Thursday, March 17, 2016

Another Excellent Video about Nibiru

Once again, Rav Glazerson, shlita, posted a very informative video about Nibiru:

Also I received this very interesting article from my dear reader sc:
This article quotes me as saying that Nibiru will cause effects this month as apposed to six months from now.  Actually, the effects have already started and gaining momentum.

I have made a new discovery, that I am still researching.  It involves very pertinent information from scriptures and events happening these days.  The new details add fascinating light to the entire situation.  I expect to have the details worked out and posted early next week, B"N.  This gets more exciting every time I find more messages from Hashem.

I have said all along that the most reliable information about Nibiru is from Hashem.  Review the post entitled "IT'S REAL."  Go to:  (before I get the question, a balagan is Chaos, as I have been saying for months -- in Israel they use that word more to mean a MESS)


  1. Read the comments in response to "It's real!" about these facilitators on Tomer Devorah.

    1. Rav, i did and i believe what they say, and what you say to.
      i wrote to you about someone, who put his name as Chaim
      something, and he admonished Tomer Devorahs'blog owner, from posting as he put it, 'nonsense'
      Read my email i just sent you, i never ever said i do not believe these special gifted children. i do.
      With appreciation always to you. stella.
      also i wrote re what dear Luiz wrote, its up to you to post or not, Just wrote as i feel.

      i will always go by what you teach. You are my Rav, and i have much to thank you for.
      stella. :)

    2. Where are the comments? I didn't see any.

    3. The way you worded it sounded like the message itself. They tell of all the people who use their flawed human logic to replace the truth. What is coming up is beyond human comprehension. The saddest part is that nobody researches the truth, they only give flawed and dangerous opinions.

      I always believe that your heart is on the right path and that you work hard to live the Absolute Truth.

      Parson me, I just came back from Synagogue and didn't read your earlier message. I will now and post it.

    4. Rachel, there are nine comments and more that I haven't read yet.

    5. Hello Rachel, if you are asking regarding the comment that was posted on Tomer Devorah's blog, its has now been deleted. And thank Gd.

      The person who posted that was quite rude.
      I just happened to see that, and was quite mad.
      So that is that.
      If its about Rav Meanachem's blog comments, well as he said, he will post as he sees.

      Shalom and Shabbat Shalom.

    6. If it is the comments for Tomer Devorah, I have no idea why there are none. I completely control the comments here and don't post those from members of the 2/3rd group.

      On the other hand, I get so many good comments about subjects like Nibiru, since my readers are also seeing proof of its existence and near future mission. Since Hashem put Nibiru in space to help the righteous and eliminate the evil, I love the positive comments from my readers, they help everyone.

  2. Hello!

    About the link of the "Breaking Israel News":

    Rav Daniel Asore: “He told Breaking Israel News that Evangelical Christians have a better chance of surviving the effects of Nibiru than those affiliated with the Catholic Church.”

    Tsc, idolatry is idolatry, there is no difference: xistian roman and xistian protestant. Idolatry is the same! JC is a big scam!!!

    Thank you very much Rav Menachem for their work and effort (for Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach).

    All the best!

    Luiz Felipe.

    1. You are so correct. I have started a blog post about this very subject that I hope to have finished early next week, B"N.

      As always, thank you Luiz, and may Hashem continue to bless you.

    2. Hello Luiz, yes you are right, and i do sort of agree to an extent.
      When Rav Meanachem has time, or anyone else could correct me if what i write here is wrong or do not agree with how i think, i will appreciate your feedback.

      Among the different religions of the world, there are many many, who through no fault of their own, but because Hashem put them there, (Hashem created everyone), some grow up in their belief, and do -do good things.
      I come from a place where there were divers peoples and different religions.
      In those days, the world was different, and we all respected everyone
      Hate we did not know, as it exists now.
      Even though some people go to extremes, yet there are among non-Jews, and others, who do not learn hate, and do not kill, or do the terrible things that are going on in this world of today.
      So to say, all Christians of different denominations are bad, i will not agree.

      Idol worship, perhaps, but basically they cannot be blamed for where Hashem decided they would be.
      In their own way, they do try to do good.
      I have read many true stories of the Holocaust and how many Christians, and some were even roman catholic - who went out of their way to help the persecuted Jews.
      So we must try not to put all in one basket and put a label on them.
      What we Noahides should do, is try to live a life that may invoke them to ask who and what we believe.
      Now this is my thinking.. and all are entitled to what and how they view the world.

      Let us, (who thanks Hashem, and wonderful blogs like this one), have come out of that idol world, still try to live the best way we can. Change our selves, and not point out the bad in others.

      Because in the end we are all human, Jews, Noahides, etc; we will not ever be perfect.. for only Hashem is Perfect..
      May Hashem help each of us as we pursue our paths to the One Creator, Hashem!

      Lets pray for each other, and also for those we see as idolaters.

      Shabbat Shalom, and Hashem help each of us.

      Luiz, you are special..:)

    3. I have in mind to write about this very subject early next week. There are many very good people in this world that were indoctrinated from a young age with idolatrous beliefs.

      Part of the test of this life is seeking out and living the truth. As an example: I have met thousands of Jew in my life who are good people following something that is not Judaism, such as Reform, Conservative, etc. The recent horror at the Wall with women who are being paid by Jew-hating groups to fight Hashem. The women don't know any better, but as long as evil people are guiding them, they will continue to go astray. In the end, Hashem will cleanse them with suffering, and then they will be on the correct path to follow Hashem in truth. By the way, some of those paid actresses at the wall are not even Jewish -- they will get the worse suffering.

      All good people will come around when Hashem ends this time of testing. Tikun HaOlam is the goal to perfect the world, and get everyone remaining following the only true path, Hashem.

    4. Hello S.C.!

      You left me speechless!

      Well.. I never meant: all Pagans are equal. I understand that there are good people (idolaters) that are good.

      Just wanted to say: the belief xistian (roman) and xistian xatolic is the same.

      I'm sorry for any misunderstanding.

      Thank you very much for your words.

      Shavua Tov and Kol Tuv!

      Luiz Felipe.

    5. For Rav Menachem:


      Luiz Felipe.

    6. Hi Luiz,

      Shavua Tov, to you and all.

      Sorry Luiz if i jumped the gun.
      You are right, regarding the belief systems. sad, so many gone astray. But soon, all will know the truth. B'H.

      Take care, and Hashem bless you Luiz and all others too.

    7. B'H!


      Hello S.C!


      '- Just wanted to say: the belief xistian xatolic and protestant xistian is the same.'

      Thank you very much for your words.

      All the best!

      Luiz Felipe.

  3. Excellent Video, Rav!! Thank you for posting.

    What was more nice is that Rav Glazerson has put in English words, for those of us who do not read Hebrew.

    Thank you Rav Glazerson.

    Shabbat Shalom Rav Menachem and also

    Shabbat Shalom to all who come to this great- Absolute Truth- blog.

    Hashem bless you all.


    1. Thank you sc for the article you sent us. I knew you and many others would appreciate the English titles from Rav Glazerson.

      May Hashem bless you and your loved ones for all the goodness you do, and the wisdom to send forth to us all the time.

  4. I see that NASA is now saying that 2 comets will be flying past the earth this coming week and that they are going to be very close. One will be visible without a telescope in the southern hemisphere and the other can be seen with binoculars in the norther hemisphere. The fact that NASA is now starting to say something about heavenly bodies flying very close to the earth might be the first step in the elite getting ready to announce the arrival of something larger. As always, I will trust Hashem before I trust NASA. I am trying to get those around me informed, but as far as most are concerned I am nothing more than Chicken Little warning about the sky falling.

    1. I haven't written about it, but there have been multiple asteroid flybys every day now. It is another item that has gotten very little attention, but it is something new that seems to be affected by you-know-what. There are some reports of asteroids that were close enough that they broke up in the Earths atmosphere, and came to Earth in a meteor shower, even causing damage. I only remember something like that happening in Russia, but I do not have details.

      I wonder if Chicken Little has a bunker ready?

      Read my post of today. It is only getting better.

    2. Tut tut tut,
      RaV! why are you Asking Stephen Williamson if he has a bunker..
      He is only saying that those around him think like he is being 'crazy', i am sure he -Stephen does not need a bunker, his trust is in G-d!

      Bless you Stephen Williamson, just hang on to G-d, like many of us are.

      And, now Rav your past theory of niburu that you were so sure about is changing??
      Oh dearie me!!

      I think its about time i just only pray and look to Hashem.

      He is in charge after all.. and as Hashem says,:
      "My thoughts are not your thoughts, or my Way your ways."
      Hashem will do what Hashem wants to do..

      Shavua Tov all..

    3. Re-read the comments. I didn't ask if Stephen has a bunker, I was joking and asking if Chicken Little, the naysayer and doom-monger, had his bunker.

      You realize that Stephen was very aptly joking about the one who talks about the sky falling, since for the wicked the sky will be falling soon, B"H. How appropriate.

    4. I got Rav Menachem's joke and laughed at it and I figured that everyone would get the Chicken Little reference and giggle a little. I have some preps made... some extra food, extra water and some propane for my camp stove, but the rest of the way, I am trusting in Hashem, so no bunker for this not so little chicken. :-)

    5. If this Wednesday is a fast day, the Fast of Esther, then I believe it will be the last fast day. I would rather get some extra food and drink for celebrating, rather than provisions for rough times.

      I am planning to overeat this coming Tisha B'Av -- I know how to celebrate. And it won't be a little chicken with me either, I have a great recipe for Big Bird.