Friday, March 4, 2016

A Personal Request

I ask my readers to have compassion. Nibiru and the end of time have definitely caught the interest of my readers more than any topic that I have covered over the last four years. When I stated that I am working on posts such as more “Scientific Proof of Nibiru,” or “How to Survive Nibiru,” I have been asked why is it taking so long? Frankly, topics like these could take 20 to 30 hours to research, write, re-write, review with others, post and who knows what else will delay me. Oh, I know what else, Comments and private Emails. I have five Email accounts. The one that I designated for this blog presently has an inbox backlog of 163 messages for me to review. A personal Email address that I use, or should I say, that I have been ignoring has a backlog of 195 messages, some of which are very important for me to review.

I am very happy to help anyone who wants to write me, but I have to say that I have been getting a lot of Email based on very flawed opinion, rather than scholarship. When I get quotes, as an example, from the so-called New Testament, I don’t even read them. When I get long, and I do mean, long opinions about what people thought was reality, and it doesn’t agree with something that I have quoted as Hashem’s opinion, when I get people who just want to talk and not even have a question or a discussion topic, when I get questions that I have answered many times already on the blog (usually new people who have not read my blog, not that I expect anyone to remember what I subjects I have covered), when I get readers who are nasty and just want to tell me how wrong I am about everything, I, unfortunately can go on about this.

Please, please, please have compassion for an old man who doesn’t type, or for that matter, even think as quickly as he used to. When you write a comment think primarily about how this will help others come closer to Hashem, and save them from the upcoming devastation. If your only comment is that you don’t think Nibiru exists, and that I should stop talking about it (I have received that comment numerous times), after all you are telling me that you haven’t seen it (as if the world is waiting for Anonymous to see Nibiru), consider that if scriptures is correct about the Star of Jacob coming and healing the righteous and eliminating the evil, how many Jews and righteous non-Jews have you hurt with your bogus opinion of “let’s not talk about it.”

I am here to try to save you and your loved ones. Use some common sense and realize that my thousands of hours of research might just be a little more accurate than your flawed human opinion. How many people are you willing to sacrifice, including yourself, if you find out that all the messages from Hashem are correct and your opinion is dangerous?

I don’t believe that anyone who writes me an Email is evil, and has the intentions to hurt people with misinformation. I do believe that people are very frustrated about the final testing that they are experiencing in their lives, which is also good news that Hashem is paying so much attention to you to help you achieve a higher level of Tikun.

Everything that is happening is good news. Most things that are happening are against human logic. How many times have quoted Isaiah 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, said Hashem.” To try to make sense out of things that are happening that are beyond human comprehension is impossible. Let us just have complete faith and trust in Hashem and realize that His plan for us is perfect. It is working beautifully and in the end we will understand it completely. To think that we know better is more than ignorant, it is dangerous. Continue to do your part in bringing the worldwide redemption and Moshiach and leave the fine details to Hashem as to how to maximize the goodness of this world. What is our part to accomplish? For the thousandth time: Repentance, Praying, Learning Torah, Helping Others (charity, teaching, guiding), Doing the Commandments, Coming Closer to Hashem, Bringing Others Closer to Hashem, Living the Absolute Truth (the word of Hashem), etc, etc, etc. It all works and is guaranteed to bring you and your loved ones total success and happiness in this life and for all eternity – guaranteed in writing (how many times have I said that?).

Next week I do have planned a blog post to tell you the Absolute Truth about the reality of this world and this life. It will also include a proof positive way to survive Nibiru if you are caught in harm’s way. All I need is the time to write it – wink, wink.
Note: There are many questions that I receive that have been answer in previous blog posts. I don’t expect my readers to review my 477 posts that I have made to look for answers, but one suggestion is to get my book. If you are not familiar with my book, it is a summary of most of the topics that I have covered with extra information to make it all credible and usable. The book entitled “The Absolute Truth,” (how clever), and has a subtitle of “The Solution to All Your Problems - Guaranteed in Writing!” That subtitle is truer than you may think, since the book contains the solution to whatever plagues you in life.

The book and this blog were done out of an labor of love to help you in life, save your life in the upcoming chaos and show you and your loved ones the only way to complete success and happiness in this life and for all eternity. It is not my opinion but the opinion of the One Who created you and is running the universe. It took me 22 years and thousands of hours of research to write.

The book is available at (both the book for $18 and Kindle version for $2.99):

It is also available at Barnes and Noble and MoreBooks (outside the US).

Or the best possibility is to get it from me directly. Go to the top of the right column and click on the “Buy Now” button. For $5, I will send you an electronic copy directly to your Email. Why is this a better option? It gives you a direct link to me, allowing you to ask any questions that you want. When did you ever have an author that is available to discuss the book with you directly? Even though I complained about my time available for Emails, I have all the time in the world for serious readers of my book.

More importantly, it teaches you Hashem’s way of helping you survive, thrive and find total peace of mind and happiness, what a bargain that is.
An apology: I have been so busy, that I have not completed preparing the Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita message for the week.  I plan, B"N, to post it on Sunday (Yom Rishon for my Israeli readers).


  1. Todah Rabah, Rav Menachem,

    May Hashem give you the strength and all that you need to keep on helping so many of us. Amen.
    Holding you up to Hashem in prayers, Amen.

    Shabbat Shalom to you and your family, and to all dear readers of this Great Blog.


    1. B'H!

      Amen v' Amen!

      Shavua Tov and Kol Tuv S.C.!

      All the best!

      Luiz Felipe.