have power or brains. No one believes in him, and everyone is sick of his methods. He loves to talk without purpose.

The government of Israel must make harsh decisions concerning terrorists that murder and stab Jews so that it stops. The government knows exactly how to deter them, they have used this power before and they stopped harming Jews.

The IDF must look into ISIS in the north and south of Israel. Every time they appear, they must be removed, because a large part of the Arabs in Israel help ISIS and the Palestinians harm the Jews.

Dear Jewish parents watch over your children and educate them to say no to alcohol abuse, gambling, drugs, and assimilation.

All of the officials, religious and secular, will be revealed by G-d if they do not repent. Whoever is not an official, G-d will deal with them quietly. G-d has started a war on earth to fix the world and make it pure and holy. G-d is sick of the people in the world who murder, commit adultery, cheat, and are perverted, and He is getting rid of them. G-d is fixing the world to make it clean and pure and everyone, whether they like it or not, everyone will believe in Him.

Purim will be a happy and lovely time. Dear Jews, do not go to dangerous places to drink in Purim. Stay in your homes; drink in your homes because Arabs have plans to do harm in places where Jews gather.

Women of Israel, may you all be like Queen Esther who did great deeds and gave her soul for the people of Israel. Esther went through very difficult things because she was a Jew - thanks to her, the people of Israel exist!

The world knows that there is a Messiah in Israel, and G-d wants the Jews to know that there is a Messiah in the holy land! The Messiah is active and working, protecting the state of Israel! Very soon G-d will crown him. In heaven, he has already been crowned, and when G-d crowns him in public, there won't be a crowd; the Messiah doesn't need anyone on earth. The Messiah belongs directly to G-d, and is here to save the world and make it pure and holy, a world of love and eternal life!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Please read the newest message from Moishele:

Why am I so interested in you reading this message?  Anyone who has been following my blog would believe that I wrote this message, and, for the matter, every message that is coming from the Facilitated Communications individuals.  They are relaying from Hashem what I have been saying from my many hours of research.

Please, do not take their messages lightly; it is the Absolute Truth and it is from our Creator.


  1. Doesn't this statement from Reb Nir ben Artzi, seem to contradict the immediacy of Nibiru?: "Good news: G-d will give the United States a president that loves and takes care of Israel and helps Israel - only Israel!" After all, a new president means after the election sin November – so what does this do to the March dissolution of the world that so many write about?

    1. Definitely. I have asked Rav Ben Artzi about Nibiru. He said he had heard about it, but did not know any details about it. We will see whether there will be elections or not this year. I do not believe it will occur.

  2. Moishele communicated the possibility of a severe financial crash where money loses all value, a Third World War which, he indicates, already started. He also communicated that a city or cities will be attacked with great loss of life. Moishele references Nibiru/Planet X but does not go into detail. It all sounds pretty imminent..
    Ms. AP

    1. I have not talked too much about it but most market analysts are fairly pessimistic about the near future. Of course, if banks are destroyed, what does that mean for the depositors. There were financial institutions housed in the World Trade buildings that lost many of their employees and were virtually put out of business on 911. What destruction Hashem has planned is only known by Him.

      World War 3 has been brewing for years. Are the global elite planning an instant war to divert attention away from Nibiru? Once again, only Hashem knows for sure.

      For me to speculate on any of this would be just that, speculation. It is better for me to advise everyone to turn to Hashem and protect oneself and family.

  3. All who put their emunah in Hashem will be okay. HE has promised us that Olam Chesed Yibaneh!

  4. There is no one truth even not in the Gemara (oral law). Different Rabbi's with different opinions. A wise Jew said to me one's, everyone who pretends to speak "the truth" does not speak the truth at all for the above reason. Also each Jew asks "his" Rav and that is the truth for him eventhough in the eyes of another person the answer or advice sounds completely ridiculous. Advice does not have to be followed perse. A halachic ruling does. Thank you at the same time for all your hard work to influence Jew and non Jew towards more Jewish values & actions in their lives.

    1. Gemara is extremely difficult and deep. It even says that until you learn a particular sugya 101 times, one does not really know it. There really are no opinions per se, since Chazal are only bringing down the teachings of their Rebbes or quoting Tanach directly. All is considered the truth. Which position we follow is usually what the discussion is all about. The final following isn't from Gemara, it is from the Shulchan Aruch, Mishnah Berurah, etc.

      I agree that one should consult a Rav for answers, but that Rav should always be able to show from where he is quoting, what authoritative source.

      I do know that there is always Hashem's opinion which is the perfect situation. To say that there are many ways to halachically accomplish something is dangerous. Yes, there are differences between Ashkenaz and Sefardic requirements. The Absolute Truth, however, is Hashem's opinion, and it is perfect.

      If I am giving suggestion on how to succeed, it should always be based on Hashem's guidance that I have lived for many decades and saw success, for me and many, many others. I just ask that my readers don't argue with success, no matter how much it may disagree with one's flawed opinion.

  5. maybe something for you (just helping, shalom)

  6. Shalom Rav,
    is all well. Just asking..
    the pest- not
    so many need you to show us especially at this crucial time in the world

  7. Hi Vincent, That website looks interesting however, the comet referenced will pass at 3.4 million kms from earth. Not our Nibiru - which they continue not reporting on. I guess i can understand why not..people would rightfully panic. Still, i prefer the truth and not smoke and mirrors. Ms. AP


    1. Thank you Vincent. That is Nibiru and is about where I expect it to be, since NASA is still silenced.

  9. Hello Menachem!

    New video about Nibiru (Rav Glazerson):


    All the best!

    Luiz Felipe.

    1. Thank you so much. I just posted it as a new post.

    2. Thank you very much Menachem for the new message!

      Luiz Felipe.